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The moisture is amazing in this like the Hydration that you get from it is great Like it's fragrance free it's silicone Free it's just good for your skin [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video in today's video I'm going To share with you the best foundations For every single skin type this is Something that you guys have been asking For recently quite a lot so I've decided To put all of the different skin types In one video and if you do like this Video then please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos I'm Also on Instagram so please do come say Hi there too now let's jump straight Into the video Happy New Year guys how are we all doing I'm sure a little bit tired but it's a New year so we're ready to go for it and There's lots of new stuff coming up this Month for you guys now we're going to Start off the year with this video that You guys have been asking for because You recently saw my video on best Foundations for every skin finish and You said that you wanted to see a video With the best foundations for every skin Type so here we are I wanted to kick off This year with this video because I know You guys have really wanted to see this

And I think it applies to everyone we've Gone we're actually addressing every Skin type if there's anything you think That I have missed out please do let me Know in the comments box below because I Promise you I will cover it at some Point on this channel I just want to Explain that the foundations that I've Picked as the best foundations for every Skin type are foundations that I have Personally used on clients so having Worked on so many clients you're always Working on a different skin type so Sometimes I have someone with normal Skin oily skin or combination skin or or Cystic acne and I need to know what is The best foundation that's going to be Great for giving them an amazing finish But also good for their skin so I just Want to make that very clear the Foundations I've picked are not only for The type of finish that it gives you and It don't just solve the problem there And then for you they're not going to Make you break out they're not going to Ruin your skin after their foundations Which are good for your skin because I Think that's really important it's great To want to wear foundations I have a Flawless base that gives you that great Look there and there but also it's Important to wear Foundation that is Actually going to be good for your skin Like I don't want to feel like I'm just

Wearing something and I know that it's Probably not great for my skin so at Least you can you know like breathe you Know a sigh of relief while you're Wearing your Flawless cover foundation And know that your Skin's still going to Be okay afterwards when you remove it we Are going to be going through each skin Type and I'm going to be explaining to You very briefly beforehand what that Skin type is we're going to start off With normal skin normal skin is Basically just normal skin there's no Oiliness like excessive oiliness there's No like no dryness in there so it's not A combination of anything it's just Normal you've never had any issues with It your skin just tends to just be how All of us wish our skin was you can kind Of wear more or less any foundation so What I'm going to be going through is Being able to make the best of your skin Because if your skin is normal that's Great but I want to tell you foundations Which you know you can really make the Most of and the first one that I'm going To recommend is the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful skin Foundation because I feel Like this Foundation looks great on the Skin if you already have normal skin Like this Foundation is going to look Insane on you so for the normal skin Category I really want to kind of Explain to you why I'm going to these

Two foundations because I feel like if You wear these foundations your skin is Going to look amazing like way more Amazing than say for example if I use This Foundation I use the foundation Sometimes on myself and I love it but I Have to do loads of other little things To me try make the most of that Foundation whereas someone with normal Skin can probably make it look amazing Just literally straight away just by Putting on the foundation and that's it So that's my first Foundation that I Want to recommend for normal skin the Second Foundation I'm going to recommend Is The Hourglass ambient soft glow Foundation this Foundation is so amazing And I feel like I actually want to be Able to put this on someone with Completely normal skin like you know Like really smooth the pores aren't Really that like obvious because I Really want to see what it looks like I Know it's going to look amazing because That Foundation is so great for for skin That has some kind of issue like you Know mine isn't normal skin I have Combination skin and it still looks Great on someone like me and I feel like On normal skin it's gonna look in it's Just gonna look so good so I really want To kind of explain to you that these two Foundations that I've picked when you Actually put them on your skin they're

So smooth that if you were to put that On normal skin like already very smooth Skin your skin is just going to look Flawless like honestly so good and Smooth and it's just gonna make the best Of your your skin and your skin is going To make the best of those foundations Moving on to dry skin now dry skin it Could be that your skin feels very tight It also could be that it looks quite Powdery very flaky and just generally Very dry and sometimes you can see that Obvious dryness in the skin and Sometimes you can't really see it as Much but it feels very tight so either Way you have dry skin sometimes it's a Little bit more visual than others but I Want to go through the best foundations For dry skin now if you fall into this Category then these foundations are for You first up is the makeup forever HD Skin Foundation they say it's an Undetectable Foundation because it just Looks like skin now you might be Wondering well how is that going to be Great for my flaky skin or my dry skin The reason it's going to be so great is Because it is undetectable so because It's so fluid and it does kind of Perfect your skin you haven't got that Thickness of the formula to kind of mix In with your dryness of your skin and Your flakiness of the skin which is Going to end up looking like you know

