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Favorite Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Chronic Health Issues – Summer 2023 Edition!




Favorite Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Chronic Health Issues - Summer 2023 Edition!

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Hi everyone and welcome back to clean Eating kitchen I'm Carrie and this is my Channel where I share easy real food Recipes and tips so you can feel your Best and if you're new here then I would Like to let you know that I have a Master's degree in public health with a Specialty in nutrition and I am most Passionate about empowering other women Who have chronic illness to feel better And take control over your health I am a Survivor of autoimmune disease including Thyroid disease and chronic fatigue Syndrome and I try to use this type of Holistic healthy lifestyle to help Manage my symptoms and try to live a Normal life a quote unquote for the most Part so if you are also interested or Passionate about clean eating or using a Holistic health approach to manage your Health issues then I really hope that You'll subscribe and hit the Notification Bell so you don't miss a Video so today I'm doing something a Little bit different I thought I would Try it out and it is sharing my summer Favorites and I'm going to be sharing Some podcasts some free resources some Products uh some thoughts about exercise With chronic health issues and I have Some resources for you and so I'm Basically gonna share all my absolute Favorite tips and strategies for Maintaining a healthy healthy lifestyle

And specifically tailored to those of us Who have chronic health issues so from The latest in nutrition advice to Workout routines that are gentle on the Body to some of my favorite supplements That made a big difference in my life I'm going to cover them all tear today And specifically I'm trying to pick Items that are kind of relevant to Summer so that you and me as well can Thrive in these warmer days of summer so Of course you have to appreciate that Everybody's different so what works for Me may not work for you so and you Should probably always discuss with your Health care provider any changes that You're going to make to your supplement Your diet your exercise routine So let's jump into these favorite items All around summer Wellness so the first Thing I'm going to mention is a podcast That's been around for a while but maybe You're not familiar with it or you Haven't listened to it in a while and it Is called the skinny confidential him And her podcast and I actually was lucky Enough to meet the host uh Lauren and Michael Bostick back and around I want To say it was 2016. I was at an event in Los Angeles and they were there speaking And I got to be in a Um I guess a small group with them where We were able to ask questions and meet Them in person and they are really great

They're extremely ambitious they're Young they're I believe maybe in their Early 30s so quite a bit younger than me And they do interview really the people Who are at the Forefront talking about Nutrition and health and wellness as Well as a lot of other topics so they Have I think I want to stay close to 600 Episodes so if you're new to the podcast You might want to start with a couple of Favorite episodes that I'm going to Recommend and then you can go through Their backlog of episodes and just pick The ones that look interesting to you Or where you think you might learn Something but again I really love this Podcast because uh Lauren and Michael Are interviewing the people who are at The Forefront or who are really the most Popular people who are talking about These topics of wellness and Um both uh Michael and Lauren seem to be Very devoted to their own personal Health and so I feel like Um the way I think about health and Nutrition is similar to how they think And they're very open-minded and I Appreciate that I certainly don't agree With Um you know every guest who they bring On or everything that Lauren and Michael You know their personal beliefs but I Feel like Um they have a really good grasp on kind

Of the current thinking about nutrition And Um you know like just the fact that not One diet is going to work for every one Person and that we have to keep an open Mind and that certain Health experts Have Um certain lessons that we can take from Them without necessarily having to Subscribe to one Health Guru or another But that we can Take what we need from different people And learn from them so two episodes I Want to recommend in particular that Were very interesting to me one was Episode 580 and I will link to all of These in the description and it was Dr Paul saladino and he's kind of I think On Instagram he's like carnivore MD or Something and I don't know a lot about The carnivore diet but a lot of what he Had to say in this episode was very Interesting and uh then I started Following him on Instagram and I learned Even more and he's a little bit more Like black and white thinking about Nutrition than I am But uh he had a lot of interesting Things to say in this episode and I Enjoyed it so I hope you do too and Episode 576 Dr Daniel Amen and I really Love Dr Eamonn I've heard him on other Podcasts before but I hadn't heard him In a while and so I loved having kind of

Like a reintroduction to his work and He's very much about brain health and he Does a lot of work on ADHD which I found Extremely interesting he has Best-selling books and I think I've Rented or borrowed some of his books From the library before I don't believe That I own any Um but it was interestingness uh like The day after I listened to this episode I was uh Talking with somebody who told me that Her daughter is experiencing ADHD and Her daughter is only I think eight years Old and I recommended that she look into Dr eamon's Book on a date ADHD because He has so many interesting things to say So that is my first recommendation I Believe it's called The Skinny Confidential it's either him and her Podcast or his and her podcast I can't Quite remember but I will link these Episodes in the description box My second recommendation or my second I Guess favorite thing I wanted to share With you for my summer 2023 Wellness Favorites is a YouTube channel and it's Not just for summer but it's called the Senior Shape Fitness YouTube channel and The uh I guess host of the channel her Name is Lauren and I've been using this Channel for probably over a year now but Her videos are so great and they're so Uh perfect not just for seniors but for

