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Ariana Madix Shares Her Hair Care Secrets & Breaks Down Her Tattoos | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Ariana Madix Shares Her Hair Care Secrets & Breaks Down Her Tattoos | Body Scan | Women's Health

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Is this healthy I don't know does it Keep me going yes it absolutely does hi I'm Ariana Maddox and this is my Women's Health body scan my favorite body part Of mine is my legs I hated them for so Long because I thought they were short And had cellulite and all kinds of Stupid stuff but my legs just got me Into third place on Dancing With the Stars and so I could not be more Grateful for them currently right now in This very moment my workout routine is Rest rest rest during Dancing with the Stars it was obviously dance dance dance And before that it was a lot of regular Weightlifting and trying to build muscle Through lifting heavy weights which I Actually really enjoy for me a body part That I feel like I have to show off is My butt I like my butt a meal that I Like to go to that makes me feel good Gives me Comfort and also makes me feel Healthy is honestly any kind of soup Soup I always keep broth in the pantry Whether it be bone broth or vegetable Broth or anything and even if I don't Have anything to make soup for myself But I really want to have that feeling I Will put broth in a bowl heat it up and Just drink it and it makes me feel great Something that I always have to have as A snack whether it's in the pantry or When I'm on the go is seaweed snacks I'm Obsessed with the texture I just love to

Eat sheets of seaweed something that I Always have to have with me as a go-to Beverage is Celsius is this healthy I Don't know does it keep me going yes it Absolutely does it keeps the Energizer Bunny going essentially I do have one Serious scar it's right here actually I Had melanoma stage one removed in 2018 I also have a scar under my arm From where lymph nodes were removed but The one that's really visible is the one On the chest my biggest advice to anyone Is do not set foot in a tanning bed I Was not uh necessarily prone to Something like that but the amount of Time that I spent in a tanning bed in The early 2000s really did me in so that's my scar But I'm proud of it serious injuries I've had I've broken bones when I was in Preschool I dislocated my left elbow Doing a cartwheel for the first time saw The big kids doing it really wanted to Be like the big girls didn't work out For me I broke my left wrist in Elementary school I was on the rings of The playground and my friend was pushing Me and the idea was jump off the Rings In the same way you jump off the swing And see how far you can get and I slid In the sand and I caught myself behind And I broke my left wrist and then also In elementary school I'm a horse girl And me and my other horse girl friends

Were playing hide and seek and I thought I should hide in this horse's stall and I was essentially underneath this horse And the guy that worked at the barn was Going around filling up horse's water Buckets for the evening and soon as that Water hose unkinked hit the bucket and It made the splashing sound the horse That I was underneath was a little Startled and then said what the hell is Underneath my belly and then the two of Us rolled around in the stall together I Was stepped on and about the size of a Horse hoof broke my right wrist and two Places I actually have three tattoos my First one was spring break 06 Miami and It was a heart and now it kind of looks Like a blob my second tattoo was this it Says per Aspira at Astra that means Through hardships to the Stars I'm from The space coast of Florida and this is Also written on the Apollo 1 Memorial it Has a lot of meaning for me as a space Coast native and then I have a third Tattoo that I just got this year and It's a little alien another space theme Tattoo and I got this at Coachella from John boy who is a really great New York Tattoo artist at bang bang tattoo I'm Totally open to more I think I'm going To be sticking with the Space theme the Alien one was one that I was excited to Get because it felt a little bit like I Was doing something kind of wild like on

A whim at a festival My love language is Quality time I always feel like time is A resource that none of us can ever get Enough of and so if I'm giving and Receiving quality time from another Person I think that's like super Meaningful I think the biggest thing for Me with my skin is consistency because My actual routine can be all over the Place but there's one or two things that Are an absolute mess no matter what and That is making sure that my face is Clean before I go to bed so I know that Makeup wipes are considered not the best But if I have makeup wipes next to the Bed I'd much rather use makeup wipes Than go to bed with a full face of Makeup on which I am prone to do if I'm Super exhausted I will not lie after a Couple of times of Dancing With the Stars I did fall asleep with my full Show Glam which is gross but it happened And then my other big thing that is a Never miss is sunscreen I typically use Ela MD sunscreen I find that that is Been the best as far as my skin and they Have a tinted version and they have like Really high SPF in and that's typically The two things that I cannot not do Because my routine as a whole is like All over the place so for my hair I Think the biggest thing is just if I can Go with not doing anything to it I let It have a break so I will maybe have it

Styled for something and then give it a Wash and as many days as I can just have It in a bun and do nothing that's what I'll do I love the DP hue rinses I use those a lot on days where it's Like okay I don't really think that Washing my hair I don't want to dry it Out my hair is very fine I do have Extensions but my real hair my actual Hair is very fine and can be prone to Breakage so if I'm washing it too much It gets too dried out so if I use one of Those rinses it kind of like gets rid of Whatever is there but then I'm not going The Full Tilt I deal with anxiety and Depression on a regular basis And when I'm feeling super super anxious I found that the best way of getting Through it is to talk about it when I Try to shoulder these things by myself That's when it starts to get out of Control so if I bring it up to any Friend or family who's around me who I Can say hey I'm feeling anxious about This or that it gets a conversation Going and it helps me be able to talk Through it also my therapist she Recommended something where I would be Super anxious about a situation she Would say okay well what is the worst Case scenario and why don't we just Actually play that out right now and it Becomes a thing where you realize that Even if the worst case scenario happens

That you can handle it and you can deal With it you know let's say before my Freestyle on Dancing With the Stars in The finale and my biggest fear every Time we ran it was that I was going to Fall down the stairs in front of Everyone millions of people on live Television the way to deal with that was To go okay let's say I do fall down the Stairs then what so the then what is Well I'll get up and I'll find where I Am in the music and I'll keep dancing And then at the end of it it'll be like Hey you fell but you kept going and look At that we survived you know and so That's something that I felt has helped Me a [Music] Lot A

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