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Discover the Secret to Finding Your Signature Style for FREE! Fashion Trends 2023




Discover the Secret to Finding Your Signature Style for FREE! Fashion Trends 2023

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The best way to look great without Overspending is to have a good handle on Your personal style but understanding Exactly what your personal style is can Be really hard so today I'm going to Walk you through my very simple method To change the way you think about your Style and also to help you find your Style within your own wardrobe [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my Channel Today I thought it was time to shine This Spotlight on personal style I also Truly believe that once you have a Handle on your personal style it makes Shopping for New pieces so much easier And it stops you wasting a whole lot of Money on pieces that are never going to Be right for you the thing about Personal style is it's an expression of Who we are or who we want to present to The world and it's normal that that Evolves and changes over time as well Trends obviously have an impact on this But Trends shouldn't dictate our Personal style and I think sometimes That's where some of us go wrong so I've Recently updated my personal style or Maybe it's more accurate to say I've Tweaked my personal style and I'm going To share with you how I've done it so That you can follow suit and do exactly The same in your own wardrobe now the First step and don't go skipping this

Because it's actually the most important Part of the process and that is to Create a mood board so I'm going to walk You through how I created my mood board So you can see exactly my thought Process this and what you need to be Focusing on too okay so I use Pinterest To create my mood boards I just find it Really easy and it also means that I Have it on my phone for easy access too Now my current mood board is actually Private but let me know if you'd like to See it and I'll set that to public but I Just start pinning outfits that I really Like whether they are on Trend pieces Like these metallic pants or whether They are pieces that I know that I'll Wear or that I know that I own I'm Basically looking for outfits that Really resonate with me what does start To happen is that you see reoccurring Themes or reoccurring people that Clearly you like their sense of style so When it does come to your own mood board First and foremost just start saving and Pinning outfits that you love or any Color combinations that you particularly Like too but try not to overthink it at This point you're really just trying to Create a mood board of image and outfits That you love It's also a good idea to search for Individual pieces that you own so for Instance this black oversized Blazer

I've searched that up and all of a Sudden I've got a whole lot of Interesting outfits to choose from and As soon as you see something that Appeals just save it to your mood board And when I saw this outfit I wanted to Save it not because it's anything Groundbreaking but because I own most of These pieces and can easily recreate This look so it's a good reminder for me As a little bit of a prompt if you start Seeing the same people popping up on Your mood board then find out who they Are and search for them individually as Well Leone is someone that regularly Appears on my mood board and so too does Grace ganum so I searched them up and They always provide some great fashion Inspiration and give me some ideas on How to create new outfits from the Clothes that I already own now it's time To have a really good hard look at your Mood board and ask yourself the question Do those outfits actually suit your Lifestyle at this point it's a good idea To remove some of the images from your Mood board that just won't actually work In real life for you anyway at this Point I'd just like to say a very big Thank you to the team at Squarespace for Sponsoring this portion of today's Episode now in my opinion Squarespace is The easiest way to build any sort of Online presence whether you plan on

Starting a blog this year or maybe you Have products to sell online and you're Not sure how to get started then Squarespace has got you the blogging Options are super easy the selling Options are really easy in fact Squarespace covers off everything for You online from sending emails to Checking your data and looking at your Stats and seeing where your customers or Followers are coming from they even have An array of gorgeous templates that make It so easy to get started so if you Haven't tried Squarespace before what I Suggest you do is whip on over to take advantage of the Free trial there and once you are ready To launch yourself use my unique URL Which is forward slash The style Insider and my code which is Simply the style Insider and that will Save you 10 off your first Squarespace Website or domain it is really easy I Will leave the links and a little bit More information in the description box Below so definitely check it out if you Are ready to get online this year it is Super easy okay so now you've got your Mood board sorted and you've got a sense Of your personal style or what you would Like your personal style to look like Now you need to dive into your own Wardrobe and have a look at the pieces That you currently own now one thing I

Suggest doing is grabbing yourself a Clothing rail now clothing rails are not Just for YouTubers and influencers these Little pieces of equipment are super Handy to have and you'll see why in a Minute but let's get into our closets And I'll walk you through what you need To do next often when you settle on a New style you kind of want to throw Everything out and start again but just Don't there's really no need you may Actually own more pieces than you Realize that will work for your new Style so just be a little bit patient at This stage now this is where the Clothing rack comes in you're going to Analyze your mood board and grab the Pieces that are similar in your own Wardrobe and hang them on The Clothing Rack your clothing rack sort of becomes Like your physical mood board you can Start organizing your pieces to see What's working and what you're Potentially missing Now at this point I say it's a really Good time to Steal Her Style don't try And reinvent the wheel when it comes to Creating outfits go back to your mood Board and have a look at some of the Outfits that you love I bet you'll have Pieces that can help you recreate those Outfits they may not be exactly the same But they may be the same colors or there May be items that you own that you can

