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Finding Jeans To Flatter Every Body Type | Wearable 2023 Fashion Trends




Finding Jeans To Flatter Every Body Type | Wearable 2023 Fashion Trends

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If you're struggling to find the best Pair of jeans for your body type then The struggle is about to be [Music] Over hi I'm Leone and welcome to my Channel now apart from swimwear I'd have To say that jeans are probably one of The trickiest things to buy especially With the washes and styles and cuts and Shapes and fabrics that are on offer These days those things are great but They also add to the challenge of Finding the perfect paer so today I'm Going to make it really simple I have Also created a free printable of what I've discussed in today's episode so That after this you can download it for Absolutely free and you can refer back To it if you need a little bit of a Reference but essentially today I'm Talking about the different body types And the exact genes that work for each Body type and be sure to watch to the Very end because that's where I'm Sharing some top tips And advice for buying the perfect pair And those tips really work for everyone And in my opinion there is a perfect Pair of jeans for everyone and if you Haven't found yours yet it just means You've been unlucky or perhaps you Haven't understood some of the very Simple principles around your body type And which styles are going to suit you

And hopefully in this video you will Have a newfound understanding and Appreciation for the particular styles That you need to look out for because Designing a great pair of jeans or two Or three really can be a game Cher when It comes to creating a multitude of Amazing outfits and outfits that are Casual that they can work for more Dressy occasions a great pair of jeans Is a fantastic foundation piece to own So let's get started now there are only Really two key factors when it comes to Finding the perfect pair of jeans and I Did touch on this a second ago one is The outfit that you are wearing and the Proportions of that outfit and the other Is simply your body shape but don't Worry I'll explain how these two things Work together and this video is going to Be really simple because there's nothing Worse than having a video that is even More confusing so I have paired things Back and made it really simple and as I Said earlier I do have a free printable That you can download after you've Watched this video and that's just a Little reference that you can check back To from time to time and I will leave a Link to that free PDF down in the Description box below so if anything's Getting a little confusing which I'm Pretty sure that it won't I have Simplified this but you have got that

PDF to refer to as well now I can't put Together a video like this without Actually talking about Fabric and denim Fabrics have really come a long way in The last number of years and regardless Of whether you choose a rigid 100% Cotton denim that is not going to give At all or if you opt for a denim that's More technologically advanced and Perhaps it contains some stretch that Will help sculpt your body in all the Right places fabric does play a part in It but as I just mentioned the two key Things that you really do need to focus On is the proportions and how they Relate to your body shape and speaking Of which I've broken this video into Five different body types and you may be A mix of a couple of these body types But what this is going to do is provide A bit of a guideline to help you Navigate the confusing world of buying Denim so when you do go into store to Try on some peirs you're going to know What to grab first it's not going to be A sea of denim and you really don't know Where to start so let's get on with These five different body types and the Genes that most flatter them now first Up is your classic apple body type and When it comes to an Apple you generally Tend to carry most of your weight around Your midsection particularly around your Tummy you don't essentially have a

Defined waist you also can often have a Fuller bust and you do tend to have slim Arms and slim legs apples also tend to Have relatively small bottoms as well so The key to finding the best pair of Jeans for an apple body is all in the Legs your legs are one of your best Assets so it's all about showing them Off so for that reason your most Flattering style of jeans is a skinny Jean and I don't care what people say About Denim and denim trends at the end Of the day you're always going to feel More comfortable in a style that suits You and suits your body type so for Apple body types skinnies work Incredibly well and showing off a little Bit of your ankle also works well cuz Your ankles are dainty and you can Team These skinnies with more of a floaty top Now I'm not saying something that's Super floaty and oversized but perhaps a Slightly oversized sized shirt which Just skims your body and it's also worth Mentioning too that the best type of Skinny jeans for apples is skinnies with A bit of stretch in them you do need a Bit of movement especially a jean that Is a little forgiving around your waist So think about skinnies as being your Top priority skinnies with a little bit Of stretch perhaps showing your ankle Now if you have an apple body and Skinnies are just not your thing then

