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6 Unexpected Accessories To Look More Stylish This Summer | Fashion Trends 2023




6 Unexpected Accessories To Look More Stylish This Summer | Fashion Trends 2023

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Accessories can make or break an outfit And it's often the one piece of the Puzzle that we forget about and in Today's episode I'm sharing six modern And quite unexpected accessories that Are definitely going to change the game For you [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now today we're talking accessories and Most of us probably realize that Accessories are like the icing on the Cake and in fact I watched a video Recently by the lovely Lydia Tomlinson Here on YouTube I'll leave a link to Lydia in case you haven't seen her or Watched her Channel but she's amazing She did a fantastic video on some Modern Accessories that are definitely going to Update an outfit it got me thinking About some of the key accessories that I've seen lately and accessories that I Use regularly and wear regularly that uh Game changers for me so today I thought I would focus on accessories and select A few that I know will resonate with you Too so I think you're gonna like this One okay the first accessory that we are Talking about and it is possibly yeah I Think I'd go out on a lemon say it is my All-time favorite accessory and that is A crossbody handbag now hear me out for A second it's not just because there's The hands-free element to wearing a

Crossbody bag the other thing that a Crossbody bag does is it gives your Outfit some shape it also adds a little Bit of interest to an outfit because Essentially you wear a crossbody bag Across your body it becomes part of your Outfit I've recently bought a new Crossbody bag and specifically to add a Little bit of interest to some of my Outfits I've got it here I have actually Featured it on some of my videos before But it's a cute little Karen Walker who Is a New Zealand designer a crossbody Sheerling camera bag now I am loving This I love the fact that it's an easy Way to add a pop of color to my outfits And as I said crossbody bags give you Some shape so if you are wearing an Outfit that's a little bit Fuller Perhaps or you like to wear oversized Pieces the final piece of that puzzle is Adding a crossbody bag it automatically Gives your outfit some shape and your Body some shape so the oversized pieces Aren't swallowing you up now the other Reason I particularly love crossbody Bags in a fashion sense is because Sometimes I can feel just a little Exposed and they kind of just cover me Up a little bit now I have a slip dress That I wear all the time and absolutely Love and I love the fact that a Crossbody bag basically just hangs and Creates a bit of a diversion so my

Silhouette isn't completely on show I'm Not having to walk around sucking my Tummy in so that it's not being seen Because I've got a crossbody bag that is Kind of an extra layer of comfort if you Will also they give you that Practicality as I mentioned earlier to Be hands-free and there are so many cute Quirky cool options on offer at the Moment so if you haven't considered a Crossbody bag in the past or it just Hasn't been your jam next time you're in A department store or a fashion store And you see one try it on with what You've got on you might be surprised at How how good they are they are just an Essential accessory in my mind now that Leads in perfectly to the next accessory Which in my world is an absolute Must-have and that is a gorgeous phone Strap and at this point I'd just like to Say a very big thank you to Tim at case Defy for sponsoring this portion of Today's episode now speaking of phone Straps and speaking of hands-free a Phone strap will give you the ultimate When it comes to hands-free so basically You can wear your phone crossbody or Over your shoulder or around your neck Because at the end of the day we don't Really even need handbags or purses Anymore with Apple pay Apple wallet I Quite often just take my phone out and About with me and to have the ability to

Style my phone as part of my outfit is Just super easy I've recently picked up Three new straps from case of I to add To my collection and these straps are Just a super easy way to to update an Outfit give you that crossbody Practicality and also create an Accessory out of your phone because at The end of the day I have my phone Wherever I go and I think most of us are The same so let me show you these three Straps that are just an easy way to to Update any look especially if you want To be hands-free like I think a lot of Us do these days so I ordered this Really gorgeous Slinky snake-like strap So that for me is going to be something A little bit special if I'm going to a Launch or if I'm going out for an Evening this is the strap for that Occasion I've also grabbed a very basic Black leather strap so for me this is a Strap that's going to take me everywhere And anywhere and also I got it in Black Because it's going to work with all of My phone cases and I've got to admit I've got a thing for phone cases because They're also a great accessory too so I Have a ton of different case-to-five Phone cases a black leather strap is Going to work with all of them and last But not least is this super cute rope Strap as well so it's got little gold Detailing and let me show you how all of

