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Francia Raisa’s Hacks To Soft & Healthy Hair That Won’t Stop Growing | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Francia Raisa's Hacks To Soft & Healthy Hair That Won't Stop Growing | Body Scan | Women's Health

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I still have a scar here and my mom was Pissed and she got the alcohol the Rubbing alcohol and she went I think I'm more so scarred from my Mother than these hey what's up I'm Francis and this is my Women's Health Body scam What I love most about my body is that She really I push my body I do yoga I've Been doing it for a few years now and Being the age that I'm at I can't Believe how flexible I am and how strong I've gotten doing yoga and weights and I Always make my body push more and more And more and she does it so I'm very Grateful that my body and I are in tune And also my body tells me when to stop My body tells me when she needs Vegetables my body tells me when she's Dehydrated I actually listened to her a Body part that I grew to love okay That's that's a really hard question Because I have really grown to Appreciate my body so I'm gonna say all Of it Um but I do have a really strong Clavicle like she's sexy you know And I have good cleavage duh The body part that I like working out The most Um of course is the booty because you Know I gotta feed the booty but then I Gotta work out the booty so she eats I Have my Frijoles and tortillas that's

How I keep it plump and then I do a lot Of squats a lot of donkey kicks oh and I'll do hip thrust so it's on your back And you um hit your hips up to the sky I Am crazy I will put on a band a heavy Band and weights on my hips so I can get That booty up there I'm really crazy When it comes to my booty what opinions Of myself and my self-image that have Changed as I've gotten older you know What my weight I don't have a scale at My house I never even go on a scale if I Look good in the mirror I'm fine I don't Need to know what the number is so I've Gotten way more comfortable with how I Fluctuate I fluctuate a lot in weight I'm Latina it happens and I've learned To really appreciate the curves and Appreciate when I'm skinny the power to My body that I hate working out the most And it's probably just because I don't Have them are my calves I cannot still Working on my calves I don't have calves I don't have calf muscle they're just Hello no one in my family does and Anytime I have to do any relevates or Any calf workout I half step it or I'm Like oh she's tired I avoid it my go-to Healthy meals you know what I'm really Big about veggies rice and protein I Know rice isn't probably the healthiest But I love rice I love rice I just do You can do brown rice protein shakes in The morning is my go-to I love them and

Then I don't eat a meal until the Afternoon usually I have some Pokey or Something because I feel like it's just Really healthy I love ahi tuna too so Some ahi tuna with avocado some pasta Sauce mmm yummy and some salads in the Evenings I'm a little more generous with Myself again I'm Mexican I love beans so I will sometimes make some frijolas I Know tortillas aren't always the best But instead of eating like six I'll eat Like three you know balance so my Instagram says Coffee water wine uh That's literally all I drink coffee in The morning then my protein shake and Then I have water throughout the day and I actually carry 64 ounce jug with me Everywhere I'll even take it into Restaurants yes I am that person it Looks like a purse no one knows and then The evening of course a glass of red we Love what is my love language My Love Languages have really been dependent on What the last guy did not give me so I Think now that I've been single for a While I understand that quality time is Huge for me acts of service is also huge For me and your girl loves a little Physical touch she does if I ever had a Serious injury thankfully Nothing too crazy but my freshman year Of high school I was a cheerleader we Were practicing and it was and it was my First time flying and it was my first

Time using these two bases we wanted to Do a full something so basic and simple Now this is why I'm crazy about water Aside from other reasons it was hot Outside it was summer so I was really Dehydrated I fainted in the air and I Fell back and I didn't fall the way that You we were I was supposed to fall and I Ended up fracturing my arm right here And it was right before homecoming so I Had to miss homecoming and I was a Freshman and I was really really sad Okay Women's Health you just asked me if I have any interesting scars when I was 15 I got into boxing and I was in high School and I was like being really Flirty and the guy I had a crush on was Like we're gonna come visit you and I Was like oh my God he's coming to visit Me okay so he comes with his friend and I had hand wraps on and I was trying to Be cute and funny and flirty so as they Were driving away after we had our cute Moment I jumped on the back of the truck So I jumped on there and I'm bouncing Why did they start driving and they were Going super slow because it was a Parking lot like maybe like three miles Per hour but I didn't have enough of a Grip because of my hand wraps to hold on And I fell and ate it bad and so I fell On my knee and I got a scar hold on is It still there I got a scar right there It split open so I had a hole there and

