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5 Lower-Core Moves Without Straining Your Back | POPSUGAR Fitness




5 Lower-Core Moves Without Straining Your Back | POPSUGAR Fitness

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Those five moves can be done standing Sitting laying down or even using your Hands inhale through the side of the Body like an accordion exhale belly Button draws right into the spine lift One knee at a time as you lift up I want You to think belly button drawing into The spine your pelvis is a bowl of water And then tilt that bowl of water towards Your chest connect the belly button into The spine and then release it back to Neutral spine one Hill at a time drops Down and just change your range of Motion hands right underneath your Pelvis take your legs a tabletop Position inner thighs connect Flex the Feet take the heel down and then draw Them back up if you're looking to work Your lower core and protect your back

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