Like that kind of like it's just rubbing Off like you can start to see the Foundation collecting in certain areas Now the problem with dry skin is that When you apply a foundation it can grab Hold the dead skin the flakiness in your All over your skin in those it's not Going to be even all over is it so you Might have a bit more dryness here than A bit more dryness here and this area is Going to really hold on to that Foundation that you've applied and just Kind of like it's going to mix in and Start to look very patchy so you really Want something which is very fluid very Kind of hydrating for your skin as well At the same same time and this Foundation is great for that doesn't Look bad in like a particular light so Your skin will still look good in any Light and you'll find that it's a lot Easier for you to apply because the Worst thing is when you have dry skin And you you start to apply the Foundation and you just know you you're Just like okay this is just not gonna Work because it's just setting in Certain areas it's just sitting there And collecting and mixing in with my Dryness and it's just not looking good So you really want something which is Kind of made to not look so obvious on The skin anyway and this one is just Great for application it blurs the skin

Slightly as well and you've got that Kind of added hydration in there as well It's not drying on your skin next up is The Ilia super serum skin tone now the Great thing about this is It's infused Makeup like foundation with skin care And it's good for your skin it's SPF 40 So that's another thing you're going to Get that protection which is great and It is again very fluid so it's a fluid Foundation which is gonna not build up In certain areas it is a light coverage Finish so it's great if you don't want That you know cakiness that OTG coverage It's going to be great for that but if You do want to obviously maybe give it a Bit more coverage you could maybe use it With a concealer which if you do want to See a video about the best concealers For different skin types let me know Maybe that's another video we could do The great thing about this skin tin is It has that hyaluronic acid in there it Boosts the high hydration it almost like Acts like it seals your skin so it just Seals All That moisture in so it's Really working on that moisture in your Skin so don't think this is just a Foundation it's going to be so good for Your skin too it's going to be easy to Apply so you'll find you don't get that Like annoying thing where it just piles Up in certain areas and you can kind of Build it up a little bit as well but I

Feel like you've always got to be Careful when you're building up Foundation on dry skin or dry flaky skin But this Foundation genuinely is good For dry skin the moisture is amazing in This like the hydration that you get From it is great like it's fragrance Free it's silicone free it's just good For your skin now moving on to oily skin Now oily skin tends to be a bit more Greasy you know you really see that Especially later on in the day you see That oiliness coming through even more You your spacious glands are overactive You know you just produce too much oil In your skin I'm not really going to Talk about acne with this because we've Got separate category for that but I Just want to focus on the oiliness Because it could be you just have oily Skin but you don't necessarily break out This can be a tough category to deal With because that oiliness you know it's Hard to deal with that excessive oil so Let's move on to the foundations that I Would recommend for oily skin the First Foundation I'm going to recommend is the Dual Beauty forever matte foundation This Foundation is honestly amazing I Use it myself it literally lasts all day Now it is a matte foundation so it's Gonna you know it's gonna stay matte and It does genuinely stay matte there are Other foundations which are full

Coverage that I've seen that people Recommend for oily skin which are more I Would say Trend Factor more than Anything some of those Brands and I have To say this Foundation the Dual Foundation actually ticks every box like It's infused with floral skincare in There as well and I initially thought That might be something that could you Know end up aggravating your skin but It's so soothing and so calming for the Skin so you're also not going to get That kind of irritability from this Product for your skin now this Foundation genuinely does stay matte Like Jenny annually it's transfer proof It's sweat proof waterproof it's going To stay perfect but the great thing is Is it's not drying on the skin like I Said it's not going to make you feel Like okay now I just feel like I've got No hydration there it is great for oily Skin it's great for any kind of skin Type I wouldn't probably recommend it For dry skin but honestly if you have Already scanned this Foundation is a Godsend the next Foundation I'm going to Recommend for oily skin is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation I think You kind of probably knew this one was Going to be in the category now this Foundation is great because it genuinely Does cover give you great coverage but It also does stay put like if you have