People who have chronic health issues Um you know really starting around 2020 When a lot of us were exercising from Home as opposed to going to the gym I Was in the same boat I started using uh Jazzercise and a few other Online resources but I found a lot of Them to be too much to handle especially If you have you know like autoimmune Disease where you maybe have sore joints Or you just don't have The energy to be jumping around in super High intensity so I find that this Particular YouTube channel is excellent She does a variety of Workouts from very lightweight to matte Pilates to gentle yoga and I find They're not so simple that you don't Feel like you've done anything and Actually you can adapt it to you know How you're feeling that day but I just Highly recommend her Channel I think It's excellent my third favorite Wellness recommendation I guess you Could say for this video is something I Think I mentioned in a previous episode Um I'm not quite sure which video it was From but it's what I'm calling my Pineapple Frosty recipe and this recipe Is not on my website but it's just Something that I've kind of come up with Over the last few months months or weeks Of Summer and it was really inspired by My trip to Hawaii that I took oh I guess

It's been already about two months ago But essentially I will make this almost Every night after dinner As my little dessert and I don't know What it is but as I've gotten older and A little bit closer to perimenopause or I guess to menopause I'm in Perimenopause Um I don't know what it is but I find That I need more to eat after dinner or I guess in the later part of the day as I used to because I am waking up hungry And then that disturbs my sleep and I Again I I'm assuming there's some sort Of hormonal component to this I'm not sure but if I have a little bit More to eat you know with dinner or After dinner then I don't get hungry and I'm able to generally either sleep Through the night or maybe just wake up One time so my pineapple Frosty recipe Is a half a cup of Frozen pineapple Chunks which I either get at Trader Joe's Costco or pretty much any grocery Store you can get Frozen pineapple Chunks then I'll use one Frozen ripe Banana A squeeze of raw honey and then I like To use about I would say three Tablespoons or about that of coconut Beverage and I think I talked about this Before too coconut beverage I personally Just find it very convenient it's it's In a package like almond milk but it's

Made from coconut it's not like as rich Or thick as canned coconut milk so it's Kind of like a mix between it's like a Watered-down coconut milk Um somebody said on one of my previous Videos that I should be careful with This product because it does have Um like guar gum in it I think to help With keeping it uh not it doesn't Separate in the box but I'm okay with Having a little bit of Ingredients that you know aren't 100 Perfect I guess you could say but you Could definitely use like a dash of Coconut milk and then just use some Water just to not make it super heavy And then I use a dash of vanilla and I Blend that up and I'm telling you that The I call it a frosty because It has like that Frosty texture it's Also creamy but it's Um it's slightly sweet it's slightly Tart and I think I've probably made it 50 times in the last two months so I Wanted to share that with you Um my next summer favorites Health Product is something that I will link on Amazon and Um because it's something that you can Buy and it's called the brand is designs For health and it's essentially Electrolyte drops it's called keto Electro pure and I guess because people Who are on a keto diet often get low in

Electrolytes because of the way the diet Is on the body but for some reason Um on my I guess blood tests from the last few Years my electrolytes in particular Magnesium and potassium have been Showing up just slightly low so my Doctor was the first person to recommend This product to me if I can give you a Close-up there and so how I use it um on The directions It says the serving size is half a Teaspoon so I don't actually measure it Out but what I do is when I have a Bottle of water that I'm going to drink From for the day and usually for me That's a sparkling water Um but you could do it in any type of Water you just I just pour a few drops In maybe 10 drops uh and I think that's Probably about half a teaspoon and so um It does have some sodium has the Potassium has some zinc and magnesium so Uh uh and then it says a few other Things sulfate Um so it comes from I think it comes it just says that Purified water Um but it doesn't have any sweeteners or Any Stevia or anything like that and That's the problem that I have with a Lot of electrolyte powders because our Other electrolyte supplements or powders Uh because I personally don't do well

With stevia and most of them do contain Stevia or some kind of sweetener And I cannot do that so yeah these don't Taste good but honestly when I mix them In with my sparkling water I can't taste Them so Um that was one thing I wanted to Mention especially because it has been So hot around the country around the World so uh when it's of course hot Weather that can have us if we're Sweating a lot or not drinking enough Water then we can become low in Electrolytes so That was one thing I wanted to mention And then I think I also mentioned this In another video Um this is my fifth product or fifth Item I want to show you I have one more After this it's called Microbial Labs Mega IG 2000 it's dairy free but it is a Colostrum supplement and Um it says on here main chains gut Barrier function supports healthy Detoxification and I heard about dairy Free or maybe it wasn't just about Colostrum on one of the Dr Berg Dr Eric Berg videos about how Um people who have immune system issues Chronic health issues May benefit from a Product like this a dairy-free colostrum Product and um Essentially I'll just redo the thing

