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I do think this is something that you Guys are gonna love because it's easy Minimal products and it's it's not Technical at all [Music] [Applause] I'm back with another educational Beauty Video in today's video I'm going to show You how to do a really easy everyday eye Makeup look in five minutes it's going To be time so you guys know that you can Definitely do this in five minutes it's Easy it's wearable it looks really nice And kind of you can wear it in the Evening too I think it's completely up To you but you're going to be so shocked At how easy this is to do now before we Head into the video if you do like this Video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos and Don't forget I'm over on Instagram so Please do come say hi there too now we Can head straight into the video Even though we are doing a five minute Eye look I know that you guys would have Asked me how did you do your base what Products did you use could you show us That entire look so I thought I'm gonna Like change it up for you guys today and I'm going to be doing my entire base so I'm going to be doing everything other Than my eyes I'm going to whiz through

That part and then we're going to move On to the timed five minute eye look Which as I've said it's timed so you Guys know that it can be done in five Minutes we're gonna head into this video But I know that you guys are going to Want to take a screenshot of this to get Ready This is my list of products that I'm Going to be using on everything other Than my eyes so my base my lips Everything my brows everything that's Going to be used other than my eyes Because we're going to move on to that Section shortly we're going to start With something which is probably the Most important part of doing your base Skincare so I'm going to get started With my first product which is my wind Oasis bright this is something I think You've seen me use quite a few times and I have done like a couple of reels over On Instagram on it too so this really is Kind of like my brightening I can't Speak at Mom because I'm actually Recovering from a flu like full-on Throat infection everything I was Completely wiped out I think it's been About two weeks I've literally just been Laid on the sofa doing nothing this is My first video back filming I'm still Not 100 as you could probably tell from My voice I'm feeling much better and I Feel so happy that I'm backstoming

Honestly I could not wait to put some Makeup on so this is like long overdue For me so this is something that I Happen been using for a while I'm just Going to put some onto my hands so I'm Just like literally just putting a few Drops there I'm literally just going to Smooth this over so this really helps With my dark spots helps to just like Brighten my skin I feel like it really Has given me that really nice kind of Like Radiance to my skin over time like It fades pigmentation like dark spots And it also has 10 vitamin c in there so It really does give you that like Ultra Hydration that you need don't forget You've got my special code wind glow 25 So you can get a really nice discount Off of that 25 this stuff starts working Literally within a week by the way so I Noticed a difference like within a week So my skin was like smoother it was just Generally brighter and just more Healthier looking so that's something I Would highly recommend just going to Apply a little bit of eye cream I'm Using my drunk elephant sea Tango and I'm just gonna like Smooth this over I Haven't worn lenses in ages and I know You guys absolutely love it when I wear Lenses is like the number of comments I Get about lenses is insane well guess What I have a code for you don't forget In the description you'll find all of my

Codes you'll find my wind code or for my Lenses code this is a special code Down Below in my description box for you and It has the lenses that I like wear the The brand that I wear now this specific Brand is castana brown they're so Ultra Comfortable by the way like I I don't Even feel like I'm wearing any and trust Me there was a point where I was wearing Certain brands and I could every time I Blinked it was like there was like a Razor in my eye it was horrible but Anyway yeah I know you guys are gonna be Super excited about that so moving on Let's move on to my moisturizer I'm Going to use my wings Marrakech which Just put a little bit of that in my hand And just smooth that over A little bit of lip product which is my Tatcha kisu lip mask Okay so this is something I actually Used quite a while ago and I remember When I did the first impressions I was Mentioning to you guys that I found it a Little bit chalky and actually when I Watched that video back and I saw the Difference when I actually applied this I was I had to I was eating my words Basically so but I couldn't tell you Guys there and then because the video is Already out but I actually realized that This as much as it did feel a little Chalky like the consistency I wish was a Little bit less chalky and more kind of

Easier to blend but the finish that it Gives was amazing it definitely Brightened my whole eye area so I'm just Gonna like apply a little bit of this This is the banana stick from the Matchsticks from Fenty so I'm just gonna Like literally it's really simple and it Just works you can blend it with Anything you want I'm just gonna like Blend it with my fingers and this is the Thing like it's not as easy it's not as Smooth to blend like it is a little bit Chalky but maybe that is what kind of Helps it give the finish that it gives By the way my nails are horrendous don't Look at them please now you're just Going to focus on them because I've been Stuck at home for like two weeks like Literally my nails had already needed to Be done by the time I got ill so now They're just like seriously so bad put a Little bit of concealer on So I'm just going to set that with a bit Of my powder like I said I'm gonna whiz Through the base I just wanted you guys To see it and see the products that I'm Using so that you can actually see how It was created but I'm the part that I'm Really going to be focusing on is my Five minute eye I'm just gonna go ahead and do my under Eyes and guys I do have a lot of you who Ask me what music I use my videos I use Epidemic sounds and I've got a special

