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Hey guys hope you're well welcome and Welcome back to my YouTube channel which Is all about educational Beauty today's Video is all about how to create an easy Everyday and actual makeup look like This it's super easy easy products no Real complicated blending just very easy For you to do and it looks kind of Really nice so anyway if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos don't Forget I'm over on Instagram so you can Come and say hi there too now let's head Straight into this video So I have nothing on my face I'm going To be starting with my skincare so I'm Using my road glazing milk so I'm just Applying this to give me that extra Hydration but this also helps to keep my Skin pretty soft It's kind of feeling pretty dry today so I'm just gonna let that sink in before I Move on to the next step next I'm Applying my peptide glazing fluid this Is like a serum and These products are packed with light Cinnamide so I love them I'm just going to let that sink in as Well next I've got a little bit of my Barrier restore cream from the road and This is great if you have dehydrated Skin which is kind of like prone to

Breakouts Cannot forget my eye cream using my Grunt elephant sea chango I really wanted to infuse under painting Into an everyday easy makeup look for You so that you don't find it difficult So that's what we're going to be doing I'm going to be starting with my Concealer and I'm not going to be Putting primer on because honestly I Feel like these products give me that Really nice kind of glowy skin and I Want that to kind of come through I'm Going to use 35n medium in my tarte Shape tape just going to apply this to My Let's just gonna buff this in You're gonna see how easy this really is Like there's no kind of like complicate Complicate Because there's no complication within This whole routine Now we've got our setting powder I'm Just going to put a little bit on my Powder Puff there And just press it there and what that Does is that's going to set that whole Area you can either keep pressing in With the powder part to really get it to Like you know Set if you have really greasy eyelids or You can use a brush like this and just Kind of like dust It Off okay now let's Apply this concealer here just on the

Under eyes You can apply however much you need I'm Going to apply how much I need I do feel Like my bags are pretty bad today that's The only place I'm going to apply it Because you're going to see you don't Actually like need it anywhere else when You when you're using kind of the under Painting technique for an everyday look I'm gonna buff this in So I'm just basically Bouncing the sponge All over this area where I've applied it Don't press too hard and just enough so That you've blended it but you don't Want to keep going so that you're Actually removing it same on this side So remember there is such a thing as Overdoing the blending If it gets to the point where you end up Just taking the product off you want to Keep it in place but you just want to Kind of make sure it's Fading Into The Skin there you go now I've got my Nars Sheer glow foundation and got that on The back of my hand Now what I did was I took the product Onto the sponge and then buffed it into The back of my hand before I started Buffing onto my face because you want to Make sure that you kind of take any Excess off and I always flip the sponge On my face if I feel like I've cooked Too much

Who've got the product all over I do Need to warm up my face just a little Bit but we're going to do that shortly Firstly let's put a little bit of blush I'm going to use my tarte double duty Blush tape and this one is pink I am Just going to put A little bit along this area here I'm Going to get a sponge and I'm going to Start This is a very subtle blush by the way Now what we want to do is we want to Make sure we've got no creases on the Under eyes get your Powder Puff get your Powder again and then Just press On the under eye area And take it any way you feel that it Ends up coming off later in the day or Where you see creases I haven't gone over my blush too much Because I actually want it to look a little bit Kind of Like a Sheen There you go you can still see that a Little bit of Sheen there I'm going to Use my setting powder brush from Sigma F12 and I'm going to use my jaw this is My Rosy Glow blush it's healthy glow Awakening blush in zero zero one petal And I'm going to go over where I applied That blush and what you're going to see Is this is going to help to just set it

But also Keep the glow and kind of bring out that Pop of blush This is my one size made for shade Bronson sculpt Trio I'm going to use Loki which is the middle one on my veil Brush and I am just going to sculpt my Face just kind of like give it some Warmth as well because it's a little bit Kind of like flat You could just leave it like like that And go to your brows do some lashes and A bit of lip gloss and that's it that's A very easy kind of everyday look I am Gonna just very quickly do my nose Because that's just personal preference So you don't have to I'm just using that Same bronzer on my Fenty two hundred Brush okay I'm going to use my zoevo 317 Brush and my benefit Goof Proof brow Powder in number four warm deep Brown And I'm gonna very lightly shade in my Brows and the reason I'm using brow Powders because actually it is one of The easiest products to use To shape your brows and you'll see just Exactly what I'm talking about So what we're doing is using that kind Of not the sharp tip but you know that Angle section there and we're just Holding the brush upright if you don't Hold the brush upright and if you hold It like that you're using more of the Flat part of the brush so you want to