Here it says I Nega IGG 2000 powder is a Potent dairy free Immunoglobulin concentrate that supports Mucosal immunity Um blah blah blah so um I've been using This well and essentially it's a powder And it has no taste you just mix it into Water so I'll do this maybe two times a Day I'll separate from the electrolyte Water I will mix this in Stir It Up and Then just take it like with supplements Or whenever I'm drinking water and I Think it's actually helping I was hoping You know I have this hope that I can at Some point maybe enjoy Dairy Foods again Because for me I don't have lactose Intolerance but I have a immune reaction To the proteins in Dairy And I feel like perhaps that is Something that maybe I can heal from Um I'm not sure I'm actually going to be Doing a um food sensitivity test in About two weeks so if you're interested I can share with you my results and I'm Very curious to see on this food Sensitivity test what it shows for my Reaction to uh I think the test that I Take shows reaction to casein or whey And casein would be showing a reaction To the protein in Dairy and a reaction To whey would be just showing like a a General reaction to Dairy so we can get More into that when I get the results But that probably won't be until

Gosh maybe late August or September so Stay tuned for that and then the last Item I wanted to share with you as part Of my holistic health Summer favorite is To use this time if you are you know Back from vacation or you have maybe Some extra time during these slower days Of summer is to think about uh Decluttering your space Um this is a good time of year to do That I know a lot of us do it maybe for Spring cleaning or maybe at the first of The year but I think this is a really Good time to do it and my recommendation Especially for those of us who Um you know our energy levels can Sometimes weigh due to chronic illness Is to tackle one cabinet or one drawer Or one little space every day and that Can take you as few as five minutes to As long as a half an hour Um so you can kind of tackle it based on Your energy levels for that day but Literally just do one little space a day And anything that you haven't used in a Year uh consider donating or giving away Um maybe selling But it probably doesn't need to be in Your space and I would say about 10 Years ago I read a book called clutter Busting the author was Brooks Palmer a Link to it looks like just maybe the Audiobook and I think you can still buy A hard copy but it's kind of dated now

But it's an excellent book so it's not Dated in the sense that the information Is not good it's just that it's been out For a while and it doesn't look like There's been any new additions but that Book really changed the way I think About Um stuff and Having you know handling stuff that I'm No longer using Um but again I just wanted to throw that Out there that summer time is a great Time to Um just kind of get things cleaned up And then I look at fall as a very Productive energetic time and then of Course before you know it will be into The holidays so a few other things I Wanted to note that I've been up to this Summer I had my 20th wedding anniversary So my husband and I kind of celebrated When we were in Hawaii but then we had The actual anniversary date was just About 10 days ago so and it happened my Sister and my nephew were visiting from The Seattle area and we I had a fun Showing my nephew my wedding album and He got to see his mom 20 years ago and His dad and Um it was fun uh and something of course To celebrate because 20 years is Significant I am getting ready For a little bit more travel but it Won't be until early fall so I have a

Little bit more time for that but that's Going to be a domestic trip that I'll be Gone for about eight days I believe I'm Looking forward to that I'm gonna get to See some family and do some other things And maybe I'll Vlog about it or talk About it in a future video uh believe it Or not I'm already planning fall and Holiday content for my website which is and that is where I Spend the majority of my time I love Making videos like this and connecting With you Um you know through video I think that It's a much nicer connection but my Website is where I have my actual Business and where I make money and Um so if you want to kind of keep up With me there you can feel free I have a Weekly Newsletter that you can sign up For In fact I have a my clean eating quick Start guide which I always Link in the Description and I will do that again in That way you can keep up with uh what I'm doing and you can get all those free Resources about clean eating I'm also Just trying to get outside enjoy the Summer weather I live at the Beach in California and it tends to be cool I mean almost until we get into more Like September October is when we will Get really hot days I know Um other people are really suffering

From hot weather so if that's you I hope You get some relief soon Um I would say the last kind of exciting Thing in my world is I got a Pilates Reformer it is not set up yet I'm in the Room where it's going to be Um but maybe I'll share that again in a Future video but I'm excited because I Did used to do I used to do Pilates at a Studio I haven't done it in three years and I Miss it so I'm looking forward to Getting back into it so those are my Favorite items tell me what you are Loving this summer I would love to know Whether it's a product or an adventure That you've had if you want more videos I'm gonna link to my video where I Shared what I eat in a week when I'm Trying to heal my gut so I hope that You'll check that out it's part of my Living with chronic illness playlist and I will see you in the next video bye Everyone

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