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I really like that that so far we're Doing pretty well right because Everything's Landing in my kind of Personal stash [Applause] Welcome back to another educational Beauty video today's video is First Impressions and try on of new makeup Products these are products that I've Recently received or bought and I really Wanted to kind of like open it up with You and apply it so that you guys can See exactly how it looks on the skin and What my initial kind of reaction is to Those products and we can just see Together what they look like on now if You do like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos and head over to my Instagram if You want to see some reels or some Unboxing then let's jump straight into The video How excited are we for this video today So you guys seem to have loved that Sephora First Impressions haul that I Did a little while ago and a lot of the Comments that I received on that video Were of you guys basically saying please Can you do more videos like this because It's a good way for us to kind of see Whether it's worth us going out and Spending money on these products so I

Thought okay there's gonna be a lot more Videos like this coming your way this is Another one of them and basically what I'm going to be doing is when I'm Receiving new products or I've bought New products I'm going to kind of like Collect them so I can get a good little Bundle of them to be able to do a video For you guys pretty soon after they've Been released so that it's nice and Fresh for you guys so you guys can see How it looks on my skin what I think of The texture talk kind of like you're Here with me kind of unboxing it with me You know seeing what it's like and Seeing whether you should even go out And spend your money on it before we do Go any further I know my hair is looking Very retro it wasn't meant to kind of Come out like this but I just used a Round brush as normal my Dyson round Brush and it just ended up like this and I'm really not feeling it but it's just I can't tie it all back either because When I've washed my hair you know it's One of those things where it's like You've washed it you've actually spent Time blow drying it don't tie it back Straight away have it last as long as You can so I'm just going to use a Little clip and just tie a little bit Back because it's kind of like really Annoying me it's just a bit too retro For me so let me just pin this first

Thing I'm going to start off with is the Tatcha kiss lip mask it's kiss you Actually lip mask and this is basically A lip balm I want to try this because I Love lip mask and I actually like using Them continuously not just like just as A mask where I just put them on and then Leave them on I'm pretty new to tatcha Products and I'm starting to kind of Slowly begin to love them not that I Hated them before but I didn't really Know much about them but I'm really Starting to love the products I'm trying So this is the mask it's a really nice Little kind of like tub I like the look Of the packaging and everything as well So I've just taken a little bit out with My nail it does come with a spatula gold Spatula so you could use that if you Wanted to it's not sticky at all and I Also absolutely love the finish it Leaves because it's not overly shiny you Can see my lips don't look like they're Super shiny or you know glossy or like Over it's not like a thick layer of Product on there my skin has really kind Of like sucked up all of that product And I'm really liking the finish that it Gives it's meant to actually give you a Very slight plumpness after a little While so after a few weeks of using it So immediately you will notice that Moisture obviously it does lock in the Moisture it's great for Fine Lines great

For wrinkles around the like on the lip Area and it also does like I said lock In that moisture now if you use this Immediately you will feel that your lips Are very Supple but if you keep using it For weeks then apparently you will Really notice that kind of change in Texture and especially if you have flaky Dry lips you'll see that difference Apparently once you start you once You've used it for a few weeks and you Will see a difference in the plumpness As well so obviously I only just used it For the first time really do like the Finish and this is something that is Staying in my personal stash here so Next up we've got these summer Fridays Shade drops mineral milk sunscreen which Is SPF 30. this is a 50 mil now there Are a few other summer Friday products I'm going to be trying but they have Color in it so I want to get like use All of the products which don't have any Color first because it makes it easier In terms of like what I'm putting on my Skin in what order now this is obviously SPF 30 which is great I do personally Like to use SPF 50. I'm not too sure if They do have an SPF 50. it is also Enriched with antioxidants it's also got Chamomile in here so it's very soothing For the skin and like I said I don't Know if they have an SPF 50 but if they Do that would be great I really do like

