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Feel like I need to just kind of like Let this do its thing and then tell you Guys after because I feel I'm gonna talk To you like this [Applause] And here is another educational Beauty Video and this time it's five tips on How to get clearer skin and it's great For acne prone skin now if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos and I'm over on Instagram so please do come Say hi there too now let's jump straight Into the video Let's be honest we all want clear skin And some of us unfortunately are dealing With acne some of us are dealing with Other skin issues I really wanted to put Together my top five tips on getting Clearer skin regardless of whether you Have kind of pigmentation or you feel That your skin is a bit congested or Maybe you genuinely are suffering from Acne I really wanted to give you my best Tips that have worked for me and I hope It kind of works for you so we're going To go through each tip one by one we're Going to start with tip number one This first one is LED light therapy Honestly this has completely changed the Game when it comes to my skin it's Something that I do on a I try and do it

On a daily basis I'm going to be honest You get the best results by doing it on A daily basis but you can kind of like Switch it up and just do it like maybe Once a week but for best results Honestly once a day for 10 minutes That's it just 10 minutes works wonders For your skin light therapy is basically It's where you have light wavelengths That kind of are traveling from Tiny Light bulbs on the mask that you use Deep into your skin it's painless it's Non-invasive and it can help with so Many other things other than just kind Of like clearing up your skin and Clearing acne so it really helps with Kind of like lifting tightening it's Anti-aging it's great to even the skin Tones if you feel like you have a bit of Patchiness I personally suffer from a Little bit of pigmentation this has Really helped to kind of like just clear My skin a bit better hopefully you guys Can see I don't have anything on my skin Right now I really wanted to show you The mask that I am currently using which I absolutely love which is the current Body LED mask so this mask it harnesses The perfect measurement to rejuvenate The skin there's two wavelengths like They work below the skin surface and it Stimulates the natural Rejuvenation Process and it creates like a complexion Which is glowing and it generally looks

Quite healthy the two wavelengths that This mask uses is red light and near Infrared Now red light helps to Basically boost collagen production in The skin it helps to calm the skin it Helps with redness and it also helps to Even out the skin tone so really good For that pigmentation and just general Like unevenness of the skin now the near Infrared helps to boost circulation Because basically what it does is it Actually penetrates even deeper into the Skin and it also helps to improve blood Flow and also Boost Oxygen to the skin Cells both of these two wavelets work Amazing hand in hand so I like the fact That with the this mask it's not just an LED light you know it's not that Standard one it actually does genuinely Help your skin and you've got both of Those wavelengths like one working Slightly higher in the layer of the Skins and then one penetrating even Deeper into the skin layers so I'm going To show you my mask this is the mask and It basically has loads of little kind of Like bulbs I'm going to try and give you A close-up image edit it into this but It has loads of like small bulbs all Over on the inside of this you can it Stretches even more in case you have a Slightly bigger head like me and it also Has a kind of little battery pack I Think this is yeah I mean I don't know

What you want to call this but yeah I Would call it a battery pack but Basically what I do is I there's another Wire that I have which is plugged in at The moment but it goes into here it's a USB port is it a USB port yeah I think So that that goes into wherever you plug It in so I have like a an extension Cable and it has like a USB port in There so the wire kind of I really Overcomplicated that whole sentence but It slots right in there hair and then it Charges this and it has a little light Here that comes up which is green when It's flashing it basically means that It's still charging once it's green Continuously then it's charged this is Attached to this this stays here with it Now I've I just keep it wrapped up Because I hate wires all over the place But basically we're going to put this on In a bit but what I want to do is I want To put on a kind of like mask burst now I would only recommend using this Specific mask for mask from current body Because I just always feel like if a Product says you know you can use a mask With this I would much rather use the Mask that they've created to go with This so this is the current body Hydrogel face mask now my face is Completely clean it's completely dry so I'm going to put this gel mask over my Face let's get this on

