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Like we're going skiing in three two and One set the hips back this kind of makes Me feel like maybe you've never done Skiing no gentlemen welcome to class With sugar I'm Jay and Wells and today We're doing a 30 minute lower body Workout with some dumbbells and a mini Band let's get ready let's go let's do It all right we're going to start with Banded squats I want your feet shoulder Width apart take it down and squeeze the Glutes up you can also do this without a Band just like Hy over here hey Niceoo and give a good squeeze like you Mean it oh love Hello yes so we'll be here for 40 [Music] Seconds nice and we're going to try and Keep our legs out as wide as possible so None of this keep up nice strong Foundation Yes all right I'm already setting say I'm warm already we good yeah To make it through 15 Seconds how you doing leani I'm getting It okay I'll see That all right we got four more spot Let's do four more we can do It let's go we we got it and one good All right so bring your feet a little Bit closer tuck of the pelvis we're Going to lift our right leg up for 45 Seconds let's go woo hello balance Okay core is nice and tight press into

The Earth as you lift your Leg nice little side of hip burn Okay I'm already warming up on those Squats I like if you're not warm you're Going to get One all right 20 seconds Y'all Woo okay oh that left Butt the glute is glutting yes okay feel Little bubble action already huh we got 8 seconds here we're going to keep this Stance and we're going to take our foot Behind us for some rear leg raises so go Ahead and Shake That Outo ain't got any a little bit of a Shake all right same position in that Left lifting the leg back up in five Four 3 two and let's gooo that was a Nice break yeah much Needed so the intention here is to Squeeze the glutes don't worry about Getting it up too High everyone's going to be at a Different Place see I'm all over the place Okayo I only have 25 Seconds W this is a workout Right and then we'll be done right after This let's go for four more reps we got Four okay I can do four we got two okay and one Niceoo shake it out we're going to do The same sequencing again starting to The left lifting to that leg in

Three into give longer break okay thank You I appreciate it here we go I knew I Liked You now you may feel a little bit Fatigued from our previous round on this Side M but driving to your right keep The pelvis Steady Woo think about what's the Lunch it's like you break my Mind nice we have 25 seconds here keep Strong Foundation weight in the Heel but toes are down to the whole foot Is working together as a team that Q Changes it hey yeah so good we have 12 Seconds Yay let's go for three more Three Two and one nice recovery how the glutes Feeling alive alive We're we love it all right let's get our Stamps ready to lift the left leg back And behind us here we go in three two And One nice give cute little squeeze and Release that's kind of cute yeah give a Squeeze and release hey let's see if It's cute in 20 more seconds I know Right okay I changed my mind not so Cute it's cute we're moving we're out Here burning the sugar in the Tank okay clasping sh class 15 Seconds woo your favorite number let's Do four more let's do it

Three Two and one let's do one more for extra CR we're already here oh hello it's Worth it thank you shake it out shake it Out see you later so our last minute in Our warm up we're going to get the heart Rate up with some jumping jacks you have Different versions you can do low impact No jumping you want to go forward you Can add the jump and if your shoulders Are just feeling not like that you keep It right in the middle right in here Let's go let's take it out so you know Here we go we love an option I'm going To work with you oh hey we are all right This is dance class what hey hey it's Always a party we got 40 seconds here Let's add a little uh speed for 10 Seconds come on St so Coach you don't need the jump yeah you Don't need to jump with the speed and Slow it down lilani you got the fool out How you doing I'm going okay D just a Little bit let's go 10 seconds a little Bit quicker here we go pick up the pace If you Can this is it this is It this is giving me like hey sorry oh I Got to control the spirit I got to Control the spirit and last 10 seconds Slow it Down nice work my friends three two and One that is our warm up we no longer Need our bands woo get them off yeah I'm

Warm that uh That was Good all right so you can place those Over to the side our next segment will Be using our weights dumbbell squats oh Boy all right if you're having any Shoulder issues feel free to keep the Weights right by your side like Kenzie Cuz we working the legs baby you don't Need to work all that here we go three Two and one drop it Down so just like the warm up so now we Have a little extra push from the Weights okay I see you Yes little more of a party and just like The warm up make sure those knees are Not collapsing at the bottom they're Always staying wide like You' had those Imaginary bands On hands can make it dance what okay we Have 15 seconds here woo Baby and we'll do this block two times So if you don't get it right the first Time we have a second time time to Perfect it lucky two and one all right Let's turn over to our side left foot is Going to be forward majority of the Weight in the heel in front hinging from The hips you're going to send your hips Back and then drive your hips forward Squeeze those glutes ready oh yeah let's Do it let's go booty booty booty booty Booty Nice so we want to make sure our