These straps fit easily onto your phone So when you order one of the case defy Straps they also come with these little Inserts and you can choose whether you Want a little gold hoop that sticks out Of your phone but essentially it is Placed between your phone and your case Inside your case and it gives you that Little Loop that you can attach your Straps to it is very simple indeed and All the straps come with these little Inserts I originally thought that I'd be Wearing the Rope strap to take my dogs For a wall but it turns out I've been Actually using this one a lot because I Just think it's a little cool it's Modern it's super fun as a team at case Defy has kindly offered you a 15 Discount off anything on their website So if you're in the market for a cool New case or you'd like to try a strap All you need to do is whip on over to forward slash the style Insider and I will leave that linked Below so you can with Pawn over there After you've watched this video and Check out their phone cases while you're There but also take advantage of that 15 Discount off straps anyway let's get on With these accessories the next modern Accessory that I'm absolutely loving at The moment and it turns out I'm not the Only one it's become quite a celebrity Favorite and that is modern hoops and we

All know a classic hoop has been kind of Something that most of us have owned and Worn for a long time and classic Hoops Are definitely having a bit of a moment Right now but what I have seen is a real Move towards modern style Hoops so there Are some really interesting shapes and Designs and in fact Hayley Bieber is Someone that I keep a close eye on I Actually love her sense of style I'm not Sure if you guys do or not let me know In the comments below if you do I was Thinking about creating a video on Stealing her style for any age so let me Know if that's something that you'd be Interested in but Haley Bieber has kind Of made a brand Jenny bird good famous For wearing some of her gorgeous Hoops Now she has created a beautiful Selection of super modern Hoops which I Particularly love because there really Is something here for everyone so Haley's been spotted wearing her puff Hoops and also her chunky hoops and as I Said the designs on some of these hoops Are amazing she's got this cute swivel Hoop these door knocker style hoops and These balloon link Hoops are in my Opinion really cute so these modern Hoops are just an easy way to add an Accessory to an outfit they are pretty Much an everyday option as well they are Going to just create a little bit of Interest without being over the top so

There are some gorgeous modern chunky Hoops that are just a little bit more Elevated and they're just a little bit More interesting than a classic hoop now This next accessory Trend I am sure is Going to divide you some of you will Love it and others well not so much but It is the humble belt bag off fanny pack Or bum bag whatever you call it let me Know know in the comments what you Actually call them but for today's Episode I'll be calling them a belt bag Now these bags similar to crossbody bags Are super versatile give you that Hands-free option they also do give you That opportunity to create a little bit Of shape to an outfit also now there's Pretty much everything on offer from the Classic styles that we saw back in the 80s and in fact I have one I might grab It and show you this is one that I Bought a number of years ago from PE Nation it actually needs a little bit of A clean up because I wore it every day On my recent trip to the US now the Thing that I loved about this was it Just added a pop of color and a little Bit of interest to anything I wore when I was away and the versatility was great I did wear it crossbody but with these Bags also you can just wear them over Your shoulder like a handbag you can Wear them around your waist or cross Your body in the way that I wore this

One so there's such versatility with Them now the thing that I love about the Modern belt bags is that they come in Different sizes and shapes as well which Makes them really interesting so there's Everything from these tiny belt bags That you do actually wear as a belt and They're the bag part of them is only big Enough to say hold a credit card two Belt bags like this Bottega one which is Incredible and it's the size of a camera Bag so there's kind of something for Everyone and again you have that Versatility of wearing it on as a belt Or over a cardi or a shirt to give you a Little bit of waste cross your body over Your shoulder like a shoulder bag you're Hands-free and you've got a bit of shape To your outfit as well so these very Cool belt bags are definitely where it's At and in my opinion they are a Must-have accessory now the next Accessory that I am particularly loving Is the return of statement necklaces now We've had a lot of layering going on With necklaces in the last few years and There's been a lot of fine dainty Jewelry being worn but there does seem To be a real return to a real statement Necklace and in particular I've seen Some chokers coming back and also just Some really chunky short chains now the Great thing about a statement necklace Is that it creates interest in an outfit

