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35-Minute HIIT Flow Yoga With Christa Janine | POPSUGAR FITNESS




35-Minute HIIT Flow Yoga With Christa Janine | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey class fit sugar I am Krista Janine And today I am joined by Philip yo and Bianca hey and we are about to get into A sweaty hit flow class grab two sets of Weights a light and a heavy set and join Us on your map let's work out are you Guys ready let's go all right let's do This all right everyone bring your big Toes behind you to touch your knees the Width of the mat and slowly come down Into your child's pose Extend your palms out in front of you Relax your forehead down to the mat and Breathe into your space so this is a hit Flow class and we are going to be moving But before we get into any active Movement I really want you to ground Inward and focus your mind it will help You prevent injuries it'll help you stay Present as we flow and just breathe into That space Inhale push up into a tabletop position Draw your shoulders on top of your wrist And elbows hips over the knees inhale Cow pose draw your gaze up press into The heel of your hands and lift up Through your pelvic floor exhale cat Pose around through Center press your Hips forward engage so your core push Your shoulders up toward the ceiling Inhale open up into your cow continue to Flow through these cats and cows Breathing into it engaging your core as You shift through Center warming up your

Spine Pressing into the heel of your hands Keeping yourself steady One more round Once you finish that last round of cow Into your cat And settle back at a neutral spine tuck Your toes hover the knees and exhale for Down dog So if you find your body cracking like Mine just did that's totally fine that Means it's working yoga for your 30s There you go oh you can shift your Weight from side to side press into the Heel of your hands drive down through The thumb and index finger and if your Heels don't quite touch the mat that is Totally fine but press through the heels Like you're trying to get them to touch The mat even if they aren't quite there Yet Read in through the nose and out through The nose steadily finding that space and Control Drive your chest deeper into the thighs Inhale look forward to your hands and Exhale slowly tiptoe your hands to the Back of your wrist your feet rather and Hang heavy for ragdoll So you can keep your palms as dangling Beneath you if you like you can grab for Opposite elbows if that feels good but Just really allow your torso to dangle Allow any stress you're holding into to

Release from your body and just breathe Into that space if you find your Hamstrings are super tight here bend the Knees And sway from side to side so as we flow Through class today Bianca is going to Be your modifier and Philip and I are Going to offer you a few advancements as We go through class And one more round of breath here Exhale release your palms bring your Feet into hips distance let's find a Slight Bend in your knee and slowly roll Up one vertebra at a time your head and Neck will be the last rise roll your Shoulders down your back And blink your eyes open if they have Released closed inhale Mountain pose Hands reach up and overhead roll your Shoulders down and back squeeze your Inner thighs Inward and then back toward The space behind you If you have any shoulder injuries here You can bring your palms to your heart So you'll find Bianca doing that here Just breathing into that space as you Roll through and find your grounding Instability Taking one more breath in exhale fold Forward hinge from your hips draw your Palms down to your mat shins or thighs Maintain straight legs here to really Open through your hamstrings the back Line of the legs Drive the crown of your

Head down to the mat and pull your chin Into your chest draw your forehead into The knees as best as you can Inhale halfway lift Palms to shins or to Thighs depending on once again that Mobility and strength in your hamstrings And flexibility breathing into that Space take a deep inhale exhale High Plank put your palms step your feet back Few options here for this next variation So you can hold your high Plank with Bianca or you can shift forward slightly With Philip and I and exhale lower Halfway into your chaturanga Inhale upward facing dogs with the tops Of your feet thighs knees and shins Lifts chest presses forward exhale down Dog and that's where Bianca will meet us We're gonna flow through that sun a Twice more inhale look to your hands Exhale step to the top of your mat Inhale halfway lift find your depth Exhale fold let it go inhale Mountain Pose hands reach up Exhale forward fold Let It Go Inhale halfway lift exhale high to low Plank or hold that high plank inhale Upward facing dog And down dog Let It Go Take a deep breath here And sigh it out Inhale it to your hands exhale step Forward Half lift

