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Brooke Shields on How Her Beauty Routine Has Changed Through The Years | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Brooke Shields on How Her Beauty Routine Has Changed Through The Years | Body Scan | Women's Health

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She once she said to me I want you to Look like Brooke Shields when you pick Me up at school I think the mom's expect it and I think You're letting them down by wearing Sweatpants and UGGs and not doing anything to your Makeup or your hair that's my 16 year Old hi I am Brooke Shields and this is My Women's Health body scan My body and why I love how strong my Body is I love that I've been able to do Eight shows a week for months and months And months get stronger and stronger I Love that I can break a femur and have To learn how to walk again and I am as Good as new I love the strength of my Body I have four tattoos one that I'm in The process of removing because I got it In Thailand with the long bamboo thing And it was a beautiful process but it's Just completely bleeding and it looks Kind of messy so I'm in the process of Getting that removed I think the most Meaningful tattoo that I have was when My daughter as a graduation present Asked me if I would get a tattoo with Her since she was born I've called her Bug and we each got a little ladybug she Got it on her ankle I got it on my wrist I'm going to cover up the part that I'm Getting removed because that's my tattoo I had one on my ankle that I got in Honor of my mom it's her favorite flower

In lily of the valley the other ones Are Not Invisible places I am surprised at myself that I like Tattoos I think it's as badasses I get I Don't get tired of them I can see how You can go down the rabbit hole of Getting too many so I'm not going to go Overboard I got my ears pierced for the First time when I was 10. my mother Wanted to come with me and get her ears Pierced too she made me go first which Baffled me but anyway I was like well I'm gonna go first I'm going to show you How Brave I am and I got my ears pierced First oh a couple years later my older Daughter wanted to get her ears pierced She wanted me to get another one and Then I had two and two my younger Daughter wanted to get her ears pierced So that was the third and then just Recently I got a fourth my first scar Was when I was nine my mother told me do Not jump on the couch and I proceeded The minute she left me the babysitter to Jump on the couch and I got really high And lost my balance my nose went into The TV and I slashed open my nose I Thought I was being punished for jumping On the couch next one I got dad was Taking me to father daughter School Skating party I tripped and fell in Front of him and he was wearing hockey Skates and he ran over my my pinky That's gone away I don't know which one

It was third scarf I put ice down my Half-sister's nanny's back as I was Running from her I slipped and fell on Slate popped my knee open and my Stepmother took me to the hospital and I Wouldn't hold her hand because I see I really made it difficult for her but I Actually have a scar from here all the Way up to here it's really not pretty It's very disfiguring but it's a great Reminder of what a Survivor I am because My whole leg is metal now there's rods Going in my hip and and going all the Way down with screws and plates and I'm Completely held together by titanium It's not pretty it's so sort of severe The other ones you know end up kind of Going away I was on a balance board and I flew up off of it and then Came Crashing Down on cement I just hit it Perfectly and I just broke the femur it Wasn't an exciting injury I wasn't Skydiving or anything But it's all better now it just doesn't Look really pretty I did a bathing suit Ad for Arie with my girls they like The reason that it was important to show The scar it was amazing how positive the Response was like people were like thank You you know you made it normal and I Can't really fix it so I might as well Not be ashamed of it I'm used to showing Or revealing my interior scars or my Emotional scars I just never really

Thought of the physical ones in the same Way I have had so much done to my hair If I'm not working I don't do anything To my hair true Botanicals just came out With it's like a serum that you can use On wet or dry hair I've noticed that That helps if my hair feels a little dry And sometimes I'll just put a lot of it On with my hair wet and then just put it In a French Braid and just leave it for A while and then rinse it out that's Been really sort of a new hair care tool That I've I've gotten and if I don't Have to work I do not do anything with My hair I just try to give it a break Now that there's this beautiful thing Called gray hair it's practically every Two weeks or if I'm lucky three I have To get my roots done and that is just a Pain in the ass these are things we Women after a certain age have to deal With and I'm not ready to go gray Andy McDowell I think looks gorgeous there's So many women who can pull it off mine's Not Appealing to me at this moment I love my Hair when it's got highlights in it but I couldn't even tell you what my normal Hair would look like now it'd probably Be all gray my daughter said I want you To be one of those women that has like You know a bob and is all gray and I was Like you are not my daughter get out of This house and then yesterday she said I

