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#barreworkout | Dancer legs are built with this move




#barreworkout | Dancer legs are built with this move

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Everyone that takes bar has got to learn The Demi plie in first position put your Heels together turn your toes out to a Diagonal and then you just start to bend Your knees over the toes feeling the Adductor is working the abductors inner Thighs pulling in so all this external Rotation is not normally what we're used To so using these tiny muscles is going To cause them to fatigue more quickly And you'll start to feel a little bit of That burn and then if you lift your Heels up you even get to shake those Muscles out bringing more blood flow Asking your body to have more strength More endurance maybe getting even lower And then like a dancer you're going to Keep everything else super relaxed and Graceful as you let the body get Stronger

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