The products that's come out onto my Hand I really do like it because it's Not overly fluid even though it does Does it say fluid no I don't know where I got that from it doesn't say fluid Anywhere but I really do like that it's Not overly runny now I'm going to just Apply this on it's I think I read milky In that led me to fluid I really do like This as a sunscreen it's got a very kind Of like muted yellow color to it which You're not obviously going to see on the Skin I really like the way this has Blended into my skin it doesn't feel Like it's overly fluid it also doesn't Leave that horrible kind of pearlescent Finish on my skin I like how it's not Sticky it's just a little bit tacky That's it and I really do love the Packaging because I do feel like with Summer Fridays all of their packaging is Very kind of like beach friendly pool Friendly as well so even though it looks Really nice and Sleek I feel like I can Still take this away somewhere and not Worry about it being ruined like it's Just you know it's fine if you want to Throw it in your bag but it still looks Good when you take it out as well you Know so I really do like that as an SPF It gives me the coverage it's soothing Which is what you kind of want in the Sun as well so that's also good it's Also enriched with vitamin so I don't

Know if I mentioned that staying in my Stash I really do like this and I love That even though it is a fluid SPF it Doesn't come out so runny like you know Sometimes when you put SPF on your hand And it just goes everywhere this doesn't The 10 texture is so good on this so I Really like this next we have another Touch of product this is the toucher Liquid silk canvas so this actually Blurs primes and protects your skin so It has a combination of different things In here there to really kind of like Help your skin and improve the quality Of your skin it is a primer but you know What I love about it you can use this Around the eyes so it does say that it Actually does do all of those things you Know like blurring priming and Protecting for your face and your eyes And you know how everyone gets confused About when to put primer on before or After SPF this one clearly states that Apply one pump to skin after SPF it's a Smoothing silk extract primer and it's Actually for the face and eyes I Absolutely love the fact that you can Use this on the eyes because most Primers don't actually stake can you use It on the eyes can you not use it on the Eyes and I feel like that's their very Clever way of you know like just Blurred Lines and you don't know and you just Assume but really they should tell you

Because if they oh it's very you know It's like fine print don't use near the Eyes and don't really tell you and a lot Of people try to say oh I put it on my Eyes as well but they may not read that It says don't put it near your eyes so I Think it's really good that they've made It very clear that you can use this Around the eye area the blurring effect Of this obviously helps to kind of like Blur imperfections blur kind of Blemishes it just blurs the skin in General and it also makes your pores Look smaller so it kind of gives you a Really nice kind of tightened poor look I don't know I don't even know if that Made sense but it tightens your pores And also it does protect your skin so It's a good you know obviously barrier Between your skincare and then your Makeup and it gives you a really nice Smooth kind of like base so your makeup Can glide on very easily okay so let's Apply this and that's good because I've Already got my SPF on that I've just Applied so I'm just going to apply it Says one pump one pump is a decent Amount and I feel like they've been Really clear about how much you can use Okay I'm just going to smooth this over Wow this smells so good it smells so Good it smells so expensive wow this Really is really does give you that Silk Feeling to your skin guys I love it I'm

Going to be applying some kind of like Makeup in a minute so that will be able To you know give us a good indication of How it Glides on but I really do like This and I've put SPF on and then I've Obviously put this liquid silk canvas on And it doesn't feel like thick or Anything it doesn't feel like it's a It's like clogged up my skin it just Feels really nice and smooth and super Silky so I really like that that so far We're doing pretty well right because Everything's Landing in my kind of Personal stash next up I know you guys Have been really excited about this I Know I have this is the Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin radiant concealer Now I'm two shades I'm 9.5 tan and also 10 and 10. so I don't find that strange In with most concealers I have to use a Couple of Shades so it's kind of normal And I don't mind that at all so I've got My shades and I'm really excited about Using them now there's some bold Statements here by Charlotte Tilbury one Of them is that your dark circles appear Reduced by force two percent in 28 days That's insane I don't even think I've Had an eye cream a branded eye cream Make that claim but if you use this for 28 Days Every Day your dark circle Should appear reduced so I'm really Excited about that I need to make sure That I use this for 28 days because I

Really want to see yeah I think that's Like it's pretty good that you have a Concealer that can actually be better For your skin as well with each use so It says your skin looks smoother and More radiant by 43 it boosts hydration By 173 in one hour so if you didn't know This concealer is quite hydrating for The skin hyaluronic acid and golden Vitamin C and collagen and niacinamide Loads of amazing claims there and I feel Like I'm really excited to use this so Also so it conceals corrects brightens And lifts the look of skin it's a medium Buildable coverage and it's 16 hour wear So I'm going to use number 9.5 first Okay so as you can see I have nothing on My skin what I'm gonna do is this is 9.5 I am just going to kind of like apply it Yellow like I usually do I'm not too Sure how much of this I'm going to need So let's just go and like that I'll do It on one side first I do like my Concealer to sit there for a minute or So so while that's sitting there I'm Going to use number 10 and I'm going to Apply this On the other areas where I like to use It just like you can use a slightly Warmer shade I'm gonna go over to my under eye And I'm going to just start buffing this In so I'm just pressing very lightly Let's see what the difference is

