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Can Too Much Exercise Really Make You Miss Your Period?




Can Too Much Exercise Really Make You Miss Your Period?

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I'm sure you've heard of athletes like Dancers or gymnasts losing their periods But can that happen from just too much Exercise hormones play a pretty big role In our menstrual cycle they EB and flow And tell our body when to do things like Ovulate or shed our uterine lining but a Part of our brain the hypothalamus is in Charge of receiving information from the Body and using that information to Decide if we can afford the intense Energy expenditure that is creating an Entire human and if it decides we can't It suppresses those hormones and that's When we lose our ccle or become a Regular so what would make our brain Think that we're not up to the task well Working out too much can but it's more About the calories and nutrients we're Getting and if we're taking in enough to Support our level of activity granted we All know our periods can be a little bit Sensitive so the irregularity might also Be from a change in routine stress Medication who knows but a general rule Of thumb is if you have missed more than Three periods in a 12- Monon span it's Probably a good time to check in with Your doctor

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