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Day 1: Assess Your Strength With This 30-Minute Workout | POPSUGAR FITNESS




Day 1: Assess Your Strength With This 30-Minute Workout | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hi welcome to class with sugar and our Special Five-day fitness assessment series it's A program to help you determine and Track your performance level in five key Aspects of Fitness endurance balance Speed flexibility and today Stress I'll be leading you to the Assessment with a 30-minute workout this Workout includes a beginner intermediate And an advanced version to measure where You are in your fitness journey as you Kick off this New Year Kenzie Michaela Is you ready let's get it let's go All right let's get right into this Warm-up with a hob Squat and knee raise We're pushing this ground away standing Up nice and Tall if this is your first Time you are following Michaela and just Giving me that knee drive and you'll be Sticking with her all workout long what If you've seen me before If you know me in the jokes that I am About to say you may have moved up to The intermediate or advanced level now Let me say Even though I'm Advanced I chose the Hardest of this little balance option For our first one so if I look like the Beginner here don't judge me That's just what it looks like to Progress in life two steps forward one Step back okay don't shame yourself just Be proud that you took a challenge on

Today Now as I push the ground away I'm Focusing in on my inseam as well of my Foot so my big toe is pushing into the Floor even though I'm focusing mostly on The heel last one here and then we're Gonna get into a little crawl let's get Right to the edge of the map sit it into A squad Michaela's on those knees As I call forward my focus is to get Into this push-up position I'll be Adding a little tap tap but even without That tap tap just have a moment and Pause in that push-up position get those Shoulders nice and warm because they are Going to be getting put to good use Now our goal today is not to move fast It is to work on this strength so you Want to get into these movements and What let them marinate okay It makes me hungry are we talking Barbecue you'll notice Michaela is still Getting some glute activation in there Because every time she comes back into The kneeling position there is a nice Booty squeeze last moment here before we Turn over onto our back if you're Already forward you can just turn over You don't have to finish the wrap so We're gonna get into some hip thrusters Nice and gentle I'm gonna start off with A good single leg hip Thruster now I'm Breathing through Now of course starting with both feet on

The floor bilaterally it's gonna feel Very balanced and even if you end up Wanting to go to the full advanced level I understand early in the workout Starting with it more bilateral Imbalance movement breathe through with Me we got less than 20 seconds and we're About to get into this work okay we'll Be excited you know what it's like doing Over here probably workout this is not About drudgery we are not here to be Tortured we're here to find out a little Bit more about ourselves and to have a Good time okay the pop sugar experience Rest we're gonna turn right over and get Into this workout that won't be the last Time I kicked my water bottle so just Know what to expect here I want you Lying flat on your stomach those of you Giving me beginner reach around that Booty before bringing the hands to your Side and pushing up onto those knees Those are an intermediate we're getting T position a little bit more challenging And pushing up it's a full push-up Position Joining me in advance you are at the Y Give a nice pull and then also Add an additional full rep of the Push-up before lying back down to the Superhero now I don't want your hands And your feet coming up high by you Throwing your hands and feet I want that To happen by you activating the powers

Of that back Body Flex the glute Flex That upper back to get those feet high And those hands up high as well last Couple reps finish it out get a good Push-up to finish out this set And we will be standing on a grass from Here let's take it up and we're gonna Focus in on these legs for the next two Sets what I want to see is a nice three Second pulse because we are focusing and I watch strength training let's let These quads burn from here we can just Stand beginners give me a top and a tap To practice in on that balance those Intermediate you have your three seconds Stand Tall to a good moment of balance Push into the ground give me that leg Extension if you're with me give me that Full plyometric lunge up land it low and I'll push always back to this three Seconds because what do we do here we Let it marinate that's right squeeze it And push Okay Killing me with the marinade I love it I'm not mad at making people a little Hungry Well they work out let's just get it you Connected to your body oh Ah we're pushing through we have less Than 20 seconds here You gotta embrace the burn you gotta Learn to love the marriage I love the Burn that's the only way you're gonna