Compared to the other side and let's Just buff this in here just going to Take whatever's left on this sponge onto My eyelid you can definitely see the Difference I mean obviously you can see That this is nicely kind of like much Brighter much more radiant and I do like The fact that it has brightened my dark Circle without masking my whole under Eye completely so is it definitely is a Radiant concealer it Blends in amazingly So in terms of like how it Blends into Your skin amazing I love the way it Blends in and you can leave it there to Sit a little while or you can kind of Like blend it in immediately I Personally love it I feel like I could Even go out without foundation with this Like I feel like if I wanted to go out And just use it wherever I feel I needed It I could do that as well because I Don't feel like I have to have Foundation on that side but you can Definitely see the difference I mean Look at that Darkness there around my Eye and it's much brighter and I don't Think I've really applied a crazy amount Like I think I usually apply a bit more Than that in terms of concealer I mean I Really like like how it looks radiant I Really do like how it has kind of made My skin look healthy so obviously you Know it says you can keep using it and Then you can see what the like how your

Skin has improved as well as meant to be Improved but I do like the finishes Given I do like how it kind of obviously Is about placement as well in terms of How your skin looks lifted but in terms Of Radiance that's down to the concealer And this genuinely does make your skin Look radiant so far I'm loving Everything and I'm really excited to Kind of like actually use this for a Full look which I will do very soon now Obviously you know that I love a little Bit of extra coverage so I'm just gonna Apply a bit more of this because I just Want to see Like how it works with building it up Because it says it's buildable so I just Want to like make sure it actually is And how it looks when it is built like When you have made it that's nothing Made sense then when you have applied More product okay love it that's another Layer and I absolutely love that really Really like that look at that I knew I Was going to go in a little bit more I Just need to see like say if I wanted to Do a full coverage look you know say if I really wanted that full cover I'm Really really really impressed with that Look at that like that is three layers I Know it sounds a bit much but I probably Could have just applied two layers but Honestly I feel like that coverage is Amazing and it still looks radiant so

I'm loving it I absolutely love this This is really really good if you can Find your shade over 100 recommend this Now something else I want to try this is The Fenty Beauty matchsticks in banana These are new there's a few different Shades out which are kind of corrective In my matchsticks so I wanted to try This because I personally banana works Well on my skin so I wanted to try this On my under eye here and see how this is And see how it kind of Blends in as well So I'm just going to apply this a little Bit there I'm just going to use a small Beauty Blender and let's see how this brightens The under eye area I do feel like you're Probably better off using your finger Than a sponge so let me just apply a Little bit more I just want to feel how This Blends okay I think once you apply It with your once you blend with your Finger it kind of warms the product up So I do feel like the product needs Warming up for you to be able to really Blend it in it does brighten the area I Mean look at that that is definitely Brighter but I wouldn't use that on its Own that isn't enough for me obviously But it is a corrective stick so it Doesn't say you have to use it on your Own but you can go over with your Concealer now and then see how that Looks so generally I think that is

Pretty good I would want to apply some Concealer on top how about I apply that Charlotte Tilbury on top so we can Really see how it looks okay so that is It with concealer on top so obviously You can apply it underneath as a Corrective measure maybe it kind of fits In really perfectly with your skin tone Whichever one you use like there is I Think there's caramel as well there's Like a peach tone as well so I think You've got to use it and see how you Feel about the texture I do find the Texture to be just a little bit chalky For me so I'm not sure if it's something That I would use underneath makeup Because I feel like I can use makeup in Itself to kind of do that you might Really like it so that's just my honest Opinion on that next up we have the Summer Fridays sheer skin tint I think They have about five Shades in this and This is kind of like a very light Coverage so it's a skin tint now they Have a couple of different shades that They've sent me you can glide this on With your fingers it's just a very sheer To light coverage so you're not going to Get you know don't if you're looking for Coverage you're not going to get it from This it's just a really nice kind of Healthy glow it's infused with Hyaluronic acid and so it's like you Know really going to give your skin that

