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How pretty are these eyes they're a Little bit sparkly they're not over the Top they're really nice and Feline and You can wear them in the evening as well So I absolutely love this and I love This palette because I feel like there's So much you can create with it [Applause] And we're back with another educational Beauty video and this time we're doing a Holiday golden eye makeup look it's Perfect for the festive season I can't Wait for you guys to actually see these Products because I'm in love with them Now if you do like this video please do Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos and I'm over on Instagram So come say there hi too now let's head Straight into the video Are we all excited about the festive Season well I know I am and I'm really Excited to create this look because it's Warm it's cozy it's holiday all over and It's golden so okay we're gonna get Started I've done the rest of my face I Just haven't done my eyes and I still Need a bit of a kind of like glow and Some blush so we're gonna move on and We're gonna start with the eye makeup I'm using the new Sigma holiday Collection this is the warm wishes Eyeshadow palette it's absolutely

Amazing I love it because I feel like You've got the right kind of matte Shades in there and you've also got the Right type of kind of really nice warm Sparkly Shades in there so I feel like It's perfect for the holiday season Because you can make it a little bit More sparkly if you want to and you can Also make it a little bit more matte if You want to or you can combine the two Now I always kind of like wing it on my Looks because I don't like to plan Things I feel like I like to go with my Creativity and see where it takes me so I'm going to start off with one of my Brushes I'm using my Sigma e45 brush and I'm going to dip into the shade flannel And it's a really nice kind of it's a Good transitional shade but it's also Good for that kind of socket area so I'm Taking it into my socket here so just Above the ball of the eye right where The kind of the the indent is above the Ball of the eye and I'm just using the Tip to create a really nice kind of Define decrease there And because the tip is quite nice and Sharp you get that really nice Precision There and I take it a little bit above Because I want that crease to kind of Like open up my eye I don't want to Close it up and if you need more you can Always dip into that color again so I'm Just basically moving it side to side so

You can start to see how we've got Really nice definition here and it's a Bit kind of flat there so I'm not going All the way in like I'm not going all The way into the inner corner and I'm Also not touching the end of the Lash Line here I'm kind of like stopping a Little bit before the end of the Lash Line and obviously not taking it too far In there either so I really like the way That this looks I think we've got a really good kind of Like definition going on there sometimes When you're applying a dark shade into The socket area I can feel like Sometimes the color's a little bit too Warm or it's a little bit too dark like Really dark so I feel like this is a Really good color obviously it does Depend on your skin tone too but I'm Personally loving this shade because I Feel like there isn't any specific kind It's not too cool it's not too warm Either so yeah I like it it's perfect For my skin tone okay now I'm going to Go into the shade Flicker and this is Like that beautiful kind of like gold Color and we're going to apply this all Over the lid I'm going to try not to go Too close to my lash line because I Actually want to make that a little bit Dark after so if you apply this all over You're gonna find it a little bit hard For that dark shade like almost like a

Liner look to kind of stick to that lash Line area so I always like to leave a Little bit of a gap there so all I'm Doing is it's on my finger here and I'm Just gonna like press it wow this Pigment is so good so good look at that It's so nice and sparkly Oh this is like perfect this is so Holiday season I'm really like I feel Christmassy already I feel like festive Already so I'm not going above Where I've applied that kind of Definition in this socket and I'm not Going too far out I'm just gonna like Filling that lid area so it's a nice Semi-circle and I'm just pressing by the Way I'm not kind of rubbing now I'm Gonna get one of my brushes this is the E25 brush it's a really good blending Brush now what I'm going to do is use The tip to basically just kind of like Touch the edges of this I don't want to Touch the inside part where I've applied It I literally just want to touch the Edges so it kind of doesn't look so Harsh there like that is literally it Now you can always go in to kind of like Press a little bit more on I think That's a good amount now this is where I Am going to use my e75 brush which is my Angled brush and the shade Chestnut and I'm going to create a really nice kind Of like soft liner look but with Eyeshadow it's a really dark brown and

I'm going to press it Kind of really close to the Lash line All the way along so I'm not dragging The brush anywhere And you'll see when you do this why it's So important to leave that little Gap There I love this brown it's just like a Perfect kind of liner color without Being black you know okay I'm drawing Like a liner look so I'm kind of lifting It at the end so you can see I created a Liner look there but I've made it a Little bit thicker at the end and now I'm going to start lifting it up because I really want a slight really nice lift Here Okay see that really nice kind of liner Finish there I like that okay so now What I'm gonna do is I want to kind of Like smudge the edges just a little bit So it doesn't look so harsh because I Didn't actually do it very neatly I'm Gonna use my E21 brush it's a really Good smudge brush from Sigma and Basically there's nothing on this and All I'm doing is touching the very edge Of what I've applied so not the actual Liner but just the edge of it and slowly Going across and kind of like going side To side and moving across going side to Side moving across side to side moving Across and I'm touching the edge side to Side moving across side to side when you

