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So let's get started with today's Educational Beauty video which is four Different ways to apply foundation I was Having a think about this and I was Thinking there's got to be more than Just three ways cuz I'm sure there are Only three ways that come to mind to you And I found a really really good way and I loved it so I can't wait to share it With you we're going to be looking at How quick it is to apply using each tool And also what the finished result is Because you will be surprised to know That the foundation looks different with Each application before we head into the Video don't forget I do have an online Publication called Confessions of a Creative which covers several different Topics all written by me under Health Beauty self culture fashion a bit of Everything there are two options for Subscription one is free where you get Occasional newsletters sent directly to Your inbox or you can check out the Actual main online publication or you Have a paid version which only costs a Coffee a month and you get detailed Beauty newsletters everything sent to Your inbox or as I said you can check it Out online and I even answer Beauty Questions that you have asked over here On this channel plus we get a room where We can actually chat as well so that's Pretty fun now if you do like this video

Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos don't Forget I'm over on Instagram too let's Head straight into this Video okay so I have nothing on my face Other than just a little bit of brow Product cuz I don't want to look Completely crazy every time I put the Foundation on and show you and also each Time I'm already going to have a very Very t tiny bit of concealer on my under Eyes and on my Lids just a little bit Because I feel like then you can see a Kind of more complete look there is Nothing on my face anywhere else Forehead anywhere cheek even the Concealer that I've put on my under eyes Here it's this like honestly it's the Tiniest dot trust me it's like so tiny And it stayed within that under eye area It's not going over my cheeks or Anything right and I've put no powder on Let's get started with the first way That you can apply foundation now I'm Going to be using the same foundation And four different tools so that you can Actually see what it looks like and I'm Going to apply all over the face each Time so you can see the finished result I am not going to be applying powder on Top of the foundation each time because I really want you guys to see what the

Foundation looks like as it is because Once you apply powder it kind of Mattifies and you know kind of changes It and kind of becomes more of a uniform Look for each type of application and I Would rather you just see the actual Application process and see what it Looks like before putting powder because You'll use different types of powders so Let's get started the foundation I'm Going to use is my Nas sheer glow in AR Ruba and the first way that I'm going to Be applying this is with a brush so These four different ways are you know Easy for you guys to do and you've Probably got the products the tools Already at home I've applied a small Amount to the back of my hand there I'm Going to get my brush and I'm using my Sigma f85 brush this is a really really Good airbrush Kabuki brush and it's just Really good for kind of like buffing Foundation into the skin apply a little Bit onto the brush here and then what I'm going to do is just kind of like dot Around on my cheek and then very kind of Like light Pressure and I'm going in circular Movements so rather than brushing it on With a brush usually you see me use my F47 brush I believe it's called from Sigma you can brush it on with that if You want but this is just another brush That you can used that is one of my new

Favorites for Applying foundation because you get no Brush marks you don't get it with the F47 either but it's just more of a kind Of like buffing technique you know You'll really kind of like really Letting it sink into the skin and like It's such a nice airbrush finish that You get with this brush so take a little Bit more of that product we're going to Go onto the forehead same way we've just Dotted it around there and then we're Just going to in circular move movements Kind of go into the forehead down the Sides cuz we want everything to connect Together down the nose and then we're Going to go onto the other side right I Love this brush it's such a nice brush Cuz it's just really soft so you want to Go in circular movements but very soft Pressure very light pressure and then Down the neck you can brush it down so That is our first finish you can see how That looks I love it because I can tell There's no brush marks it's a very Airbrush kind of like finish to the Whole face and it's very light like it Gives you that coverage but it also Doesn't look heavy it's a very small Amount of foundation that I used on the Back of my head obviously the shear glow Doesn't have a pump so you know I I Can't really say it was one pump it's a Shame they don't have a pump on this

Very small amount you know I've used Majority of what was on the back of my Hand there still is some kind of Leftover but you can also build it up so If you wanted to kind of apply another Layer the best way to do that is do your Initial first layer and then you kind of Do the same thing all over Again and that's going to give you an Extra layer so if you feel like with a Brush you can only get like a light Finish you know don't think that you can Kind of like apply it as normal and then Go over with another layer in the exact Same way that way you get that nice Airbrush finish but it's also kind of Giving you a bit more coverage see That's another layer now yeah I'm happy With that I really I really love this Brush you guys need to get this brush It's such an amazing brush and don't Forget you get discount from Sigma with My code Nina ubby 10 so head on over There and you can get yourself one of These amazing Foundation brushes it's The f85 amazing now that is our first Way of applying foundation let's move on To the next okay so I have nothing on my Face again exactly the same kind of Start that I had with the first Application I've got a little bit of Foundation on the back of my hand again Now we're going to go in with a sponge So we're going to be using a sponge for

