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Easy Ways To Look Stylish When It’s Cold Outside | Winter 2023 Fashion Tips




Easy Ways To Look Stylish When It’s Cold Outside | Winter 2023 Fashion Tips

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It may be cold outside but that doesn't Mean you have to give up on style it Just means you need to get a little bit More creative and today I'm going to Share some tips on exactly how to do That [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now fall is a really fun fashion season It's an opportunity to layer up a little Bit and rug up pull out some of those Pieces that you have been storing over Summer but what happens after fall you Guessed it it's winter and that is when Things really start to take a turn and What happens with fashion is it does Have to take a bit of a back seat Because at the end of the day we have to Keep warm and I don't know about you Guys but if I'm cold I am miserable but The good news is there are some really Simple ways to still step out in style But stay toasty warm and comfy as well And in today's episode I'm sharing a few Really simple tips and tricks to do Exactly that so if you'd like to see What I do when the weather gets really Cold then just keep watching now my First piece of advice is to Simply let Your boots steal the show when it comes To Winter dressing now if your feet are Warm and dry you are automatically going To feel a lot Cozier now what I do in Winter is I start all of my outfits from

My Footwear this season there are some Amazing snow boots on offer now I'm not Just talking the traditional kind of Clumpy snow boots that you would wear When you're skiing but boots that are Like almost like combat boots and some Have lug soles rubber soles they're a Shearling type lined boots some of these Boots are really stylish they're also Going to be super practical as well I've Even seen a pair of Chloe combat winter Boots that are just lust worthy for me I'm never going to be able to afford Them but there are plenty of other Options that look quite similar building Different outfits around your Footwear Is definitely a Surefire way to make Sure that you are equipped for those Really cold rainy snowy days one of the Easiest ways to update your winter Outfits is to sim Simply Built some of Your outerwear pieces so your long line Coats or jackets or even puffers I've Seen belted and this is just a simple Way to still stay warm without spending Any more money but also giving a new a Sort of updated silhouette and shape to Some of your outfits and as I said it is A really cost effective way to do it I Last winter did exactly this I bought Myself a couple of belts from Zara one Of them was a stretchy belt which I Found really useful because I didn't Sort of have to struggle with actually

Belting it it Clips in the front and Worked really well with all of my Jackets and coats feeling fashionable But still being really warm and snuggly As well so give it a go think about Belting your coats and jackets and some Of your warm winter blazes or even your Ponchos and wraps belt things just to Give them a bit of a different look and Feel and at this point I just like to Say a very big thank you to the team at Geology and that is G-e-o-l-o-g-i-e first sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now I have Been using geology products for a couple Of weeks now and my hair has never felt Better now if you kind of recognize the Name geology it's probably because they Are best known as a award-winning skin Care brand and they've recently launched Into here which is great news I've also Got the hook up for you today with a Fantastic discount code which I'll share With you shortly but geology has Launched a product called co-wash now It's like an anti-shampoo and it's a Product that is just one and done so no More shampoo no more conditioner and It's basically like a product that is Skin care for your hair and at the end Of the day I'm sure most of you know That healthy hair comes down to a Healthy scalp and this is exactly what This co-wash product does now co-wash is

A very different product to what you've Been using it's certainly really Different to what I've been using in the Past so what I do is squeeze a small Amount into the palm of my hand and then Layer it onto already damp here and then I simply massage it into my scalp which Feels great I love the smell of this Aloe and tea tree it is fresh and makes My scalp feel and smell clean as well Which I really love then I leave it on My hair for a couple of minutes while I Wash my body and do whatever I need to Do in the shower before rinsing it off Completely and then styling my hair as Usual I've also been trialling one of The geology face washes and this is Bergamot and Juniper it's a bit of a Tongue twister but it's really lovely to Use it smells amazing I can't even Describe the smell it just smells so Natural and beautiful so what you do is Squeeze a tiny amount onto the palm of Your hand and leather it up with a Little bit of water before then Lathering it onto your face it's a great Cleanser leaves my face just feeling Clean but not stripped of its natural Oils which is really important to me Okay so I've just grabbed my notes here So I don't get this wrong but to take Advantage of that discount now Essentially all you need to do is click The link Down Below in my description

Box which is and that is easy and use my code Style inside at 70 and that will save You 70 off a trial of geology when you Whip on over to the website you will see That there's a simple diagnostic quiz That you fill out then you'll be Recommended products that are perfect For you so that code style inside of 70 Will give you a 70 discount of the Geology skincare that is recommended for You and it will also give you a 30 Discount off the geology co-wash so the Beautiful hair product that I've been Using in my hair this is a really great Offer I will leave a link Down Below in The description box but if you would Like to do your hair a favor and take Some of the hassle out of washing and Shampooing and conditioning and all of Those different steps this is one and Done for your hair take advantage of That offer all of the details are in the Description box below now this one Almost goes without saying but it is Important to mention that you need to Become a layering Pro in Winter it Really is as simple as that layers are The perfect way to keep warm but also Being able to peel off layers when you Go inside or go and hop onto the bus or The Subway or whatever it may be you Need to be able to peel off some of Those layers when it's appropriate