Think I want you to go really dark and Then my husband goes she went really Dark one time and it wasn't a good thing It did not look good it looked kind of Freaky and then she said okay well Really blonde I was like can I just be The way I am right now and just be happy My mom used to say soap and water and Moisture that's all you need I used to Do that but I didn't take care of my Skin per se I started working with true Botanicals and actually understanding Their products I'm loving them and They're not too many steps you can make It many steps but they have the serum You put Vitamin C powder in it and I Sort of put it all together and put it On my face and then I put their pure Radiance oil on it just smells so good It's a wonderful product the women that Started it or I'm in awe of them and It's been nice to sort of finally Understand my skin care I just think I Left my face to everybody else and you Know I didn't think about it I just sort Of wore sunscreen and that was it I Love Nails I've Loved Nails since I was a kid Look back at all of my old photos I've Broken down you could see the pain on my Face and I just had to go back to sort Of the square shape but I had the sort Of pointier shape that made my sort of My man hands look a little bit more Feminine I don't like acrylic I used to

Do acrylic I do gel and I always love Decorating my nails if I could I would Design a whole nail brand I put little Uteruses on my nails because I'm about To play a gynecologist it's funny you Ask men about it and they're like is That a skull no numbnuts it's a uterus I Love Nails people keep saying it's fun Because I went to school in New Jersey That is not it this is just me loving The adornment of nails decorate reading On nails things on nails it makes me Happy I think mental health is one of The most important areas that we we need To focus on and talk about I think we Are starting to be able to do that one Of the reasons that I started Beginnings Now as a brand and a platform was Because what happens as we age really Does affect our mental health in so many Different ways I have been seeing the Same therapist since 1987. she's been extraordinary and she's Saved my life I had very severe Postpartum depression and I did not know What that was and there was such a Stigma around it and I had such shame And when I realized That this needed to be talked about I Started speaking up about it at Beginning is now we have a whole section Of sort of unspoken topics and why we're Ashamed to say certain things and how we Need a community to talk about these

Things I'm the person that panics when Someone says you should meditate as I've Gotten older I've started doing things That are meditative like single-focused Things and to me that's my form of Meditation but the tools that I have Used for mental health is medication is Therapy is reaching out to people and Talking about how I feel and once you Realize you're not alone all of of Aspects of mental health are so Isolating and they're custom made and The person going through it is the only Person going through it and that's true For that person but when you provide People with a community to really talk And realize that they're not alone it's Amazing how emotional it is but how Helpful it is to people that was one of The reasons why I started Beginnings now I was like wait a minute I am this age 57 and I'm not done for me beginning is Right now and I talk to all the other Moms whose kids are leaving the nest and They don't know what their next chapter Is it's scary to be in this phase of of Your life and not have a support system I've recently had something happen where My whole body just revolted I just Started shaking and sweating and I was The closest thing I had ever felt to the Period of time when I was undiagnosed Having postpartum depression having gone Through that I realized I wasn't in fact

Dying I was you know because I had gone Through that so the physical body is Extremely affected by our emotional Health and that is our mental health and We don't realize it I'm a person who Powers through everything these are Things you cannot will yourself through You can't just get over it we're taught To do that and we're taught it it's Shameful to have postpartum depression You should be lucky you have a baby or You know your kid is struggling from Something and all of a sudden you know People think it reflects on them it's Like no this stuff exists across the Board it does not discriminate and we Need to make the two tools available for All of us so that people don't suffer in Silence thank you so much for watching Please subscribe to women's health and While you're at it Go join the community a beginning is now Instagram website please come and join The community you won't be sorry

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