Intentions coming from our Hips not necessarily trying to touch the Floor you see that we don't want that Nice strong spine that good old hip Hinge come on here's that burn again There we Are and squeeze the glutes like you mean Oh I always mean it you know you better Mean it you don't play around with these BL we have couple seconds left on the Clock we're going to take a break switch Sides in three two and one okay nice now We got to do the other side other foot Is forward weight in the heel let's Hinge it out in five 4 3 and one let's go hey back there hello Hello oh Hi nice you keep those weights as close To the legs as possible possible like You're painting your Legs shaving your legs I'm going to Paint my Legs nice and you want to stop about mid Shin level so the goal is to keep the Spine Stream how you doing back there I can't See you my hamstrings my booty hey it's All working work we got 10 seconds my Friends let's go for two more here we go And let's get that last rep in one more One More that extra credit nice all right We're going to chase those hinge both Feet planted hips are going to go back

Driving the hips forward letting the Weights take you there with controlled Movement okay we ready like we're going Skiing in three two and one set the hips Back squee the glutes this kind of makes Me feel like maybe you've never gone Skiing J this a lot of fun this like my Favorite One let the momentum ride but controller Hey push the hips Back I mean you're not wrong this one is Real Fun and squeeze nice hold up the cor Top we have 15 seconds here making sure You're coming from the hips rather you Go small more controlled then go Willy-nilly give me eight more seconds All right now five okay four yall got my Favorite number and time nice work so We're going to repeat that block again From the top weighted dumbbell squats Hitting all four movements again and Then we'll move on you ready I miss Let's do it woo here we go three two and Squat there they are I missed the Swings let's add a little fun let's go Down slower slower oo what that is Something hey and back I think we should Do four More favorite number okay Tempoo two more there's that Sweat There It Is And oh we're going to do extra credit

We're no let's just keep Going and nice y'all like extra credit I See I used To all right kickand dead lift left leg In front hinging in about 5 Seconds oh She's ready to go okay I like that I was Excited here we go three two and One woo feel like my grip's getting to Work out too mhm oh definitely hanging On to these [Music] Puppies Nice and once again weights right by That body you get Controlled and Squee Jane what's your favorite lower Body Exercise um I'm going to say kick that Dead love okay I like to live in moment We're right here in the moment I should Have expected that did you expect Something Else and that is our Time okay bye okay what's your favorite Workout comment down below baby all Right let's go to the Side here we go three two and one hits That ni what are your favorite workouts M now I feel like can say kickand I was Going to say I mean the present ask me In a minute okay I like those swings all Right those are fun I do need Swing good thing they're coming next Right I can't wait

Hey we just to prep for those swings Hips are going back oh yeah right I Definitely feel warmer this round mhm I'm glad we did it twice for right now I'm glad and we have 12 seconds here Think we have a new favorite number twos Let Good we're like a even number team you Know even though there's three of Us yeah but we're so close basically two That makes sense and my head it did Three one and nice all right last set of Swings hips are going back we ready oh Yeah my favorite they haven't waited for 3 minutes here we go three two and one Hips back and Swing Work want turn to the side so you can See what it looks like from the side you P oo really get that hip Hinge you woo like you're pushing your Glutes to the back ooh and then drive Them forward with some Force how we Doing over here o ah this the best best Day of my life this is what you want Your Favorite okay and see she's keeping from Head to tailbone all the way engaged Love that here also going do without Weights Those options again we love options here Class fish sugar y'all got five seconds Okay 4 Seconds three two and time I miss nice

So we're going to have a 15sec Transition onto the floor for hip Thrusts you're going to lay onto your Mat feet are going to be flat onto the Earth as we extend our hips up to the Sky squeezing the glutes at the top Option can place place the weights on Your hips three 2 and one let's Go Wooho almost thought we were going to Get a booty Brak my bad oh no oh no no breaks for The Glues that's work oh yeah and now if You're experiencing any low back Sensitivity I would recommend you going Nice and slow can modify the tempo that Works for you Right oh yeah slowing it down really Heats it up again too like those squats And we have about 8 seconds here and Then we're going to hop up for some Lunges woo woo three two and one let's Stand up on my legs I know at least we Got a little break on the floor we're Going to go into a reverse lunge on the Right and then taking that right leg out To a lateral lunge for 1 minute in three Two and and one let's Go nice LGE woo that's nice little Mobility over To the side Here kind of releasing all that Ting got that

