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This is something that you just don't Know you know you just don't know if you Can do it I haven't practiced this Before because it wouldn't be genuine Otherwise it wouldn't be authentic [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video and in today's video I'm Going to be showing you my go-to makeup Look that I do in five minutes I don't Know why I put this much pressure on Myself to do this makeup in five minutes Like this whole video is timed so you're Actually going to see what I managed to Do in five minutes and the pressure is Insane and I think you're gonna love it But why don't you stay tuned to see how The actual finished look looks because I Think you're going to be quite Interested in it and I think it may help You now if you do like this video please Do give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you don't miss any of my Future videos I'm over on Instagram too So you can come say hi there now let's Jump straight into the video I don't know why I do this to myself Guys my go-to makeup look when I only Have five minutes now as you can see I'm In my hoodie I'm literally just going to Put a cap on after I genuinely am in a Rush today but I wanted to show you how I do my go-to makeup look in five

Minutes I feel like I've just repeating Myself and I think it's because I'm kind Of nervous and I think I've done this Video before but with different products And like it was the first time I did it And since then it's really kind of like Become my actual five-minute go-to Makeup look like previously it was just Me trying to figure out can I do it and We managed to do it not perfect not how I wanted it but we did manage to Actually do it so today I really want to Show you the look that I do and even Though I have been doing this don't Forget I don't usually you know put on a Timer so I am kind of nervous because I'm thinking am I going to be able to Get it done am I just going to be like Cut off mid like eyebrow like what's Gonna be happening So I am a bit nervous about this but Let's hope but I do get it done in five Minutes yeah I guess you know we better Just kind of like get started with it Let me just like close myself up with Caffeine first I feel like I need to meditate before This it's kind of like I I'm it's it's Really difficult because when you're Like when you're you have a YouTube Channel and you're like doing Educational videos you know you it's It's what you know you know it's what I Know and maybe sometimes I will Research

Into things just to make sure I've got My facts straight this is something that You just don't know you know you just Don't know if you can do it I haven't Practiced this before because it Wouldn't be genuine otherwise it Wouldn't be authentic so anyway I've got My timer ready on my phone you'll Probably hear it go off hopefully when It does but we'll put a timer off on the Screen anyway and yeah I guess we're Gonna get started so I'm just hoping It's not one of those days where I Overthink things like do you ever have That when you're in a rush the state of Mind that you're in is kind of like Where you stare at a product for a Little bit too long and you're not too Sure why you know like where you're like What do I do what's my next product and Then I just start gazing and it's just Like really slow and I'm just like what Like what happened to my brain right There but yeah it's I'm really hoping It's not one of those days anyway let's Get started let's go I don't know why I Do this to myself like I feel like every Video that I've timed I wipe myself up Like a bit too much not in the right way Or I'm just like you can do it no you Can't you can't do it you can't well What if okay let's get started right we Are gonna let me just get a tissue ready Just in case I completely like you know

Go crazy and it just starts going Everywhere because I know I need a bit Of a breather before we get started let Me just go through the kind of stuff That we're going to be using so it's Going to come up with a list on the Screen and I'm going to be going through You know some of the products because to Be honest I haven't done it yet so I Don't know exactly what I'm going to Kind of like go for but the list will Come up and I do know that there are a Couple of products I'm going to be using For sure you know obviously my tarte Shape tape concealer because you know That gives me that ultimate like instant Coverage things like I'm really hoping I'll be able to contour and like I said This is my five minute go-to makeup look But you know I don't time it usually I Think it's roughly around five minutes But I guess we'll see you know and then You've got like my eyebrow product you Know all other bits that I know that I'm Going to end up using but I may end up Grabbing something else so I'm not going To kind of like verbally list out the Products I'm going to be using right now So the list will come up because we'll Add them on later so anyway let's get Started let's just head let's just Dive Right In and we are are going to press Start okay so I've got my Foundation Here I'm just going to like basically

Buff this in I have already got my Skincare on guys so I did that in the Bathroom In my Yeah in my building if I just talk Complete rubbish please forgive me Because you know We all know how difficult this is what's Happening right now It's not an easy task it's something I Think most Partners wish we could do Very quickly but you know anyway I'm Gonna go straight in with my moisture oh My God moisturizer this is my concealer Let's just get this right kind of on my Lids as quick as we can I mean I'm using a beauty blender And I'm just buffing it into my eyelids Because honestly when you cover up the Dark areas I feel like I really want to Focus on the areas that kind of like Will really make me look tired and let's Just go on the under eye as well Now I know I put my foundation on First And you you guys know me well enough to Know that I love under painting We ain't got no time to underpaint right Now so I'm just like Putting it on but I'm still going to get That underpainting effect because you're Going to see what I'm gonna do because I Definitely do not want to be going out With concealer as my last product before

Powder So I am going to basically be buffing This in oh my God where are we Okay we've got three minutes 20 Oh my God what's going on I feel like I need more like Oh my gosh I think normally you know why Because I usually wait like a little bit For that to be done like to you know for It to just not dry up but I just usually Put it on and then just wait a little Bit and it just gives me that ruining It's just kind of like almost Thickens a little bit it doesn't really Thicken that's ridiculous what I just Said it doesn't really thicken it just Kind of like sets a little bit that's it Okay there you go we've done that right We're not going to set anything yet now Let's very quickly go in with some Contour yeah I'm going there guys I am Going with Contour because if we can do That That would be absolutely amazing so I'm Just getting my brush this is my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion Brush If we can get some Contour in that that Would be amazing I mean I'm really cutting it fine right Now because I can see the timer and I Feel like I haven't even left time for Like my brows and stuff but you know This is going to either be a complete

