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COTTAGE CHEESE BREAKFAST TOAST | easy, healthy recipe ideas




COTTAGE CHEESE BREAKFAST TOAST | easy, healthy recipe ideas

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Hello my friends it's Dany and today I'm Going to be wrapping up our easy healthy Breakfast idea series with a meal that Is quick affordable nutritious and super Versatile I'm going to show you how to Make cottage cheese breakfast toast six Different ways this is really a great Option when you want something that is Delicious and nutritious but you do not Have a lot of time soad this is like a True 2-minute meal you can make your Cottage cheese toast sweet or Savory and I'm going to share a few combinations That I have come to really love now to Make cottage cheese breakfast toast you Need two main ingredients bread and Cottage cheese now personally I'm a big Fan of sprouted bread this Ezekiel food For Life brand is one of my favorites Each slice has 4 gram of protein and 3 G Of fiber plus it has this very hearty Texture and I find that it keeps me Feeling much more satiated and satisfied More so than eating a regular whole Wheat bread but with that being said you Can choose any type of bread you have on Hand or that you love to make your Cottage cheese toast and as a matter of Fact my second choice would probably be Sourdough as for the cottage cheese I Usually go with a 2% lowfat cottage Cheese I find that this has a great Balance of being rich and creamy without Being too heavy as for the brand you can

Use anything you love I happen to be Obsessed with the brand good culture This is not a sponsored video I just Think it is the best tasting cottage Cheese out there so if you can get your Hands on it give it a try and yes a Non-fat or a full fat cottage cheese Would all work beautifully as well so as Always use what you love use what you Have use what aligns with your personal Goals so for the base of this recipe you Just need to make a piece of toast so You just want to pop your bread into Your toaster until you have a nice Lightly golden piece of toast option you Could put a light spread of butter or Olive oil on the bread if you prefer Personally I don't usually do that but My husband really likes to do that okay So our first flavor combo is going to be A sweet variation and it's nut butter And berries it's kind of a play on Peanut butter and jelly so first you're Going to put a layer of your favorite Nut butter over the toast you could do Almond butter cashew peanut butter a Sunflower seed butter they would all Work then I'm going to layer on 1/4 cup Of cottage Cheese and then top that with fresh Berries blueberries strawberries Raspberries they all work you could do a Combination or just pick your favorite So simple so delicious and this is like

A fresh high protein spin on a classic Peanut butter and jelly sandwich next up Is one of my personal favorites it is Peanut butter and banana this one I find Is a real rib sticker it really keeps me Satiated for quite some time and keep in Mind if one slice of toast is is not Enough here you can always make two so We're going to start again with some Type of nut butter personally I love Peanut butter when I'm making this Variety and remember whenever you were Buying any type of nut butter at the Store you want to look for a brand that Has simply the nuts listed under the Ingredients and maybe some salt so I'm Going to spread that onto my toast top That with a/4 cup of the cottage cheese And then we're going to add some sliced Bananas right over the top Along with a Sprinkle of cinnamon if you Want an extra boost of plant-based Protein and or Fiber you could also add A Sprinkle of hemp seeds or chia seeds But personally I like it just the way it Is if you're an egg sandwich kind of Person then you're going to want to try This next variety so right to the top of My toast I'm adding my cottage cheese And once I've got that layered over the Top I'm going to add a sliced hardboiled Egg on top of the cottage cheese and Then finish it with everything bagel Seasoning again so simple it comes

Together so quickly and it is so Delicious and so satisfying now this Next Savory combo is for all of my Avocado toast fans out there you're Going to start with the same base we've Got our toast topped with the cottage Cheese and then to that I'm adding some Fresh sliced avocado remember when You're choosing an avocado at the Grocery store you want to look for an Avocado that when you gently press your Thumb on the outside of the avocado it Leaves a slight indentation if it's Really hard it's definitely not ripe and If it's super mushy then it may be past Rpe so this is the key to a perfectly Ripe avocado I also like to finish this One with a Sprinkle of red pepper flakes And then a good flaky sea salt for Texture and flavor so good now if you're More of a smoked salmon and cream cheese Kind of person then you are going to Want to try this flavor option onto my Toast I've layered my cottage cheese and Then right on top of the cottage cheese I'm just going to add 1 to 2 ounces of Sliced smoke Salmon I also love this with a little Bit of red onion a few Briney Capers and Should you have some on hand a few fresh Sprigs of Dill really take this one to The next level but if you don't have Fresh dill you could also do a Sprinkle Of dried dill or you could completely

Skip it the salmon with the onions and The capers offer plenty of flavor on Their own I have one last flavor Combination that I'm going to share with You but remember these ideas are Literally just the tip of the iceberg There are so many ways that you can Experiment by making different flavors With your cottage cheese toast and I am Really curious to know some of your Ideas so if you have any inspiration Come on down to the comments below and Do share so we can all continue to Inspire one another okay my final flavor Here is another Savory option and what I Do is as soon as I toast the bread I add A layer of olive tood this has a really Salty Briny flavor that pairs Beautifully with the cottage cheese so On top of that Olive tood I'm going to Add my cottage cheese and then we're Going to add a few sliced cucumbers I Really like to use the little Persian Cucumbers those are the small cucumbers That do not have any seeds and they are Super crunchy And then I'm going to add on some sliced Tomatoes along with a bit of salt and Black pepper I will actually make this One for dinner sometimes on those nights When you just have no desire no energy Or no idea of what you actually feel Like cooking something like this can be A great option to have in your back

Pocket when you still want to eat Something that's delicious and Nutritious but you want something also That's just like so fast and simple Without ordering takeout so I hope by Now I have convinced you to give cottage Cheese toast to try it really is an easy Delicious doable affordable meal when You do not have time for breakfast but You still want to eat something that is Delicious and nutritious because if There's anything that I have discovered On my own Journey with healthy eating It's that sometimes you really have to Let it be super duper easy if you want It to be doable and sustainable as Always thank you so much for watching if You enjoy easy healthy recipes just like This one make sure that you subscribe to The channel and hit that notific Ification Bell so you never miss a new Recipe and if you know anybody else that Wants to make healthy eating easy and Delicious make sure to share this with Them as well thanks so much I am Danny Spe and I'll see you back here next time With some more clean and deliciousness Cheers

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