Put together in a different way that you Haven't ever thought about before let me Show you how I've done it now one of the First outfits that really struck a chord With me was this gorgeous shot of gray Scanum wearing a simple White Tank and Some cargo style pants with a gorgeous Pretty pink sweater thrown over her Shoulders now I have similar pieces but I've never thought to team my Basics With a pretty pop of color in terms of Wearing my pink sweater so it was an Easy outfit for me to recreate and one That was fun I teamed it with these wide Leg trousers because they're new but Yeah I could also wear this with my Cargo pants and I've got a few pairs in Slightly different shades but yeah I Just love the idea that this gave me a Fun New Look something that I love that I actually just hadn't thought about Before The next outfit that I was drawn to was This simple one with again a white tank And some cargo pants and an oversized Denim jacket I have these pieces so I Wanted to try recreating it here And while again it's nothing Groundbreaking It's a combination I Hadn't worn before and it gives me Another outfit to wear my cool new pants With Now it's back to my mood board and I Absolutely love this shot of Karen

Wearing her trench coat slightly open Over a pleated skirt so I don't have a Beautiful gold pleated skirt but I do Have a black one so I thought I would Give that a try too and while this Outfit isn't as Fabulous As Karen's it's A starting point that I can try a few Other pieces and create something a Little more exciting but this is kind of Cool And then I noticed that I had this Outfit or slight variations of it pinned About four different times so denim Jeans worn with a white tank and an Oversized dark Blazer now I was looking For an outfit to create for my new denim Maxi skirt so I thought this would be Perfect so it inspired me to try Something here and I love it And because I had my rail there I just Swapped out the oversized blazer for my Motorbike style leather jacket and also My Trainers for some slightly chunky Biker boots and I've got another outfit I'd also pinned some denim corset style Tops because I have one and just wanted To get some inspiration on how to wear It so I've just teamed it here with some Cargo pants and that oversized Blazer I'm not convinced about this look I'm Not quite sure I think I might change Out the cargo pants for some denim jeans And create more of a monochrome outfit But let me know in the comments below

What you think of this outfit is it just Do a little bit too much and crazy but At the end of the day I think this shows That it's all about being inspired and Having a little bit of a play next up I Just wanted to talk a little bit about Attitude and confidence because it's all Well and good to create a mood board Create outfits but then you've actually Got to put those outfits together and Wear them out in public and sometimes That can be a little confronting you Might feel a little bit awkward at first And certainly for me I know if I wear a New outfit as soon as I get a compliment It almost validates that outfit which is Crazy you know I shouldn't need that Validation from others to know that what I'm wearing looks good or feels good for Me because at the end of the day that's The most important thing you're dressing For you your dressing to please yourself And to look and feel good for you and I Suppose I just wanted to touch on the Fact that it sometimes does take a Little bit of confidence to do that you Will potentially be walking out the door Wearing something that you haven't worn Before that makes you feel a little Awkward or it's just new and let's face It anything new can be a little Confronting sometimes but this is normal I suppose I just want to get across that Thinking that it is normal to feel a

Little bit awkward and don't wait for People to validate you and validate your Outfit by giving you compliments give Yourself those compliments you are going Outside your comfort zone you're trying Something new and good for you I love Creating a new outfit that makes me feel Good that kind of presents the version Of me that I'd like to present to the World and what I do always say that it Is important to take a photo of those Outfits as well so keep a record of These for photos maybe create a separate Folder in your phone and pop all of your Outfits in there that are winning Outfits that make you feel good so you Can quickly have a little scroll through On days when you're not kind of feeling That inspired or you just don't have Your fashion Mojo because there are Plenty of days when that happens to me So I know that finding your personal Style can sometimes take a little bit of Time but I do believe that it's worth it It cuts down a whole lot of time and a Whole lot of angst when it comes to Getting dressed and it just means that You have a really good handle on new Trends you're going to quickly be able To identify what trends work for you and What trends are not really going to fit Into your existing style I know this Will take a little bit of time but Believe you me it will be worth it

Getting dressed will become so much Easier and also shopping going forward Will be super easy as well you'll Quickly be able to identify Trends and See what is going to fit into your Personal Style and what kind of won't And when in the past you've done that You may have bought a piece of clothing Or bought a trend because you like it But you don't have other pieces to wear It with so then those items end up Hanging in your wardrobe and never Getting worn and you wonder why Generally speaking it's because you Haven't invested that little bit of time Up front to get a very good handle on Your personal style anyway that's it From me today I hope you enjoyed this One and if you did I'd love you to give It a big thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel for more and I'll catch you in the next one bye for Now

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