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5-Minute Thanksgiving Dance Cardio With Poofy Moffitino | POPSUGAR FITNESS




5-Minute Thanksgiving Dance Cardio With Poofy Moffitino | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to a very special episode of Dance fit sugar family style I'm your Girl poofy and I've got my fam bam with Me today we've got a five minute hip hop Cardio piece so easy your mama could do It and that's why I brought my mom say Hello hi and I got my boyfriend Darius Hey what's good are you all ready to Dance because I know they are right Let's do this team let's get to it All right dance fam let's kick this off With three big breaths right here for The body Let It Go one for the mine One for the soul let it go take your Hands through your face we're gonna Punch across eight times remember to Move with your heart to Not Your Head Let's go Good let's punch it up right here come On punch to the sky Beautiful work we're gonna do it again Add a squat in three two one squat punch A cross yes Mama How we feeling great I love that now Punch across up to the sky up yes make Sure you add those squats Good we're gonna add some swings and Butt kickers swing it across your body Swing and kick there we go remember it's Not about perfection it's just about Having fun and moving your body that's What I love to see what I like to feel Squatted out each time yes we're gonna

Add some choreo slide pop pump you ready In three two one slide it out pump twice There we go I want to just say every Time Front to back stop and clap front to Back stop and clap there we go hey now We're dancing let's do it again slide And clap let's go slide Pump It Up hey Hey slide Pump It Up Feel free to add your own sound effects Yes D now front to back yes Mom I love It We're gonna add a new move Four pumps to the sky four shakes right Here four one two three shake it four Times four three two other sides as you Can see D loves to add his jumps feel Free to do the same Because we're not here for a long time We're just here for what a good time yes We're gonna add it from the top now Slide pump pumps We're here to celebrate with y'all these Holidays Yes Mom [Music] Shake It Out Love it How we feeling D oh yeah I love it one More time check it out good last time At home let me see you [Music] Now front to back stay here Let's go

Come to this guy first time three two One yes amazing job high five it out to Your friends to your family high five to You at home great work okay team this is Our last track so I want you to give me All your energy are you ready do it we Take it up we take it down we take it up We take it down tap it side back Center Side back Center those up and downs We're gonna walk front to back are you Ready here we go three two Hey up and down again yes Mama tap it Side to side I see you let's go up and Down I'll see you at home too you're Looking great keep that energy up with Us we're almost done so let's make this The best one yet here we go four swoops To the side goofy buddies Yes From the top we go up down pointed side That hey don't forget about your face Muscles too you gotta keep smiling There you go we go side to side again We're gonna repeat this whole thing so You already know what to do here we go We're gonna squat too ready [Music] How you feeling good I love it again All right team I want you to cook this Up add your flavor you ready here's next Round make it yours now Darius I don't Know if you know he's a step master show Them what you got babe [Music]

Yes we're doing it again move from your Heart not your head that's my favorite Thing to say good job we got four squat Swoops four times we got four make it Slow yes yes three I always feel like I'm in a girl band when I do this or in This case [Music] And make your own band you got two last One here we're gonna add some arm Stretches here we go breathe bring that Shoulder down This is the reward for all that work I Put you through feel free to rock side To side we're gonna switch outer arms And don't forget we got a microphone Drop that means we're gonna be done we Killed it are you ready three yes two One drop it out Amazing job team pop it up for Yourselves you deserve that and bring it On in fam come on bring me in give me Some love how do you feel I feel great It's great I love it I feel amazing this Is incredible well we're so happy to Have you dancing with us I'm happy to Have my family here from my family to Yours Happy Holidays Today thank you thank you for watching Dance fit sugar and we'll see you next Time bye dance it out thanks hey

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