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CREAMY COLESLAW RECIPE | with easy, healthy dressing!




CREAMY COLESLAW RECIPE | with easy, healthy dressing!

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If you're looking for a healthy easy Doable salad recipe to bring along to All of your barbecues picnics and Cookouts this summer this classic creamy Coleslaw recipe is for you all it takes Is five ingredients and 10 minutes and I Am telling you every time I make this Healthy coleslaw somebody asks me for The recipe it's so good that I even Included it in the clean and delicious Cookbook because sometimes it's the Simplest recipes that deserve the most Praise now in the name of ease and Saving time I often buy a bag of Coleslaw mix which is simply sliced Green cabbage with a little bit of Purple cabbage and some shredded carrots Mixed in this is an easy shortcut option That turns a 10 minute coleslaw recipe Into a five minute coleslaw recipe but You can of course also slice the Cabbage Yourself and here's exactly how you Would do that remove any tough outer Leaves or bruised outer leaves then You're going to trim off the bottom of The stem stand the Cabbage upright on That flat bottom so it's nice and stable Then I take my knife over the top and Slice the Cabbage straight through in Half from here I like to pop the core Out which you can see right in the Center and I do that by bringing my Knife down into a v-like angle on both Sides and then the core will come out

Super easily then I'm going to take each Half cut it into quarters and then Thinly slice the quarters into nice thin Strands just like this and then once you Get to the end you could just flip it Over and then keep cutting it just makes The job a little bit easier and then to Make sure that these strips of cabbage Aren't too long when you're eating I Like to slice them in half or thirds Depending on how big the cabbage is now Just a side note you could certainly mix Some red cabbage or some shredded Carrots into the green cabbage just for Color if you're slicing it yourself but From a flavor perspective using all Green cabbage is absolutely delicious so There's no need to buy the extra Ingredients unless it really lights you Up now this recipe calls for a 12 ounce Bag of cabbage mix which is anywhere Between six to eight cups of cabbage if You're slicing it yourself which is Equivalent to one small head of cabbage Which I find happily serves four people Now one optional step is fresh herbs I Personally love to level up the flavor Of this salad by adding in a small Handful of chopped cilantro parsley Would also be absolutely delicious but Truth be told if I'm making this on a Busy weeknight I do skip the fresh herbs But I still wanted to share it with you All because it really is Delicious from

Here all we need to do is make the Coleslaw dressing which I like to do Right in the same Bowl so we don't have Any extra dishes to wash so I'm going to Start with one quarter cup of mayonnaise Whenever possible I look for a Mayonnaise that is based with avocado Oil instead of seed oils and then I have A quarter cup of plain Greek yogurt this Is going to lighten the coleslaw up a Little bit plus it adds a little boost Of protein then I love to add a couple Of crushed cloves of garlic And nice big fat pinch of salt and some Black pepper and then I'm going to Gently mix this all together now you're Going to notice that this coleslaw is Much healthier option than your Traditional classic coleslaw recipes Because number one it doesn't use any Sugar and number two that Greek yogurt Helps to create a great balance just Lightening the final dish up a bit but Keep in mind you could do this with all Mayo or with all Greek yogurt so as Always pick the option that works with What you have on hand what you love or Prefer and or what works with your Personal goals not only is this coleslaw Great as a side dish for your Traditional summer foods like burgers or Grilled chicken but we also love serving It on top of tacos or on top of my Famous pulled pork which I'm going to

Link for you guys down in the Description box below I hope you guys Give this one a try and when you do come On down to the comments below and let me Know what you think as always thank you So much for watching I'm Danny spies and I'll see you back here next time with Some more clean and deliciousness cheers Is so bad

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