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Day 4: Assess Your Endurance With This 40-Minute Workout | POPSUGAR FITNESS




Day 4: Assess Your Endurance With This 40-Minute Workout | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hi welcome to class bit sugar and our Special five-day assessment series it's A program designed to help you track Your performance level in five key Aspects of Fitness strength balance Speed flexibility today's 40 minute Workout or wow get ready It's all about endurance which is Important for your cardiovascular health And building your muscular endurance can Even improve your posture and help Prevent fat pain today's workout Includes a beginner intermediate and Advanced version to measure where you're At in your fitness journey as you kick Off the New Year Tara Madison you ready Yeah let's go Okay so we're going to start with a nice Calm warm-up we're going to start on the Top of our mat so we have space we're Going to roll all the way down through The spine when you get to that floor Walk It Out find a lovely plank for me Shoulders on top of the wrist soften the Knees walk it back in and roll up chin To chest you can take this at your own Pace whatever feels lovely for you we're Just really working on warming up that Spine warming up the core remember to Soften the knees on the way out and do Not forget to breathe you are definitely Going to need to use that breath today That is beautiful beautiful breathing Madison

Good heads up from the knees roll it up So I've got Tara with me over here today I've got Madison behind me they're gonna Be helping me with the workout today And hopefully keeping me sane during This workout today as well good let's do One more roll it down Soften the knees and roll it back up Face toward me at home taking the legs Nice and wide weight in the heels we Take a squat down and sweep it up nice And controlled nice and slow just Warming up the hamstrings the glutes the Quads because we are going to be using These a little bit today When I say a little bit good Go just crying keep his shoulders back And open let's do one more right here And we're gonna keep the legs straight If you can we're gonna reach Big Lots go Back to Center getting a nice stretch in The hamstrings you're welcome to bend Your knees or not take yourself quite as Low as long as you put a stretch down The back of the legs that's all that Matters here good I'm already out of breath but like I say That every time I do one of these Glasses already out of breath Good give me two more on each side Last one last thing in the warm-up we're Gonna come back to the side of our mat We're gonna roll it down one more time Now this time I'll eat a tuck the toes

Under bring it into a cobra stretch so Sink the hips pull the shoulders down Open the chest and then tuck the toes Under take it back into a downward Facing dog now you're just going to move Through those two movements Cobra Stretch Into down dog again at your own pace Your own Rhythm whatever feels nice to You in a down dog I love that calf Stretch feeling pressing the heels Toward that floor we are going to be Jumping today so stretching out the Calves is important I'm going to take that Cobra stretch try And keep the shoulders down away from The ears my shoulders crack crack the Whole time with mine too it feels Actually feels very good let's do one More all together And then find that down dog soften the Knees walk the feet in or the hands back Whatever's comfortable and roll up all Right So we do have a circuit today we hit Workout there's going to be a beginner Version so if it's your first time doing This workout look too horror for the Beginning version so you can check in With yourself and give yourself a little Assessment to see how you feel if this Is your second time doing the workout You can look for Madison the Intermediate version or me for the

Advanced version there are three rounds The first round is 20 seconds of work The second round is 30 seconds of work And the last round is 40 seconds of work Yes so our first exercise is going to Look like this we're going to bring it Down to a plank And we're gonna hold that plank I'm Gonna do Jack tops here we go take it Out plain Jacks plain jacks Madison's Got tap out and Tara's gonna hold it on Her knees now keep the shoulders on top Of the wrists keep the knees soft to me If you can especially on those jumping Jacks just checking with yourself here In four three two one and bring yourself All the way up the next exercise we are Going to do if you're looking at Taro We're going to do knee Drive standing Nice and straight if you're looking at Madison we're going to hinge forward add That power if you're following me oh yes We're gonna add a hop okay we're gonna Do that exercise for 20 seconds in four Three two one let's go Good So if you're adding that hop you're Still Contracting in your core bring it In it's all about core endurance and Cardiovascular endurance in this one and Also it does ache the leg you're hopping On if you are hopping so quite endurance To feeling it too One beautiful shake it out now this is

