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Fashion Trends That Will Be HUGE in 2024




Fashion Trends That Will Be HUGE in 2024

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There are some amazing fashion trends Heading our way this year and there Really is something for everyone so if You'd like to see the trends that are Set to be huge in 2024 then just keep [Music] Watching hi I'm Leone and welcome to my Channel now you know I like Trend Forecasting and giving you guys a heads Up on what's going to be in fashion and This video is no different except I'm Hoping that you will gain a little bit Of inspiration from this video to put Together some different outfits from Some of the clothes that you already own Because I'm sure you will see that some Of these Trends are probably already Hanging in your closet and I think That's what inspires me the most about Following the trends it's not about Having to buy new and always update my Wardrobe but it's about taking Inspiration from those Trends and using Them to re look at the clothes I already Own and perhaps come up with some Different combinations so I'm hoping That today's to's video will help you do Exactly that now this first Trend I'm Calling hooked on Classics because as You probably already know there's been a Real return to Classic dressing real Solid basic Pieces good quality Tailoring and just simple outfits with a Little bit of a sophisticated elegant

Edge I do like Classics and I do like a Minimalistic style of dressing so if That is you then get excited because That's very much a happening look that's Continuing this year now as I said we Have seen this look over the past couple Of years but it's safe to say it's not Going anywhere now that doesn't mean That there's not going to be statement Pieces and statement outfits and I will Touch on a few of them shortly but what It does mean is classic dressing is here To stay it is gaining momentum that Simplicity and elegance of a classic Style of dressing is most definitely def Itely not going anywhere now this next Trend is a little bit of an interesting One for me because it is a satin trench Coat and we've seen satin skirts and We've also seen traditional classic Trenches over the last few seasons and It seems as though they have kind of Morphed into a new style which is the Satin trench now I love the look of These satin style trenches they're a Little bit more elegant they're a little Bit more formal than a classic berbery Style trench and I that's what I like About them I also like the fact that you Can still wear them more casually and it Just elevates some of those casual Outfits they also seem to be coming in Some different colors rather than the Traditional neutrals that you would see

In a classic trench so keep an eye out For these satin trenches and I think That they they are as versatile as a Classic but perhaps just adding a little Bit more interest and a little bit more Fun to your outfit now another Trend That we have seen a lot of over the last Couple of seasons are uh sets and Matching sets are not going anywhere in Fact they're almost being a little Elevated so I'm kind of calling them Statement sets so what you can expect to See is just some added embellishment and Detailing so things like fringing Applique Diones just a little bit of elevation to The classic sets and I think we've Mostly seen sets in basic suiting and Also kind of spring Resort Wear style short sets but what we Are going to see in the next few months Are definitely more statement sets and Sets that are a little bit more formal Not necessarily meaning that they will Need to be worn that way but they are Just a little bit more fancy with a few Of those details making them just that Little bit more elevated and again I Love sets I love the fact that you've Got a oneandone outfit with a set if you Are running late you don't know what to Wear grab a set and you're good to go Also you get the versatility of wearing Those pieces separately and creating

Other outfits so take a look out for or Keep an eye out for some of these Slightly elevated matching sets I've Also seen some beautiful denim sets too With really interesting rivet details And top stitching so keep an eye out for Them and at this point I'd just like to Say a very big thank you to the team at Squarespace for sponsoring this portion Of today's episode I have a Squarespace Blog which I absolutely love and have Some exciting plans to update this year But Squarespace in my opinion is the Easiest way to build any sort of online Presence in fact I've built a number of Websites for clients over the years and The reason that I use Squarespace is Because it is so simple to use you don't Need to have any Tech smarts you really Don't need to know much because Everything is right there for you all in One place there are some amazing Templates available so you can grab a Template that you like the look of and Within a very short space of time you Have a website you can also sell Products on your Squarespace website you Can email your subscribers you can do Just about anything I can also add my YouTube videos to my Squarespace blog Which I absolutely love so I am Delighted today to say that the team at Squarespace are offering you a 10% Discount off your first website or

