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6 Healthy & Easy Mothers Day Brunch Ideas For All Skill Levels




6 Healthy & Easy Mothers Day Brunch Ideas For All Skill Levels

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In this video I will share six healthy Easy Mother's Day brunch ideas for all Skill levels if you're not the main cook In the house but you really want to Surprise Mom this video is for you no Matter how inexperienced you will be Able to make at least one of these Recipes and if your mom likes eating Healthy then she will love any and all Of these brunch ideas also stay tuned For the amazing Mother's Day giveaway of My six week clean eating plan and the 48 Hour flash sale but more about that Later in the video let's start with the First recipe this Greek yogurt parfait Is a no knife no heat recipe perfect for Anyone with zero experience in the Kitchen you will need a wide and not too Tall glass so it's easy to build Get some plain unsweetened Greek yogurt And Spoon two heaping tablespoons of Yogurt into the bottom of the glass If your mom likes it sweet then add a Drizzle of Honey on top of the yogurt About half a teaspoon then add a layer Of raspberries blueberries or a mix of Both make sure they're washed and dried Then add about a tablespoon of granola Or any type of cereal you have at home This could even be Cheerios here Then add another layer of yogurt but Without honey this time Another layer of berries and another Layer of granola or cereal and then

Drizzle some honey on the very top Because the shiny honey makes the top Look really pretty And voila your Greek yogurt parfait is Ready it's beautiful and delicious and Mom will be so so happy here's a quick Reminder before you go wake up Mom and Surprise her leave the kitchen nice and Clean and tidy we don't want to give a Surprise that in the end is more work For Mom next let me show you how to make Avocado toast this recipe requires basic Knife skills and a toaster The first thing we have to do is choose A ripe avocado the way to check if the Avocado is ripe is to very very gently Press into it don't press too hard Because you can easily damage a ripe Avocado a ripe avocado should feel as Squishy as the part of your palm right Under your thumb when you have your hand Tightly closed into a fist If you find one like that then remove The little knob at the top of the Avocado and check the color it should be Bright green not white and not black to Cut the avocado if you don't have much Practice with knives I recommend you lay It on the counter like this then cut in From the top where the knob was and then Turn the avocado in a circular motion With your hand keeping the knife steady In the same position now to remove this Stone don't do what you see other people

Do and slam the knife into the stone you Can do that only when you have a lot of Experience with how much force you're Supposed to use with your knife or else You risk splitting the stone and cutting Right through the avocado Stone and into The palm of your hand it's much much Safer to just gently push the stone out By pressing on the sides now next up Toast some bread you will need about one Slice of toast per a third avocado while The bread is toasting at the Flesh of The avocado into a bowl by just pressing It out like an orange and then use a Fork to mash it all up Once the bread is nice and toasted Spread the mashed avocado on top of the Toast make sure you distribute it all The way to the edges and then season it Lightly with some sea salt and then Sprinkle everything bagel seasoning on It or if you don't have that then use Any type of seeds you have on hand Sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds poppy Seeds any type of seeds are amazing one Or all of them and then your avocado Toast is ready it's so so delicious and Mom will be happy before we get to the Next recipe let me tell you about this Amazing Mother's Day giveaway and Flash Sale that green healthy cooking is Running for the six week clean eating Program the program is designed to help You reset your eating habits increase

Your energy and improve your overall Health for more information click the Link in the description one lucky winner Will get this program completely for Free to enter just tell me in the Comments why your mom is the best and Then on Friday May 12th 10 a.m eastern Time I will draw the winner so make sure You check your comment because that's Where I am going to be commenting and Letting you know that you won and also Right then right at 10 A.M on Friday we Are starting a weekend flash sale where You can get 20 off using the code mama And now let's continue with the next Recipe this salmon bagel with Hard-boiled egg is an extra pretty Brunch recipe healthy delicious and Fancy yet super easy to make let's start By making a hard-boiled egg you need one Egg per person in case you're cooking For Mom and more people Bring water to a boil in a small pot and Once boiling very carefully add your egg Or eggs into the boiling water Don't drop it because it will crack take Your time then reduce the heat a little Bit so the eggs don't jump around now Set a timer for six minutes once the six Minutes are over take the eggs out of The water and leave them on the counter To cool down Now cut your bagel in half or if you Bought already sliced Bagels simply pull