More of our warm-up round everything is Quite short do not worry it is Eventually going to get a lot worries So we've got two legs we are gonna do it On the other side whoever you're Following get ready in three two one Let's go good Yeah breathe we're already breathing Heavy squeeze you're not alone okay good So again if you're adding that hop how High can you go Try not to take it into the shoulders Good in three two one amazing the next Exercise we have Tara's gonna be doing a Tap out Madison's going to be doing jumping Jacks and if you're with me we're going To be doing star jumps make sure you Really Bend those knees when you land It's going to save your life three two One it's just 20 seconds oh you can do Anything for 20 seconds if you put your Mind to it Maybe apart from Star jumps you can do It good You gotta think light like a fairy in Three two One so good next exercise squats Tara Regular squats nice and wide wait in the Heels Madison we're gonna add a knee lift Alternating legs If you're following me I'm going to add a leg extension or a

Kick forward in three Two one let's go Good I'm gonna call it a spice girl cake Today Spicy Because of my lovely high ponytail Channeling baby's face Good how low can you go in three Two One amazing I'm gonna bring it down to That floor If you're following Tara side planks Dropping you underneath me doing a Little down and up Switching anything down and up Madison's version Side plank with a Twist Other side Natalie's version underneath me let's go Straight away Ready yeah it's already started let's go I didn't count you in squeeze I was trying to get my version in here We go You've only got four seconds Three Two one so so good bring it down We've got ah crab walks and burpees so It's gonna go two crab walks Modified Burpee patara a half Burpee for Madison A full Burpee all the way down here we Go let's do it 20 seconds doesn't matter what way you

Go I don't mind we're all different right Now it's okay pick whoever you want to Follow Good Just a little taster of all the Exercises right now In three Two One bring it up next exercise hopefully Crunches standing so Tara's Gonna Stand Madison's gonna add a knee lift And I'm going to add a hop of course yes You're already squeezing in the sides Working the obliques let's go Good so we're gonna eat one side And then we're going to do the other Side so one side at a time if you're Following Tara really reaching for that Ankle as far as you can so again you're Feeling that squeezed in the sides and Also if you're adding The Hop you've got That cardiovascular endurance coming Back in in three two one good job Shake It Out guess what we got to do the other Side it's coming up we do have a little 15 second rest right here I know I love Working the obliques because I always Feel like you feel it the next day Especially like oh what did I do in four Three Two one good so again if you're hopping On that one leg you're also going to Feel it in that leg as well

It's also For me a balance challenge trying to Stay in one place Good job In Three Two one amazing the next thing we're Going to do the Tara is split squat to Keep a little bit narrower than a Regular lunge For me Madison 's gonna jump at a pulse switch at a Pulse if we're following me we're going To go continuous jump lunges let's go Good so trying to find 90 degree angles In those legs Try not to lean too far forward here I'm already good 20 seconds feels like a Long time Right in four three two one check it out The next we're going to come down to the Floor bring it down Hi So Tara is going to do a lift and a hold And bring it down Madison's going to do The same thing but lifting the legs And bring it down you're following me We're gonna flatter our legs let's go Here we go [Music] If you're following me Really pull the ABS in as much as you Can like someone's about to jump on you You can tempt them so hard I love that

One okay too in four Three two one good next I'm gonna do We're gonna stay on the backs Tara is going to do bent windscreen Wipers taking the arms out wide Madison's going to do Straight Windscreen wipers if you're following me We're going to add a lift In the middle a little reverse curl in Fourth three two one here we go now try Not to let your legs touch the floor Whatever version you are doing And taking the arms out to the side is Really going to help stabilize Good so obviously this is Core endurance and also the obliques are Definitely working here in three Two One bring yourselves up Um swing the legs around Push-ups everyone's favorite so Tara's Gonna see what on the knees elbows about 45 degrees Madison is going to do a full push-up And I'm going to attempt an alternate Leg lift three you can do it one let's Go So for me I'm not taking it super super Low it's more important for me to Maintain that plank position than it is To lose my form And get super low Good we've got five more seconds here In four

