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5-minute Hummus Recipe #shorts #recipe #hummus #food #hummusday #vegan




5-minute Hummus Recipe #shorts  #recipe #hummus #food #hummusday #vegan

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I love a good homemade hummus but I Don't love it enough to soak my Chickpeas for 24 hours or to peel off The chickpea skins there's just too many Really good pre-made hummus options Available at the grocery store these Days so if I am going to make hummus From scratch I need it to be fast I need It to be easy and of course it's gonna Be delicious so this is my go-to five Minute hummus recipe with fresh garlic And Tahini and you can enjoy it as a dip As a spread as a snack and all you need Are six everyday ingredients and five Minutes of your time to make it white Fluffy Delicious

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