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Adelaide Kane’s Hair Care Secrets & Mental Health Non-Negotiables | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Adelaide Kane's Hair Care Secrets & Mental Health Non-Negotiables | Body Scan | Women's Health

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I don't have the patience for 10-step Skin care routines to be honest I get Bored I forget and then the products go Bad and I'm like why did I spend this Money hi I'm Adelaide Kane and this is My Women's Health body scan I really love my shoulders I have loose Ligaments in my shoulders which is Something I've had to like maintain and Take care of and keep an eye out for my Whole life because if I'm not careful I Could pop something out I really love Them because I can do this And it's just a gnarly party trick that I can bust out like any time it always Takes people by surprise so I like that It's sort of unexpected as far as like Sort of healthy eating or healthy dishes I like to eat warm Foods when it's cold And cold foods when it's warm I don't Like being restrictive with my eating I've had a long history of digestive Issues which have forced me to be Restrictive for elimination diets So my healthiest version of eating is When I can eat and enjoy my food in the Morning I have to have protein so I Usually poach or fry or scrambled eggs And have it with toast I can't do the no Carb thing it makes me insane it's Usually eggs and toast with like avocado Or maybe some like pan roasted cherry Tomatoes and and tea breakfast is my Most important meal of the day and

Without protein I crash and burn a Couple of hours later I'm without carbs I'm miserable so do I have any tattoos Do I ever I have four so I have this Little ladybug on my forearm that I got Done here in Los Angeles by Dr Wu I have A key on my right ribs also done by Dr Wu and my little brother has a matching Key on his forearm Um it's like a family thing with our mum I have a tattoo on These ribs which is at the back of a Of a woman with long hair she's got a Crown on and she's flipping the bird Which was in honor of my TV show Rain Then I also have a tiny little potion Bottle in my right hip with a little Moon on the on the label my first ever Girlfriend after I came out as bisexual Is a big fan of tattoos and when I was Staying with her in Amsterdam she was Like do you want to get matching tattoos And I was like you know what sure A Tattoo that represents a new stage in my Life like moving forward to continue Being my most authentic self so it's Meaningful for me whether we stay Together forever or not So it's a little little potion bottle we Just picked them because they were cute And I have two little scars on my hand My first dog honey was a mean Jack Russell in one of the old houses we Lived in we had a very overgrown

Backyard she would hunt rats in the Backyard and then would stash them Underneath her bed outside and we Wouldn't know that she had dead rats Underneath her bed until we went to pet Her and she'd bite us so I have two Little scars from my main Jack Russell Honey the rat Catcher And we loved her So much even though she bit us on a Regular basis I've never really liked my Legs I have quite short legs the Proportions of my body I have a long Torso and I have short legs you know you See like models and people who are in Fashion or actors who have this like Lovely long legs and I've always felt a Bit like a corgi I wear a lot of heels Or platforms to like try and compensate But I used to really really bother me as I get older I'm very grateful for having Short legs I have a lower center of Gravity and I don't fall half as much as My long-legged friends and I appreciate That I really like yoga but I use my Likes most walking and I've been making An active effort to just walk more I'm Not really into intensive exercise I Just Despise spin classes I hate them so much I hate running Don't like running but spin class that Comes from like a very special place in Hell that idea I hate it give me give me Like a regular bike with like a basket

And some handlebars and ride through the Park absolutely I'm there especially if There's a picnic at the end but a spin Class the last thing I want is to be Screamed out for an hour and then walk Out with a bruised crotch it's my least Favorite exercise in the universe and You can fight me on that one my like two Main love languages are gift giving and Words of affirmation I really like Giving gifts It's like a really important part of my Personality whether it's you know being Invited to someone that's house for Dinner or for a party or for an event or Something I like to take a candle or you Know something cute or a bottle of wine Or something I like to take a gift it's Important to me and that way if I want To leave early I don't feel bad about it so I'm like Well I brought them that nice candle It's totally fine if we like dip up to 45 minutes I get a little uncomfortable receiving Gifts which is weird Uh I'm I do much better with like Receiving small gifts like If a partner brings me flowers or coffee Or something that they made like small Gifts I'm quite happy receiving and they Definitely speak to me but larger gifts I get I get really deeply uncomfortable And words of affirmation communication

Is something that's become more and more Important the older I get in particular Sort of saying what I mean and meaning What I say and wanting that reciprocated In the relationships in my life I don't Do well with talking around things or Alluding to stuff I don't read into Things I take what people say very Literally and I expect them to do the Same and it's very difficult for me To communicate clearly and effectively With someone if they're not being Completely honest with me about their Thoughts or their feelings whether it's About work whether it's about something Personal whether it's bad or good Um I need that level of communication my Heca secrets are always use thermal Protectant spray always always anytime You're using heat on your hair I wash my Hair with just regular shampoo and Conditioner during the week and then on The weekend I use a clarifying shampoo And an olaplex like protein building Conditioner to reset my hair for a work Week My Philosophy is about skin care is Stick to what works take my makeup off Every night take my sunscreen off if I Don't wear makeup every single night With a double cleanse and moisturize my Whole body twice a day I don't have the Patience for 10 step skincare routines To be honest I get bored I forget and

Then the products go bad and I'm like Why did I spend this money so I keep it As simple as possible I take care of my Mental health by doing no cell phone for The first hour of every day I listen to Music and go about my morning and I find That it gives me a far more calm scented Relaxed start to my day as far as like Handling your personal mental health Goes I'm a big advocate for therapy I Mean not everyone can afford therapy Meditation is great there are a bunch of Free apps it can be difficult to find That time or make yourself do it but I Meditate before I go to sleep because I Struggle to fall asleep I also do Breathing exercises Every single day or I'll breathe in for Five counts And then hold for six and then exhale For seven and you can do that anywhere Anytime and it's free and it just helps Bring you down from this like stressed Frenetic place Back into your body And I'm always surprised when I do that Breathing exercise how tight and closed Off different parts of my my chest and My abdomen are and I didn't even notice Or just parts of my body it's not even a Stressful day and I'm So tight and I can't catch a full breath Um just check in with yourself make sure That you're breathing because I don't

Think any of us breathe enough or Properly and that certainly doesn't help Thank you so much for watching my body Scan with Women's Health and make sure That you subscribe

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