Three Two One bring it down and guess what that's The end of round one yay yeah I'm Already tired now it's only 20 seconds Of each workout so the next round we're Gonna do is 30 seconds of each exercise Now we know what's coming now So you can go extra hard on each Exercise and try and get in as many Movement as you can so you're really Working on that endurance so we talk About endurance it's about how long you Can do something for so how long can you Hold a squat or how many squats it's More about reps than it is about doing One amazing jump yeah yeah so we're Focusing on endurance strength endurance Cardiovascular endurance all the above All right let's bring it up but we're Actually going to bring it back down Because we've got planks so let's get Right back there we're just working on Our up and down endurance our Outlets Down on purpose bring it down in three Two one thirty seconds of plank jacks or Holding that plank or tapping out the Alternate leg Oh now we can really get into it You know we've had a taster of Everything this is where we start to Push our endurance and just kind of Check in with ourselves and see where We're at

It's okay if you need a break and you Can't quite make 30 seconds yet That's absolutely fine wherever you are In four three Two One we're gonna bring it up to standing 20 second rest we're gonna do knee Drives So add a hop Stand straight or hinge forward pick Your poison today so it's core endurance It's cardiovascular endurance Single leg endurance if you're hopping In three two one [Music] Helps if you add that big exhale As you bring that knee in so you're Really again working that core most of All That's what knee drives are for Madison You can speed it up okay No more there we go No chilling In five Four three two one amazing shake it out We're gonna do the same thing on the Other side yeah I want to make it nice Now even for you you're welcome Tara's mumbling over there I've got no Idea what to say she's like oh honestly I am dying I'm not like people think Modifications are easy they're hard Three two One let's go other side

Good so I always say in class It's like you're grabbing somebody and Kneeing them yeah as hard as you can Nice not endorsing violence here but Maybe an X here we go you got 10 more Seconds Good In five four three two one Shake It Out We've got star jumps jumping jacks or Tapouts coming up wish me luck 30 Seconds of star jumps you got this oh Yes the trick is to really enjoy the Relax in the middle In four three Two one Good If I don't talk much during this one It's because I can't breathe Good How are you two doing back there killing It amazing good Beautiful you're over halfway Of this exercise not the whole thing Right We have five Four Three two one good we're moving into our Squats Squats with the knee lift squat with a Front kick alternating legs each time How low can you go in those squats it's Up to you He's singing in four three Two

One So Me and Tara have known each other for Seven years we decided yeah something Like that we met in the same Dance Company out here that was so long ago it Was crazy And me and Madison met teaching together Long time ago big fight yes So I'm with my two very good friends Today we love to work out together You've got four seconds three Two One amazing we're bringing it down to The floor Side Planks on the knee with a twist With an underneath knee lift Ah you have a second You've got 10 seconds Relax Get ready in four Three Two One underneath of me Foreign Good The hardest part is coordinating the bit In the middle Good [Music] Will you try and connect the elbow to The knee if you're following me really Try and rotate That twist

If you're Madison Doing a little twist And through [Music] Yes in three two one Good job we got crab walks and a Modified Burpee half a burpee and a Power Burpee for following me oh yes Bring it back up that's half The Challenge Three especially in your 30s two one Here we go Good Keeping the crowd walks nice and low So we're working the endurance in the Legs That Burpee is basically a whole body Endurance exercise Yeah And I'm going all the way to that floor Chest to the floor Addison's holding it A little bit above So I'm doing that power Burpy Bring it out Bring It Up rest it out Okay next thing we're doing standing Obliques So Tara's gonna reach Madison's gonna Bring the elbow to the knee if you're Following me we're going to add that Lovely hop [Music] And lovely in England it's not always Lovely all right in three two One