Like it's super smooth and super cooling It like sticks really easily I don't Know if you guys have used many kind of Like masks like this but they kind of Slide all over the place and I don't Know why this is so different but it Just stays in place so okay Just gonna like there you go I'm just Smoothing this over so I put this on There you can see that this is nicely Smoothed over because when once I put This on I usually just go and sit down Don't laugh with me guys I know you're Laughing I sit there do what I gotta do While this is on I'm gonna press this Button There you go it's on I can just try to See you well I can't really see you at All but and then it turns off itself in 10 minutes I feel like I need to just Kind of like let this do its thing and Then tell you guys after because I feel Like I'm gonna talk to you like this Because usually I just get on with my Own little thing like whatever I'm doing In front of the laptop or whatever but You know right now I feel like I want to Talk to you guys properly so let's let This get to work I'm just gonna let it Kind of do what it's got to do for 10 Minutes while this is working it's magic On me don't forget that the link for This product is in the description box Below I also have an amazing code for

You guys which is Nina CB it gives you 20 off of current body the link in the Description will take you to the exact Product make sure you click it make sure You use the code so that you can get Your special discount I'm just sitting Here literally shopping and I just Thought that there's a sale on at Sephora so I've just literally put in so Many tart shape tapes because there's a Certain amount of off of top um top Products so yeah anyway let's get back To it Foreign There you go it's turned off so let's Take this off Okay I'm just taking this gel off okay So basically once you've taken it off You can just clean the mask in you know You can clean it with a cloth what I do Is just get a wet cloth and just kind of Clean over this because it's got some Serum on there which I'll do afterwards But the masks come in like packs like This it's very hydrating I don't know if You can already notice it but I know I Definitely can my skin feels and looks a Lot brighter and it generally like just Looks healthier to me like I know that I've only just put it on now but I have Been using it for a little while so you Know I've got some experience in it so I Know how it has made my skin feel over Time but this is something that I would

Highly recommend because I feel like It's something that kind of like Eliminates the need to go to a salon you Know you don't have to always go out and Spend so much money on a salon like I Truly believe I'll be honest I'm a bit Of a Hermit I love being at home I love Being able to do beauty treatments at Home for me it's like great I don't mind Spending that money on something like This that I can use on a daily basis Because if I were to go in and actually Get this same treatment done at a salon It would be way more expensive and Regular like over time as we get older We don't produce as much collagen as What we did when we were younger which Is why like in babies you see super Plump skin and it's just so nice and Plump and amazing and then as we get Older that plumpness kind of goes down Because we're not creep we're not we Don't have as much collagen production So it just decreases that as we get Older and decreases more and more and More which is why you end up with kind Of like lines Fine Lines wrinkles Sagginess you know things like that so This really helps to boost that collagen Production which I love and I genuinely Do see that in my own skin also another Thing I wanted to tell you guys Obviously you don't do something like This if you already have like say if you

Have a severe skin issue I wouldn't Recommend if you have severe like you Have it hurts to the touch you know or You have like a rash or you have Anything which is like quite excessively Wrong in terms of the condition of your Skin I wouldn't use this always consult Your doctor first your dermatologist is First another little quick thing I Wanted to tell you is that obviously Like I said you can use the mask that You can get with this like the gel mask You can get with the LED mask you can Use other kind of skincare products if You want just make sure there's no SPF In it because that can actually block The like light penetration so just make Sure it's there's no SPF in it and uh Yeah hydrating so yeah it also by the Way comes with some goggles in case you Feel like the light is a little bit too Bright for you like you can just put These on I haven't actually used these Yet because I actually quite like I I Quite like getting things done but I do Like the fact that I've got this option So you can put these goggles on if you Just don't like bright light but Honestly I don't feel that it's an issue Like it doesn't it doesn't feel bright You can just carry on as normal you know Yeah it's great for and it's like Anti-aging it's something that I Personally have seen that my face seems

A bit kind of more like firmer more Tighter so for me it's really nice to be Able to use something I feel that Genuinely does make my skin like look Better and feel better and plus there There are some celebs that use this as Well by the way I didn't know when I First started using it but then I I Found out afterwards because I was Reading up a bit more on it once I Started seeing that it does work but in Four weeks you see like you see amazing Results I think people like Renee Zellweger have used it there's been a Couple of other celebrities that have Used it before going on the red carpet So it really does give you that really Nice glow and I can see it in the mirror Right now and I really do hope you guys Can see it now we are going to move on To the next tip tip number two Now this tip is about using your face Wash morning and evening I know that Some of these tips might seem really Basic to you but honestly I cannot begin To tell you how much of a massive Difference they made to the way that my Skin looks especially when I was trying To kind of recover I would say recover Recover from acne and the congestion and You know like when I say congestion I Mean the spots that you get on the Underneath the skin so it's like tiny Bumps that was like one all of these in

