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Best Wearable Winter 2022 Fashion Trends To Shop NOW | The Style Insider




Best Wearable Winter 2022 Fashion Trends To Shop NOW | The Style Insider

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If you love a fashion bargain as much as I do then you're going to love the Pieces that I have found for you today They're all on Trend but none of them Are going to break the bank [Music] Now one of the big trends for the season Is cropped jackets now I am very much Here for it because they're a really Versatile piece and they're as versatile As a cardigan but they're also just a Little bit more dressy and they look a Little bit less serious than a true Blazer but they still offer you that Structure the only thing you do have to Be careful of is if you're short-waisted To make sure you consider where the crop Is actually falling you don't want a Crop jacket to make you appear shorter In the waist one easy way to get around That is to wear monochrome so we're a Layer underneath that is the same color As your jacket and that creates a an Unbroken line which as we know always Lengthens your torso so if you do have a Shorter torso or you you are a little Bit more short wasted just be really Careful where that crop Falls and Remember where something Falls is where The eye will be drawn to so if you don't Want to accentuate a particular part of Your body make sure you're not cropping The jacket to that area so especially if You carry most of your weight around

Your midriff opt for a really really High cropped jacket now if you do have a Fuller bust make sure you opt for a Cropped jacket there's not too boxy I've Seen some lovely cropped jackets that do Have a little bit of shape so something That sort of shapes you in a little bit To give the illusion of a waist is also Going to be really helpful and if you do Have a fuller bust don't button up your Jacket right up to the the highest Button because that will accentuate this Area here and make you look fuller and Larger than you are so if you have a Fuller bust crop jackets are great for You but just be careful not to have them Looking too boxy and perhaps opt for a Crop that is just a little bit longer so That the eye isn't being drawn up to Your bust now one of the key trends for Winter is the return of turtlenecks now The way they're being worn this winter Is layered under dresses so I'm a huge Fan because it really does mean that Your summer dresses and some of those More summery pieces just get a little Bit more wear for a little bit longer Now I found some really gorgeous Turtlenecks here that as I said are Going to be great layering pieces They're great worn with a lot of the Wide leg pants and jeans that are on Offer at the moment and I think when it Comes to turtlenecks you really do need

To think about proportions so a fitted Turtleneck works really well with a wide Leg pant and jeans which are as we know Really on Trend at the moment and the Oversized slouchy turtleneck works Really beautifully back worn with skinny Jeans and leather pants and leggings I've even seen some really lovely sheer Turtlenecks which are great as an Evening option in Winter obviously you'd Have to layer up some coats and jackets Over the top but these sheer turtlenecks Give you that sense of coverage but they Just look a little bit elevated and Elegant for evening and at this point I'd just like to say a very big thank You to the team at myheritage for Sponsoring this portion of today's Episode now if you haven't heard of my Heritage before they are the number one Family history website and DNA service In Europe I've always been fascinated to Find out a bit more about my family History and my mother did start putting Together a bit of a family tree but she Was kind of doing it old school on a Piece of paper and if you've done that Before you'll know how difficult that is And what I did find when I started Putting together and building my family Tree on my Heritage it was so easy to do Online the tools are there that make it Really easy the site also allows you the Chance to colorize and even animate some

Of your family photos which is a really Cool thing to be able to do I also Decided to take a DNA test to really Drill down and see what my Heritage is And for me I think I've always thought That I'm probably English Scottish and That might be it I don't know in fact I've actually got my results here today That I thought that I would Unveil them and share them with you real Time but the DNA testing process was Really easy as well you essentially get The DNA kit from my Heritage and inside Comes some instructions two little vials And it takes next to no time to do it You simply swab both of your cheeks for 30 seconds each snap off the little Little swab into the vial pop it into a Little plastic bag and then mail it back To my Heritage and then basically three Or four weeks later the results get Processed in their lab and then you get An email telling you what your what your DNA is So today as I said is the day that I'm Going to uncover what the results of my DNA actually are so I'm 40 Irish Scottish Welsh only 24 English which Kind of makes me happy I don't quite Know why I think I thought that I was Mostly going to be English I'm 19 Iberian which looking at the world map Here looks like it's sort of around Spain and 15 percent

Scandinavian I'm actually shook by those Results that's crazy the funny thing is My father said to me years ago that we Have Spanish Heritage and looking at the Family tree even though I've gone back For five six Generations I didn't go That far enough to find that Spanish Heritage but clearly according to my DNA It's there so for me I'll continue to Build my family tree and I'm loving the Fact that it puts pieces of the puzzle Together for me and it just gives me a a Fuller sense of who came before me and I Think as I get older that becomes a Really important Part of of my existence I suppose I know That sounds really deep but just to find And understand those that came before me I think make me feel grateful for the Life that I have now and give me a Better appreciation of life in general So if you would like to uncover your own DNA and find out exactly where you come From then use my coupon code for free Shipping of your DNA kit and that code Is simply the style Insider and as an Added bonus that code will give you a 30-day free subscription to my Heritage So you can start playing around and Building your own family tree and if you Decide to continue on with your Subscription you'll receive a 50 Discount so definitely go and check it