You don't have to worry there are other Options for you as well now the other Option for you is to go for a boot cut Style Jean or a jean with a slight flare And what that tends to do is balance out Your proportions so giving the sort of Wider top half a little bit of balance With widening out at the leg as well and Because it is all about showing your Legs and not hiding them I'd also say That you could opt for like a girlfriend Style Jean which is it's like a Boyfriend but not quite as baggy so you Don't want to hide your legs but you can Just create a little bit more balance With the styles that you choose and if You're confused about balance it's very Much just about if you are broader up Top you want to create a little bit of Broadness down the bottom so you don't Create this really tight upside down Triangle you just create a little bit More balance which does create more of a Seamless outfit anyway at this point i' Just like to say a very big thank you to The team Peak for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now before You fast forward I would really love you To hear about these two delicious Tasting drinks that are in my mind a Great addition to my anti-aging regime So first up is the beautiful BT Fountain And this is a delicious tasting Beauty Electrolyte but it also has great skin

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Definitely take advantage of this offer I am 56 years old and try and do Everything I can to nourish my skin from Within and also externally with the Products that I use I can hand on heart Recommend both of these products they're Also really yummy which makes them Easier to use and enjoy regularly so Definitely give them a go if you're Looking for some yummy warm treat then The March is for you and if like me You're struggling to get enough water in Then the BT Fountain is going to make That really easy so take advantage of This offer 15% discount I will leave a Link in the description box below and You also get that free glass Beaker and Rechargeable frother so what do you want Waiting for anyway let's get back to Jeans now next up is a pear shape and of Course if you have a pear shape you tend To have narrower shoulders you're kind Of narrower across the shoulders and you Potentially have more fullness in your Hips your butt and your tummy so Creating that perfect pear shape now the Best style of jeans for you is either Boot cut or a wide leg Jean because both Of these Styles tend to elongate your Body and that creates the most Flattering look for a pearshaped body One thing that you do need to really Steer clear of is any lowrise jeans Lowrise is a really tricky style to wear

For most body types what I do suggest You opting for is a darker wash a dark Sort of indigo or a dark black because Regardless of what we think those darker Shades of denim are going to be slimming And the most elongating to your legs and When it comes to the most flattering Rise for you it would definitely have to Be a high rise because what the high Rise tends to do is Nip you in at the Waist and really show off those natural Curves and again proportion really comes Into the outfit so anything that's going To give you a little bit more width and Structure across your shoulders or Create a little bit more oomph around Your neck with a statement necklace or a Scarf that will help to sort of balance Out your proportions and balance out Your hips and create more of a a Seamless silhouette as well now next up Is your classic hourglass and Essentially you have broader shoulders You definitely have some hips and you Are nipped in at the waist so you're Very much that hourglass shape a real Hourglass can also have potentially a Little bit more booty and fullness Around your hips and thighs so the most Flattering styles for you are any jeans That are a higher rise and the higher Rise tends to just very much highlight Your natural beautiful curves and shape So again opt for something that is a

Higher rise and because you have that Sort of width in your shoulders you can Still wear the the width in your your Jeans as well so either slightly bootleg Or boyfriend style jeans wide leg jeans You definitely have some options here What I would say though is to steer Clear of 100% cotton denim because it Sits to rigidly and if you do have an Hourglass figure and even if you are a Pearshaped what you should really opt For is a jean with a little bit of Stretch in it so that then the jeans Will actually hug your figure and not Sort of rigidly sit hard and you'll end Up with that sort of the gape at the Waistband so definitely if you do have More curves opt always opt for jeans That have a little bit of stretch and When it comes to to stretch my rule of Thumb is never any stretch fabric over 2% elastin now the reason for that is Because anything higher than 2% just Doesn't wear well it doesn't wash well And even worse they'll be tight when you Put them on out of the wash but they Stretch out really fast in that first Wearing So within an hour of wearing the Jeans they're potentially one size Larger so no more than 2% elastic And definitely opt for some stretch in Your jeans if you do have curves it's It's definitely going to fit you and be Far more flattering but when it does