Chase it Oh I'm feeling it yes it's better to run Over the interval rather than go under So that's what we're gonna do remember I Love you okay rest Let's Take It to the Ground Now we're staying on these legs we're Going into a hip thruster Now with our beginners the hands to the Side of the hip is going to give you a Lot more support so you're coming up and Then giving me my March feeling Supported with those hands at the side And then the hips come down you can Switch which legs come up in that March First those of you intermediate hands Are to the side still getting a wide Base of support once your knee comes up You're gonna lower lift Then lower that leg and Ease on Down Again you would raise Get that leg up give me a full wrap Before putting that leg down and Switching off if you're with me leg up To the sky let's get three reps on each Side and even taking up another level by Getting those arms overhead what was That little midriff shower I mean you Gotta pay extra for that What uh pop sugar to allow me to wear Crop tops in these workouts come on you Got my vote I know I vote it's a new Year New you understand no matter what Level you're on we are taking our time With each wrap time under tension there Is no race here there is only operation Booty squeeze okay the rust it like you Mean it and if you have your legs Straight up to the sky with me try to Lock it out we get a little more quality Okay the more you give the more you get Last moments here let's finish strong Push it out push it out wait till you're Even on both legs and then we shall rest Now from here we're gonna get right into That core focus in we have three bicycle Crunches the knees are bent in the Beginner so we want you to feel good Getting a three second pulse every three Rotations if you're an intermediate I Want your legs to go out long for a Normal bicycle don't forget that three Second pulse and if you're with me it's A full scissor kick Legs are long Challenging that flexibility and that Quad strength as well that hip flexor Strength it's feeling good and Controlled I'm feeling I'm feeling some Pilates elegant here you know Just me out here looking very successful You can say it and my rich rats okay And my shirt with sleeves on it I know Some of you are like I don't recognize You That's a lot of arm to be covered up for

Near Okay it is me It is we're near pollen you can tell by All this hilariousness right that's the Signature that's how you know if like an Alien took over my body like it looks Like him because he's really fine but he Hasn't made me laugh once I don't know This could be a body snatch kind of Situation if you just left any of my Jokes that was extra credit your abs Worked harder yes turn over We're about to get onto this plank now I know we just did those abs so this Plank is about to burn and I just want You to know I did that on purpose okay Thank you Michaela I know that it's gonna burn Even being on these knees for a minute I Know you're gonna feel something Intermediate you're going between the Knees And the toes every five seconds now if You when you drop your knees want to Keep your toes on the ground because it Feels more comfortable for the amount of Weight that's on the knees feel free to Do so or just like Michaela has you can Lift those feet and if that makes you Feel more comfortable please stay there This is all about what feels good for You advance we're doing right knee Left knee Both knees now my goal here when I'm

Moving Is one to just not pass out from the Pain I mean it is burning but also To move nice and slow and try to keep my Hips in the exact same spot As my knees are moving so I'm driving my Belly button in towards my spine and it Feels like I'm pushing my hips up Towards the air as the knees are coming Down but that is just the way it may Feel while you're trying to keep it in The same spot last moments here Four three Two and one rest it up you have almost a Full minute off here and we do start Back on those hands so I want you doing Something that makes you feel good you Could be in the child's pose kind of Giving me a little spinal wave you can Come up and get a little wrist Strengthening activity Force the back of Your hands together anything that feels Like a break and feels right for you I Saw a little cotton count action going On over there What where is it you haven't made a joke In almost two minutes I'm starting to Get worried listen because you make me Laugh too hard I'm dying over here you Can't want me to work and talk Don't you ever limit yourself thank you We're going to the second round show me How you get there Okay I'm going to the Y position with

The arms Lifting for a squeeze drive it In and push it up nice and high Whoo So second round is my favorite round It's when you know you are warmed up you Want to see what the body can do it's The best intersection between warmed up And tired okay it's like tired is around The corner And I don't think we're gonna have a Rest there just so we're clear So after you get into that have Gratitude where you are because those of You that know me know I call the point Of the workout before you're tired That's the fun out Okay the work hasn't started yet we're Just enjoying ourselves when you get Tired and I can't when I can hardly Speak that's all I'm working on now we Need to shut up Laughter up here that is wrong and then Stand up with me oh yes please hello get Off his arms okay So high flying fun if you're here with Me otherwise really bounce that booty And don't forget where you're at with Rainier is always appropriately and show Me that booty work okay let's get down With the three the two little one I'm Gonna squeeze it and then that balance Push the ground away if you're with me With the jumping remember it's like You're taking your belly button forward

Than the land And push through that ground Regardless of what level you're at when You get into that balance exercise it's Like the ground is a weight and you're Pushing the ground away okay you can Move mountains you can move this world All you gotta do is believe move it in The right direction please okay Directions relative so although it feels Like you're pushing down I promise You're you're moving things up you just Have to take my word on some things I'm The instructor I'm in charge just Believe me And don't accept lines like that for Most people in charge but me you can Trust me okay oh we're almost there We're almost there I wanted to make These intervals nice and lengthy so you Can focus in on the strength training And not prioritize film like you have to Move fast to get a lot out of it you're Gonna be able to get a lot out of it Because we have a lot of time under that Tension Standing Tall get it low and Take it right back down oh it's gonna Flow oh Now We've been here before again Hands there's another easy way to change Up the difficulty level I'm going to Keep my hands overhead so I am not Getting any assistance another way

