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CABBAGE SOUP | better than the cabbage soup diet recipe




CABBAGE SOUP | better than the cabbage soup diet recipe

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Hello my friends it's Danny and today You ready waiting for you Hello my friends it's Danny and for Today's recipe I am sharing a cabbage Soup specifically this is a shredded Cabbage and potato soup that is very Simple to make super nutritious Absolutely delicious and budget friendly This truly is comfort food at its best So I am very excited to share it with You [Music] Now some people when they think cabbage Soup they think of the recipe from the Cabbage soup diet and while this is not That recipe although I'm sure that Recipe is delicious the only reason that Cabbage is associated with weight loss Is because like most vegetables it's High in nutrients high in fiber while Being low in calories so it tends to Keep us feeling very full for a long Period of time but keep in mind if You're somebody who's trying to eat a Healthier diet you really want to Include an abundance of fresh beautiful Foods because if you're hyper focused on One food you're going to get super bored And the key is to keep things fresh and Exciting and delicious which brings me To my shredded cabbage and potato soup Now the first thing I like to do is Prepare my vegetables because once we Get over to the stove things move pretty

Quickly so I'm going to start with one Chopped onion now the easiest way to Chop an onion is to trim off the stem Side of the onion you don't want to cut Off the root because that's what holds The onion together then I'm going to Slice it in half lengthwise remove this Papery outer outer skin and you'll see Sometimes you'll also take the first Layer of the onion with that that's Totally fine lay it flat side down and Then your non-cutting hand is on top of The onion and we are going to create Horizontal slices through this onion and Then vertical slices just like you're Making a checkerboard then you're going To come straight over the top and slice Straight down and you have a chopped Onion if you haven't mastered this skill Yet it's really one worth practicing Because it will save you so much time in The kitchen next I need two thinly Sliced stalks of celery so I'm just Going to trim off the bottom and the top Of some freshly washed celery and then Slice this into thin half moose then we Have the star of the show some cabbage Now you're going to need somewhere Between 10 to 12 cups of thinly shredded AKA thinly sliced cabbage I am using a Savoy cabbage for this recipe which is Very similar to green cabbage but you're Going to notice that the major Difference is that the leaves are

Crinkled looking on the outside as you Can see right here I like the Savoy Cabbage simply because I find once it Cooks up in the soup that it holds its Shape a little bit better but it is a Little more expensive than green cabbage So they are 100 interchangeable and as Always you want to use what you love use What you have and or use what is Available so to prepare my cabbage I Just start by pulling off any outer Leaves that look a little bit beat up Then I'm going to slice the cabbage in Half Take my knife down on a diagonal on each Side of the core that runs right through The bottom center here that's really Tough and you don't want to eat that You'll see that it pops right out and Then I'm going to cut the Cabbage again So that I've got four quarters and then Come across and slice it as thinly as You possibly can this is what creates That shredded cabbage texture which I Personally think is delicious in this Soup if you prefer to cut your cabbage a Little thicker or to chop it up that is Totally up to you but I love this Shredded texture and then usually what I'll do is once I have it thinly sliced Like this I'll come across once in the Opposite direction and just slice it in Half so that those strands aren't super Long should you have leftover cabbage

You can put that in an airtight Container and then you can either add it To a salad do a quick saute or maybe you Want to try my simple coleslaw recipe so Many cabbage options then the only other Vegetable we need to prepare are the Potatoes so you're going to need one Pound of baby potatoes any type will do You can see I have really little ones And I'm going to start by giving them a Rinse under some cold water get them Nice and clean and then you're just Going to slice them in half or possibly In quarters depending on how big your Potatoes are and depending on how chunky You like them in your soup I like them To be on the smaller bite-sized size so That when I'm eating it with my soup It's really easy to just shove it right Into my mouth True Okay we've got all the veggies prepped And ready to go so we are ready to take Them over to the stove and cook up this Delicious cabbage and potato soup so I Have a nice big Dutch oven hanging out On my stove I'm gonna remove the lid Turn on the heat and add about a Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil you Just want to heat that oil once it gets Hot in go the onions and the celery Along with a pinch of salt give that a Gentle stir and let it go for about five Minutes you're probably going to give it

A couple of stirs while it's cooking the Goal here is for the veggies to become a Little bit tender and for those onions To become translucent ideally you don't Want the onions to Brown if you notice Your onions are Browning just turn the Heat down a little bit okay this looks Really good so we're ready for our Spices I'm gonna add in a half a Teaspoon of ground coriander which is Like nice and bright a half a teaspoon Of smoked paprika and then a teaspoon of Dried oregano and then I have one 15 Ounce can of crushed tomatoes this could Also be diced tomatoes they could be Fire roasted tomatoes they could have Basil added to them again the name of The game is use what you have on hand All of these options will work Beautifully I'm going to stir that all Together Give it just a minute or two to mingle Let everybody get to know each other and Then I'm going to add in my shredded Cabbage and it's going to look like a Lot of cabbage but don't worry as it Cooks and softens it Cooks down quite a Bit I'm going to season that with a Little bit of salt a little bit of black Pepper and then we're ready for the Liquid now you have a couple of options Here you can do all veggie broth if you Want to make a vegetarian soup you could Do all chicken broth if you love the

Flavor of chicken broth in a pinch you Could do all water but what I like to do Is I start with two cups of chicken bone Broth bone broth is very rich it's very Nourishing plus two cups packs 20 grams Of protein so I really love that but you May also notice that bone broth is Rather pricey so I just do a little bit To get those benefits and then I use Water for the rest so I have two cups of Bone broth and about five cups of water And again you can add a little bit more Or a little bit less liquid depending on Your personal pref do you like a thin Brothy soup do you like a little bit Heartier and thicker you are the Creator My friend so just do whatever lights you Up okay I'm gonna turn the heat up a bit Everything is going to come up to a soft Boil once you're having like a nice Steady simmer like you see here I just Take it down a little bit put the lid on Partially covered set your timer for 10 Minutes this gives that cabbage a little Bit of time to get a head start then I Remove the lid you can see the Cabbage Has softened a bit it's cooked down a Bit and now I'm going to add in my Potatoes give that another stir turn the Heat back up we're coming back up to That boil it's kind of like a strong Simmer light boil from there you can Turn the heat down just a little bit Again partially cover with your lid and

Set your timer for about 15 minutes from Here really all we're looking for is for Those potatoes to become fork tender and For all of those flavors to come Together this really is a simple quick Cooking cabbage soup so it is a recipe That you could pull together on a Tuesday night and also keep in mind that This is a very flexible adaptable recipe So you could add extra vegetables or Just swap out veggies with whatever you Have on hand if you want to bump up the Protein you could add your favorite Plant-based protein to the recipe or you Could add a little bit of ground pork or Some sausage all of these options would Be absolutely delicious once the Potatoes and the Cabbage are nice and Tender I love to serve this topped with Some fresh parmesan cheese right over The top and another hearty sprinkle of Black pepper it is so simple but so Delicious I honestly think that Sometimes it's the most simple meals That are truly the most satisfying it's Fresh and light but still manages to be Hearty and comforting all at the same Time [Music] Delightful Genuinely Delight I'm super excited for You to try this cabbage and potato soup Recipe and when you do make sure you Come down to the comments below and let

Me know what you think and if you enjoy Easy healthy doable recipes just like This please take a moment to like this Video subscribe to the channel and hit That notification Bell so you never miss A new recipe thanks so much for watching I'm Danny spies and I'll see you back Here next time with some more clean and Deliciousness cheers

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