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Category: Fitness

  • 30-Minute No-Repeat Cardio Workout

    30-Minute No-Repeat Cardio Workout

    If you're in the UK Skipping yes so skipping for us English People jump rope to my Americans what is It in German Dustin spring yeah that one That one hello I'm Natalie white welcome To class fit sugar today…

  • 30-Minute Hardest Dance Cardio Workout

    30-Minute Hardest Dance Cardio Workout

    Hi welcome to dance fit sugar my name is Brooke and I'm a dance body trainer Giving you a high energy 30 minute dance Cardio workout that is no joke you're Gonna feel like you just sit around a Sprint…

  • 10-Minute No-Jump Booty Burn

    10-Minute No-Jump Booty Burn

    Pull your way back just had to remind Myself what we're doing today any Excuses Hey class fit sugar my name is Rachel Mccleskey and today we have a 10 minute Low impact booty burn that means no Jumping are…

  • 30-Minute Electro-Island Dance Party

    30-Minute Electro-Island Dance Party

    All right guys we're just gonna start With some easy structures and breathing Breathe is breathe Breathe are you breathing what's up Dance fit sugar it's your girl Sheila Ave and today we are back with another 30 minute girls…

  • 30-Minute Energizing Bodyweight Cardio

    30-Minute Energizing Bodyweight Cardio

    Hello and welcome to Classic sugar I'm Nikki Nee and today I'm bringing you a 30 minute energizing body weight cardio Workout this episode is presented by Nature's Sunshine Powerbeats superfood Performance booster which boosts your Energy and performance and…

  • #throwback | @RaneirPollard Reacts

    #throwback | @RaneirPollard Reacts

    Look at that hair what was this almost 10 years ago I haven't changed one damn Bit Arms are looking right guys straight Here you better job plus plus get that High flying fighter in here I don't Watch myself…