Combination work really really well for My skin but you know washing your face In the morning and the evening it seems Like a pretty Common Sense thing but I Realized over time from speaking to People and hearing things on on online That not a lot of people do do that you Know I've heard a lot of people say that They one do the worst thing ever which Is sleep in their makeup which is really Really bad I would never do that two Like not really wash their face with a Face wash in the evening and you've had That entire day's dirt and grime all Over your your face you need to get rid Of it the way that I see it and once you Start doing it it becomes a rich like it Becomes a habit just it's the same with Anything you do it for long enough it Just becomes a part part of your kind of Lifestyle use a facial fake face wash Use a face wash in the morning and also Use it in the evening just genuinely Start with these steps and honestly it Will make such a difference to your skin So if you do all of this in combination I can guarantee you are going to have Better skin use the correct face wash so You've got to do it in the right way as Well so make sure it is a face wash that Is suited to your skin type if you feel That you have very oily skin then use Something which is kind of like tackling That oiliness and like really helping to

Draw out the impurities as well if you Feel that you have very dry skin then Obviously use something which is Hydrating for your skin too my personal Favorites what I actually use is the Kiehl's Blue Herb or face wash because It has salicylic acid in there so that As a daily wash that helps keep my acne At Bay like you know because I even Though my skin looks clear now I still Do have those times where it just breaks Out and if I don't keep using that I I Sometimes can see it creeping back up so It's one of those things where I feel Like I've got I've got control over it Now but if I let go it can spiral out of Control so so I know what I need to do To keep my skin issues at bait wash your Face in the morning because you've got Whatever overnight kind of like rubbish Is going on you can get rid of that Build up that Grime that dirt you can Get rid of that in the morning and then You go through your entire day and you Make sure you wash your face in the Evening too so that is tip number two Now let's move on to tip number three Foreign Regularly so make sure you do use a nice Scrub now I personally love using the Wind exfoliator it's one of my favorites Because it's not too much of a harsh Scrub so when you think of an exfoliator You kind of like traditionally think of

You know like the tiny beads and it's Quite harsh on the skin don't think to Yourself that the harsher it feels the Better it is because it really is not You really do still need to be gentle to Your skin even though you're exfoliating It so make sure that exfoliator is a Gentle exfoliator I really love the wind Exfoliated because the the beads kind of Like dissolve and they're so tiny and You it literally leaves your skin Feeling like butter after and usually When you use a scrub you'd traditionally Would feel like your skin feels quite Dry but this makes your skin feel like Super super buttery but anyway what I Was saying was make sure you use it on a Regular basis so once a week is fine you Can even up it to twice a week if you Really feel that you need to because What an exfoliator does is it helps to To get rid of any kind of dead skin and Kind of like gives you a clean canvas Ready for the rest of your skincare I Would say look at it like this like and Plus this is the order guys like don't Just exfoliate and that's it you've got To wash your face first and then you Exfoliate so use your face wash and then You exfoliate after you've washed your Face because your face wash has got rid Of everything all the dirt and the grime Off of your face then you go in with the Exfoliator because if you use an

Exfoliator before you've even washed Your face what you're doing is basically Getting rid of the build up but then You're not getting rid of the dead skin Or it could be possible you're not Getting rid of the dead skin so you're Not really letting that exfoliator do Its job fully so what I would recommend Is use your face wash and then use your Exfoliator because your face wash like I Said gets rid of all the rubbish and Then your exfoliator can really get to Work on what it's meant to be doing Which is getting rid of dead skin cells Also by using your face wash first You're letting the exfoliator kind of Really focus on getting into like Getting that stubborn dirt pulling it Right out of your pores so just think About it that you're really kind of like Setting the tone for that exfoliator to Really kind of get to work and get deep Into those pores to suck out all of that Nasty kind of like Gunk or whatever Stuck into your pores which then is Going to lead to spots and like you know Acne now do you exfoliate in the morning Or the evening I think that's completely Up to you I personally like exfoliating At night especially when I've used kind Of makeup during the day so for example I wouldn't really want to exfoliate in The morning knowing that I'm gonna Probably put makeup on and be out all