Domain with Squarespace all you need to Do is whip on over to I Got Tongue Tied then Take advantage of their free trial and When you're ready to push play simply Use my unique URL which is Thestyle Insider and my code which is The style Insider and that as I said Will give you 10% off your first website Or domain with Squarespace so if you're Looking to launch yourself online this Year then I can definitely recommend Squarespace as the easiest and most Effective way to do it now next up this One is going to be popular with all of Those abber cromie fans out there and That is preppy styling and we're looking At a little bit more of a paired back Kind of preppy style so just a little Bit less predictable a little bit less Y2K than we have seen so Mumu sort of Have reinvigorated the trend but Brands Like belly and Todds are definitely Giving a nod to the trend without taking It too far which is something that I Always like I like giving a nod to Trends but I don't like generally Wearing an extreme version of them so Think polo Shirts um pleated skirts I'm trying to Think sort of preppy little socks and Trainers very much a preppy loafers yeah Very much a preppy Vibe but it's as I

Said a little bit paired back so far Easier to wear now I've talked in some Of my recent videos about our waists Kind of being more on show this year and With that comes the return of of lots of Interesting belts and we're not just Seeing the sort of the classic Slimline minimalist style belts belts Are back and in a really big way Everything from thick thick belts with Sort of chunky buckles to tie belts to Chain belts there really is something For everyone and for me I kind of Stopped wearing belts for a while there But I'm actually really enjoying the Idea of going back into wearing belts I Tend to find that they just add a really Interesting element to an outfit and I Love the idea that I can wear some of my Slightly oversized pieces like my Boyfriend style Blazers and belt them in For a completely different look and feel To an outfit so don't underestimate the Power of a good belt and how adding a Belt to an outfit and giving yourself a Waist or changing your silhouette a Little bit can just transform a outfit And really create something pretty Magical now this year there's also going To be a bit of a trend for what I'm Calling Opposites Attract and that is a Style of dressing that I tend to do Quite a bit anyway and it's a style that I really like and it's basically pairing

Unexpected pieces together so perhaps Teaming a sweat top with a leather Pencil skirt or even a little Chanel Esque style cardigan with a pair of Cargo style jeans just mixing kind of High low and also unexpected pieces Together to create an interesting outfit Now don't get me wrong I love a seamless Outfit that is perhaps more predictable But I also love when you Combine unexpected pieces together to Create an interesting outfit and it did Appear that designers were doing this Quite a bit on the runway so it's only a Matter of time until that sort of Trickles down into every day and so Expect to see that more as I said it's Music to my ears because it's a style of Dressing that I particularly like myself And it just means that I'll get more Inspiration to look and mix and match Some of the pieces that I own a little Bit differently in ways that I hadn't Thought about before so just think about Some of these Trends as a guideline for You to do the same now we've seen a lot Of Black coming back into fashion Because we sort of moved away from that A little bit and the focus was more on Colors and neutrals but there has been Quite a bit of black dressing and I'm Here for it I love wearing black and all Black top to toe but what one of the Trends is that's happening this year is

White dresses and white dresses in all Sorts of Different incantations all sorts of Different variations so there are some Beautiful Transparent silky fabrics and there are Also some lovely crochet style dresses Most of the white dresses that I've seen Are Maxi they're definitely a fuller Length so I can see that this is going To be a big Trend happening for spring So that's probably just something to Think about in the near future that is Just around the corner and these lovely White dresses are in my opinion they're Fresh they're feminine and just easy Breezy styling okay there's been lots And lots of talk of lowrise and the Rune Of lowrise pants and it seems to really Have been quashed and I'm not mad about That because wastes are rising so there Are some super highrise pants and skirts That have been shown on the runways I Know that you'll look at some of these Images and think that these are sort of High-end fashion but what does tend to Happen is that High Street designers Will take inspiration from what they see On the runways and create those everyday Looks for us so there are a lot of Highrise high-waisted pants coming back Even paper bag style pants and again I'm Not mad about this look I think it can Be really flattering you do have to be

