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ENERGY BALLS | no-bake oatmeal raisin energy bites




ENERGY BALLS | no-bake oatmeal raisin energy bites

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Hello my friends it's Dani and today we're making 
energy balls I'm going to show you how I make my   Oatmeal raisin energy balls that tastes just 
like an oatmeal raisin cookie except it's an   Energy ball They are packed with simple nutritious 
ingredients like rolled oats nut butter and chia   Seeds and they come together in just minutes 
I really love to make these energy balls when   I'm doing meal prep so that I have a healthy 
delicious snack on hand ready to go for the week   And you're going to see they're super versatile 
you can lean on them as a grab-and-go breakfast   They're perfect before or after a workout and 
they also work really well in lunch boxes and   Did I mention that this all takes place in 
one big bowl it's just a dump and stir type   Of recipe which happens to be my favorite type so 
the first thing going in to the bowl is one cup   Of good old-fashioned rolled oats now you could 
use a quick cooking oatmeal for this recipe but   Steel cut oats will not work because they're not 
going to soften then I have two tablespoons of   Chia seeds which are high in fiber and rich in 
healthy fats and this is also going to help to   Bind the energy walls together a half a teaspoon 
of cinnamon and a half a teaspoon of sea salt   I'm going to gently just stir those dry 
ingredients together just a quick toss   And then 1 3 cup of nut butter now I normally make 
this recipe with almond butter but we were out so   I'm using peanut butter which just goes to show 
you that this is a very flexible recipe you could   Literally use any nut or seed butter that you love 
or that you have on hand two things to keep in   Mind when you're buying your nut Butters the only 
ingredient listed should be the nut and perhaps   Some salt if you like a salted nut butter which 
I happen to prefer the other thing you want to   Look for is a brand that is loose and pourable I 
have found that when it comes to using nut Butters   In baked goods or in energy balls like these the 
texture of The Nut Butter can really make or break   The recipe so I will link to some of my favorite 
Brands down in the description box below but you   Definitely want to look for something that is 
horrible and not too hard then to add a little bit   Of sweetness I'm pouring in a quarter cup of real 
maple syrup which could also be honey if that's   What you have on hand and then I'm going to toss 
in the mixins and because we're going for oatmeal   Raisin cookie I've got a quarter cup of chopped 
walnuts and a quarter cup of raisins but remember   Recipes like this are so flexible so you can use 
this as your blueprint and then tweak and adapt   It to add whatever Sterns you love or whatever 
you have on hand a few of our family favorites   Are mini chocolate chips shredded coconut and 
sunflower seeds from here I'm just going to take   A spatula and mix all of the ingredients together 
until I have a nice thick hearty batter like you   Can see here when you pick up this dough and you 
really squish it in your palm it should stick   Together just like this if it seems a little loose 
you could just sprinkle in a few extra oats if   Needed until you come up with this texture right 
here so what I do next is I just grab a small   Rimmed baking sheet and then I scoop a heaping 
table spoon of the mixture and I dropped that  

Right into my hand okay then I just squish it in 
my palm make sure it's all sticking together and   Then roll it between my Palms to create a little 
ball just like you're making a meatball okay so   This is what it's going to look like when it's 
ready to go I'll place that on the baking sheet   And repeat until I have 12 energy balls now from 
here I just popped them in the fridge I let them   Set up for about an hour and then I transfer 
them into an airtight container where they will   Happily last in the fridge for up to two to three 
weeks and in the freezer for up to three months They are so good I love the sweetness of 
the raisin with the crunch of the Walnut   And then the warmth from that cinnamon it's 
like a fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookie but   Not so good I cannot wait for you to give this 
recipe a try you probably already have all of   The ingredients waiting in your pantry so do that 
and enjoy and if you enjoy simple healthy doable   Recipes just like this please take a moment to 
like the video subscribe to the channel and hit   That notification Bell so you never miss a new 
recipe thank you so much for watching I'm Danny   Spies and I'll see you back here next time 
with some more clean and deliciousness cheers

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