Day uh and then kind of like come back And I've already exfoliated in the Morning so I don't really want to do it Again in the evening so I would do in The evening because I really got out Whatever dirt there has been like the Build up throughout the day is up to you If you prefer to do it in the morning Because maybe you've got a special event And you can still do it then because at The end of the day you can exfoliate Twice a week if we really want to if You're using a gentle exfoliator such as The wind one I mentioned now also when You do use an exfoliator please don't Over scrub and again I know I I keep Saying it but it really does come down To like ensuring that you you do opt for A gentle exfoliator as well because I Can probably get away with a bit more of A harsh exfoliation because I've got Quite thick skin that doesn't mean Everyone does that so you might have Quite delicate skin quite thin skin so You're much better off using a gentle Exfoliator even though I have thick skin I prefer using the wind exfoliator Because I feel like it genuinely does Hydrate my skin as well at the same time So it doesn't strip all the oils it Doesn't strip all of that moisture from My skin it it kind of like hydrates it At the same time but also does get rid Of that kind of the block you know empty

Like cleans out my pores gets rid of any Dirt and like stubborn grits and grime Whatever is like kind of stuck into my Pores you do want to make sure you are Very gentle on your skin like don't Overly kind of scrub just do it very Gently you're using a scrub at the end Of the day there are beads there which Are naturally going to be kind of Scrubbing over your face do it gently Don't go too close to the eye area the Skin around your eye is very thin you Don't want to aggravate that area now Make sure you do it on the areas that You need it you know if you don't feel That you need to do it all over then Don't so hopefully that helps that's Really going to help to clean your skin Now moving on to the next tip which is Tip number four This is a really important one I Actually cannot begin to tell you how Much this has changed my skin a clean Pillow case I'm not saying I used to Sleep with a dirty pillow case but I use I used to sleep with a cotton pillowcase I never used to really think about the Fact that okay like you don't wash your Clothes every single day let's be real Right whatever you whatever's on your Face whatever's on your hair is Transferring onto that pillowcase so Number one I changed over to a silk Pillowcase that really did help me it's

Something that is much quieter to my Skin it's not so rough my skin has Genuinely improved since using it for Like every single one of these steps but Also think about this you get up in the Morning you do your hair if like me you Maybe use some gel you maybe use like Your olaplex you maybe use some Hairspray or whatever you use in your Hair then you go to sleep at night You've washed your face you've done Everything else the right way but what About your hair because your hair you You don't necessarily not all of us Brush our hair every day right so you go Sleep on your pillow and then all of That hair stuff goes all over your Pillow that's fine you get up you wash Your face do you exfoliator carry on With your day as normal maybe put some More hair products in maybe even wash Your hair right which means great you Know you're going to go to bed you've Got clean hair you get into bed go to Bed but that pillow now has all of that Hairspray and that Gunk or whatever that Product buildup is that you used on your Hair yesterday and maybe you've even Used it today as well which means you're Adding to it that stuff it's not like Let's be honest we don't we move around A lot on our pillow that stuff is not Just staying touching our hair you know It is going to touch our face so you

Imagine what that does would you really Spray your face with hairspray would you Really put olaplex all over your face Would you really actually let gel go Anywhere hair gel over your face you Know it's going to be bad for your skin But the thing is we don't think about The fact that when we go to sleep that's What we're doing we're basically letting All those products touch our skin and That can actually make you break out and That can build up it's dirt it's Bacteria on your face which could cause Breakouts could make you know sometimes On we feel that we're always kind of Congested around this area we don't Think about the fact that it could be The dirt from our pillow as well Anything your skin touches needs to be Clean including your pillowcase because You spent how many hours on that Pillowcase like six to eight hours if It's me it's eight hours that's right Like eight hours that's a lot you're Just literally just like smothering Hairspray all over or whatever it is you Put in your hair what I do now is let's Be honest it is difficult not to use Those things because especially with me Because I've filmed so I if I'm filming For a few days in a row like I can't Wash my hair every day I don't have the Time to nor do I feel nor do I want to Because I feel like it's just too harsh