Our second way of applying foundation And this sponge is the real technique Sponge it's damp and it's been all the Water has been squeezed out a tissue Wrapped around it squeezed again so We've got rid of all the excess kind of Water and now what I'm going to be doing Is I've got the foundation there and I'm Going to buff the foundation into the Sponge so we're buffing it into the Sponge first and then we're going to Buff it onto the face so we're literally Just kind of bouncing the sponge all the Way across and let's see what kind of Finish this gives so I always like Starting from the top and then working My way Down and you can see we're getting that Really nice finish which is nice and Smooth so you can see how we've got that Really nice finish there let's go to the Other side same thing and again you can Build this up as well using a sponge in Exactly the same way so you would just Apply more to the back of your hand buff It into the sponge and then buff it Right onto the skin so you you get a Really nice finish I have to say I Prefer the Finish from the brush so far So we right at the end of this video We're going to figure out which method Of application actually gives a better Finish so so far I am loving the brush Finish it really does give a kind of

Like soft focus nice kind of airbrush Finish exactly what the brush says let's Get this cleaned up and then move on to The next way of applying foundation okay So I'm ready for the next method of Application now I'm guessing most of you Are going to kind of like guess what the First three ways of applying foundation Are and I'm guessing you're a bit kind Of like confused about what the fourth Version would be like but obviously keep Watching so you can see what that fourth Method of application is now this one we Are going to be using our fingers for This this always scares me because it's Just so messy I need to get a couple of Wet wipes ready just well not just in Case for sure because my hands are going To be day so I'm going to get my Foundation and I'm going to apply Foundation to the palm of my hand not a Lot so just a little blob there and I'm Going to literally apply this like you Apply like cream moisturizer So as you can See we're applying it exactly as we Would do like a Moisturizer it actually gives you a Really nice finish because I remember Doing this on a another Video cuz I was trying to like see how This whole Meredith duck Spry application work that was obviously Very excessive but it gave a really good

Finish so this is the finish with the Foundation using your hands I actually Really like the finish I do feel like You don't have as much kind of like glow With this kind of finish because it kind Of really pushes the product into your Skin now I'm going to get a very small Amount of foundation again because I Want to show you like what this is like When you want to kind of like build it Up and it's really easy to get good Coverage this way but I do feel like Regardless of the foundation you're Going to get more of a kind of match Finish which is really weird you know But it definitely doesn't look as glowy As what it did when you know the first Way of applying foundation and the Second but yeah I feel like this way of Applying foundation is good because you Really get that coverage and you kind of Like really get into all the kind of Corners of the face but my only issue is Is that the glow is kind of taken away It doesn't look healthy to me it looks Very it looks almost a little bit more Dull and I don't know what that is and Why maybe you're really kind of like Rubbing it in in comparison to like Obviously buffing it into the skin you Know you get a good finish you get you Know you really do get to all the areas Of the face which is great but I mean You should be able to really get to all

The areas with any kind of tool really As long as you're applying it in the Right way but I do feel like I don't Know what it is about this way putting Aside the fact that it really frustrates Me that I get my hands dirty I just feel Like it doesn't give me a nice kind of Healthy glow so yeah it gives you Amazing coverage but I just feel like There's no like kind of like glow there So yeah this is my third way of applying Foundation and let's see what the next One is like okay so I'm all set for the Last way of applying foundation so this Next way is actually something that I Don't think a lot of people do but I Personally feel like it gives you a Really really nice finish and I kind of Feel like the tool is big enough to kind Of really get into all the areas so it's Actually pretty quick as well in Comparison to things like applying it With your fingers or even a sponge I Feel like a sponge probably takes a Little bit longer I am going to be using A powder puff this is just a generic Powder Puff now the difference is you Don't want to have this dry you want to Have it wet so not wet as in dripping Wet but you want to soak it you then Want to squeeze all the water out you Want to get a tissue wrap it around here Squeeze it again so you get rid of all The excess water and then you've got a