Then right here on my knee I still have A scar here now here's the kicker I had To call my mom obviously and my mom was Pissed she wasn't like I Niha I'm so Glad you're okay she was more like don't Be jumping on top of trucks and she got The alcohol the rubbing alcohol and she Went And she's like that's what you get yes And I'm crying so I think I'm more so Scarred from my mother than these oh Yeah and then I was grounded after that For getting hurt because it's my mom so I do have tattoos I have been drunk for All of my tattoos I don't think I've Gotten one sober but they're very very Pretty now the first one I got though is This rose right here I just took my Shoes off I know a little Pata sucia Right now and this rose right here in Particular I was 18 I had just gotten Out of a relationship and I was like I Want to do something My friend was like my my friend is Really really good at tattoos and he'll Give you a discount tell me why I ended Up at the Marriott in downtown L.A with This tattoo artist it probably wasn't Sanitary also who chooses the ankle bone For their first tattoo I do not Recommend it I was on crutches and I know I was 18 but I shouldn't have but I did I drank some alcohol and I didn't Know at 18 that that thins out your

Blood so it was not a great moment my Skin how I take care of my skin all Right I actually get asked this a lot in My answer you're gonna be upset but it's The truth I drink a lot of water we're Constantly buying products with Hyaluronic acid because it provides Hydration and yes I'm huge on hyaluronic Acid as well but you also have to Hydrate your body because it starts Going from the inside out so again I Drink two to three liters of water a day Also doing hot yoga I sweat a lot so I'm Constantly opening up my pores and Letting out what I I don't need but Water hyaluronic acid I moisturize and Also sunblock it is so important I Didn't understand it before but like as The older I get honestly that Pigmentation everything I don't care if My face is paler than the rest of my Body sunscreen helps a lot you don't Want those wrinkles so hair care we're Still learning because you know I Started acting when I was 16 years old And you know I became a little spoiled Because I get my hair done all the time But in that I also get my hair damaged a Lot because there's so much heat that Goes through my hair every day all day So for secret life I had extensions and I was constantly teasing my hair thinned Out oh my gosh what I make sure to do is I'm very crazy about actually trimming

My hair every four to six weeks that Helps a lot because if you have split Ends and your hair is growing what's Gonna happen it's just gonna keep Splitting so then you have to cut more Off every time I go get my hair done They do a conditioning treatment and now Even for myself I'm discovering that I Have more natural curls than I thought What I'm doing now is I do conditioner Just on my ends then I shampoo after Conditioner on the rest of my hair to Help with the curls and the softness I'm Also huge on leave-in conditioner I use That as soon as I get out of the shower And I think one of the bigger things That I'm understanding because I shed a Lot and us women we just do is is Brushing your hair actually brushing it I didn't do it before and I would have Noodles be like but it's the style and It looks so good I don't know why I just Went into an accent but you know what I Mean stimulation on your scalp helps Your hair grow sleeping on silk silk Pillow cases make sure if you don't wear A bonnet just keep silk on your sheets It helps because if you use any other Material it'll just break your hair and Damage it and then obviously heat Protectants when you're curling or Straightening your hair and try not to Do it as often and I try when I'm not Filming I try to air dry as much as

Possible my mental health what do I do When I need a second I acknowledge that I need a second thankfully the more my Career has grown the busier I have Gotten and it's hard to get a second so Actually this year I did a meditation Challenge for 30 days and I made sure to Meditate every day for at least like 10 Minutes it does make a difference those 10 minutes to yourself and a lot of People tell me oh I can't meditate my Mind goes crazy yes it does but one of The things that my friend Lily Singh Told me she goes even if your mind is Racing for those 10 minutes when our Mind is racing as we're awake we're Distracting ourselves from other things So our mind doesn't stop racing because We're not giving it the time that it Needs to race I'm huge about quiet time Huge about even if I'm with a crowd and I go to about the bathroom for like five Minutes just to breathe on my own Breathing exercises are also really good Because the first thing that we do is Stop breathing and no one really Understands that and then you're stuck Here because as adults as we get more Anxious panicky our breath stops in our Chest so make sure that as you're Breathing when you inhale your stomach Is actually coming out because you're Actually inflating your stomach with air Just like a baby when they're sleeping I

Feel like a yoga teacher right now and Then when you exhale that let your Stomach deflate that way your air could Actually go throughout your body and Your body can understand this is how I Relax it's also a good way to train your Body to start breathing when you start Feeling those anxieties because Unfortunately they don't go away thank You so much for watching subscribe to Women's health and don't forget new Episodes of How I Met Your Father air Every Tuesday on Hulu

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