Ting putting into these lunges oh yeah a Side lunge yeah and we have 20 seconds Here woo making sure the knees aren't Concaving in that is the only thing I Ask for Safy let's do one more uh-oh one extra Credit is there really one extra credit That Was Kiding all right and we're going to do The other side same thing stepping back To the left out to the left let's take The full recovery oh appreciate wow Thank you you know so generous here we Go three two at one okay well that kind Of flew [Laughter] By okay I like our feet we have like a Little step team over here are we so Cute or what or what oh shoot no oh wait Like going man come on I just wanted to Say or what that's fine I forgive You my legs don't fell that's very true Maybe they'll love you tomorrow but yeah We'll be nice tone that little balance Cute little Turkey Leg for the upcoming Season okay we got my favorite season 5 Seconds left let's do one more I promise It's just One nice and let's drop your weights Down here we get the heart weight up With a little bit of cardio squat tap Okay give me a little Pogo in between Modification without that jump Kenzie

Will handle that I got you you got it She knows here we go and go squat tap Switch your hands each Time Hey it's always good to end with a Little cute little Metabolic burn isn't that's trth I can Dig It 20 [Music] Seconds Oh yeah woo let's go I don't even need That Jump we got eight seconds on the Clock let me guess extra credit and There's your extra credit right here Boom A+ all right let's do that block again Back down to your mats ladies gentlemen And everyone grab your weights feet are Flat drive up the hips in Five four 3 two and one You're right I love this one this is my Yeah see it's Cute she does a lot so I appreciate It she really does building the booty oh Yeah oh yeah and even at the top you Want to give a cute little hole and then Back down I mean again is real I'm Shared now you find all the ways to get That extra credit he really does we have 12 seconds teacher's pet over Hereo let's go for two more rips okay I Don't believe you I promise I promise

And last One all right let's go into our lunges Oh you got up so gracefully were you Talking to me that True all right stepping back on the Right and then to your right laterally Three two and one reverse Okay Bye oh there we Go it's a little bit more challenging as We're incorporating one leg mhm you can Say that balance all over again yeah see Why you did it now all makes sense yeah It's a progression it's a story a that's Cute we have 20 Seconds now as you step out to the side You're so giving me that hinge hips are Going back Mhm let's do two more only two Mhm last One and squeeze nice woo give me a Dumbbell dab he dumbbell Dab all right left leg back all right Lateral to the left in five here we go If you want a little bit more bring your Weights up here all right let's get it Two and one let's Go Oho My how's that feel feels like Regret but great Challenge we have 25 seconds Here such Inspiration you know sometimes you have To push yourself outside of what's

Comfortable mhm let me know when we get To four yeah right And then we'll know there's five or six We're at four M we might not even have time for four Cuz we got 8 seconds no we're going to Do it that's to don't don't play us like That you know we're doing both all right We can do it here class of sugar come on Last One drop those weights yes sir just Kidding all right and we have our squat Taps with pogos oh yeah last set here Three two and one right hand down I Absolutely blacked this one Out I like my imaginary jump Prof we got Between those Pogo Hey I'm trying to think of like those Jump rope songs you used to Have I can't remember them I can't think Of a single one the Hopscotch nope that's this Game probably thinking them well I look Them up remember them On it's like double dutch which I was Always Outet 8 Seconds I believe want to see it oh we Got to even out we got to even out and Time take small little break we're Moving into single leg deadlift so Previously we did a kickstand now we'll Be going into single leg work a little Bit more challenging Kenzie will be

Doing a modification keeping out for her Otherwise we're going in three left foot Forward two and one here we go it's Still a Hinge balance is more about Control rather than Speed can even tell by the way I'm Talking okay I feel so peaceful right Now yeah you got to bring the Zen to Exactly focal Point you still want to drive your heel Down and squeeze that Glute what tends to happen is hips start To open up keep the shoulders and hips Squared As you move beautiful Lani I'm Going to take it back I'm going to Follow you there we Go kind of like those birds on the desk That drink water so Like yeah yeah I know exactly you know I'm talking about oh are we going to Start singing birds on a wire hey you Know how do one more And nice let's shake it out do the other Side here we go three two and One oh I miss you guys when I face this Way I'm all wobble gobl over the feet Yeah this side is a little easier for me Oh you got this side now that last side I'm giving Stanky Leg over Here but that's okay we're working on Our stability Mobility Going to be different oh progress not Perfection oh okay you can have thank

