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Perfect for this season as well it just Looks luminous in all the right places But matte in all the right places where You need it during this season you know [Applause] And we're back today with the perfect Makeup tutorial for this season you guys Are gonna love it this is the clean girl Makeup tutorial but the winter Edition I Think you guys are going to love this Tutorial because it's just perfect for This season and I think it's really Really easy to recreate too now if you Do like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit that Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos I'm over on Instagram too so come And say hi there and I think we should Jump straight into the video now I've been really excited about this one Because I love that clean girl look like That is my go-to look but also I have Been seeing that there's this whole like Cold makeup Trend going on which is a Little bit too much for me I'm gonna be Honest like I don't want to look like my Nose is running I wanted to show you Something which kind of infuses that a Little bit into that clean gold look but A winter Edition so let's go for it my Skincare is all on already and the only Thing I'm going to do is start with my Spfs I'm going to be using my Charlotte

Tilbury invisible Flawless poreless Primer because that's SPF 50 which is Great for me just gonna smooth that on Okay I'm gonna go in with my hourglass Vanish concealer I'm using the shade Doom this is actually a Deeper Shade for Me so it's not my traditional light Color concealer it is a little bit Deeper just because I want my face to Look kind of like not overly bright in These areas so I'm just applying that to My eyelids and I'm going to buff that in With my sponge using my Real Techniques Sponge because this whole clean gold Look I feel like it's kind of nice to Have that clean look but at the same Time I don't want it to look like your Standard kind of like Flawless base you Want your skin to still come through you Know like for those little imperfections To still come through which I'm going to Show you how you can enhance them so We've got a nice even base on the lids Now I'm going to just set that with my Banana powder so I've just got a little Bit of that powder in my hand I'm gonna Go in with my Powder Puff press into That powder and then press into my lids This is just gonna like prep my eyelids So I don't need to do anything to them There you go just dust that off with my Real Techniques brush brush brush now I'm going to use this same concealer to Lift certain areas

Just you know the areas that I want a Little bit lifted but I also don't want It to be like super white in those areas So this is me just kind of like Sculpting my face as well at the same Time because this concealer is a nice Deep color and it is great coverage it Allows us to be able to use a lighter Coverage Foundation after so we don't Have to go in with such a heavy Foundation okay I'm gonna use my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion Brush and just kind of like buff that in I'm really excited about you seeing this Look because like I feel like it's Something that's really wearable and it Is a bit more of an update from the Update upgrade from the jingle look so I'm just buffing this in you know like Keep going up towards this area here it Kind of gives me that coverage but also Lifts it I'm not going to do that with This brush because I want to actually do That with my sponge and I'll explain why Now I'm going to get a lighter concealer So my traditional one which is my tarte Shape day and I'm going to use this on These areas here because I actually want This to be a little bit brighter better You don't have to use two different Concealers you can use your one Concealer so don't stress if you really Want this exact type of look then Obviously you can follow this I'm going

In with my sponge and this is where I'm Going to start buffing This is going to cover my under eye like Dark circles and it's also going to kind Of like lift the area the great thing is Is because we've got that slightly Deeper concealer on the outside it kind Of mixes together and creates the Perfect shade so it isn't too dark it Gives us that slight brightness but it's Not also overly bright Okay now we're gonna go in with the Darker concealer I'm going with my Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin Concealer this is a much darker shade And we're going to just kind of sculpt The face a little so the reason I'm Using this concealer is because it does Give more of that kind of radiant finish To the skin so and I like that and That's the kind of like look I'm going For because I want my real skin to come Through but I will kind of like bake it As well a little bit So I've got my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion brush again I'm Going to take this into the hairline Right into the hairline I don't want it To look like it's separated from the Hairline because it's just going to look Weird then it should just warm the Perimeter of the face See this little V here Just helps to make the tip of my nose

Look smaller and then this just kind of Like Slims it down and then this bit Here it's going to help to like Define My drawer drawn Control line a bit right I'm gonna go in With my hourglass ambient soft glow Foundation this is 10.5 just applying This to the back of my hand and I've got My brush my sponge ready and I'm just Kind of like taking a bit of that Foundation buffing it into my sponge First and then I'm buffing it into my Skin I'm gonna take this around the nose this Is a great foundation for this type of Look because it isn't fully matte but it Also gives you great coverage so it does Give you that really nice glow look to Your skin The color's great as well I really do Like this color I'm really surprised That the PR Company got it right See how you can still see that Contour Come through and then right along here I Just kind of take that down into the Neck area Yeah I'm really feeling this skin right Now now before we actually go in with Powder I now want to kind of bring back Some of those imperfections add a little Bit of that color in certain areas and Then I want to set it but I also don't Want to set it fully matte because I Want that really nice kind of glow to