And fold Inhale Mountain pose Exhale fold into it Inhale halfway lift exhale high to low Plank or hold that high plank inhale up Dog And down dog Breathe steady [Music] Take a deep breath here look forward Exhale step to the top of your mat Inhale halfway lift And fold Inhale chair pose as you bend the knees Sit your way back into your heels find That balance and stability you can bring Your feet to hips distance too if you Feel like that's a better spacing for You take a deep breath here exhale Drinking bird you're gonna reach your Hands back and lift your heels up lift Up through your core squeeze your inner Thighs together and press through the Balls of your feet again if you want to Modify you can lift one heel instead of Both breathing into that space inhale One-legged tadasana bring your knee Closest to your camera up to 90 degrees I know sides are hard so Let's talk about that as we balance here For a second a lot of us don't know our Lefts and our rights and if we do it's Hard to switch them up sometimes so now We're working on our mental to fortitude

As well breathe into it press into the Big toe of your grounded foot take a Deep breath exhale low flying Crescent Step your lifted foot back hinge forward Squeeze your pinkies in drive into your Front heel bring your front middle toe In line with that knee Breathe into it activate through your Outer hip Take a deep breath hope for that exhale Get a little lower inhale Warrior two Ground your back foot and open up roll The shoulders down your back Ensure that your knee is over your ankle Press into the pinky toe side of both Feet and stack your shoulders over your Hips squeeze everything into the midline Take a deep breath exhale extended side Angle shoulders stack on top of one Another modification here is to bring Your forearm to your thigh as you extend That top hand up Deep breath here Over your exhale inhale reverse Warrior Front hand reaches back back hand Slightly touches your back leg avoid Pushing into that back leg roll the Shoulder out of your ear Push into your front knee make sure it Stays straight Take a deep inhale exhale low lunge back Of your mat bend your back foot lift Your back heel take a deep breath inhale Chair pose step your leg toward the back

Of your mat bend the knees hands reach Up So again we've been in this chair Pressure weight into your heels try to Lift all 10 toes squeeze the thighs in Exhale drinking bird Hills lift Breathe into that space sit a little Deeper into your seat we won't be here Long inhale one leg is awesome left leg Comes up with you flex your toes up Breathe through that space Take a deep breath exhale low flying Crescent step it back Palm squeeze in Find your balance and stability lifting Up through the core shoulders pull in And together In Hell Warrior Two open up once again The knee to the back of your mat is the One bit now Roll through your shoulders chest is High Core is engaged take a deep inhale Here exhale extend its side angle Shoulder stack on top of one another if You are extending through that bottom Arm press it into your thigh your thigh Back into your arm activate through the Obliques here And how reverse Warrior take your reach Back toward the top of your mat press Into both pinky toes find a slight Bend In this back knee so you're not locking It out and protect your joints take a Deep breath exhale low lunge top of your Mat frame your front foot inhale halfway

Lift step your back foot forward find That spine exhale high to low plank or Hold that down dog Inhale up dog And exhale down dog Take a deep breath here flowing through That twice more inhale look forward Exhale step to the top of your mat Halfway lift and fold inhale chair pose Sit low and reach high Exhale drinking bird Hills lift Inhale one leg gets at us and I bring it Up Exhale low flying Crescent step it back Inhale Warrior Two open through Center Exhale extended side angle Inhale reverse Xlo lunge back of your mat Inhale chair right into it bend and Reach Exhale low flying lift up Inhale when I get the Dyson I bring your Leg up you can find just keep going so Guys if you mess up the flow that's fine That's all a part of it exhale low Flying Crescent step your foot back and Down hinge through it inhale Warrior Two Part of that mental Force exactly Excellent side angle and keep going just Like in life in Hell reverse Warrior Sometimes you're gonna mess up exhale Low lunge Inhale halfway lift and hide a low plank So so often in life in hell up dog we

Want to stop when we mess up just keep Going down dog Just regroup get yourself together and Flow on inhale look forward exhale step Halfway lift And Pulled inhale chair pose Exhale drinking bird One legged lifted up Low flying step it back Inhale Warrior Two Exhale extending Inhale reverse Exhale low lunge how you guys doing Excel chair pose Knowing my right for my legs drinking Bird hey y'all see we're learning things And now one like a tadasana bring it up Exhale low flying step it back inhale Warrior Two Exhale extend it Inhale reverse And low lunge Half lift and hide a low plank Or high plank inhale up dog And down dog Take a deep inhale here Over that exhale inhale look forward and Slowly walk your hands to your feet and Slowly roll it up all right friends we Are getting into our first round of hit Training so With this first one I would suggest Grabbing your lights weights just to