Get to the end you can just use your Finger To drive it out a little bit so now I Feel like that's a bit softer So just pressing it on let's do the same Thing we did so we just touched the Edges That's literally it you don't have to Spend too much time doing a lot of the Kind of like steps you just want to Really do get the job done and that's it Don't spend too long there and then you Start over complicating it for yourself Okay now we're going to go into that Dark shade and apply that liner okay so Remember we're pressing Okay we're gonna get that smudge brush Um we're just gonna like go side to side And move across side to side move across And then use your finger as you need to Like just drag it out you can use any Mascara honestly it doesn't matter Because we're putting lashes on I'm going to let the glue dry a little Bit and in the meantime I'm going to use My E30 brush from Sigma and I'm using The shade Frost just a little bit Because I don't like too much kind of Like You know like Spotlight on the inner Corner but just a little bit sometimes Does kind of like give a really nice Effect and I am going to go into that Flicker shade with the same brush and

I'm just going to like touch this bit Here I really love how this looks here When you apply a little bit of kind of Like gold Shimmer there I just kind of like press it in and then With my finger Glide it across so that Any excess kind of goes okay let's get These lashes on so I'm just gonna put these on here Okay I'm just gonna get a little bit of Eyeliner and just like fill in this Section here Just kind of like in between the where The Lash the false lash starts and my Inner corner I absolutely love this brush this is the E55 brush the reason I love this is Because it actually fits it it's the Perfect brush for your lower lash line Eyeshadow it's amazing so what I'm going To do is go into my flannel shade and I'm just basically going to just press Just underneath because it's so like Subtle it will give me a little bit of Kind of depth there but nothing crazy And then just a little bit of a scar on My lower lashes How pretty are these eyes they're a Little bit sparkly they're not over the Top they're really nice and Feline and You can wear them in the evening as well So I absolutely love this and I love This palette because I feel like there's So much you can create with it now we

Are going to kind of like finish off With a little bit of kind of like color On the cheeks some glow and then also a Little bit of like lip color I really Love this shade by the way this is such A stunning shade so I'm going to just apply this you can see It's really nice and nude Now I like to kind of like blot this So nice now you know that I don't like Too much glow on my face so we are going To go with just a little bit now I'm Using my soft blend 60 brush and I'm Going to apply a little bit of this glow From the glisten and glow palette a Little bit and just kind of like Along here it's just enough to be able To be seen just a little bit like it's Not like crazy you know it's not like a Streak across my face And Okay I'm gonna go into this blush Because it's so nice and I don't want Too much of it but just a little bit Very very subtle because guys I've got Like a lot going on with my eyes so I Don't want like too much So I just apply this near the tops of The cheekbone there that's enough that's Really nice this color is so pretty like You still look healthy and kind of like Glowy and just healthy what do you think I really love it you know what I really Do love about this highlight is it isn't

Chunky and I feel like it gives me more Of that kind of lip from within glow as Opposed to like like I said earlier like A streak of highlighter there randomly It looks so separate to the rest of my Skin so I like how it just Blends in so Seamlessly but a lot of that has to do With the brush brushes as well to be Honest now I really wanted to kind of Show you these products because I know That I show you a lot about Sigma Brushes because I absolutely am obsessed With Sigma brushes and don't obviously Forget that I do have a discount code With them it's in the description below I will come up on the screen but I Really did want to kind of like share With you a lot of these products that Are currently out in terms of makeup With you they have so many nice kind of Like holiday collections which I Personally feel are perfect if you want To gift someone or you just want to Treat yourself put something under the Tree a little treat for yourself but Yeah like you have this winter romance Where I was like smack the box there for Some reason I have a winter romance Makeup collection it's really really Nice like you have everything in there Which has like the eyeshadow palette the Cheek and glow palette and you get Different kind of like options so you Also have this which is I'm sorry but

How cute is this it's oh it's like it's So soft it's like a furry and it opens Up like this how cool is that and it has Like it has a strap It has a strap and it has brushes in There and it's just like oh it's so cute It has brushes in there which is amazing Anyway So you've got this which is really cute Because you can keep all your makeup in It but you can also use it it's a really Nice it's actually really really good For like the festive season because it's It looks like a cloud or it looks like Snow yeah it just it's really really Cute I love it so there's so many Different options here and I know how Hard it is to kind of like find stuff as A gift for people so I really wanted to Show you you have other stuff as well Why do I look how spot me that is that's Like a really really cute makeup case With other stuff in it like there's just So much stuff you can get so I just Wanted to share that with you and show You how you can create the most amazing And Flawless and sparkly kind of like Holiday golden eye makeup look using These products and they're so Sleek by The way so light they're not heavy They're not clumpy they really really Light easy like that's all you need so Yeah I just wanted to really share that With you and I hope that you are getting

Ready for the festive season and he was So excited the way that I am fun fact Fun fact for you guys and I know some of You may kind of like Us in horror I've Never tried a pumpkin spice latte fun Fact guys I'm going to be heading to New York soon so I think I might try it Let's be a little bit adventurous yeah I Haven't tried that and I don't know why Everyone's crazy ever but over it but Probably because I haven't tried it but I tell you what I am obsessed with is The peppermint mocha absolutely love it But I think I'm gonna try the let's just Random facts there for you but it's Because of the holiday season which I'm So excited about I do hope you have the Most blessed day and I hope you get Everything you want out of today I hope you enjoyed that video and if you Have any questions let me know in the Comments box below now as always if you Like this video give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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