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BUFFALO CHICKEN BURRITO BOWLS | #shorts #ad @PrimalKitchen #primalkitchen




BUFFALO CHICKEN BURRITO BOWLS | #shorts #ad @PrimalKitchen #primalkitchen

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Let's meal prep some buffalo chicken Burrito bowls I'm going to start by Cutting my chicken tenders into Bite-sized pieces and then I'll drizzle That with a bit of Primal kitchen Avocado oil and season with smoked Paprika garlic powder onion powder salt And pepper toss making sure all of the Chicken is lightly coated and then I'm Going to add a little more avocado oil To my saute pan add the chicken and let That cook for three to four minutes on Each side or until golden brown and Cooked through then I'm going to add a Flavor bomb and pour in some Primal Kitchen non-dairy buffalo sauce my Absolute favorite so good make sure Everything is well coated and then we're Going to serve this up with a Combination of brown and cauliflower Rice garlicky green beans and tomatoes And then right over the top I'm going to Drizzle Primal kitchens creamy ranch Dressing simple delicious high quality Meal prep at its best

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