Epic fail or we're going to manage to do It look at my face it looks ridiculous Okay right we've got the foundation Again now I'm gonna buff this over you Know the concealer And the face That just did not make French but You know how I said to you that I really Don't want concealer to be the last Thing I put on because usually I would Go over with foundation so I'm still Going to kind of like go over it because What that does is it's going to like Warm it up And we just get right in there because I Feel like I kind of missed that area Oh my God oh my God Oh my God we don't have time oh my God Oh my God okay Powder powder See nearly happened okay We've just set these little Bags And then the rest I'm just gonna dust on Oh my God what's going on Please please give me more time oh my God Okay now a little bit of brow product I'm just gonna put this lip stuff on Because I'm not usually that kind of Fussed you know about Oh my God 52 seconds let's get some Blush on Okay oh my God what is going on I don't

Have time please Okay As long as we can like kind of just Roughly That's what I want just kind of like That's basically more or less it what I Do I don't know how long I've got but Like I probably give myself a few extra Seconds You know like if I've got time But more or less I feel like this is Basically what I do yeah there you go Okay We're done I managed to actually do it I Mean it's not like perfect but this Gives you an idea of like you know my Go-to makeup when I literally don't have Time yeah oh my God that was very Stressful guys like very I I you know what even though like okay We've done it I've kind of done what I Would normally do I would say I probably The added things I would have done is Kind of just being able to Contour my Nose but I feel like that clearly says That my five minute go-to makeup is you Know may probably be another like 30 Seconds on top that's basically what I Do like this is my kind of look that I Go to when I know I don't have time when I know I don't have time I always put a Cap on because I feel like it just kind Of almost hides my face a little bit More if that makes sense like I know

That I'm not too fast to be honest Actually let me let me let me be Straight up with you right so my five Minute go through makeup I wouldn't Usually put anything on my forehead Because I know I'm going to be wearing a Cap so I'm just going to probably just Wipe this off in a sec just off my Forehead but I know not all of you are Going to be wearing a cap right because I don't like the makeup going on my cap So I just not I don't I don't put Anything there so I'm not too fussed About that kind of area usually but I Wanted to show you as part that's why I Think I would have ended up getting my Nose Contour done because usually I Wouldn't do my forehead I just wouldn't Apply anything to my forehead and my Brows I'm not too fussed about because The cat kind of like covers it a bit More so I probably wouldn't have spent As long on my brows either giving me That time to be able to kind of line my Lips a little bit and maybe add a nose Contour yeah that is the honest truth And I really wanted to kind of like be Straight up with you about it because I Don't always go out with a full face of Makeup and I don't always have the time To like today like I've literally got to Go in about you know at the same time There are other things I do that kind of Help me along the way which was usually

My cap so like I'm just in really casual Clothes and I'm just gonna put a cap on And that kind of like you know finishes Off the whole look for me and it's Really easy but very quickly I want to Show you like on top of this how I would Kind of very quickly sculpt my nose so This is if you have the time to add on To it now I didn't apply any cut like Bronzer on my face I applied a little Bit of blush because we did some Contour Underneath which you can kind of still See coming through now this is my two 100 brush on my Fenty powder and I have Got a little kind of spot at the end of My nose which just seeing that's Annoying that's just basically red now So I would literally just kind of like Go along the sides even if I just do a Little bit I feel like that's enough for Me and then the only other thing I'd do Is add some lip line So these two things I would have been able to do if I hadn't Spent as much time on my brows and I Hadn't applied any kind of makeup on my Forehead so hopefully that will make Sense to you and yeah oh my gosh so that Was very stressful I really didn't need To really stress myself out like that But you know I hope it gives you an idea That it is doable and you know what it Actually made me just think that maybe I Do want to put a timer on next time I

Actually don't have time you know even When I'm not filming because it's kind Of like okay you got to get on with it Whereas if you don't put a timer on That's when you end up like gazing into Makeup and you're like oh my God like What where where's the foundation you Know so I think maybe this is actually a Good idea to put a timer on because you Know you only have very very short Period of time why not just time Yourself I think I might do that next Time that's actually a good idea I'm Gonna let you guys get off of it and try And we can recreate that put a timer on Guys let me know how it goes let me know In the comments below don't forget all The like products are listed in the Description as well don't forget to head Over to my other YouTube channel which Is my Vlog Channel which you get to see A bit more of what I get up to when I'm Not filming for YouTube anyway I really Need to head off now so I am wishing you The best day ever sending loads of kind Of Good Vibes good energy and I'll see You soon I really do hope you enjoyed this video Today and I hope it's kind of given you A little bit of encouragement to try and Time your makeup looks when you're in a Rush because I genuinely feel that it Helps now if you have any questions let Me know in the comments box below don't

Forget that all the products are listed In my description below as well so you Can just click on the link and it will Take you straight to it if you like this Video give it a thumbs up don't forget To subscribe to my channel and also hit That Bell button so that you don't miss Any of my future videos until the next Video take care and I'll see you soon

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