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Creamy Chocolate Protein Shake #shorts




Creamy Chocolate Protein Shake #shorts

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My double chocolate protein shake now This one starts with one cup of Unsweetened almond milk or whatever type Of milk you prefer or have on hand then I have a handful of baby spinach which Is so tender and mild you won't even Know what's in there it's actually a Great beginner green for anybody who's Trying to add more greens to their Smoothies or shakes then I have one Serving of chocolate protein powder a Tablespoon of cocoa powder this is going To add another layer of rich chocy Flavor then I have some cinnamon for That warm cozy flavor and then to make The shake super rich and creamy I'm Adding 3/4 of a cup of Frozen Cauliflower and a half of a frozen Banana and then last but not least I Have 1 tbspoon of nut butter okay so on Goes the lid and we're going to blend it Up once it's Blended up you're going to Have this Rich decadent delicious double Chocolate protein smoothie that happens To be packed with veggies but I promise You nobody would ever know

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