To take things up for levels to step Your feet just a little bit further Away from your hips So those are all things to play with While staying in the same exact exercise Those heels go a little bit further away From your hips And those hips take a little bit more Time to get down to the ground And you will be working the hamstrings And glutes that much more effectively of Course since we're raising a leg we're Also getting into the balance challenge Whenever you're getting into balance You're getting a Decor so really no Matter what I'm saying you're always Doing a little bit more than what I may Be even expressing to you so you know Taking that gratitude feel free to give Yourself a pat on the bat numerous times Throughout the workout you don't have to Wait till the end you're allowed to be Proud of yourself right now Shoot I Stand For That You feel proud of yourself right now You'll probably put more effort into This work okay less than 30 seconds Keep pleasure keep driving keep Breathing through Connecting to your breath is not only About Giving more oxygen to your body it lets Your body know that you feel calm and it Takes away that fight or flight that may

Be coming about so feeling control Feel connected and feel finished with This interval we're gonna go right away Into our bicycle exercise again you can Just tap this heel with the knees bent And that beginner position but also when I get to that pulse my knee is pulsing Towards my chest and this elbow but more Representative of like the serratus the Muscle surrounding my ribs are pulsing Me a little bit closer to that elbow so In position let's get our three Or two are one and our pulses yes yes And yes oh I'm feeling more this round Are we in the workout yet Almost there almost there someone out There was like that's not funny that Wasn't funny at all how you gonna be Like that oh the leg that is also going Towards the ground it's gonna have a lot Of weight on that hip flexor if it is a Little too difficult for you again you Just give me a slight Bend in that knee Or you have the option of keeping that Leg a little higher and that will take Away a little bit of that stress Regardless you got 15 seconds and I want You to fight come on Hello miles seven Six keep rotating through keep breathing And believing Oh All right we're flipping over we're Getting that plank and if it's any

Motivation to you Focus in on the fact that you're a Minute away from a longer rest period Again okay so Sometimes it's about just finding Something to believe in and holding on To that okay do what you need to do Ready set go so I said man with that Single single double for the full minute Oh Let It Burn it's burning you're welcome Thank you so much I love planks they're My favorite core exercise because they Really cover the full body they teach You how to really deal with your own Body weight and you and working with Your own body weight is so liberating Because you know in the middle of a Dangerous situation when you have to get Away and climb a fence you're dealing With your own body that's what I think About it that's all I think about you I'm the wrong person to go to be around When a fire alarm goes off you really See how much I'm about my own Survival Renee you have to step on my back I was Trying to climb through that window it Was an Open Door over there leave me Alone I've been through a lot of my life I've been through a lot so I've been a Second I tell the jokes to distract you You're welcome I'm distracted Rest very good job very good job so Again this is one of the times that you

Need to exercise your right to do what You want to do you have this whole Almost minute off what you want to do a Little Cabbage Patch A little low twerk A little bit you just have objects I need you to explore I'm gonna go with the wrist I like to look after these things so my Hands are resisting one another trying To keep my elbows High I give a good 10 Seconds I sneak it out Now this little last round here no Matter which level you're at if you want To progress a little bit maybe even Start your experimentation towards that Next higher level if you're feeling Ready for it please do so I'm going to Turn my push up into a plyometric Push-up because I can enjoy yourself now We're gonna light on down and if you Want to take it to the next level with Me and go into a plyometric push-up will Come up Yeah and landed down low now the whole Reason I even love this exercise is it Forces you to go through a full range of Motion all the way from the ground every Time you push into that push-up position Now if you're in the beginner level and You want to experiment with adding on a Push-up feel free you know now because You feel that extra energy right now

If you're ever Just feeling Um A lack of stress in your workout it is Going down nice and easily that's what I Know it's time to level up just a bit I Want to feel the right amount of stress Like I have to focus through yeah and by The last few reps I can barely get them In that's the way I like to go for it Ooh last couple seconds here I want to Give you the option of going a little Bit harder with slightly longer Intervals on the last round You're welcome thank you All right it's never too late for a Thank you now get up Three second polls are we gonna get These jumps any higher let's push go Three Two bounce that booty And again we're looking for a nice range Of motion so although I'm focusing on a Booty bounce If I'm able to focus in on getting my Hips a little bit lower than my knees Then a little bit higher I'm gonna do it Range of motion matters you build Strength in the range of motion that you Practice so trying to find as much range Of motion in your workouts as possible That you feel safe to execute the Movement is what we are all about that's Why you see me keeping these movements