And it also gives a really simple outfit A bit of a wow factor and a little bit Of a talking point once again when I was On the Jenny bird website looking at the Modern Hoops I saw that she did some Beautiful chokers that are kind of made Out of watch band inspired links she's Also with this particular one I love the Fact that she's also included a little Extender so the choker can be worn sort Of really tight or a little bit looser As well so I love that versatility that You kind of get a chunky choker or Necklace in one she's also created these Amazing squiggle-like chokers and she's Done them in a sort of a chunky format And also something a little bit finer so There's something there for everyone and I do tend to find that chokers and these Chunky chains are Timeless pieces so if You do invest in them they are going to Be pieces that they may come and go a Little bit in fashion but they're always Going to be pieces regardless of what's Happening in terms of trends that you Can pull out add to a simple outfit and Just give it a bit of a wow factor next Up the accessory I wanted to focus on And Lydia also focused on this one is Scarves now the beauty of scarves is That they are always going to to work You can buy a scarf today and love it And wear it for the rest of your life And they are really versatile I've

Recently created a video on how to tie Head scarves I will link that in the Description box below but I've recently Started wearing some beautiful silk Scarves as head scarves they are perfect When it comes to bad hair days or if you Haven't washed your hair or for me if I Haven't done my regrowth perfect way to Cover up a whole a lot of stuff and the Thing also about scarves is that you can Wear them as a belt you can tie them Them to your purse or handbag to add a Little color to your outfit you can tie Them around your neck obviously wear Them around your shoulders for a little Extra layer they are super versatile fun And colorful oh and I recently picked up A few gorgeous headscarves in Walmart When I was in the states and this is one That I've saved for a friend but it's a Collaboration between a brand called Goodie and Rayna Noriega so I'm not Quite sure who she is I think she's some Sort of designer she's created these Amazing scarves they're beautiful Quality I think I paid about ten dollars For this so affordable I will leave a Link to this in the description box Below and some of the other cool hair Accessories that she is doing with Walmart but you can dip your toe in this Trend really easily and don't Underestimate how a cool scarf can Update an outfit now that leads in

Really nicely to my final accessory Which is headwear so think about hats Whether it's a baseball cap or a bucket Hat bucket hats are everywhere I know They don't suit everyone but you might Be surprised if you haven't tried one on Before I recently tried a friend's on I'll leave a photo of it up here for you To have a little look at they can be Really flattering if you choose the Right style or color for your face even Just a classic baseball cap is going to Update an outfit and just give it a Little bit of something extra and again There's the practicality of wearing hats Because if you're not having a great Hair day it doesn't matter add the cap On as you're heading out the door it's Just the final piece of the puzzle but Hair accessories in general are having a Moment and in fact I picked up these Creaseless clips from Ulta Beauty in the States in Washington DC these are super Cute if you're wanting to apply makeup The great thing about these clips is That you can clip your hair out of the Way and you're not going to be left with A dent in your hair so I love the look At these creaseless clips I'll leave a Link to them in the description box Below good old packs of scrunchies from Walmart just come in super handy as well Claw Clips are everywhere at the moment So sometimes we forget that our hair can

Actually give us an opportunity to add Some accessories as well and the biggest Hair accessory of all at the moment is The humble headband and again these are Great to add a little bit of Interest Pull your hair back keep it out of your Face when you're wearing it down or up Hayley Bieber and I know that I'm Talking about her a bit in this video But she has been spotted wearing one Recently it just adds a little bit of Something extra to an outfit so when it Does come to accessories don't Underestimate how a cool hair accessory Can add a little bit of something Special to an outfit as well oh and While I'm thinking about it don't Underestimate the power of a bold lip as An accessory sometimes we just don't Think about makeup as an accessory but It definitely is and today I decided to Wear a beautiful red that I love but a Bold lip whether red is your thing or a Bright Coral or whatever it is that kind Of just gives your outfits a bit of a Punch don't underestimate the power of a Bold lipstick as a winning accessory Anyway that's it from me today I do hope You enjoyed this one and if you did I'd Love you to give it a big thumbs up oh And I recently created a video on some Of my best anti-aging Beauty and makeup And skincare tips and if you would like To see what they are and what I have

Learned over the last 56 years then Click or tap on the screen here and I Will see you there

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