For my hair I don't wanna I don't like To wash it too often because I like to Kind of keep that moisture in there but At the same time I'm using spray I'm Using kind of gel I might be using some Olaplex so obviously I am going to sleep With the same pillow every night I wash It as often as I can what I tend to do Is I make sure that okay if I've slept On my pillow I'm just very conscious of It if I've slept on my pillow and I know That I've had hair spraying my hair I'll Sleep on my pillow but then what I do is When I wake up the next morning I flip My pillowcase so I just flip the pillow Around and so the to the part that I Slept on is at the top now so that when I go to sleep tonight it's the clean Part like it hasn't got any transfer and Then I do the same thing but I flipping And then I do the same thing and I Rotate it just be more aware of those Things and if you start becoming more Aware about it then you're gonna Naturally be looking after your skin Without even realizing think about that Because honestly it's not just your hair It's the buildup of skincare so remember At night you put on your skincare then You get into bed you touch your pillow All that skincare is touching your Pillow it's going there it's going to be It's transferring onto your pillow so Then the next day you get up and if you

Don't flip or rotate your pillow Basically what's happening is you're You've got a new fresh new kind of layer Of skincare and you're going in and You've got all the bacteria from that Night maybe even sweat you know I'm Sorry to say it but it is the truth That's why it's really important to make Sure that when you sleep every night It's on the clean part of the pillow and Then keep rotating it flipping it until You feel like okay I don't have a clean Like you know I need to wash it now so Maybe once a week or something like that I really do hope that that tip made Sense to you but let's move on to tip Number five And lastly we are going to be talking About eating clean I am probably the Best person to speak to you about this Because I feel like I'm real I feel like I can genuinely tell you that I don't Eat clean 24 7. I have times in my life Where I may not be mentally feeling like I can eat clean or that I want to eat Clean so I feel like I'm not gonna I'm Not the person who's gonna sit here and Praise myself for being a clean eater But I equally know what is right and What is wrong and I know majority of the Time I try and eat clean I feel like I Can kind of like connect to you guys With this because like I said it's just Being real like let's be honest we don't

Get to eat we can't eat clean all the Time with all these things around us you Know having a social life and having Friends and you know it's just Impossible to just eat clean 24 7. like It and you know what I don't really want To do that 24 7 because it's gonna be Boring it is boring to me you know doing That 24 7 and not having a day where I Can just eat whatever I want so I'm not Going to be unrealistic with you guys And say stop it completely you know Don't eat this because you have to be Realistic about it now I will be honest About what my diet is it doesn't mean It's going to work for you this is just What works for me so please don't take This as if I am recommending this to any Of you guys it works for me I personally Like to intermittent fast I think it's Something that makes me feel great I Have mental Clarity from it I feel Better I feel like inflammation goes Down in the body like even though you Read about this it genuinely does feel Like it too I to be completely honest With you for the last three weeks Haven't eaten clean and I haven't been In too much at fasting and that's Because I ended up getting a chest Infection chopped throat infection and When I got that the reason I got that I Think was because I was so exhausted From moving home and it was just a lot

Going on it was just very busy and I Think that that's what kind of like led To that I feel like stress can really Cause these things as well so I went on Antibiotics and obviously while I'm Having antibiotics I can't intermittent Fast because I need to have my tablets To have it in the morning so I need to Eat so usually I do a 16 hour fasting Window and then I eat for eight hours Like I I still eat whatever I want I Just make sure it's clean food so I Don't look at calories or anything like That that works for me right it doesn't Mean it's going to work for you but the Biggest piece of advice I can give you Which I felt worked for me and I think Is going to work for more or less well Most people is really kind of like Trying to cut out the processed foods And sugars personally I feel like again If you have some kind of like medical Condition then you need to listen to Your doctor I'm not a doctor at all I Just can speak to you about what I feel Has worked for me just want to tell you Something about sugar sugar in any form Influences the formation of acne through Your hormones and through inflammation I Personally like think sugar is the end To me I hate I hate the things that it Does to your body I can feel it if I eat Rubbish and I have those times sometimes You know when I was really ill and I was

