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Aji Verde | Peruvian-Style Green Sauce




Aji Verde | Peruvian-Style Green Sauce

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Today we're making a truly magical Peruvian style green sauce known as AI a Sauce that you can serve over grilled Vegetables some steak or my favorite Grilled Chicken so I got to preface this video By saying that this is not a authentic Peruvian recipe it is a fusion between Mexican and Peruvian and it's mostly Known from Peruvian restaurants in Anglophone America so any peruvians that Moved to angone America and opened a Restaurant they often serve this sauce With all of their dishes but it's not Necessarily a sauce that you will find In Peru there is a green sauce called a Salsa a in Peru but it's made with Unripe AI amario which is a yellow Chili Pepper and wakat a leafy green herb Native to the Andes now both of these Things are very difficult to get your Hands on out outside of Peru so great Alternatives are jalapeno and cilantro Which is what we're using for the recipe Today now let's get started to seed two Jalapenos really make sure you remove All the Seeds then add them to a blender or a Jar that fits your immersion Blender together with a handful of Cilantro stems and All two cloves of Garlic about 1 tsp of lime juice this Will be 1 to two limes depending on how

Juicy they Are 3 tbsp of avocado oil or any other Flavorless oil and then start blending All this on high until it's bright green And [Music] Smooth Only then you add half a cup of Mayonnaise preferably homemade it only Takes 2 to 3 minutes to make mayo at Home and I have a full tutorial on how And then also add 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan and then blend on low for only Maybe 3 seconds you essentially just Want to mix it and not really blend it The reason we are adding the Mayo later Is so we don't risk it curdling because If you blend mayonnaise on high it Curdles and then your sauce will be Super watery and oily instead of creamy If your sauce feels too watery and not Creamy enough then you can always add a Little bit more of grated Parmesan Cheese to thicken it up but this is Supposed to be a pourable sauce it is Supposed to be something that you can Mix in really really well it's Absolutely magical I already said that At the beginning but you got to believe Me you have to make this recipe if you Only make one recipe for my whole entire Ire block then please let it be this one Pour it over everything put it into Anything and if you make this recipe

Please don't forget to snap a picture And show me I love seeing when you make Any of my recipes and then also watch Out for the next recipe video which will Be poo alabrasa which is Peruvian Grilled chicken and these two the Grilled chicken and the a sauce together In combination Are the best thing you've tried in your Life [Applause]

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