Hydration so there's two shades here I Want to try both of them because I'm not Too sure which shade I am I have got Shade five and shade six there's quite a Difference between both of those should Both Both of those Shades okay let's go with It I'm gonna just actually just use my Fingers for this so this is five and It's very fluid trust me to go in my Hair oh my God like seriously clearly I'm not I'm not used to putting makeup On with my fingers okay you can see like That is super sheer I think this is Probably my color but I'm gonna put the Other one on anyway and we can see what That looks like I think I should just Use the same hat because I'm clearly not Used to using my fingers this is a lot Warmer I think that if I'm tanned you Guys have seen me when I'm super jammed So I feel like when I'm tanned this is The shade yeah super nice and warm and I Feel like this is probably more my color At the moment next we've got air borian It's a BB cream it's SPF 20 and it Actually gives you full coverage so this Is great if you have like acne prone Skin or you have acne skin and you feel Like that's what you want to be be cream For or like you know sometimes you feel Like when your skin condition is pretty Bad you feel like you can't make the Most of some of these other products

That you see other people using if you Really want to use a BB cream you can Now because this is great for acne prone Skin it's great for normal like kind of Combination skin or dry skin as well so Don't feel that if you have a specific Skin concern that you can't use this so I don't know if this is going to match We'll see what it's like but it Obviously is going to give you way more Coverage than a standard BB cream I Think a lot of us tend to think that When we think of BB cream we kind of Assume there's not going to be great Coverage so it's nice to have something Like this which is going to be good for Your skin nourishing for your skin Hopefully make your skin better but at The same time you're getting that Coverage that you need so this has got Two Korean super ingredients white Ginseng and fermented ginseng flower and It's in a formula that instantly Instantly reveals a smoother and Moisturized skin it's also enriched with Niacinamide so that's a powerful Ingredient we all know and that can help To kind of like clear up your skin too Let's see how this looks on the skin it Says to apply on the center of the face And work your way out so I'm actually Going oh this color actually looks Good I was really worried because it's Really hard for Browns to get things

Like you know when they don't have many Colors you just kind of assume you've Definitely missed mine out then haven't You if you've only got a few Shades guys I think I'm in love You guys already know how much I love The it cosmetic CC cream what is going On I'm these brands are just like Killing it right now like that coverage Is amazing I love it and it's a BB cream So you know it's going to be good for Your skin that is the kind of finish I Love guys I'm so impressed with this Obviously I would still apply concealer Because I need a bit of extra help there But this shade is caramel by the way I Am really loving this so This BB cream Can be used either after all of your Skincare or in place of your skincare It's 100 minerals Sun filters to think That this immediately has matched my Skin tone I'm just really really Surprised at that because I don't it's Not usually that easy for me to find Something I'm really surprised at how Many products are making into my Personal stash I don't think I have much More room here amazing finish amazing so I'll do it all all of these products I'm Going to be using in other videos but I'm also going to be like using it as a Full look you know like even with this BB cream the super BB cream I will use It with a finished look so that you can

See what it looks like with the finished Look as well now on the other side I Want to use a new product that well I Don't think is actually brand new but I Haven't used it before it's by glow and It's a sea Shield anti-pollution Moisture tin it's vitamin C and Environmental defense Tinted Moisturizer So this is SPF 30 which is great it's Lightweight it's oil free it's a tinting Moisturizer to basically help protect Your skin against the environment Pollution blue light it's a mineral Based color so evens your skin tone and It enhances your Radiance so it says you Can apply this to your face and your Neck you can wear it alone you can wear It under makeup you can reapply every Two hours to maintain protection okay so Let's try this I'm not too sure what This color is going to be like so we'll See initially I thought maybe it may be A bit dark but actually it's kind of What is going on with this shade Matching at the moment like everyone's Just getting it right it does give you Like it is a tint more or less don't Expect coverage from this because it's Not going to give you coverage that was 7w by the way that was the shade of that It yeah this I can still see Imperfections coming through like it is A tint so it's a moisture tint so if you Want hydration you want that protection