Good In England we are the Queens Of saying the reverse of what we mean Basically What do you call that here There's a word for it No passive aggressive That's so lovely okay 10 seconds Good In four three two one shake it out You've got the same thing on the other Side because oblige breathe out right Sweating what's happening sweating now Happening it's just like drip okay 10 More seconds and then we'll do the other Side In five four three Two one Good five two seconds here Again retry and squeeze in that side I Don't want to see that movement here Good let's go let's go let's do it I'm just gonna make my own song They got ten more seconds let's go Madison the Jane Fonda workout video Over there Two one Shake It Out we've got our Favorite section jump lunges oh yeah or Split squats jump lunges with a pulse It's okay if you have to stop I might Have to we'll see how it goes I'm only Human as well you've got five seconds Four yeah there's three Two one

It's also after the holidays So you know I've not been working out That much I'm eating all the good food My favorite American holiday Is Thanksgiving because you just eat Yes Good you got 10 more seconds How are those quads You know fire they're feeling it In five four three two one you did it Take it out we're gonna bring it down to The floor [Music] For a crunch hold for a hollow hold and For flutter kicks with me oh yeah take a Rest you got 10 seconds oh yeah nice Five four Three two one bring it up so this works Your rectus abdominis I wrote that down Because I felt clever but it is it's Very clever so I just realized I'm Crisscrossing mine like a dancer you can Swim it up and down I don't mind If you want a little bit of an inner Thigh work Crisscross mix it up you can take your Hands behind your head or pull them down By your sides Hollowing out your Center We'll can't breathe and do this Three two one oh bring it up we're going To do windscreen wipers Bent knees regular windscreen wipers and

If you're following me reverse curl in The center lifting that tailbone up Taking the arms to the side in four Three two one good How you doing Tara Great good it was really hard for me to Like get that out while I'm doing at the Same time welcome to my life Talking and exercising at the same time Difficult Thyroid dance is on tour with a lot of Artists she can do that Endurance four no three important two One All right last thing in this circus Enjoy it yeah let me go up to 40 seconds After this we're into our push-ups on The knees regular or with an alternate Leg lift In three two One here we go But I can really have to focus on these So a lot of common mistakes and push-ups Is that thinking in that lower back Putting that head forward sinking in the Abdominals you want to hold it tight Tight tight it's essentially a prank I Mean just bending your elbows trying to Get the chest to that floor Yes Or as low as you can especially with the Alternate leg lifts in Fork three two One now that is the end of round two yay Okay we've got round three coming up

Which means 40 seconds of work so now We're increasing the time we're going to Increase that endurance damage So check in with yourself take breaks When you need to listen to your body it Is your workout no one else is so if you Need to take those breaks take those Breaks if this is your first time doing It again follow Tara and then come back To the video try it again next time try Madison and then try my version you can Always go back if you need to again it's Just about checking in with yourself When you're working on that endurance That's why we're here today right yeah Okay with that being said 40 seconds 40 Seconds of work here we go we're going To start with those plank Jacks plank on The knees or plank tap out in three two One let's go [Music] Good I'm saying good I can't see you but I'm sure you're fabulous at home Or you're just watching it and not doing The exercises I do that sometimes I'm Gonna exercise today at home and I'll Put it on and I'll drink a glass of wine And be like they look great I was gonna Say the same thing So if you're doing it with us good job You got 10 more seconds right here Yes let's go let's go we have four three Two one hey bring it up all right Standing knee drives

