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FRENCH TOAST | easy, healthy, high-protein breakfast recipe




FRENCH TOAST | easy, healthy, high-protein breakfast recipe

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Hello my friends it's Dany and today I'm Going to show you how to make my Favorite french toast recipe now this is Not your average everyday French toast This is an easy healthy high protein French toast recipe that is so simple to Make and absolutely Delicious so I have been trying to Increase my protein intake throughout The day and so I'm aiming for a baseline Of about 30 gr of protein per meal and Often for breakfast I don't want to make Eggs or an omelette but I still want to Find a way to enjoy that protein and so This protein French toast has been one Of my go-to recipes starting your day With a high protein breakfast can really Help to curb sugar Cravings throughout The day help you to avoid energy crashes And it's also a great way to feel Satiated and full until lunchtime so let Me show you how to do this one so the First thing you have to decide is what Type of bread you're going to use Personally I love using a sprouted grain Bread this Ezekiel food for life is my Favorite it has a really hearty texture Which is perfect when you're making French toast because usually you need Bread that is a day old or so or a Little bit stale so when you're using a Sprouted grain bread because it has that Texture you can just use it fresh right Out of the bag plus each slice of bread

Has four gr of protein and 3 G of fiber Now with that being said you can really Choose any type of bread that you love Or that you have on hand because at the Ends of the day they will all work just Keep in mind if you're using a very soft Bread you may want to leave it out for a Day or lightly toast it before making This recipe then to create the high Protein custard base for the French Toast I'm going to start with 1/4 cup of Liquid egg whites or you could use 1 and 1/2 fresh egg whites and if you don't Want to do the egg whites at all you Could just Sub in one whole egg and I'm Going to pour that right into my Nutri Bullet cup you could also make this Right in a blender I always buy my egg Whites pre-separated at the grocery Store because I use them often for easy Recipes like my egg white and cottage Cheese muffin cups my high protein Pancakes and my absolute favorite Oatmeal recipe all of which I will link For you down in the description box Below next I'll add in 1/4 cup of 2% Milk although technically any milk you Love or have on hand would work and then A half a cup of plain Greek yogurt now I'm using a lowfat Greek yogurt but a Non-fat or a full fat would also work For this recipe so as always use what You love use what you have then in goes A teaspoon of that nice warm cozy

Cinnamon and then to really boost the Protein content and add some more Delicious vanilla flavor I am adding in A/4 cup of vanilla protein powder which Is equivalent to 14 Gram now while I am Definitely an advocate for real Whole Foods first I do think if you are Someone who's trying to increase your Protein intake a good highquality Protein powder is a great supplement for Anybody's diet and there's a lot lot of Them on the market these days whether You want a way based protein or a Plant-based protein there's tons of Options and if you need help picking one I'm going to link to some of my Favorites down in the description box Below so I'm going to pop on my lid and Then blend this up now if you needed to In a pinch you could whisk this by hand But a blender or the Neutra bellet is Going to do a much better job at getting All of those ingredients really well Incorporated you're going to see that it Turns into this really frothy Custard-like texture and you want to Pour it into some type of dish that is Wide and shallow ideally I like to look For a dish that would fit two pieces of Toast at the same time and this one Comes pretty close I can really wiggle Them in there so from here I'm just Going to place my sprouted bread into This egg mixture and you just want to

Let it sit in there for about 30 seconds Or so you really want the bread to Absorb all of that goodness and then I'll just flip them over and prepare my Pan so I have a nice large non-stick Skillet that I'm going to heat over a Medium low heat I'll add a little bit of Butter you could do coconut oil or non- Arousel cooking spray as well you just Want a nice light coating to make sure That nothing sticks and then once that's Hot I'm going to pick up the French Toast let any of the excess egg mixture Drip off and then just lay that right in The pan I usually do two slices at a Time let them cook anywhere between 2 to 3 minutes you're looking for the bottom To become lightly golden brown while the Center of the toast is cooking as well That's why we want a nice low heat and Then you're just going to get underneath And gently flip them over perfect see That nice golden color that's exactly What we want to see and it might be hard To see on camera but you'll also notice That the center of the bread starts to Fluff up a bit as well and that's Because the eggs and that custard likee Texture are cooking in the center as Well so delicious you'll know the French Toast is ready because it's going to be Lightly browned on both sides and cooked Through the center which you're going to Know again because you're going to have

This spongy bouncy texture to the bread So I'll just gently remove this from the Pan and then pop in the remaining two Slices of toast now keep in mind that This recipe makes two servings so it's Two slices of French toast per serving But you could easily scale this recipe Up or down depending on how many people You want to feed and side note if you're Feeding a bunch of people you can keep The cooked slices warm right in the oven Just turn it on to 200° and put them in There as they cook once you're ready to Serve your French toast you can top it With whatever toppings you love or enjoy Personally I love an extra dollop of Greek yogurt some fresh berries and then A drizzle of maple syrup right over the Top so simple so delicious and Absolutely that is delightful so I am Super excited for you to try this recipe I would go so far as to argue that it is Even more delicious than traditional French toast and I'm very curious to see If you would agree so if you know Anybody else who's looking to make Healthy eating easy and absolutely Delicious make sure you share this with Them as well and come on down to the Comment section below and let me know What you think do you plan to give it a Try did you try it already I want to Hear all the things as always thank you So much for watching I'm Danny speed and

I'll see you back here next time with Some more clean and deliciousness Cheers

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