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Do Stanley Tumblers Contain Lead?




Do Stanley Tumblers Contain Lead?

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Is there lead in your water Bottle maybe we're specifically talking About the Stanley water bottle today so Buckle up send this to the group chat Whatever you got to do okay bad news First ready deep breath there is lead I'm not going to lie there is lead my Sources are it's literally on their FAQs The good news is it's probably not going To hurt you yay no lead poisoning Basically the material they use to seal The vacuum Insulation at the base of the Cup it's got a little little bit of lead However that lead solder is completely Covered by stainless steel so you really Shouldn't ever come into contact with it If somehow you find a way to bust Through the steel on your Stanley first of all OMG but you'll be Happy to know there's a lifetime Warranty so we're still not getting lead Poisoning also it's not just Stanley That does things this way so let's not Bully her if you're still stressed we Went ahead and did a full rundown so get The facts and safe sipping

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