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Easy Peanut Butter Granola | Only 5 ingredients




Easy Peanut Butter Granola | Only 5 ingredients

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Let me show you how to make a very Simple kale salad with a ginger honey Dressing which is to die for this simple Kale salad is supposed to be a weeknight Dinner salad very very quick very very Easy simple ingredients that you might Already have in your pantry so let me Show you how to make it We’re going to start off by making the Dressing for that we need a tight Sealing jar to that we’re going to add One tablespoon of Dijon mustard one and A half tablespoons of Honey one and a Half tablespoons of apple cider vinegar Half a teaspoon of sea salt and a little Bit of pepper a quarter cup olive oil And lastly about an inch of peeled fresh Ginger I use my lemon grater to just Grate it right into the jar then seal it Well and shake shake shake shake shake Until it’s well combined Now set that Aside and get your kale out We’re going to have to de-stem it there Are several ways you can do this you can Either put it on a cutting board and use A knife to cut out the stem I prefer to Just pull on the leaf and that way it Comes off pretty quickly now this is the Best time to get your kale a wash just Put it in a colander or into the sieve Of your salad spinner give it a good Rinse and then this point is very very Important dry your kale use a salad Spinner or maybe a kitchen towel and

Then Pat it dry we want to make sure That the kale is really really dry Because else it will water down our Dressing now once you did that it’s time To finely slice the kale I like to Squeeze it with one hand and then finely Chop it and then put that into a salad Bowl and set it aside now we’re going to Go back to the chopping board to thinly Slice about a quarter small red cabbage In the end you want to have about two Cups of finely sliced red cabbage now Add that to the kale into the salad bowl And at this point we’re already going to Add the dressing because kale needs Quite a while to like absorb the Dressing add all of the dressing onto The kale and the cabbage and then use Your hands to massage the dressing into The kale this is very very important Kale has so many nooks and crannies and If you just toss it then it won’t reach Every piece of kale and the kale will Taste bitter so it’s very important that You use your Clean Hands and really Really massage that dressing into each Piece of leaf now let’s set that aside And get back to the chopping board Because now we’re going to prepare the Last ingredient which is a Honeycrisp Apple I like cutting it into very small Thin Stripes but honestly you can cut it Into any shape that you prefer now add That to the kale and cabbage and use

Your hands again to distribute a little Bit of that dressing onto each piece of Apple and now it’s already time to serve This is so so yummy and simple and easy You’re going to love it I can’t wait to Hear your feedback I hope you’re going To give this recipe a try if you do Please don’t forget to snap a picture And show me I love seeing when you make Any of my recipes and I’ll see you with My next video bye

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