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Day 3: Assess Your Flexibility With This 15-Minute Workout | POPSUGAR FITNESS




Day 3: Assess Your Flexibility With This 15-Minute Workout | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hi welcome to class fit sugar and our Special five-day fitness assessment Series it's a program to help you Determine and track your performance Level in five key aspects of Fitness Endurance balance speed Strength and today flexibility yet I'll Be leading you through this flexibility Assessment with a 15-minute workout Flexibility is so important for your Recovery days improving your balance and Taking time to connect with your body Once we get started you'll have a Beginner intermediate and advanced Version to measure where you are in your Fitness journey as you kick off the new Year Paris yes Ellie yeah are you ready Oh yeah let's do it Let's get into this warm-up all right so We're gonna go down to dead bugs but They're gonna be lower body lowers so Hands are flat and you're gonna bring Your heel to touch if this is a little Bit too hard you can do the natural dead Bug hold or the extensions but I want Everybody to kind of stay together here Now Ellie will be doing the beginner Modifications for everything today and Then Paris will be doing intermediate so When you're watching this the first time Follow the beginner and then as you Repeat it go ahead and try intermediate Flip over to fire hydrant so we're gonna Go on our hands and knees we're going to

Alternate lifting our leg here I'm Trying to wake up your lower body your Core your back so that when we go into The flexibility you're really able to Have that active and working for you After this we're going to go down to our Stomach and do some Superman lifts just To get our back ready to help with our Posture okay go ahead and lie down arms Are straight legs are together and You're going to lift up and down here Keep breathing as you do these you want To try to reach your arms behind your Head hide your ears with your arms as Best as possible all right then after We're done with this we're going to Stand up so squeeze your glute squeeze Your butt as best you can think about Your posture because it's really going To help because we're doing some back Bending today all right so go ahead and Stand up Meet me on your feet from here you're Going to press the heel of your palm Down so that your shoulder depresses Look up to the opposite diagonal and Then slowly bring your chin to your Chest this is really going to stretch Your neck muscles go up and down at your Own pace go as intense as you want to Here okay other side press it down bring It down lift it back up make sure you're Breathing here and keep that Uh that Palm flexed all right shake it

Out next one you're going to put your Arms out to the side flex your palms and You're trying to get your middle fingers To touch behind you and you're going to Give me some Wiggles here so you should Feel this stretch be very nervy Throughout your biceps your forearms Your fingers kind of kind of through Your palms too all right feel that Stretch open the farther you go the Harder it is the more intense it'll be You need to be here that's fine since we Are hunched forward so much throughout Our day it's really good to open our Chest and our shoulders this will help Us reduce Headaches it can help us improve our Posture and it can really just help save Our shoulder joints because they're They're coming they're coming right Behind your back issues so let's make Sure our shoulders and chest are nice And open now we're going to go into neck Tilt back so you're going to put your Hands on your hips and you can kind of Feel your pubic bone with your finger You want to keep that nice and tight Drop the head back and return to neutral Now the farther you go the more intense But we never want to just dump into our Neck we want to lift up like where a Candy cane going up and over all right I'm sure you still got some candy canes Somewhere around

Beautiful all right roll that out now We're gonna go to our lats and our our Shoulder stretch so if you have a chair Nearby go ahead and stretch into your Shoulder stretch if you have a block Nearby and you want to try the harder Way you're going to bring the block Towards your back drop your chest down Think about opening your chest because We're so closed off throughout the day We're really really not opening and if You can open your chest and your Shoulders then you appear more confident Who doesn't want more confidence Beautiful Probably done by now oh look we are done Okay come out of that slowly beautiful Now we're gonna go to our back okay Actually wise we're gonna go to our Chest stretch and then we'll go to our Back so If you have your arms straight that's Your intermediate if your arm is bent That is your Advanced and what you're Gonna do is You're Gonna Roll over onto That side if you have the chair you're Going to feel that stretch you can also Do it against a wall and I wanted to Show this and give this option to you Just so that you can find any way you Can do this you don't need equipment go Ahead and switch the other side you Don't need equipment to do the stretch You do have the ground you have a wall