Going through my antibiotics and by the Way I came off of those of those Antibiotics and then I I got ill again And it this time it was like yeah so I Had like issues with my balance and then I had to go on now on antibiotics again So currently I'm not intermittent Fasting I'm eating as clean as I can but I'm not kind of like getting rid of all The things that I know I usually would Stop eating and I can't wait to finish This so that I can get full on clean Again I'm just looking forward to that Detox so I feel like for me it's more of That I do it in periods where I feel Like I need to detox and why I feel like It's not you know I need to just loosen Up a bit because I have maybe guests Around or I have a lot going on and I Feel like I can't like stick to it's Going to be difficult because they're Going out a lot then I kind of eat what I want but I just don't go crazy you Know so for me it's more seeing what Fits in with my lifestyle I don't fit my Lifestyle around my diet I fit my diet Around my lifestyle and I feel like That's become more of that happy medium Place for me cutting sugar out or Reducing the sugar in my diet even just Reducing it massively has helped my skin So much it triggers your hormones Inflammation we all know how you can Have hormonal acne I suffered from it

Quite a while ago and I genuinely I felt Like the only thing that helped was all Of the tips I've discussed but the Biggest part was probably kind of like Reducing uh processed foods and sugar Because there's so much sugar in even Processed foods that has hidden we don't Even know about like you just don't read The labels you know as much as we really Should do and even if we do half the Time we don't know what certain things Mean that's a big thing I would really Recommend that also see let me be honest I haven't I very rarely do I have a Fizzy drink and I have to be honest that I started from a teenager I cut fizzy Drinks out so I've just never been Really like into fizzy drinks I remember Feeling like I really was when I was Younger and then I just kind of thought This can't be and this is before like Media even made us very aware about you Know what these things can how these Things are bad for us and I just kind of Thought this can't be good for you like I'm putting all this in my body it can't Be good for me and I wish I thought About I wish I looked at food that way At that point but I clearly didn't for Some reason I just focused on the drinks And that was it but so I cut busy drinks So I just drink water and I have a Couple of coffees a day and that's about It I also try and keep my Dairy to a

Minimum um I don't like to cut it out Completely because I feel like that can End up giving you an issue if that makes Sense like I feel like you can end up Giving yourself you know if you Completely cut out pasta everything I Feel like you can end up getting IBS Because you know your body's just not Used to it and then when you do have it It's like whoa what's going on so I just Feel like you don't need to cut Everything out completely but just you Know if you want to have the bad stuff Have it in very minimal quantities and Only if you really have to or in terms Of like if you really need a treat these Things like this really does help your Skin like I know for the last few weeks The first two weeks that I was on those Antibiotics I felt really really on what I was full-on sick sick mode sitting on The sofa feeling sorry for myself crying You know the number of times I've tried Over the last four weeks is unreal Because I felt so unwell you know and I Just hate feeling like that because I Feel like I can't do anything I can't I Don't feel good and then on top of that My diet because I was just eating Whatever because I needed the energy Even though it gave me the energy it Wasn't good energy it didn't make me Feel good so I'm not in terms of fasting At the moment because I'm still on

Antibiotics but you know I saw that Change in my skin it just looked awful I Felt awful things like this make a Massive difference for me going back Many many years I would say reducing the Sugar and realizing that just trying to Think about what I put into my body Really does help my skin and readers Kind of help to improve my skin so That's a big big thing for me I I would Just say and I've said many times to you Throughout this video I'm not a doctor I'm not a dermatologist I am just good At what I do and all I can do is give You the best advice that I feel I have Learned from and that has helped me it Doesn't mean it's going to help you 100 But hopefully if you if something Resonates with you or you feel that your Lifestyle may be as similar to mine or Your skin is similar to mine if you feel Like you're connecting with me then You're probably gonna like take away Some of these tips and tricks and try Them I just want you guys to be I want To be real with you guys I want to be Completely transparent with you guys so I really do hope that that kind of like Helps so I really do hope that this Video has kind of like helped you I Really wanted to keep it transparent With you be honest with you with with Like what has worked for me I'm not Going to come here on here and give you

Any kind of Miracle thing that's going To transform your skin I you're going to Get real advice from me you know I'm a Normal person I'm like you I have my own Issues that I deal with I have my own Days that you know my skin doesn't feel Great or I don't feel great all I can do Is tell you what works for me and you Know if you feel that it would work for You then that's great and hopefully you Know it benefits you in some way so I Really do hope that you've enjoyed this But wherever you are in the world I'm Sending you lots of love and I really do Hope that you have the most less stay And super productive I hope you've enjoyed this video and You've taken away some good tips and Tricks from it now if you do like this Video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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