Come through okay so first off I'm gonna Get my blush I'm getting my Fenty Beauty Double sheet up peony dropper and Malibus you know why I'm saying it like That because when I first said this out I did a real recently I called it Marley Booze and then my husband was like Marley booze and I'm like Marley Boos and he was like do you think It's supposed to be like Malibu's you Know like a Malibu and I was like Right so yeah that's what I'm laughing Anyway I'm gonna use my NYX 109 brush And I'm gonna just like kind of like dip It into both you know like just kind of Like go along like that all over so it's Kind of like covering the Brussels and Now what I'm gonna do is take this over My skin Very lightly Over my nose Like just along these areas here so I Still want that kind of blush to come Through along this high point of my Cheekbone here lightly go across but I Don't want it to look like a strip do You know what I mean add my blush here Just keep going over the color like Until you feel like you've got the right Amount of blush so I think the good area Would be this area here right and then Just a little bit up here so that it Doesn't look like that kind of strip I've got that really nice color going

All the way across honestly you could Keep going if you want extra blush I Think I'm kind of happy with that Although I feel like you're not going to Be able to see this as much over camera So maybe I will go just a little bit Extra so that you guys can really see it Now this is a little trick I'm going to Show you using a stipple brush any Stipple brush like a dual fiber brush This is a Mac one but it's very old and Apparently it's discontinued so I'll put The link in the description for much Cheaper version that you can get on Amazon basically this is a wide stipple Brush right so all the kind of like Hairs there's like gaps between all the Hairs so what I want to do is I want to Get my concealer you know that one that We used that was really dark the Charlotte Tilbury one I'm going to draw It across like cover my back of my hand And I'm going to show you Look at that right okay now what I'm Going to do is just kind of like go over With this bristle brush so it's kind of Covering some of the hair and now what I'm going to do is just get a mirror and Kind of go over certain areas and it's Going to add that kind of like Slight Freckle look without it looking Perfect it's like kind of gives you that Floor of those floors back but in a good Way kind of like I have like just makes

It look good and I have like a lot of Sunspots on my face so this works really Well for me because I feel like it just Makes everything look less perfect and Look a bit more kind of like sun-kissed Now this is where I'm gonna get my Powder so I've got my banana powder First off I'm going to make sure there Are no creases on my under eyes so let's Just get rid of them with the points the Pointy bit of my sponge pick up any Excess product and then I'm just going To get my powder puff and then I'm gonna Set my under eyes And then I'm just going to go over this Certain areas you know the areas that I Really really do want to keep from that And then I get the big part of my Hourglass brush That I basically just dust over the Whole face I don't do the under eye because I like To get my other brush Because this fits in perfectly on my Under eye area area Okay now I want to get my Too Faced Fluff and hold brow laminating wax this Stuff is absolutely amazing I am Literally going to brush this through my Hair Like that Then The lid comes off how cool is that You've got a brush and a comb at the end

And then I'm just going to basically Brush this up and then whatever's come Off on this brush I usually just take it Off in the back of my hand And then I flatten it with my finger I'm going to use a different brow pencil Today I'm using the Mac eyebrow Styler In spiked today I'm going to see what This is like so I'm actually trying this Out oh but we want to let that dry for a Bit let that dry for a bit so in the Meantime let me just put a little bit of Lip color on I'm going to use two so I'm Going to use Mac again I'm going to use The shade whirl and the shade mare is That how you say it nothing on my lips By the way There you go that's that lip color it's Quite browny now I'm just going to dab a Little bit of the mirror shade Just to add that Rosy finish to it I'm Just gonna like buff the edges you know Actually it looks a bit Messy around the edges so it just looks Real and I'm gonna draw a little kind of Pear Strokes Quite a good brow pencil Now I don't want to like finish the brow With this pencil because I feel like I Need a actual like brow pen for what I Want to do so I'm just filling in you Know like the areas that are really Obvious they're just kind of almost Shaping it

The only thing with this pencil is it Doesn't stay sharp because it's like Kind of a square finish I guess which is Kind of the problem with most pencils But I don't usually have that issue with My benefit pencil or my Anastasia pencil Or as I feel like this gets a bit kind Of blunt at the end like it's hard to Create that feather stroke with it okay I'm getting my Anastasia Brow pen in Soft Brown and I'm just going to draw in Some hair Strokes So I'm just kind of like drawing these Little feather Strokes in wherever I Feel that I need it I tend to kind of Like look back and forth and see you Know like how can I make it symmetrical I mainly follow the underside of the Brow brow and then sometimes add a few Little kind of like feather Strokes from The top so that it looks a bit more Feathery you know even though I just Complained about that brow pencil I Actually quite like it so it's I think It's the color and I like the fact that The color transfers really easily from This pencil so yeah I just want to add That it's not a good it's not a bad Pencil it's actually quite a good one I Think I will use it again now what I Want to do is add a bit of depth to my Eye so I'm going to use from my makeup By Mario Master Matt's palette I'm going To use the shade eight and I'm using my