You have a chair breathe And release into that feel that deep Chest stretch open and twist away keep That shoulder down as best you can all Right now we're going to go to our back We're going to be in this t-spine twist So this one we don't really get much Rotation here all right you're going to Twist your right leg over and then You're going to keep your right shoulder Down on the ground now if you have a Block you can support your knee with That or you can keep it down if you want To take it up a notch then straighten That leg and flex the foot to get a Little more rotation in the spine and Stretching through the outside of the Leg switch sides good and twist and Breathe you might get some back cracks And Pops here Should feel glorious though keep the Legs straight if you're following me Pull the hip back down the other Direction all right Awesome from here what we're going to do Is we're going to flip it over into a Cobra stretch so kind of following along With the opening up the chest opening up The back because we really end up Becoming what we do most often in our Day and if you are typing a lot if you Are sitting a lot if you're on your Phone a lot it's really hard to have Some rotation in your day-to-day life or

It's hard to have extension and opening So that's why flexibility is so Important I'm switching to the other Side if you're following me as you're Doing this Cobra stretch keep your Shoulders down away from your ears as Best you can you want to think long neck Good posture good go ahead and come out Of that slowly now meet me on your Bottom for basically a butterfly or a Twist and tilt you can hold a butterfly You can also twist and get a nice lower Back stretch but what you're going to do With me is you're going to have your Opposite hand on your opposite foot sit Up tall all twist and tilt oh every time My back cracks here beautiful a lot of My clients have low back issues so this Is a absolutely important one to do to Help release some of that tension on That low back it feels great too so why Not let's switch the other side and as You're doing this really feel like You're actively pulling your spine apart So hips are sinking down and shoulders Are sinking away to get the most Effective stretch possible Go ahead and come out of that slowly Nice so good all right yeah that's one Of my it's like a fan favorite we're Gonna do kneeling back bend so for this One Same kind of thing here you're gonna Feel the pubic bone and you're gonna

Press down and make sure you stay in Your uh lifting up out of your hips okay Again we're not dumping into the low Back you're going to lift up you're Gonna do those neck tilt backs again And then breathe to come back to neutral That is maybe burp yeah it can make you Burp you can also get very light-headed Uh things will happen here so that's why I had it set for a little bit longer so You can take your time again lifting up Out of the hips candy caning up and over Trying to see my voice gets weird when I Go back trying to see farther every time You bend back so lift up and out Breathe And then squeeze your butt your chin is The last thing to come back up as you're Doing these back bends remember the Depth is what's most important here Four the different levels of difficulty Beautiful breathe come out of that one Now for your hip flexors I'm going to Pop into a split but otherwise you're Going to go into a 90 degree hip flexor Hold now from there you're going to tuck Your hips under and squeeze your back Glute as hard as you can for the Beginner version you're just going to Hold there for the intermediate you're Going to bring your chin to your chest And rock back and forth otherwise if You're in a split you can be here with Me or you can put your foot up on a

Block for an over split go ahead and Switch sides Bring It Around Other way Now same thing for the 90 degree hip Flexor stretch so if you are not really Feeling too much of a stretch means you Might not be as active in the stretch as You need to be so really work on tucking The hips under like you're pouring a Glass of water out behind you with your Hips and you're squeezing that black Glute really really tight pushing down Into the floor Beautiful go ahead and come out of that Slowly now from here you're going to be Up on your knee you're going to do Straight leg foot flex rotations you're Going to be on your back you're going to Do Bend and straightens so from here if You're able to reach the ground with a Flat back and a straight leg your hands Are flat otherwise use your block to Keep your chest nice and flat here You're just going to kind of get into Your hamstring say hello take a little Time take a little breather here and It's okay when you're lying on your back To have a slight Arch that natural curve In your spine you can allow it it will Help you feel like you are you know Standing upright if you need to use a Strap or a towel you can so what's Interesting and I don't think a lot of People know is that we have three

Hamstrings muscles and in gymnastics we Only stretched one I can't even imagine The amount of opportunity that was Missed to not be able to stretch all These muscles so that's why the rotation With a flat back is so so important on This other side all right so from here Hands are flat you can also do some Little Wiggles if you're able to get Your hands flat if you are up on the Block you will feel the stretch more Intensely a little bit faster as you do Some rocking you don't have to hold Super still but this one's so great if You do have low back issues because You're releasing your hamstrings which Could potentially be pulling and causing Some tension in the low back so Really do not skip over stretching your Hamstrings and your hip flexors all Right now we're going into frog stretch Which we don't really stretch these Muscles much so this will be very Intense you're going to be in a full Frog you can either have your hands down Or your elbows down or you can follow me And we're going to do a half frog all Right so from here I have one leg Straight you want your knees to be a 90 Degree angles so like a goal post now You can give a little bit of rocking Here you can give a little bit of tilt If you want but take your time here Breathe I remember this used to make me