Little gift for you guys as well I Always like contact these Brands and say Like give me what can you give me for my Audience because I feel like you guys Love this stuff so much I know it's just My way of kind of like giving you Something back because of all of the Support that you guys give me so anyway I'm gonna buff this in while I'm doing This yeah like if you sign up to Epidemic sounds using my link below then Basically you get the first month free Which is amazing and by the way they do The best music ever like it's not even You know when you think that you want to Use music on your videos and you're like What can I use because you need to use Royalty free music and this stuff is so Good like you don't even feel like it's Not a hard choice you don't have to like I remember times right at the beginning Of starting YouTube where I used to like Go through music which was royalty free And it used to take me forever because I Was like oh my God this is awful this is Awful why do they make such bad music Like for YouTube actually epidemic Sounds is the best place ever like Honestly I love it and I like I pay for My subscription guys so it's not like I'm you know I'm not like they don't Give it to me free or anything so I Actually pay for my subscription and I You know you if you sign up you get your

First month free and I really wanted to Share that with you guys so if you have A Channel or you're starting to you're Looking to start a channel then this is The place genuinely so make sure you Click on my link it's great by the way Their music you can use it on your reels On your Instagram videos everything so You're never going to get that kind of Copyright strike or notice or anything Like that or you're using music that you Shouldn't be Literally just drawing some worst little Marks here Because it spreads quite a lot so it's Easy to easy to kind of like buff out While I'm doing this because I'm just Like obviously buffing this all in like Don't forget I do have links to a lot of The other stuff like you know jewelry That I wear clothes that you see me Wearing so you'll see all of that down Below in my like links section you'll See I have like I have an Amazon shop I Have a shop my shelf shop which Basically has more kind of like clothing And like also makeup that you may not Find like on Amazon I'm gonna use my Dual forever mat today Let's just set all of this using my Powder Literally have this powder all over my Top now you don't have a separate Wardrobe for YouTube like literally

Because I know that I'm gonna end up Getting like you know makeup on it and You also need to think about like Obviously how it looks on the camera Because that's all you're kind of like Showing when you're doing video I feel like other Beauty YouTubers or YouTubers that only show this kind of Like section will totally get my point If you're a YouTuber let me know in the Comments box below like do you deal with The same thing like you have a separate Wardrobe for YouTube Just using my Too Faced fluff and brow Wow laminator I totally didn't finish That sentence my uh yeah it's like a Laminator it's like so good it's like a Wax I just like brush that through So while that's drying I'm gonna do my Lip line just using my iconic nude Now we're on to sculpting my nose just a Little bit so just kind of like you know Pronouncing what we did before just Using my Fenty 200 brush and my son Stalker and Shady Bears so what I've Done is do a little V there and then Just go up on the sides of the original Nose just using my two three four brush From zoeva I like to add a little bit of Highlight just to the bridge of my nose And then the tip let's add just a bit of Blush this is my Coral collapse My Rosy Glow blush from mature I'm just going to Apply it to the top of my cheekbones

It's very subtle which is why I like This so I don't even know if you'll see It I like it it's nice it's very kind of Like I was gonna say refreshing it's not Refreshing it's like it gives you a nice Like healthy very healthy glow now for My Fenty Sun stalker in private islands My hourglass Veil brush I'm just gonna Sculpt my cheekbones a little And then just along my jawline Now I think we can do the Brows I'm Using my benefit precisely my brow Pencil in number four just gonna draw Like feather Strokes right from the Bottom right the underside of my brow I'm gonna use my Nars air matte lip Color in Joyride just because I haven't Used it for a while Oh that is nice Now this part you're going to want to Screenshot so get ready now this is a List of all of the products I'm going to Be using for this five minute eye look I do think this is something that you Guys are gonna love because it's easy Minimal products and it's it's not Technical at all okay so I have my eye Pencil you can use any kind of eye Pencil you want something which is easy To blend and I've got a kind of like Smudging brush ready but you can use a Q-tip if you want so okay I'm gonna get Started now oh God I need to put my Timer on guys so five minutes I was

Trying to think of that saying is it on The clock on the clock now no but let's Just say we'll start we'll start now Okay I'm gonna Press Start I always like Hype more I'm hyping myself up Internally too much I'm like what if This doesn't happen in five minutes and What like inside I'm like I'm pressing Stop am I gonna just freeze for like a Minute anyway Stop okay we're gonna line the eyes And I'm just like very Roughly Drawing an eyeliner look you do not need To be neat whatsoever guys I was gonna Call you babe guys I was gonna call you Babe Okay getting the brush Smudging inwards a little bit outwards To lift it here But mainly inwards and to the side Okay see nothing technical about this Blend it in the direction you want it to Go use your finger if you need to Thicken it a little bit at the end There we're lifting so we're pressing And flicking upwards in the direction That we want it to go See how we didn't even draw the flick we Flicked it we like spreaded the product Out and it created that really nice lift And uh flick for us which doesn't look Too strong I'm going to go over and do The other eye