You you going to make me fall over You're welcome I like that Mantra that Is great let's go for five four three Two and One all right toes are going to be out Nice and wide at an angle we're going to Go to sumo squat and pulse at the bottom Coming up just like that weights can be Also down if you having any mobility Issues here we go three two and one take It down a little pulse bring it right Back up woo Baby we're back to our old friend Squatty Potty oh yeah but with a little Bit more butt Squatty Potty a little Something extra cuz we love extrao Squatty Potty and the rule of the day make sure Those knees are always pushing out none Of this hey baby don't like that honor Where your Mobility is with that Intention we have 12 seconds Hereo oh yeah be long 12 seconds I was Going to say be 15 seconds left no it's Only five don't listen to her 30 seconds Left Two and one nice work drop those weights We coming down onto our mats face this Way into a lizard lunge the intention Here is to keep your foot flat as best You can can ankles knees stacked you'll Have a modification walking one at a Time otherwise you'll ramp it up with me And Leilani in three two and one let's

[Music] Go making sure not to dip at the bottom Of that stance in the lizard lunge okay There we go it's a good hip opener okay You better open them hips little secret Upper body I was going to say that too I Know you know we like extra credit here So have the trick yeah I'll answer to Say I thought you said this lower body Hood Winged we have 20 seconds here and if Something feels good give it a nice hold Oh yeah yeah feels Good maybe if you're feeling brave you Want to try a couple of the advance or If you're feeling tired like Me come hang out with me the water is Fine okay we have three two and time Okay BL woo all right we're going to do That all one more time starting with our Single leg deadlifts left leg is forward Let's get it ready woo yep oh oh my God lizard lunges like you know me here We go left leg forward bring it Down single leg Hinge yeah having that focal point Really changes things huh Mhm oo woo And from head to toe you want to move as One Unit like that bird at your Desk forgot about it again I'm glad you Brought it Back it's okay you can

Laugh laugh is the best Medicine it also makes it uh really easy To laugh and Bal and the time let's Shake it out to the other side Okay all right you ready yes please here We go right foot forward three two and One oo oh yeah this one feels a little Better though than the first round yeah We're in it a little bit more I think The warming up helps yeah the body's Like okay I'm active I got you I'm Activated this is me Now who I am the bird on the Des okay I said I'm going to drink some Water nice we have 20 seconds I think That's enough time for our favorite Number ooh Four let's go Three oo two more my second favorite Number and one More Time woohoo all right Sumo p squats toes Are to the 45 nice wide stance this time We're going to add a little calf raise Okay are okay yeah if you stay so yeah We got it here we go so take it down Three two and one little pulse at the Bottom into your Calf down and dry now if you're like Absolutely not you don't have to do the Calf R okay little sneak attack s Touting our balance all over the place Yes you know as we get older our balance Gets more difficult so it's always great

To work on Balance that is very true as we go speak For Yourselves just kidding that is very True we have 14 seconds W that feels Weird to say Wow 14 that's like my favorite number Plus 10 at least four yeah okay we're Doing math here too what it's like a Sesame Street me okay okay bye and our Lizard thir lunge get the heart rate up With Mobility our last 45 seconds here We got this we got it go yeah we got This let's go right fo us forward here We go in three two and one let's go wow What a way to Finish Yeah Finale definitely feeling more open this Time yeah oh a little less a sticky Notes along the Away p in more upper body on fire thank You for that we have 20 Seconds sh you like this whole exercise Is extra Credit this entire video is extra credit We're doing it Unless real ex credit oh see she's wiing Out three two and time nice work y'all Let's stay on our mats for a little cool Down cuz we did a lot 30 minutes that's A lot all right let's start with the Child's pose facing this way ankles Together knees apart send the hips

Back and just rest there it's my Favorite part of the Workout Same all right let's shift it Forward You're going to bring your right knee Right leg in front of you I'm sorry and We're going to send our hips back Stretching your Hamstrings wo Child yeah they did a little bit of work Just a little Bit and if you're not able to get that Far you're right here reach wherever you Are at we meet you There I lowkey feel it more here you Know oh Baby all right let's drive forward into A runner's lunge not a lizard lunge back Knees up rotate towards that front Knee nice and then bring it back down We'll do that one more Time thread the Needle nice both hands down that foot Will go behind us into a down Dog oh Yeah let's hold Here shift forward into your left foot Or other foot forward plant that back Knee down and shift into your hammy Stretch okay moov over my hand Hey all Right and Breathe can tell we're all really liking This cuz

It's me to sleep needed all right shift Forward left foot is flat back knee up Rotate towards that front foot and Thread the needle coming Down one more time Here nice both hands down foot goes back To one more down Dog yes Please shake your head Yes and No and walk it Back hang low here roll it up Up and one inhale up to the sky and Hands the Heart Center thank you ladies Gentlemen and everyone that was our 30 Minute lower body workout thanks Lani Thank you thank KY Emy Jen and we'll see You next time here at class F sugar for The class sugar clay hey bye y'all Bye-bye

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