Out if you are interested in putting the Pieces together of your family puzzle Then I can hand on heart recommend it it Is such an easy way to just find out Where you came from and a little bit About those people that came before you Now one of the other big trends for Winter is knee-high boots and there Really are knee-high boots for everyone Everyone will find a knee-high boot that Fits and flatters them the only trouble I have found in the past when I've Styled clients is if you have larger Calves you really need to find a Knee-high boot that has a little Elastication or a little Dart area that Gives that little bit of extra room for Stretch but there is a knee-high boot to Suit everyone and not all of them are Crazy expensive either if you're a Little bit more petite and a little bit Shorter then one of the tips that you Can do is just make sure that your Knee-high boot Falls sort of an inch to Two inches below your knee just so that The boot doesn't wear you as such but Knee-high boots are the hottest Footwear Trend for winter and there really is Something for everyone and I hope if you Enjoy the options that I've uncovered For you today because they are as I said Earlier they're on Trend but these Pieces are also Timeless you'll be able To wear them forever and these pieces

That I've found these These Boots that I've found today are not going to break The bank so I hope you find something to Love here now next up and I am really Pleased about this trend is that puffers And puffer jackets and coats are once Again huge for winter pardon the pun but The great thing about puffers is that They give you the warmth but they're Also really lightweight which I find Convenient in Winter because I'm not Wearing heavy heavy layers that sort of Drag me down so puffers are great for That they're lightweight but they are Super warm as well now if you're worried About looking large or like the Michelin Man in a puffer then the way around that Is to opt for a puffer that is a little Bit longer so perhaps one that sort of Falls just above mid thigh level will Actually just give you the warmth but Will also help to sort of elongate your Body which takes away that bulk from Sort of your shoulders and waist but Puffer jackets are a fantastic and Versatile piece to wear for winter and As we've seen over the last few years They've definitely become a real fashion Statement and a fashion piece so there Are lots of options there everything From your classic blacks to metallics Brights there's a puffer for everyone But they are really great for keeping You warm but also look talking a little

Fashion forward as well now one of the Key colors for winter is hot pink and I Know that this can be a little bit scary For people but it's actually a really Beautiful color to wear and it does work For most people there is a a bright pink That is going to work for you and with Layering in Winter that makes it easier To kind of bring in some of these bright Bold colors and of course during winter When it's gloomy outside wearing some Color is in my opinion the easiest way To just bring a little bit of fun and Happiness into your day that whole Dopamine dressing is actually a thing in Fact I created a video on that which I Will link in the description box below I Will also link a copy of my dopamine Dressing guide so if you would like to Dress yourself happy then check out the Link to that in my description box below And it just gives you a few tips and Tricks and a little bit of info on color And who can wear what color to help you Enjoy dopamine dressing and if you're Not sure about how to wear hot pink well It looks beautiful paired with denim it Also looks great warm with Reds and Oranges and also if you sort of want to Mute the hot pink and anchor it a little Bit instead of going for black which can Sometimes be a little bit harsh paired With pink go for a a light gray or a Mild gray that's always an understated

Elegant look another way to tone down Your hot pinks is with beautiful beiges And those real warm neutrals as well They work beautifully with hot pink and Bright pinks so if you are looking for a Bright color to cheer yourself up this Winter then maybe think about pink is a Good option now next up and this one Surprises me that I've included it on The list because I'm a little bit of a Late adopter to this trend but it is Corset tops now I love the idea of Corset tops I love of the fact that they Can be worn in so many different ways And if you've been following me here for A while you'll know that I love fashion And like it to be fun but my pieces also Need to be versatile and I need to be Able to wear them in lots of different Ways and that's what I love about these Corset tops they can be worn on their Own with a beautiful Blazer worn over The top to give you that warmth they can Also be worn over the top of dresses and Shirts as a an interesting layering Piece as a a piece that just gives a Classic shirt or a t-shirt or a long Sleeve tee a little bit of a feminine Feminine Edge so corset tops I think are A great addition to Winter of course They kind of fly in the face with Keeping you warm but it is all in the Styling and there are great ways to wear Them as a as a feminine layering piece

To just add interest and some texture to Some of your outfits and next up I Wanted to talk about statement coats now I think that the word statement coats Tends to scare people off because Certainly for me in my mind I have these Ideas of crazy blanket style coats and Wild colors but a statement coat can Actually be an elegant coat that is Still going to make a statement a Classic for me and one that I've found Today is a Zara leather long line coat And it reminded me of one that I have Borrowed a few times from a friend she Also bought it from Zara about 20 years Ago it's a Timeless coat that is a Little bit more expensive but not when You consider it's leather but this is a Coat that you can wear and love for Years to come it does make a statement Because it is a rich beautiful luxurious Fabric another coat that I found here Which I absolutely love has this Detachable fur faux fur collar and again You can opt to wear the fur on the Collar or you can take it off for more Of a peered back elegant look a Statement coat can be one that is Versatile and Timeless but it gives you A few options in terms of how you wear It the Zara leather coat can be worn More casually with trainers or it can be Dressed up for an evening look so there Are statement coats that are not wild

And crazy but they are pieces that yes They make a statement they have a real Wow factor but they can also be timeless Classic pieces that you own and love for Years to come and some of these pieces Don't have to break the bank either I've Also found some beautiful wide leg jeans Now if you're a skinnies girl don't Switch off just yet because wide leg Jeans are in my opinion they are the Most flattering jeans that you can wear And they do tend to be the most Universally flattering jeans on offer And there are all different types of Wide leg jeans from the super wide to More of a gene that's more of a sort of A straight leg so I wouldn't almost even Call it wide but it is just a it's not Fitted it skims your leg which generally Tends to be incredibly flattering anyway That's it from me today I hope you Enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love You to give it a big thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel for More and I'll see you real soon bye for Now [Music] [Applause] Thank you

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