Feel like I wanted to vomit Um kind of still does but it should not Be so intense that it's like over an Eight out of ten all of these stretches You want them to be like a four to a six Six okay switch legs if you're with me Keep rocking keep holding you want to Give some movement because you never Know you might find a new area of Opportunity where you didn't really have That stretch you're like oh that's a new One I found something all right let's Discover it now from here go ahead and Take a seat in a straddle We're gonna do a pancake you're gonna Have your hands down your elbows down or Try to get your stomach your belly Button to the floor it's really Important because we don't really walk Too much through our day swinging our Legs out to the side so we want to make Sure we still hit those muscles because They still exist and they're there this Can also help you reduce some tension And pulling on your low back as well so Really take your time here and listen to Your body As you sink forward breathe and release The stretch always gets me this all it's Wonderful if you can actively try to Pull your pinky toes back to the floor Yes do that turn out squeeze your knees Straight so that there's no light Underneath the backs of your knees

Beautiful okay wow the straight legs I Love it and then if you are Reaching Forward you don't want your forehead or Your chest to the ground you want your Belly button it's going to be a lot more Intense beautiful come out of that one Now we're gonna go into a lunge so Either 90 degree lunge a deep lunge or You're with me here doing some rotations Dropping the hips down taking your time Here we're getting into the hips the hip Flexor like the outside of the hips the Front of the hips getting into your Glutes if you're doing this rotation Taking your time here And if you are doing the beginner Version with the chair it's kind of it's A lot of choreography but it's wonderful To push and feel the same kind of Stretch but you don't have to be in such A deep range of motion so you're Rotating and stretching the inner thigh Then you're stretching the hip at the Front Breathe release and then let's go to the Other side okay really want to drop the Hips down extend and shoot out of that Back heel okay Beautiful and if you are in a deep lunge You are pushing and keeping that leg Straight pushing back through the heel Awesome keep breathing Feel the rotation whenever you're doing Flexible you want to work with your

Breath it's a chance to connect with Your body and if you are watching this Again and checking back in hopefully You're able to go to intermediate or Eventually Advanced awesome all right From here we're gonna go to our bottom Of our feet so if you're with me you're Sitting on both Heels uh you can put a pillow or a block Or something under here to sit a little Higher or you can do a down dog and Pedal your feet you can also do one foot At a time now from here you if you are With me you want to keep your feet and Heels really close together you can give Some movement but you should feel this Stretch towards like the toes also Through the whole sole of the foot if You can hold this for two minutes More power to you amazing that can be Kind of like your indicator for this one But our feet are the only thing that Touches the ground unless sometimes you Handstand walk through your house like I Do but we need to take care of our feet It's so important for your posture also For your joints because it can affect Your knees and your hips if something's Wrong on your feet switch sides if you Already did okay wonderful take your Time here breathe and then you pretty Much did it we're gonna push back into a Child's pose so bring your knees apart Feet together reach your arms out

Forehead to the ground sink the tummy Through the legs and thank your body for What it allowed you to do today no Matter where you started flexibility is Truly measured in millimeters go ahead And reach your arms to the right sink Your left hip back down towards your Heel and breathe so just if you can take Some progress videos progress photos as You are doing this because you'll be Surprised at what ends up changing as You're consistent walk your hands to the Left sink your right hip down Breathe out gratitude is also very Important because you know sometimes if You were super flexible at one point Come back to the middle and you're like Oh no what happened to my flexibility I Used to have my splits why can't I do That anymore everyone starts somewhere You come back to it and you're Absolutely able to retrain your body or I've seen some people who have never had Their splits before in their life and They've worked towards it so I believe In you no matter where you're starting If you repeat this and keep trying you Will get better okay so thank you so Much for for joining me and thank you Paris thank you and thank you Ellie I Hope you feel a little more tall and More open yeah I do yes and you can do Party tricks yeah if you want you can Drop into a split and shock everybody

Fantastic thank you for joining and be Sure to check out the other videos in This series [Music]

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