Careful depending on your body type as To how well they work for you obviously If you are short-waisted this is going To be a tricky Trend to wear but if You're not then high waist in my opinion Always always gives the illusion of Longer legs it can be slimming but yeah Just proceed with caution if you tend to Be more short-waisted it can just Overwhelm you and be a really tricky Trend to wear but High highrise wastes Are coming back one of the other trends That I think is really interesting and In my mind it's a return to putting the Spotlight on fashion designers and the Importance of designers especially now That we live in a sort of an AI Dominated world but the is a real return To sort of architectural style dressing And only that can be created by Designers that know how fabric moves and Use their experience to create designs That show off and make your body look Great while also playing into the beauty Of the fabric as well so there are lots Of these kind of architectur inspired Pieces that have been shown and of Course we will see more of a paired back Version of that in every day but I do Think that some of these architectural Style pieces are are great because you Can keep them and wear them for years to Come there is a New Zealand designer Called zambesi that has always created

These beautiful architectural pieces and Sometimes you're in the changing room You don't even know where to start to to Put them on but they are pieces that are Absolutely Timeless and it doesn't Matter when you bought them you can Still pull them out and wear them many Years later and still look current and Fashion forward and that's probably the The reason that I really do find some of These architectural style designs Especially exciting now roses seem to Reign supreme on the runways this year So we can expect to see roses in all Sorts of forms from the six in the city Carry bread sh Shore Style rosettes to Rose printed fabrics and dresses with Rose Motifs I think it's a really romantic And interesting addition to a trend I'm Not quite sure how I'm going to buy into This trend or even if I will buy into This trend but I love the fact that it's It's fun it's flirty adorning our Clothes with beautiful accessories like A rosette is something that's just a Little bit of fun I know it's frivolous But it is just adding a bit of fun and For me it is reminiscent of those six in The city days and carry Bradshaw and Just having fun with fashion again so Roses are red and happening in fashion This year so yeah keep an eye out for Them and yeah let me know in the

Comments below do you like this trend do You see yourself wearing a rosette Whether it's a sort of a corage style Rosette around your neck or your wrist Or in your hair or are you a rose type Person that you would see yourself Buying into some Rose printed Fabrics Let me know in the comments below I Could definitely dip my toe in but I'm Not quite sure where yet and this trend Is kind of in the same vein but it is a Trend for wearing feather and bird style Detailing and again this is just sort of A fun Whimsical Trend and Feathers Obviously on the runway were shown in an Extreme fashion with kind of Feathered um Victoria Secret style Wings On some of the shows on some of the Models but further detailing as little Accents or to highlight a hemline or to Highlight little sleeve details I think Can be really fun and soft and feminine I think that there's probably only so Far you can go with these feathers but I Love the fact that it's also sort of Tied into a little bit of a a bird Motif As well so I'm definitely here for that I'm a huge fan of the local tues here in New Zealand I'm becoming a little bit of A bird watcher in my old age and Enjoying watching and taking notice of Some of the bird life in and around my Home but yeah just further detailing is Definitely here and expect to see more

Of it as the year goes on I know we did See a little bit of it towards the end Of last year but that is something that Is continuing on this year so if it's Your jam then start getting excited now If there was one color that defined 2023 That would have to be Barbie pink and I've talked in some recent videos that Barbie pink certainly top to toe is Moving aside and it's actually being Replaced by some beautiful bright Primary colors I don't know what I was Going to say then so think Cobalt Blues Which I'm a real fan of bright sunny Yellows so those kind of really bright Primary colors are going to have a Moment in the spotlight this year so I Love teaming them back with a little bit Of white as an accent denim is a great Way to wear some of these primary colors I've also seen them paired back quite Successfully with black I'm not a huge Fan of pairing brights and blacks but I Tend to think the black is just a little Bit heavy but let me know what you think In the comments below I'm kind of Interested to interested to find out Whether you think that this is a good Pairing or not it's I'm on the fence About it but I think some of these Beautiful bright primary colors are a Great addition to our color lineup this Year now you know the key trends heading Our way this year why not check out the

Most wearable trends for 2024 simply Click or tap on the screen here and I Will see you There

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