The house apart and then toast them Once the Beagle holes are toasted at a Generous amount of cream cheese on the Bagel and spread it with a knife making Sure you have cream cheese all the way To the edge of the bread Then add a few slices of smoked salmon On top And then peel your hard-boiled egg And then slice it And I'll add the sliced egg on top of The smoked salmon Lastly top it all with a few sprigs of Dill and a few Capers for extra flavor And Beauty don't you think this is just Gorgeous Another super simple and easy recipe is A breakfast salad all you have to do is Add a handful of arugula to a bowl and Season it with sea salt pepper a Tablespoon of olive oil a teaspoon of Balsamic vinegar And balsamic reduction and then use your Hands to really mix in the dressing into The arugula then add a quarter sliced Avocado diced tomato And a hard-boiled egg cut in half to Choose the perfect avocado for this Breakfast salad go to the avocado toast Recipe which was the second recipe in This video and to learn how to make a Hard-boiled egg go to the salmon bagel Recipe just in case you were jumping to This recipe

The next recipe requires a little more Experience in the kitchen but if you Know how to make a fried egg you'll be Able to make this delicious whole grain French toast get a bowl that is big Enough so you can fit a piece of toast In it completely flat Crack one egg into that bowl and add a Quarter cup of milk to it and use a fork To whisk both together until the mixture Is well combined you want to make sure The egg white isn't at all slimy anymore You will have to whisk at least three Minutes to get it to be super liquid Then preheat a pan over medium Heat Don't crank up the heat to maximum and Then reduce the heat very very big Mistake of any beginner use medium heat If your stove goes from one to six then Preheat it on three if it goes from one To eight then preheat it on four if it Goes from one to nine then preheat it on Four and a half okay so just preheat on Medium heat when you place your hand About two inches above the pan it should Be really hot at this point add a little Blob of butter to the pan and once it Melted smoosh it around with a flat Spatula then get a slice of whole grain Bread and dunk it into the egg and milk Mixture for about three seconds on one Side then flip and dunk another three Seconds on the other side then place the Bread in the hot pan if your pan is big

Enough add another piece at the same Time if not then just cook them Consecutively Cook the French toast on the first side For approximately three minutes then Carefully flip it and cook it for Another two minutes on the other side Then put the French toast on a plate and Top it with a few fresh berries and a Few pieces of chopped pecans or walnuts Or any other type of nut and drizzle Maple syrup or honey on top of it all The last recipe is the one that requires The most experience in the kitchen but Is still pretty easy Mexican scrambled Eggs are flavorful and fun Start by peeling a white onion And then cut it in half and place the Flat side on The Cutting Board and start Slicing it Remember the claw method for cutting Tuck your fingers in so you don't cut Into your nails or fingertips by Accident once you slice the onion turn It 90 degrees and start dicing it you Need approximately two tablespoons of Diced onion for one serving push the Onion aside and get a jalapeno pepper And start slicing it as long as you Don't touch the cut part of the pepper Your fingers won't get spicy make sure You simply hold it by the stem you don't Have to remove the seeds you can just Leave them in

Push the sliced jalapeno to the onion And get a tomato and cut that one in Half and remove the little green stem Then slice the tomato and then turn that One and dice it too if it's too slippery Take one slice at a time and cut it into Dice you need half a tomato per serving Lastly get a small handful of cilantro And fold it into half and in half again And then cut the cilantro into small Pieces Now crack two eggs per serving into a Small bowl and add about a quarter Teaspoon salt and a little bit of black Pepper to it and whisk until it's well Combined Preheat a pan over medium heat and wait Until it's nice and hot once it's hot Add a drizzle of oil and then fry the Diced onion and jalapeno for about 1 Minute or until a few pieces start Browning now don't get alarmed if you Feel like coughing this is the jalapeno It's Perfectly Normal it's safe nothing Will happen just cough to the side then Add the diced tomato and move that Around for maybe 30 seconds and then add The whisked egg and move and move and Move it so it Cooks evenly now turn up The heat and add the cilantro last give It a quick stir and then serve it on a Plate you can serve the Mexican Scrambled eggs with a piece of toast I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope

You're going to give one or two or maybe Even three recipes a try if you do Please don't forget to snap a picture And show me I can't wait to see the Pictures and I can't wait to hear the Feedback if your mom loved it and don't Forget to enter the giveaway and don't Forget to set your alarm for the flash Sale and I'll see you with my next video Bye

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