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Banana Bites with Chocolate + Peanut Butter #shorts




Banana Bites with Chocolate + Peanut Butter #shorts

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Hey guys it's Katie and today I will be Sharing with you one of my favorite Afternoon snacks it's a three ingredient Banana bike and it's so easy to make That even a kid could do it so the first Thing I'm going to do is take a large Banana and slice it into chunky coins Then I'll lie each coin on a microwave Safe plate next I'm going to add a Dollop of all natural peanut butter onto Each banana slice then last but not Least a chocolate chip to top each one Off just like a peanut butter cup now You don't want to skip this step next You're going to pop your bananas in the Microwave for about 10 to 20 seconds and Once you take them out the banana is Going to be nice and warm and the Chocolate will be all Melted it's like warm chocolate peanut Butter banana bread so good

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