Slow so I can really explore them and so Can you keep squeezing that booty too if You're on these jobs Operation booty squeeze You can squeeze them up when you're in The standing motion as well it may feel A little bit harder to connect to the Squeeze but it is possible slightly Longer edible I don't told you I don't regret it I don't regret it and I do it again oh last rep here last rep Here oh and to the ground we go come on This is a celebration this allows round Okay So yeah we get down had to overhead Again long range of motion how high can The hips get and ease it down low if You'd like you can get this last rep and Come down easy but that last rep just Takes a little bit more of time in the Air Oh never a bad time to hold and push Before it is about down I made all of These intervals a little bit longer For all of our hip thrusts so I won't Make it longer on the last animal hey You're welcome but I'm really saying That just to say if you want to join me In having that last one where you Squeeze Before you ease you have a good amount Of time to do it anyway keep fighting Bless you oh I said squeeze before you ease if you

Put that on the shirt and you don't send Me at least one free You might find a lawsuit happening I'm Very easy to win Just one little free piece of Memorabilia I really do I haven't heard anybody say That squeeze I like it and then I eat Mariah Carey just got denied uh she Tried to trade my queen of Christmas oh Right I did feel bad for him and I'm Like you did get a little too cocky she Tried to get Princess Christmas too let Me see if I can get squeezes Rest it we're gonna go right into our Bicycles we don't need a big break here So join me with that straight leg if you Can and regardless of the level you're At can you get your elbow inside your Knee when you're getting that nice Delicious [Music] Sweet before you eat maybe I always say Things are delicious because I've always Considered myself to be a snack And that's the kind of um Positivity I'm trying to spread in this World You've got to know you're delicious If you don't know your delicious how can Anybody okay that was just weird I was Trying to I was trying to take out a T-shirts It was I mean accommodating a RuPaul

Quote that just doesn't work in this Situation it doesn't give them the same It's not giving what it's supposed to Give you know that nice pulse is coming From that core you know we're trying to Be absolicious on this one so I want That spleen that squeeze that squeeze What I'm having that pulse rather than Thinking that I'm trying to kick my leg I'm flexing from those abdominals I know That time unintentional gets you come Out this is our last three seconds oh That worked out perfectly and rest Well done sit it up that phone Particularly torturous after that Exercise and turn over Let's get this core I swear on days I do Not have time to work out If I can only get five minutes It's gonna be some kind of combination Of planks Great full body movement getting these Quads Getting the responsible training of that Multifidi which is a muscle group in That low back let's get it all Strengthened up Oh huh so I got a nice isometric hold Here When you're getting isometric holds They're not only good for strengthening Muscle But the joints that are pulling the Blood are showing to get stronger as

Well So that's why you'll see a lot of Movements like so being done in rehab Movements so it's always good to see What they're doing in rehab and do it in Your workouts call it prehab you don't Have to wait to get hurt before you put In responsible strength training oh 10 Seconds Oh I love that I'm gonna feel it Tomorrow kind of feeling you're not okay You know what I mean three Two One and die Oh Yeah that's a good feeling that's that's What we do this for all right we're Gonna get right into some stretches Let's have one foot out in front we're Getting into a hamstring stretch if you Need to double up your mat for need Support feel free to do so now I'm gonna Lean Back hands at the side if this tree Is as comfortable as you feel feel free To stay here and breathe into the motion Notice you have the option of curling Your toe under in that back foot or the Harder option of keeping that back foot Flat you can reach the opposite arm Forward or both arms and nose towards That knee deep breath here with me [Music] We're gonna exhale and pull our body Forward with this front heel try to get

Some activation from this hamstring from That stretch position before we trade Out the leg and find the same Appropriate Challenge on this side you Can fall off balance I'm not embarrassed Chill just went through a whole workout So I'm pushing my hips away from my foot As much as I can and pushing my hips Away from my head again you have the Option of flatten out that back foot Could also reach the opposite arms Forward Bow breathe into it use your breath to Stretch the body inhale Again we're going to focus in on using That front heel to pull us back towards That kneeling position before we lie Down on the stomach for a nice little Chest opener Sphinx position I want you To focus in on keeping your legs flat to The floor your hips flat to the floor as You push through those elbows to lift Your chest And if you want to push into a modified Cove or anything to get a little bit More range you know that I support you But I want shoulders away from the ears As well trying to open up the chest in Any and all of those positions deep Breath See if you can expand that stretch just A bit more before exhaling into a Child's pose position and what's that Word let it marinate oh you're killing

Me License fear laugh and my evil laugh are Just so close your next door neighbors Was that the sincere lie Okay the hands are reaching away from The hip let's see if we can get a little Bit more extension I'm gonna call my Fingertips just an inch forward sit my Hips back a bit at our final deep breath Together inhale [Music] [Applause] Open to the sky kneeling shoulders away From the ears you can Flex the glutes Inhale Exhale and let's stand up for a Celebration we did it we did it we did It Okay the amazing job and you know I am Coaching your phone I am so proud of you Joining me today and I hope you'll check Out all the other videos in our Assessment series until then enjoy Yourself class Mr sugar [Laughter]

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