E45 brush for this and I'm just Basically going to go into the socket There a little bit above keep looking Straight ahead when you're doing this Because you really want to see where You're adding it now I don't want it to Look like an obvious bold line so I've Applied the smallest amount of product To the brush can you see I'm mainly Focusing on this outside area I don't Want to really focus on that inner area There so what I'm doing is just kind of Like applying some but almost like Lifting it as it comes out here because That actually lifts that whole area as Well and now can you see the difference So we haven't applied it on the inside Part we've just supplied it on the Outside part and I've just basically Been flicking it up so like same thing Here Not a lot product on this brush that's The main point here not too much product There you go that's perfect so we're not Going for that obvious kind of drawn in Socket line I just want it to look like A shadow that's why we're kind of like Flicking it upwards as we're coming out That's more than enough we're going to Get that same brush I'm just taking off Whatever's on it and I'm going into the Shade matte 2 and this is where I'm Actually gonna Go on the inside Area here and I'm

Actually going to go across Just underneath where we actually Applied that darker shade you don't Really have to be super precise with This it just adds a bit of depth that it Helps that darker shade to pop a little Bit I do feel like I need the odd few More extra kind of freckles on my face So I'm going to go in with my brow pen Very lightly with the tip I'm just gonna Like touch The skin and then use my finger to kind Of like smudge it and I'm going over Areas where I can see that I've already Maybe got some kind of dark spots it's Mainly around my nose area I have a lot here Just gonna curl my lashes This is my Kevin o'quar lash curler I Love it and I just kind of like press a Few times I'm gonna get my Sigma e05 brush and I'm Gonna go into my shade matte eight and I'm basically gonna with the flat part Of this brush press And create a kind of like really soft Liner look but you have to press Otherwise nothing's going to happen Literally if you go across the eyeshadow Will just disappear so you just got Press as you go along and you're kind of Like dot by dot creating that liner look And it's so easy like look how quick That was and then with my finger

Drag it out and you can make that kind Of flick area as long as you want or as Defined as you want I like it to be Pretty soft so I kind of like Smudge it the trick is I just want it to Look like there's just a very kind of Like soft definition there it's nothing Major it's not black There you go it's literally so easy I Love this let's get this mascara on Benefit their real magnet lashes amazing Mascara Guys well worth getting this mascara It's so good it's my current favorite I'm gonna get my eyeliner brush again I'm going to go into mattes I think this Is matte 11 and this is where I'm Actually gonna touch the root of my Lower lash with this And what this is going to do is give me That bit of definition there without it Looking like I've got eyeshadow on if That makes sense so it just makes the Root of my lower lash look thicker Now I'm going to go back into that color And this is where I'm gonna just darken That flick Just coming out from the Lash line I Just want that area there to be a little Bit darker Same on this side You can drag it out if you need to but I'm happy with that I'm gonna get my Iconic nude from Charlotte Tilbury and

This is where I'm just going to feather In Just going to add a little bit of kind Of clear gloss I'm using my dual lip Maximizer just a little bit My Fenty 200 brush my Fenty sand stalker In Shady Biz and obviously I need to Kind of like sculpt my nose So I'm just doing it a bit on the sides Of the bridge of the nose There and then a little V there what it Will do though is use that same bronzer And my hourglass Veil brush just to kind Of like sculpt my cheekbones a little Bit more I just feel like I need a Little bit more And I like the fact that I've still got Some Luminosity on my skin Let's get a little bit of highlighter I'm going to go for my Tom Ford And just on on the tip of the nose Also going to add a little bit here to Lift my brow a bit and this is my Finished clean girl winter Edition look I really do hope you've enjoyed it and Don't forget that all of the products I've used are listed in my description Box below so you just need to head over Click on the links and I'll take you Straight to it and if you do have any Questions let me know in the comments Box below I hope this is something You're going to recreate too because I Do think that it's a bit more of a like

I said an upgrade to the normal clean Gold look that's perfect for this season As well it just looks luminous in all The right places but matte in all the Right places where you need it during This season you know so if you have any Questions let me know and wherever you Are in the world I hope you have the Best day ever I hope you enjoyed this video today if You do like it give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit that Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos and I will See you on the next video

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