On the go with a little bit of color Then this is great for you but obviously It's not going to give you that coverage So it's great if you want that it does Still look a little bit kind of like it Well you may like that like that glowy Look I personally don't like I feel like Glowing it can end up looking quite Shiny on me and just looks like I need To wash my face see here where I've used That uh boring super BB cream I like the Finish and I could even go over with Powder if I want here I feel like it's a Little bit too kind of shiny for me but It's great as a tinted moisturizer if That's what you want if you just want Something with a tint a little bit of Protection and something you can reapply After a little while and that would work Really really well so I think the color Is really good actually to be honest so The tint hasn't kind of made it looks so Different from my my face look different From my neck but it generally is a good Tinted Moisturizer the way it feels it Goes on nicely but it just doesn't give You the coverage so it depends what you Really want from that next we've got Another summer Fridays you know how much I love their Lip Butter I think I've Mentioned it in a few videos it's the It's actually the lip balm I use it's on My bedside table I use that every night Now this one is Poppy it has like a

Little tint in there which is really Nice so finally they've got one it's Nice kind of like vibrant orangey shade And I just want to try that so I know That the product in general is really Good it gives a really nice fleshy color There's not really much I can tell you About this apart from the fact that I Used the vanilla one and I have been Using it for about a year now and I Absolutely love it I feel like it lasts Really well it works so well on my lips I feel like I never have a problem with My lips so I actually alternate between The summer Fridays and the Keels Overnight lip mask I've used these Summer Fridays probably for the last Like six seven months and prior to that I was using it for as well but I took a Bit of a break because I think I ran out On the night I had to get another one so I've used it for a year but obviously There's been a bit of a gap in between This is obviously just that but with a Tint in there and I like that because I Know because I know how well this works On my lips it's great to know that There's something I can take on the go Now as well which has a little bit of Color infused in there and I like the Fact it's not overly like red or orangey I feel like it's just a very subtle tint Which isn't in your face so I personally Love that I knew I was going to love

This I just wanted to check the color And see how that was but that is Definitely something that I Think You're Gonna Love lastly we have tatcha Luminous dewy skin Mist so this is for Normal to dry skin so this is great if You basically want on the go hydration So it gives you a boost of hydration so If you do have dry skin then this is Something you can keep with you you can Either use this underneath makeup but You can use it on the go as well so you Can apply it on top of makeup so I'm Gonna try this anyway even though I Don't have dry skin That smells really good it's not Overpowering it smells really really Good this is something like I said you Can use it on the go you can see it's Giving me that glow so it does give you That glow on the go so yeah basically This is a on the go spray-on moisturizer So that's why it's great if you have dry Skin because if you need that moisture On the go then this is going to be good Smells good it does leave that nice glow To your skin if you like that then I Think you're going to love this and if You feel like you have dry skin and it Becomes kind of much more dry throughout The day or you feel like you need Hydration halfway through the day you You know you don't really want to be Kind of putting moisturizer on in the

Middle of the day then I think that this Is going to be great for you so I feel Like this does actually solve a problem If you have dry skin because I know that That can be an issue a lot of people who I've spoken to who have dry skin that's An issue that they have like later on in The day they feel like I've got my Makeup on like my Skin's starting to Feel really tight and dry and what can I Do there's nothing I can do so this is Great because it is specifically for That so it's basically a spray Moisturizer you can use on top of makeup As well as Android so I think that's Something that you guys are going to Love now I really do hope that you've Enjoyed all of these products and you've Taken something away from them because To be honest most of these I've actually Incorporated into my personal stash here I'm really really impressed with some of Them and the color has been amazing on That boring Big B cream I've got the Summer right summer Fridays poppy tint Here I've got my summer Fridays SPF here So there's a few other products that I've added here so I personally loved These products I was really really Pleasantly surprised by the colors it Makes me so happy to know that there are Brands out there who are really catering To those kind of in-between Shades and Darker Shades too so yeah I really do

Hope you've enjoyed this and I hope that You know whether you've made your wide Up on whether there's something that you Really want to go out and spend money on And I've made it easier for you so that You don't have to waste your money if You do want more like these then please Do let me know in the comments box below But yeah I hope you've managed to take Away a few good products from this How did you like that video and what did You think of these products don't forget They're all listed in my description box Below and let me know what your thoughts Are in the comments box below if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit that Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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