Make sure you kind of use you know hold It in the right angle so that you get The right part of the brush You literally just shape The brow so you can kind of like do the Underside first if you want I mean look How quick that was that was super quick I do feel like this gives you a little Bit of a softer finish compared to like Pencils depending on how you use the Pencil but it's just so much easier to Do your brows this way Now what I'm going to do is take that Same liquid blush that I used and just Apply a little bit to The lids here Tiniest amount use your finger to Pat it In There you go just a little bit because This isn't about it looking really Obvious but looking really subtle there You can use your finger for that as well That's what makes it super easy let's Just curl the lashes you don't have to Do this part but I like to do it just Because I know that You know my lashes when I put mascara on If I've curled them beforehand it looks So much better I'm gonna use my benefit there real Magnet lashes And it's up to you how much concealer You put on but this can mascara I mean This mascara is really good it's it just

Doesn't look clumpy and it just enhances Your lashes you know it does work much Better if your lashes are curled and you Know sometimes when you use mascaras it Can leave like this weird Clump at the End of the Lash this doesn't do that Put a little bit on the bottom you don't Really need to put a lot at the bottom For you know just an everyday look I'm Gonna use my Kevin o'quar lip definer in Unforgettable no it's the unforgettable Lip designer in divine And I just kind of like Go over my lip line Just I kind of like don't go above it But just on the top part of my actual Lip line And for an everyday look I just kind of Very lightly Buff the edges I'm going to use the tinted lip oil from Rare Beauty in happy and this is like a Similar pink There you go like it's a really nice Stain to the lip and if you want it to Be glossy then you can add this is my Stay vulnerable glossy lip balm in Nearly petal You can add a little bit of gloss Not all over because it turns it into a Bit too much of a look you know but Overall this is my everyday easy makeup Look which is natural and just easy to Do and not in your face and it's kind of

Pretty as well because it's got that Really subtle kind of pink in there but Without it being like Barbie pink you Know it just looks pretty pink but not Also too pretty if that makes sense yeah I feel like this is a look that you can Very easily do but very easily recreate Do let me know if you have any questions You know all the products are listed in The description box below so if you want Any of them you just need to head over Click on the link and it'll take you Straight to it don't forget that I do Have a vlog channel so please do head Over there because I have like every Three days there's a new Vlog and it's Just why I get up to during the day it's Like spend the day with me sometimes It's like me having car chats sometimes It's me on vacation it's a bit of Everything sometimes I'm just at home And I want to chat with you guys and It's a bit therapeutic for both of us me And whoever's watching and yeah I think You'll enjoy it to head over there Please do subscribe to it I would really Appreciate it and show some love and Then also I do have a newsletter an Online publication called Confessions of A creative where you can head over There's it's free to subscribe but you Do have a paid option too so if you go For the free option you get occasional Newsletters which is all about

Everything like Style Beauty culture Like self-improvement a bit of Everything Journal style newsletters but Also really informative about the other Categories I mentioned and if you do opt For the paid subscription then you get Access to kind of like this private chat That me and my community who pay for the Subscription have together where we can Chat about things start discussions you Guys can also ask questions and if you Want any questions answered then you Know I'm actually there you know to Actually answer them and discuss things With you and you also get a dedicated Beauty newsletter as well as everything Else you get as well but dedicated Beauty newsletter which is very detailed And there's just a lot of thought that's Gone into it you know I spend quite a Bit of time writing these newsletters Especially the paid version because I Just sometimes it's taken me in like a Good couple of days because I'm trying To really get all that information right For you and make sure it reads right for You and you have like truly like it's me In that newsletter you know it's it's my Likes my dislikes my honest opinion on Certain products my tricks things that Maybe I can't always share on my YouTube Because I go into a lot more depth in That newsletter and it's also a good way For you to keep those things you know

Like you can save it and keep it so you Can refer back to it sometimes it's a Lot easier to read than it is to watch For some people and I'm sending you Loads of Love wherever you are in the World and if you do like this video give It a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe To my channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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