Boil down to it an hourglass figure can Pretty much get away with any style and Shape of jeans because skinnies work Really well for you too so you guys have The most options when it comes to Different jean styles that are going to Work for you but if you're looking for a A little bit more of a contemporary look I would probably ER on the side of going For more of a wideleg jean or a slight Flare Jean just to give you a more Modern look now the next body type is More of a rectangular body type and if You have a body like this you've got More of an athletic body you're more Straight up and down so you don't tend To have a visible waist and what you Potentially need to focus on is creating The illusion of some some curves and the Way to do that is potentially adding a Little bit more volume with like a baggy Boyfriend style Jean lighter washes work Really well for you just to sort of add A little bit more volume but if you do Have more of a rectangular body shape You are pretty lucky because it does Mean you can lean either way you can go With that long Lean style or you can create the Illusion of Curves by adding a little Bit more volume in your jeans and Changing up the the wash from a darker Wash to a lighter wash but any style of Jean does really work for you so

Skinnies will also work for you it's Very much about the type of look that You're going for if you want to create That illusion of Curves you need to Think about the jeans bringing you in at The waist so being kind of potentially More of a mid to highrise Gene as well But as I said you can pretty much go for Anything depending on the look that you Are trying to achieve and if you're Still finding that the jeans are not Giving you that sort of sense of shape What you could do is opt for Tops that Kind of just give you a little bit more Fullness as well and one of the Styles That's very much happening for 2024 is Peplums they're coming back they are Perfect for you because they do sort of Create that illusion of a waste and a Peplum can look great over a pair of Jeans so think about the tops that you Add and pair with some of your jeans as Well just to create that illusion of Curves oh and if you do opt for say an Oversized shirt hanging out what I would Suggest doing is doing a bit of a half Tuck because again that will give the Illusion of a waste and not a full tuck Because you will actually see that there Really isn't much of a waist line Happening there but a bit of a half tuck Kind of gives that illusion of a waste So just think about some of those tops That you pair with the jeans as well

Well now next up is a strawberry body Type and essentially you have wider and Sort of broader shoulders and you have Narrower hips slender legs not much of a Butt to speak of so you're very much Wider at the top than you are around Your waist and hips and because a Strawberry is basically the reverse of a Pair the advice is reversed as well so You need to look out for lighter washes Or some kind of clever detailing on the Denim so these things will help make Your hips and legs look larger and have More of a balancing effect best style of Jeans for you are any jeans that add More width and volume on your lower half So anything with a wide leg a boyfriend Style you want to just create a little Bit of balance there with your shoulders What works really well for this body Type too is basically wearing a fitted Top fitted top in a darker color is is Always going to work well and be really Flattering because you're keeping the Top half fitted and adding your volume Where you don't naturally have it which Is your bottom half so that's where you Opt for slightly baggier jeans slightly Slightly lighter washes 90s style Boyfriend kind of jeans or a wide leg And that will really give you some nice Balance now we've got the body types and The particular styles that are going to Be the most flattering for each body

Type I regularly get asked which jeans Are the most slimming across the board And the key to this is very much the Wash of the jeans more so than the style And the cut of the jeans so anything in A deeper darker wash and jeans that are That they have a wash where potentially You see a lighter wash down the the the Center of your leg that sort of creates An illusion of length and helps to Elongate the legs any denim that has Contrast stitching because again that Contrast stitching creates that visual Illusion of long lines so it's about the The wash and the the color of the denim That creates the most slimming effect so For example if you're pear-shaped and You have a larger bottom and sort of Fuller hips wearing a dark wash pair of Jeans will not only make this part of Your body look slimmer but the whole of Your figure will look more in proportion Too now if there was one universally Flattering rise of Gene that would be a Midrise gene so not too high and Definitely not low but as I said earlier There are various different Rises that Tend to suit different figures more so Than others but if there is that Universally flattering rise it would be A midrise gene but at the end of the day The best pair of genes for you are the Genes that make you feel amazing that Are comfortable that suit your personal