One side than the other side With a hop Leaning over Or standing up straight if you're Leaning over really add that power Knee into somebody's head In three Two one let's go Yes Madison Who are you angry at today Good Probably me You got 20 seconds oh yeah halfway oh Yeah sorry I won't tell you how long we Have left just keep going Now you've got 10 seconds that's it My underneath glute hurts and this one Move four three Two one Wow yeah put this side other side the Standing leg on the glue gets you a bit As well All right 10 more seconds of rest enjoy it we're Gonna go hard on that other side I want You to fight for it okay and four Three Two One We're right there with you Good You can tell they're working hard Because they've gone very quiet okay I'm So focused I forgot

One intention back here They're fighting for about maxi oh You're over halfway On this exercise Good 10 more seconds And all over my match okay five four Three Two one Oh no we've got star jumps okay Jack tap out Jumping jacks good luck if you're with Me 40 seconds of star jumps I made this up And I'm so mad at myself okay four Three Two one Okay One of you can talk about something this Time I like your red outfit no it's Really spicy I love it That's all I got it's your outfit Keeping me going I'm loving your hair This High pony is let's just blow you up Right now Look at those shoes Those nails [Music] Ten more seconds see that went by fast In full Three Two One Yes great squats

Squats with a knee Squats with a kick you guys can just Compliment me for the rest of his class Did you like that that would be great Okay in five four three Two one good so you'll notice Now on 40 seconds Every move is a cardiovascular in In especially when you only have that 20 Second rest Which sounds like a long time when you Do it it goes not so quickly Good oh no can you go working on that Leg endurance to cut hamstrings glutes Good Yes sorry I'm trying to get solo Beautiful three Two One Amazing what size tank is coming up on The knee with a twist with an underneath Knee elbow to knee Ah we're so close Okay yes Four three two one Where would you like to be on the beach Right now Tara oh Somewhere in Jamaica Jamaica I've never Been neither have I I've been to Jamaica Oh tell us about it I climbed a Waterfall it was amazing and that's nice It was good times so endurance training Which would really help for a lot of fun Whether for a water full time

It will help you enjoy your vacation That little bit more if you're not Huffing and puffing up that climb So you can take a nice selfie at the top Right without being sweaty one more Let's go Let's go relax good job all right are we Back to standing yes we are okay oh my Favorite crab walks and burpees Modified burpee Half Burpee us power Burpee means your Whole body basically Sands to the floor We've got three big controlled two one Thank you I'm also trying not to hit my microphone Multitasking [Music] Oh All right you are over halfway Are you laughing at me Madison I was laughing at the time it felt like So much had gone by Seconds Got one more in How amazing That's hard to get up that last one next Thing What are these called oblique crunches It doesn't matter right reaches elbow to Knee Or with a hop I can't breathe okay ready in three Two One

You can add that hop add that hop this Is where the teacher goes and corrects The class Yes that's nice Matt hey I got nothing To say And Tara yeah they're amazing all right You got 20 more seconds right here Good I'm like what do we have after this What's coming up oh We've got one more really hard thing Before we come to the floor after the Other side four three two one 20 second Break good job We're gonna do the other side There's that you want to feel those Obreaks tomorrow yeah they will be sore Looking forward to it yeah I love that Feeling it feels like so tight like You know what I mean like it works out Three Two one Crunch hey hey it helps if you're your Own cheerleader I should have been a cheerleader I feel Like you could have you could have you Give me like you know you got the energy Right exactly what I'm thinking Think I'm too old I think I passed the Point it's never you're never wait time Was a cheerleader you said what you were A channel yeah I was In Middle School no you won't Be with her oh that too

In four three two one amazing all right Okay Jump lunges Split squat jump lunges to the pulse Find your energy find your why why do You turn this workout on today what was Your reasoning focus on that hopefully That'll get you through If it doesn't Maybe treat yourself after this two Three yes two one Good Oh that's that burns so good These are so hard I know that's why I Put them at the end before it comes down To brilliant if you you're welcome there Is a method so the way I plan these Exercises Believe it or not I do this for a living 15 seconds keep it going my legs hurt I'm not gonna lie all right 10 more Seconds Five four three two one what did we Learn from that that Natalie needs to Work on her leg endurance all right Bring it down Uh crunch hold a hollow hold and flutter Kit Coming up for the last time in four Three two one Oh all right we got this we do we got This home stretch try I'm shaking my Head making sure it's relaxed over here Try not to tense your neck trying to

