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Easy & Healthy Salmon Dinner (Cooked in Multo)




Easy & Healthy Salmon Dinner (Cooked in Multo)

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Today we're making an easy salmon dinner 
that includes broccoli and potatoes this   Honey walnut crusted Salmon kicks cooked in 
the Multo by Cooking Pal all-in-one cooking   Appliance one of the coolest Parts about the 
Multo is that it combines about 15 different   Appliances into one unit that's why it's known 
as an all-in-one cooking appliance this device   Is also very cool because it's controlled by 
the Smart Kitchen Hub which comes with the   Multo when you buy it check the caption to 
get my special discount code if you want to   Order one for yourself the first step to making 
our paleo friendly Walnut crusted salmon is to   Make our Honey Nut crust next we're going to 
cook the potatoes broccoli and salmon all at   The same time we'll use the mixing bowl to cook 
the potatoes and the steaming trays to cook the   Broccoli and salmon it will take about 20 minutes 
for the Multo to work its magic now it's time to   Serve this easy salmon dinner the salmon is 
perfectly cooked and Flaky and the vegetables   Are tender this is an easy healthy and delicious 
meal you can feel good about serving your family

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