Style and your lifestyle and there is That peer out there for you it is about Just trying on a lot it's almost like Kissing a a bunch of frogs to find the Prince charming same thing applies with Your jeans it's about trying trying Trying until you uncover that perfect Style for you so I also wanted to share Some key tips when it comes to shopping For jeans and I think I've got about Eight top tips that are worth noting Down as well and these are also included In the free downloadable so number one On my list is to make sure that you shop In person for your jeans instead of Shopping online now I'm a big fan of Shopping online but because jeans are Tricky to buy you need to try them on of Course if you already own a pair in that Particular brand and they work well and They fit well chances are you can buy Them online and they will also work Again but if you're still trying to find That perfect elusive peir make sure you Do it in person and when you are trying On your jeans what I always recommend is Taking in three sizes of each Style with You so the size that you think you are And one size larger and one size smaller They all fit differently and sizing is All over the place and there's nothing Worse than being trapped in a fitting Room you've got one size and you need Help to get a smaller size or a larger

Size so I always recommend if you find a Style that you love take three sizes in Also that gives you the option of just Seeing how a slightly smaller peir will Fit or a slightly larger peir will fit And fall on your body as well so the Three size rule is a biggie now skinny Jeans tend to get a bit of a bad wrap But I actually think that there's a pair Of skinny jeans for everyone they do Suit and potentially flatter every Figure but the caveat here is that it Depends on what you pair them with Depending on your figure so don't rule Out skinny jeans is a good option but if You have a certain body type for Instance if you are an apple you do need To sort of balance those proportions but Don't over estimate the power of a great Pair of skinny jeans just Because wide legs and high rise wideleg Jeans have been happening for the last Couple of Seasons don't underestimate How value valuble a great pair of Skinnies can be as well another thing to Think about too is the length of jeans So cropped jeans and cropped pants are Very much a happening thing at the Moment and they are continuing on into Next year but they can tend to make you Look shorter and your legs look shorter So if you like some of the cropped Styles what I do tend to suggest is Still trying to create a seamless look

By peering some shoes in the same color As the jeans or certainly trying to Create a an unbroken line so that your Jeans don't end your you can see your Ankles and then you've got shoes that Sort of breaking up of your legs Definitely tends to shorten them and It's not always as flattering if you're Super tall then that's absolutely fine But for most people of an average height I do think you have to proceed with Caution when it comes to cropped jeans And pants also Pockets the size of Pockets really matters and mostly I'm Talking about the pockets on the back of The Jean So the smaller and the higher the Placement of the pockets the more per And perky your butt will appear and Equally so if the pockets on the back of Your jeans are kind of wider or if They're placed lower you will tend to Have that illusion of your butt being a Little wider and potentially bigger than It is these can be good things to use if You're trying to create more of a booty Or reduce the appearance of the size of Your booty But just remember that these the size of These Pockets definitely impacts on the Illusion of how your booty will look in Them and as I touched on earlier seams Are one of the things that can really Create that illusion of length in your

Legs as well and a lot of jeans at the Moment have a lot of detailing and Stitching and panels that come down your Leg go across your leg the pair that I'm Wearing at the moment you probably can't Really see have that so any anything That creates that illusion of length or Really gives that sort of Illusion of an Unbroken line is going to create a Longer leaner silhouette so think about Some of those details in some of the Jeans that you're buying as well a lot Of the patchwork jeans they may look Cool but they can also tend to break up Your legs as well so think unbroken long Lean lines when it comes to seams on Your jeans anyway that's from me today I Hope you enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love you to give it a big thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel For more and take advantage of that Discount code that I shared with you Earlier from Peak but thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you in the next One bye for Now

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