Oily skin I don't feel like you have to Worry about it with this Foundation Because once you put this foundation on It's like you've just looked it up and Thrown away the key it literally just Stays put and the coverage is amazing so I do feel like a lot of like dealing With oily skin has to do with how you Prep your skin before your foundation as Well honestly these two foundations I Would say however you end up prepping Your skin they work amazing now this Category is combination skin now Combination skin is basically a Combination of different skin types so It could be that you have an oily T-Zone And you have like dehydrated cheeks or Dry cheeks it doesn't mean it's as Excessive as how I've described those Categories separately for example I have Combination skin and I don't have Excessively oily T-Zone or excessively Dry cheeks but I do get that tightness In my skin sometimes once I've washed my Face and I also do get that maybe that Shine coming through later in the day Along my T-Zone so there are different Levels of it but if you do fall under Combination skin then here's the two Products that I recommend px1 Foundation Now this Foundation is a great very Affordable foundation that I feel like Kind of ticks the box like I use ex1 Quite a lot I alternate between

Different foundations it depends how my Skin is like I said when your Combination skin sometimes it can be a Little bit more oily sometimes you can Be a bit more on the dry side so it Really depends on how my Skin's feeling And the type of look that I'm kind of Going for again you've got to make sure You prep your skin correctly beforehand But regardless of however you do that These are the foundations that I'm Recommending and ex1 is a great All-rounder I feel like if you have Combination skin like it gives you that Great coverage it doesn't dry out your Skin at the same time so you've got that Great coverage for the oily Parts but You've also got that hydration if your Skin is feeling a little bit dry in Certain areas so that's my first Foundation and also the shade range is Amazing in this Foundation next up is The Dual backstage face and body Foundation this Foundation is great I Feel like you've got that added boost of Hydration in there but you've also got That option of building it up you know You get that great coverage from it so If you want that natural finish the Combination skin you can have that but You can also build it up to give you More of a full coverage finish and I Think it is this is great because it's a Foundation that can look better and

Better on the skin depending on how you Apply it obviously if you want to apply For concealer with it you can but I feel Like you don't it doesn't irritate your Skin you know it just kind of it works Works well on oily or dry skin it's kind Of great if you do have like both of Them you know if you have that issue and You have like maybe it's a little bit Flaky in certain areas maybe it's overly Oily in certain areas I feel like this Foundation kind of ticks all the boxes It's just a great all-rounder a great Foundation if you have combination skin And the next category is sensitive skin Now sensitive skin could be when your Skin is quite reactive to things like Ingredients in products it could be Foods it could be environmental factors It could be anything it could even be Clothing or something you know your skin Is just generally very sensitive so you Get red very easily and you have to be Very careful with what you put onto your Skin so let's start with these products The first one is it's cosmetic CC cream This Foundation CC cream whatever you Want to call it is amazing it's 90 Skincare it has a great shave range and It genuinely is good for your skin so I Use this for my clients who have Extremely sensitive skin because I feel Like it I'm just kind of really almost Like giving their skin a little blanket

You know protecting the skin but also Giving them that coverage that they want And the great thing is this is a full Coverage Foundation like or you can make It full coverage so it isn't actually Something that comes out full coverage Straight where I feel like you do need To build it up a little bit but it's Very easy to get there so it's a Foundation that I think is great for Sensitive skin it's hydrating it evens Out your skin I feel like you get Everything you want from it without Having to worry that okay what is this Doing to my skin it's genuinely good for Your skin next up I'm gonna have to Recommend the Ilia super serum skin tin Again the reason being is because this Skin tin is genuinely great if you have Sensitive skin so I don't want to just Have to pick different foundations for You I want to keep it real with you guys And tell you the truth like if there Might be one Foundation that I'm using In two categories and it's because it Genuinely is a great Foundation now the Super serum skin tint from Ilia is Obviously a skin tip so it isn't going To give you that amazing coverage that You want that Flawless like full Coverage finish but it does does still Give you great coverage and it's good For your skin it's going to be so gentle For your skin it's going to be looking

After your skin and you don't have to Worry about anything irritating your Skin with this now we're going to move On to acne prone skin now I fully Understand that there are different Types of acne and I don't want to forget About you guys out there who have cystic Acne so I've got a separate category for You which is coming up too so don't Don't don't move stay where you are We're addressing you guys as well Because I I do know that there are Different like different types of acne And I don't want to just class Everything under one group because I Feel like that's not really fair like You've got this category which is Basically for people who tend to break Out easily like maybe you've got clogged Pores or you have that bumpy skin Underneath you know that horrible bumpy Skin because you've got spots underneath The skin I haven't forgotten about you Guys so stay here we're going to address That topic right now okay so the First Foundation I'm gonna recommend when you Have acne prone skin like you know you Can break out easily is the Giorgio Armani luminous Foundation now this Foundation is great because it is oil Free so you don't have to worry about That added kind of oil on your skin Which could potentially block your pores It is a generally very good foundation