Damp Powder Puff you want to get one Which is like this which is quite a Thick one you know you get some really Thin kind of rubbish ones you don't want To get those ones you want to get a Really nice thick one you can get them Off Amazon or anywhere like that I Believe this is from one of those places But yeah it's a really nice kind of Sturdy powder puff and the good thing is You can wash this as well so that's Great now I've got some foundation on The back of my hand here I am going to Get this sponge and can you see that What I'm going to do put my finger here In the middle and got my thumb and then My other finger here and then I'm going To squeeze it so that it's like this Right that's what you want to do with This this is your kind of positioning of The sponge of the puff sorry I'm not Going to call it sponge anymore it's Confusing I'm going to call it puff this Is the positioning of the puff and you Want to keep this kind of like this this Is what you're going to be using this Whole side here so we're going to go Into the foundation and we're just like Literally brushing it onto here right And now what we're going to do is we're Going to take this and apply this onto The skin and I person personally love This finish it gives a really nice kind Of like glow and I know a lot of it has

To do with Foundation as well but I just Feel Like it's it's actually better than a Sponge than using a sponge because You've got a larger surface area so You're really kind of like getting into All the areas and it's almost like You're kind of not having to worry so Much about buffing but you're kind of Gliding so you're not buffing into the Skin you are literally gliding it on Like This and it's Just Easy and the reason why we obviously Bend the sponge like this is so that we Can really get into all the areas and You can kind of like manipulate the puff To be able to just go wherever you need It on the face so this is the finish That you get with it what do you guys Think is this something that you would Wear like see I feel like I've still got That glow coming through the foundation And I love that if you want to go over With with another layer you can you just Kind of like wait a little while and Then you go over with another layer in Exactly the way that we first applied It and this time round my pressure is Lighter I love this finish that it gives You I just feel like you've got that Glow there it's not so dull I don't know What it is but I mean this goes to show

Really that your tool that you choose I Don't know why I can't say tool tool Tool I can't say tool it just comes out Weird your tool To your tool yeah this why am I Struggling with saying that whatever Tool that you use right does make a Difference in how your foundation Actually looks so it isn't just down to The foundation the tool that you use to Apply your foundation can actually Change the way the finish of that Foundation actually looks that's Something to actually take into Consideration because you wouldn't think That right you would just assume it's Your foundation if that looks funny it's The foundation if it looks dull it's the Foundation but actually your whatever You use to apply it can make a huge Difference so hopefully this kind of Shows you that there are other ways to Apply your foundation it gives you an Idea of what you think works better You've seen me apply it on in every way There were four different ways that we Applied foundation and you have seen Which one was pretty quick which one Would kind of like took quite a while What kind of finish each one gives you Like I personally really like this Finish like it's something that I would Wear and I feel that it's something that You guys would wear I'm just getting a

Little bit more Foundation cuz I want to Show you cuz I I I've done this before And I want to show you how you can keep Building this up and it gives you such a Nice finish so I've left I've let that Layer kind of stay there for a little Bit and now I've gone over so you let The layer dry a little bit and then your Pressure is even lighter than Before and the under eye you can press If you take your foundation out there I'm not saying that you have have To everywhere else you Glide very softly So this now is another layer see how That looks it's very flawless I feel Like that glow is coming through I love The finish of this like hopefully this Has shown you that there is another way As well it's not just either kind of Fingers brush or sponge you can use a Damp sturdy thick powder puff and it Gives you the most amazing finish now Which finish do we like I want to know From you guys in the comments section Which one you are leaning more towards Do you have a powder path are you going To be trying this out like which one are You kind of preferring in terms of the Finish I really do hope you've kind of Taken note of like the way of Application as well like how we've used Each tool not just kind of like oh a Sponge looks better but also how did she Apply it with the sponge or the brush

Looks better but which brush did she use And how did she apply it and what was Her pressure like so I'm trying to you Know kind of tell you these things as I'm going along so that you have every Piece of the kind of Jigsaw right so That you can kind of put it together Yourself and make sure you've got all The information to get you know as close To perfect as you possibly can yourself When you redo this at home so I really Do hope you've enjoyed this if you have Any ideas about another way that you Could apply foundation I would love to Know from you so let me know in the Comments box below and I'm sending you Loads of Love wherever you are in the World if you like this video please do Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos until the next video take Care and I'll see you soon

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