Finding a couple of really fine layers Which you can wear underneath your Outfits so that they don't add extra Bulk or they're almost invisible is the Key to making sure that you stay warm Without overheating at times also so That you still can look and feel great In pieces that you love but it's these Under pieces that are actually doing the Hard work now I always think that it's Absolutely fine for Trends to take a bit Of a back seat over winter but that Doesn't mean that you have to completely Forget about them it's really simple Just to add some Trend Focus to your Winter outfits in the way of say Accessories so just for instance this Winter bright colors are in really Bright oranges and zesty limey colors And hot pinks and a really easy way to Add a bit of a trend Focus but still Keep warm is to look at some colors some Trending colors that you can add easily Into an outfit so scarves beanies hats Are a great way of incorporating some of Those on Trend colors also even some of The Bold eyewear that's that's happening At the moment is a very simple way to Protect your eyes and also just add a Little bit of a fashion Flair but you're Still staying warm so you don't have to Completely forget fashion trends but Obviously they are going to take a back Seat and you can just pick and choose

Some of the trends that you can Incorporate really easily without Forfeiting Comfort some of the key Pieces for winter that are not only Going to look stylish but also keep us Warm are pieces like blanket scarves I Mean nothing feels Cozier than really Wrapping yourself up in a big warm scarf Things like ponchos are great for Keeping warm and again let's go back to Belting you can belt these scarves you Can build ponchos just to create a bit Of a fashion Edge so don't underestimate How wraps and big blanket scarves and Ponchos are going to give you that Comfort and warmth at the same time Winter is also the perfect time to Embrace fur and I mean fake fur but you If you already own some fur it makes Sense to bring it out and wear it I've Recently ordered a beautiful revolve Faux fur jacket which I love I'll show You a picture of it here on the screen It hasn't arrived yet unfortunately so I Can't share it with you in person but I Have ordered this because it is a Timeless classic piece that I know that I can wear casually I can throw it on if I'm going out for a special event at Night it is one of those pieces that is Going to last me for a very long time All faux furs are not created equal so In my opinion it does pay off to spend a Little bit more money and then you get a

Faux fur that feels soft and snuggly and Not scratchy so it's one that you Actually want to wear so faux fur is Something that is a Timeless option for Keeping you warm adding that little Stylish extra layer and I love the fact That if you do invest in these pieces You are going going to be able to wear Them and love them for years to come Another trick that I find really helpful Is to carry a larger bag in that bag I Usually take with me some inside shoes Or boots and sometimes even an inside Sweater so I often don't like layering Up too much but I obviously I like Keeping warm so what I do tend to do is Pack a couple of key pieces that I will Say wear all day in the office but They're not going to be appropriate for Actually getting me to work or getting Me home again so don't dismiss the idea Of just taking some key pieces that You'll feel more comfortable wearing Inside keeping your really heavy duty Winter pieces to wear outside I know It's a little bit of extra work but it Does mean that you can really just wear Something that's that's going to work Both inside and out a big carry-all bag Is the key another really important Thing to keep in mind in winter is it's Essential not to overheat now the reason It's essential is because once you start Over here eating and perspiring that's

An easy way for you to actually get cold Your body loses so much of its core Temperature when you're sweating and Also it just means it's really hard to Warm up again so what I suggest is Opting for natural fabrics and wear Those close to your body to avoid Overheating and potentially sweating and Of course it's really important not to Forget your extremities so your head and Your feet and also your hands and in Fact I've just seen this really cool Pair of mittens which turn into gloves When you pull the little Mitten part Back and fun fact I don't know whether You knew but apparently your hands stay Warmer when you're wearing mittens and It's got something to do with your Fingers being close to each other and Not separated as they are in gloves but Let's face it mittens aren't always the Most practical things to wear because It's kind of limited with what you can Do which is why I was really thrilled to Find these Mitten slash gloves that Basically do both think about your Extremities maybe it's time to update Your or headwear there are some really Gorgeous furry bucket hats that are Happening for this winter which could be A really good new option for winter this Year there are also some really lovely Scarves and maybe just invest in a few New pairs of Woolen socks don't forget

Your extremities for keeping the heating And the details become really important In Winter as well because they can make The difference between you feeling Really miserable or actually feeling Comfortable and warm so things like hand Warmers that you can just have at the Ready if you are especially cold you can Keep them in your pocket and use those Even things like shoe grips are great to Stick on the soles of your shoes to stop You slipping and sliding on the pavement When it's wet and cold outside leg Warmers leg warmers are big this season So maybe you invest in a pair of leg Warmers that you can wear underneath Your wide leg pants Merino headbands to Pop on when you head outside and keep Your ears warm a few of these small Pieces aren't going to cost a fortune But they are going to make the Difference between you feeling cold old And miserable feeling comfortable and Just more able to take on that cold Weather anyway that's it from me today I Hope you enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love you to give it a big thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel For more and I will see you in the next One bye for now [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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