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BAKED MEATBALLS | with cauliflower rice, low-carb recipe




BAKED MEATBALLS | with cauliflower rice, low-carb recipe

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Hello my friends it's Danny and today I'm showing you how to make oven baked Meatballs using cauliflower rice in Place of the breadcrumbs now this is an Easy Italian style low carb meatball Recipe that would be a great option for A busy week night and also works really Well for meal Prep personally I grew up eating Spaghetti and meatballs so I am a very Big meatball fan and in the past I've Shared with you my turkey and spinach Meat meatballs and my buffalo chicken Meatballs so I wanted to share a healthy Meatball recipe using ground beef as the Base now keep in mind that meatballs Also freeze really well so you can Easily double or triple this recipe if You want to have some extra meatballs on Hand as a matter of fact this is the Same meatball that I use in my meatball And veggie soup recipe so I often will Double up the meatballs so I have them For a variety of meals so the first Thing that I'm going to do is preheat my Oven to 400° f height and then I am Going to line a rimmed baking sheet with Some parchment paper I had pre-cut Parchment paper that were on the smaller Size so I'm just going to use two sheets Of that then in a nice big bowl I have 2 Lbs of ground beef now personally I like To look for a grass-fed ground beef that Is on the leaner side so this is a 93%

Lean 7% fat cut of ground beef you can Of course buy whatever percent you like Or prefer or that is available to you I Think it's really important when we're Trying to improve our eating habits when We're trying to eat well that we enjoy The food that we eat so buy what you Enjoy buy what works for you and Remember that healthy eating does not Need to look exactly the same for Everyone then to the meat I'm going to Add two eggs I like to give them a quick Whisk before I add them to the meat Because this is going to make it easier To Combine then I have one cup of Frozen Cauliflower rice that I have let defrost At room temperature now the cauliflower Rice is being used in place of the Breadcrumbs so between the eggs and the Cauliflower rice this is what's going to Help to bind the meatballs together and What I really love about this is that Not only does it create a lower carb Meatball but it adds extra nutrients you Get to sneak an extra veggie in there as Well as a little bit of extra fiber then For the seasoning I'm going to keep it Really simple and fairly classic I'm Adding in one tbspoon of garlic powder 2 Tpoon of onion powder then I have one Teaspoon of dried oregano this could Also be Italian seasoning so again use What you have and then a teaspoon of sea

Salt and a half a teaspoon of black Pepper then last but not least I'm Adding in 1/3 cup of fresh parsley you Can of course stick with dried parsley If that's all you have on hand in which Case you would use a heaping tablespoon To sub in the fresh parsley but if you Have fresh parsley on hand I really do Love the bright fresh flavor that it Brings to the meatball so if you have it Use it from here I'm just going to get My hands in there and mix this all Together the goal is to get the eggs and The seasonings um evenly distributed Throughout the meat mixture without over Mixing the meat so you just want to do This as quickly and as efficiently as Possible and once it's all come together It's time to roll the meatballs so I'm Going to scoop about a heaping Tablespoon of the mixture into my palm And then I just roll it between my Palms Until I have a little ball just like This it'll be about 1 and 1/2 to 2 in in Diameter kind of about the size of a Golf ball then I'll place that on my Prepared baking sheet and repeat you Should end up with somewhere between 35 And 40 meatballs depending on the exact Size that you make them from here I'm Just going to pop them into the Preheated oven so the oven is at 400° F And we'll let them cook anywhere between 18 and 20 minutes we just want the

Meatballs to set up they'll have a nice Golden brown color on the outside and They will be cooked through the center So once the meatballs are cool enough to Handle I just use a spoon to wipe off Any of that excess fat before serving You could of course also cook them on a Wired rack that would help to allow that Fat to render down but personally I find It to be very messy and I do not like to Wash the wire rack so I prefer this Method once your meatballs are ready you Can enjoy them in a variety of different Ways what I usually do is I make them When I'm doing my meal prep then I'll Transfer them into an airtight container Where they will happily last in the Fridge for up to 5 days and in the Freezer for up to 3 months and my go-to Favorite way to serve them is to put a Little twist on a traditional spaghetti Meatball and I will serve them over a Plate of spaghetti squash with some Tomato sauce some fresh parsley parmesan Cheese and red pepper flakes over the Top it is so simple and so delicious This would be a great option for anybody Who wants to put a more nutrient-dense Delicious low carb spin on traditional Spaghetti and meatballs and if you're Not familiar with spaghetti squash or How to work with it I of course have a Video on that as well that I will link For you down in the description box as

Well because I promise you it is a Veggie worth getting familiar with that Is delightful as always I cannot wait For you to give this recipe a try and When you do come on down to the comment Section below and let me know what you Think and if you enjoy easy healthy Recipes just like this make sure you Take a moment to like this video Subscribe to the channel and subscribe To our Weekly Newsletter it's free and You will not have to sit around waiting For me to publish recipes because I will Send them directly to you as always Thanks so much I'm Danny spe and I'll See you back here next time with some More clean and deliciousness Cheers

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