If you are sensitive to breaking out or You end up breaking out when you're Wearing Foundation I feel like this is One of the foundations like these two Foundations I'm going to mention they're Foundations that I generally don't have To worry about when I'm working on Clients and even on myself I feel like I'm breaking out a little bit recently Then I'll use these foundations so They're very good this Foundation Genuinely gives you a great Flawless Finish you don't have to worry about Your skin breaking out the shade range Is great it's also weightless on the Skin so you don't actually feel like You're wearing a lot of makeup it's also A sheer Foundation but you can build it Up to be more of a full coverage Foundation next up is the Nars sheer Glow this is a sheer Foundation which You can build up to medium finish it's Great for like acne prone skin if you Break out it's oil free fragrance free Alcohol free so it's not going to Irritate the skin either and I feel like It's a generally good all-around Foundation when you are prone to Breakouts now we're going to move on to The category of acne prone skin but more Severe so cystic acne you know where Your skin is very red inflamed it hurts To touch and I honestly I understand the Struggle because it can really affect

Your confidence but at the same time Like maybe you want to wear makeup Because you know you don't want it to be So obvious because it can be really red At times but maybe you also you're kind Of like struggling in the middle because You're like you also don't want to wear Makeup because it's probably just going To make it worse you know what can how Can anything being put on top of that Make it better you know I understand the Horrible feelings you can have with it And how it can really affect you and Affect trying to fit it can be really Confusing trying to figure out what to Use so I'm here to help you I'm going to Move on with the first products that I Would recommend first up is honestly Something you need to go out and buy now It's the herb Orion super BB cream this Little tube of magic is absolutely Amazing for severe acne prone Skin So if You have acne this is going to actually Help to clear it up as well so it is Half skin care half makeup it genuinely Works to look after your skin it's Specifically made for acne prone skin so It's a it's a product which I think is Gonna it gives you great coverage for Stars so you're getting full coverage You don't have to worry about the Coverage side you know how you always Worry because you're like okay it's Great for my skin but the coverage isn't

Great so how am I going to cover up the Redness it's genuinely good for your Skin this has to be one of the best Products I've seen around for acne prone Skin like severe acne I would highly Recommend it it's also got niacinamide In there and it's got some Korean Ingredients in there everything that's Going to really help your skin next up I'm gonna re-recommend the it's cosmetic CC cream genuinely a very good product And I feel like it's good for acne prone Skin as well if you have severe acne I Feel like at least you know majority of It is actually going to be good for your Skin in terms of like most of it is Skincare you know you don't feel like Most of it is taken over by the makeup Side so it is something that I would Recommend when it comes to severe acne I Would honestly recommend speaking to Your dermatologist first so even though I've recommended these two products Feature dermatologist you know see what That person thinks about it too I'm just Giving my own recommendation based on The fact that I've used these products On people who have severe acne and I've Also used it on family members which Have severe acne so it's something that I would personally recommend but I do Always feel that when you are suffering With such an issue you need to speak to Your dermatologist to really see what

They feel like is perfect for you Specifically so that is my full list of Foundations for every skin type I really Do hope this is going to like answered Your questions and kind of broken Everything down for you and made it a Bit easier for you to figure out what Category you fit into and therefore what Foundation would work well for you now If you do want to see a video about the Best concealers for each skin type right Let me know because I feel like you know Everyone talks about foundations but What about the other the good stuff you Know like the concealers that we do get To work and hide stuff like what about Them do we need specific concealers for Different skin types you know maybe I'll Do a different type of video but Covering that topic for you so let me Know what you think I really do hope you Enjoyed our first video of 2023 and that It's answered all of your questions now Wherever you are in the world I'm Sending you loads of Positive Vibes Sending them your way and loads of Love Peace energy and just a big hug I hope you enjoyed today's video if you Have any questions let me know in the Comments box below if you do like this Video give it a thumbs up don't forget To subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell button so that you don't miss any Of my future videos until the next video

Take care and I'll see you soon

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