Just draw it on the way that we did the Other side we drew it from the beginning Of the Lash line To the end but we didn't actually go Past the end of the Lash line with the Pencil so I'm buffing in so pressing and Flicking And then pressing and flicking upwards And outwards for that like really nice Natural flick left And then I use my finger if I need to I'm going to add a bit more like I did On the other side Just at the end Such a nice color it's like a really Nice like Red wine Okay I really like that we're gonna go On the underside a little bit oh my God How long have I got Okay less than three minutes Just going into the Lash line Into the Lash line only a quarter of the Way Because that's all you're going to need And the rest will kind of like spread Out itself Go side to side And then slowly you can spread that out So you don't actually need to apply The product everywhere There you go how long have we got Okay I think I could potentially add a Little bit of kind of black I'm going to

Use my Sigma Black Eye pencil And I'm basically going to do this very Close to my lash line but just at the End here Just like a quarter of the way It's going to add some kind of light Depth And it's a really good Black Pencil by The way Just use your finger To spread out any other Product There See how that just gives me that little Bit of extra Put a depth there And if I feel like I've got too much I Usually just like pick it up with my Finger How long have we got oh one minute Okay I'm kind of happy with this Because I feel like You could leave it at that the like Really nice kind of like colored liner Look I'm just gonna apply my mascara now And like that would be good as like a Daytime look or to be honest I would Still wear this out in the daytime So it's really about what you what your Preference is or what you would be happy To go out with Okay just a little bit of mascara on the Other side

Foreign Okay now a little bit on the lower Lashes but not a lot I feel like that's more or less it I'm Just gonna add some more on the upper Lashes Foreign There you go we're done timer is going Off let's stop that that was five Minutes and I think this is a pretty Good eye look and it's very easy to be Honest I wasn't actually planning to Kind of like add a darker shade to it so I just grabbed that dark pencil as you Probably saw during that five minutes That was literally just to add some Depth because I felt like I I wanted Something else there but to be honest You didn't need to kind of add that Black you can carry on with that colored Eye pencil as long as the pencil is nice And soft and creamy and easy to blend You're gonna be fine so if you get one Of those other pencils that is quite Hard then it's it's quite difficult to Blend and you're not going to really be Able to do this like this so I would Always suggest getting a really nice Kind of like blendable eye pencil so Something which is nice and soft and Easy to blend but also that kind of Dries up once it's Blended you know so It doesn't kind of smudge everywhere and I feel like the Charlotte Tilbury

Pencils are pretty good for that because Once they've Blended they stay in place So that's that and then that other Sigma Eye pencil it's a long wear eyeliner Pencil is absolutely amazing for Blending you need the smallest amount And it goes a long way and then once It's on it's on it doesn't go anywhere And don't forget you've got code for That so you've got my code brushes down In my description box below I really do Hope that you've kind of seen that you Can do a really nice wearable eye look In five minutes and don't forget you Could have actually got that done in Three minutes had like I could have Finished that in three minutes had I not Have gone for the Black Pencil to give It some more definition I could have Finished that entire look and that would Have been done I really wanted to show You how far you can actually go in five Minutes and how you can still give it That extra drama that extra depth that Is really kind of like gonna add that Saltiness to your eyes you know without Having to actually apply lashes so I Really do hope that that's kind of like Helped and you've seen how easy it Really is and that you can do it in five Minutes this shouldn't really been an Eye look in three minutes because I feel Like that's the first look and it's kind Of like getting two looks in five

Minutes so I really do hope you try this And if you do don't forget to let me Know in the comments box below and Please don't forget that all all of my Codes that I have for you guys are all Listed in my description box below I Have so many different kind of like Shots down below that you can go check Out which you can get all of my Favorites shop my shelf has all of my Kind of like I'm just glancing over There because I have it written down for Myself but shop my shelf has everything Con there in terms of like all the Products that you may not find on Amazon But Amazon All My Links below they're All the links that I have gone out and Personally gone and found for you guys But I thought can't find the exact thing And then I find an alternative which I Think is still very close and similar But otherwise you can head over to shop My shelf and that has basically Everything on there anyway from Different kind of like shops like you Know Sephora and all sorts of places so Yeah I really do hope you've enjoyed This I really do hope you've enjoyed this Video today and I hope you do recreate The look yourself don't forget Everything that has been used in this Video is listed in my description box Below with all of the links so it's

Really easy for you guys to go ahead and Get yours too now if you do like this Video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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