Keep the shoulder blades lifted Okay we are over Halfway just about Ah this one's burning yep hey it sure is You've got 10 more seconds Is your rectus abdominals endurance in Four three two one good bring it down The good thing about being English in America is you can say things and people Believe you no matter what it is But I'm not lying about anything today I Promise all right we're gonna bring our Legs up We're gonna do our windscreen wipers Bent straight over the reverse curl in Three Two one Sometimes when I do this or actually Most of the time my back cracks mine Just cracked but yeah it feels really Good To free chiropractic treatment We do everything [Laughter] [Music] We are host to the end everybody We started this one a bit late so we're Going to keep going Hey In five Four Three Two one Yes bring it in all right it'll rest

We've got is it push-ups to finish is That the last thing is that it okay so Push-ups on the knees regular push-ups On Alternate legless I do my best at These so don't judge me please in three Two One oh good Oh the focus yeah for this last one very Soon Madison you have a good push-up hey Thank you just critical crap over here Good We've got 15 seconds left I don't think I can go any lower oh that Was a hard one Eight seconds In five Four Three Two One oh we did it How do you feel so good good guess what We made it to the cooldown we're gonna Take a nice little stretch out of there Feel free to grab some water I'm gonna Have some water Perch absolutely Hard work hydrate hydrate hydrate so you Made it through three rounds That was not easy so congratulate Yourselves Working on endurance cardiovascular Strength endurance all the above yes are We feeling accomplished very powerful And a little bit happier right improves

Your mood dramatically exercising all Right so we're gonna bring it on your Backs This way Okay we're gonna hug one knee in I'm going to circle the ankle both ways And we're going to stretch that leg up Ah finally stretching the hamstring if You need to bend that knee you can Whatever you feel a stretch is Absolutely perfect Good try and relax your head and neck And I'm going to take that leg down to The floor hug the other leg into the Chest Circle the ankle both ways And go ahead and stretch our leg up to The sky Hamstring stretch Again softening the knee if you need to Stretching is so important so if you Feel like you don't get enough of a Stretch at the end of this workout Please stretch at home it is so Important for your bodies I give you a shorter stretch here Because I really want you to get the Most out of the workout time as possible Good job everybody I want you to hug Both knees We're gonna rock all the way up You're going to bring yourself all the Way around your knees I want you to keep the bottom in the air We're going to walk the arms forward

Pressing the chest to the floor to get a Nice little chest stretch especially After all the push-ups yep and the Shoulders I want to say this is called a Puppy dog pose puppy dog yeah cute I Might be mixing that up but that's why I'm calling it Good and then bring yourself back up to Your hands little tabletop tuck the toes Send the hips up downward dog And just press up the heels right in There it's giving yourself a little calf Stretch I'm good press both heels back Soften your knees you're going to walk Your feet to your hands or your hands to Your feet wherever it's more comfortable And then roll yourself up chin to chest Head is the last thing to come on up We're going to take a little shoulder Stretch here we're going to bring one Arm across the chest hook it press the Shoulders down [Music] Ah It feels great Good I've changed sides I'm gonna bring You all down across Cook it you can hook it above the elbow Below the elbow wherever before I Stretch just try not to hook on the Elbow you never want to press on a joint Wherever you're stretching Hmm

And let it go Thank you so much and thank you Everybody at home for working on your Endurance with us I hope you feel worked Out and I hope you come back and take it Again please leave comments below this Video to tell us how far you got and What you struggled with and what you Liked don't say what you didn't like Because it will hurt my feelings Please check out our other videos in our Assessment series as well thank you so Much Madison thank you and thank you so Much Tara thank you and I hope to see You again on the next class picture left

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