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Costco Grocery Haul – Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Foods (2023)




Costco Grocery Haul - Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Foods (2023)

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Hi everyone and welcome back to clean Eating kitchen and welcome back to my Garage this is where I always do my Grocery hauls and today we're doing Another Costco haul this is a late Summer early fall Costco haul I live in California so even though it's almost August as I'm recording this it's now Just getting warm so I'm really just now Getting into the full summer mode with Summer Foods summer drinks summer fruits And so I'm gonna share all my favorites They're all gluten-free and dairy free And I would consider them to be I would Say all real food ingredients I hope That you find some Little Treasures for Your next Costco shopping haul so let me Just go ahead and jump into what I Purchased today all right so here is an Overview of everything purchased today The only thing not on this table are a Few cleaning items and then some boxed Pellegrino sparkling water and so let's Go ahead and these are all Um items for the pantry items for the Kitchen which will probably last Anywhere from a month to some items Might last a little bit longer I usually Shop at Costco about once a month and my Shopping haul today was about four Hundred dollars so some of the specialty Summer items specifically I would say Are fresh organic mangoes these are just Traditional orange mangoes they're

Pretty hard right now you get six of Them in a box and Um of course you have to wait for them To get very soft and then I will just Peel them and have them as a snack that Is the most common way I eat fresh Mangoes you can purchase Frozen mango For smoothies but the fresh is kind of a Treat and I just generally have that for Like a dessert or a snack Um this was a very much needed item it's Not necessarily summer this is Definitely one of my Basics it is uh you Can see organic extra virgin olive oil And it's just the best price I actually Ran out this past week and I knew I was Coming to Costco so I bought a small Bottle just at the regular grocery store Which was probably a tenth of the size And cost half as much so essentially You're getting Um I mean just a great deal with this Giant bottle and if you don't like Plastic They also sell it in glass bottles but a Slightly smaller quantity and I use uh Organic extra virgin olive oil Specifically for making homemade salad Dressings next a few more just basic Items that I always get you've probably Seen in my Costco hauls before organic Bananas organic Frozen cherries Which are specifically for my breakfast Smoothies I also got two of these

Pomegranate juices and I've noticed that Costco has started selling Pomegranate juice but I believe it is Um I'm not sure there's something slightly Different about it I can't remember but I prefer the Palm wonderful brand Um I'll look at the Costco brand again But there was something that was Different about it and made me not like It as much as the Palm wonderful I got some more coconut water which is a Great item to have in the summer time Because it's almost like a natural Electrolyte drink and this one which is Pink it's so pretty they have new Packaging now it's in a cardboard box it Has a nice flavor it doesn't have that Kind of I'm not sure how to explain it like Almost like an astringent flavor that Some coconut Waters can have this one is Tastes really good I put it in my Morning smoothie Um let me see uh oh I did get some more Pumpkin seeds this is another ingredient That I put in my smoothies believe it or Not because when you mix it up in a Vitamix it actually the seeds turn Creamy and they make a nice base mixed With water so because I am dairy free Um you know you want like a creamy base To your smoothie so nuts and seeds are a Great way to do that and hemp seeds I

Got another bag of these I use for the Same purpose and it's also a good idea To vary your nuts and seeds that you Consume so like today I got pumpkin Seeds and hemp seeds I've also used Sunflower seeds in my smoothies uh let's See I got some more honey I live in California and I'm not sure if they do This in other parts of the country but This is a local Honey which makes it good for allergies And so I got two of these these will Sometimes go in a smoothie or my husband Really likes a dessert of peanut butter And honey together maybe with some Banana Really basic simple dessert Um oh I don't want to miss this coffee Um actually I drink decaf but he drinks Regular this looks like it's a light Roast organic We just got these because they were Featured and we go through quite a bit Of coffee beans these are whole beans we Have a grinder at home which makes it Very fresh and I think probably has a Nicer flavor than pre-ground but that's Just our thought this is something that I have this is my third bag I've Purchased organic sweet potato fries These are excellent in the air fryer They actually have air frying Instructions on the back it's very Simple I made these for my nephew when

He was visiting recently and he Immediately asked his mom for an air Fryer so he could make them at home let Me show you the ingredients they're not Perfect But they're fine I mean I make this Maybe once a week it's organic sweet Potatoes Wow they even put the percentage on here Um sunflower oil Organic Um dextrin salts so it has a slight Little Coating in the fries but they're Uniformly cut and they make really Really nice Um fries for the summer I highly Recommend these Um Let's see the pineapple goes in the Smoothie I also of course you know I'm Obsessed with my pineapple Frosty which I mentioned in my last video as part of My Summer favorite so if you make it let Me know that here's another ingredient That goes in the frosty vanilla I picked Up some of that Um something I've been enjoying lately Is tuna salad so I got some more tuna This is also great to have on hand for Emergency supplies which living in California because of earthquake risk Wildfire risk we're always thinking About Emergency supplies this is something new

I have not tasted but I pretty much love Anything from siete Foods these are this Is a treat chili lime grain free puff Snacks I'm usually not a huge spicy Flavor person but Recently I've had Um spicier things and enjoyed them so I Thought I'd give these a try big bag so Hopefully I'll like them I believe these Are made with cassava flour since they Are grain free And another treat Uh these Um these are coconut rolls they're Gluten free I'm pretty sure they're Dairy free Um I'm almost 100 but let's look and These are like little cookies and They're very tasty I've had these before Um it does have egg but no Dairy so That's perfect if you're on a Gluten-free dairy-free diet and these Are quite tasty so I did get two bags of Them and that'll last me for probably a Month I doubt my husband will will eat Those he's not Uh he's not really into that kind of Thing Um and then I found these uh pineapple Organic pineapple Spears I thought these Would be good for snacks not so much in The summer because we have so much fresh Fruit but maybe in the winter time when It's harder to find fresh fruits and

Then again these are great for anything Like this is good for emergency supplies And then the last item I wanted to show You is something that I purchase on a Regular basis which you can get at the Pharmacy At Costco and this is a high potency Probiotic it's a capsule and actually This formulation has scientific research It helps with actual digestive Conditions as you can see there and Um It's you can see gluten-free non-dairy It's a great price if you were to buy This at a store it would probably be Another two third of the price I would Estimate here's the Makeup of the probiotic and this is just A great product that I at a great price So that is my late summer early fall but Pretty much summer picks at Costco I Hope you got some inspiration And you Um find some cool items for your kitchen At great prices let me know if I missed Any of your favorites and Um we'll see you soon Thank you so much for watching this Costco shopping haul I'm gonna go ahead And link to my Trader Joe's real food Shopping haul so you can check that one Out next see you next time

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