Start we're going into a Callahan press So our elbows are going to start in line With our shoulders to the front you're Going to press back hands press overhead Back to Center Pull It in nice and Steady from there we're going into a Supinated row with a tricep Kickback Hinge forward Palms face forward toward the top of Your mat elbows pull in hold extend back Into that tricep kick back bring it back To 90 and release so you're pulling Extending in and release from there we Are going into a bicep curl halfway up Back down all the way up all the way Down so half lower all the way lower From there hinging back forward going to A wide row with a narrow row nice and Steady And then we have a cardio burst at the End of those four but I'll show you that Later because it's all good is everybody Ready Love us some cardio who doesn't grab Those weights we are starting in five Four three two elbows in let's go press It back up in and down squeeze through Center shoulders pull down the back Elbows squeeze in toward one another as You come through Center breathing Through it Inhale down exhale forward inhale back Exhale up breathe steady only 10 more Seconds then we're going right into

Those supinated rows with tricep Kickbacks breathing through it core is Engaged you have five four three two and One supinated rolls Hinge forward Palms Face Forward pull Extend 90 and release as you pull up Elbow squeeze and triceps engage and Release breathing into that space Finding your breath and control nice and Steady you have 10 more seconds here Breathing into that space elbow squeeze In core is engaged last five seconds Keep breathing through it Last one right here stand up halfway up Back down all the way up and release so It's half lower all the way release when You come to that half point you want to Make sure you stop right at 90 so Squeeze it up there you go back down all The way up there you go control the Movement in your body nice and steady You have eight more seconds Breathing through it One more full round curl release up and Down wide rows right into it wide and Narrow so weight heads face in on the Wide weight heads face back on the Narrow core is engaged nice flat back Notice how Phillip has a slight Bend in His knee strong spine core is engaged Now with this one the modification Always is to grab lighter weights guys Keep breathing through it you have five Four bringing sexy back three

Two and that is time all right our Cardio burst is a plank Jack you have The option to add shoulder taps or to Simply step back we are starting in five Four find that high playing three two And one so plank Jack it out Or you can add those shoulder Taps if You're going into your shoulder Taps Hands are up when your feet are wide Hands are up when your feet are wide you Can also step out with control pressing Into the heel of your hands exhaling on The work you only have 10 more seconds Keep going Last five four three two and one walk it Back stand up stand up stand up stand up How you doing Bianca you're over your Heart right now take a deep breath Let It Go step to the back of your mat Inhale hands reach up Exhale fold forward Walk It Out to down Dog Deep breath here Sigh it out One more time in hell and Let It Go Inhale look to your hands exhale step Forward active recovery Inhale halfway lift Exhale fold Inhale chair pose Sit low reach high Drinking bird lifts the hills Henry's Back inhale one leg is an Asana lift up Exhale low flying Crest and step it back

In Hell Warrior Two Exhale extend this side angle bring that Heart rate down for just a second inhale Reverse Low lunge back of your mat Inhale chair right into it bend the knee Exhale drinking bird Inhale one legged tadasana Exhale low flying Inhale Warrior Two Exhale extend it Inhale reverse Low lunge top of your mat Inhale halfway lift Exhale high to low plank you guys got Quiet on me Exhale down dog one more time through That Sunday inhale look forward exhale Step to the top of your mat my heart Rate's still up halfway left yeah yeah Full inhale chair pose it's a slow come Down exhale drinking bird and how well It gets an ass and I bring it up low Flying step it back Inhale Warrior Two Exhale extended Inhale reverse Low lunge Inhale chair pose Exhale drinking bird One leg it brings you up Exhale low flying Inhale Warrior Two Exhale extended

And help reverse For lunch half lift And blow out your hide a low blink or Just hold it inhale up dog And neon Breathe It Out One more time inhale Let It Go Inhale look forward and step to the top Of your mat so we're going into lower Body grab your weights start with your Weights in the center of your mat Frame them with your feet take one step Back You're gonna bend down and grab your Weight Swing them back Thrust your hips up Swing them back stay low plant Half Burpee back in swing and repeat Keep going we're going right into this One guys Swing thrust swing plant hop back hop in Core is engaged squeeze the glutes on The up Keep breathing through it you have 10 More seconds nice Phillip If you're going for the modification as You plant step your feet back Five more seconds Try to get one more last two Come up and let it go Let it go with control For this next exercise

Once again plant your weight down I want Your toes pivot straight forward or Slightly in bend your knees lift the Weights we're going into a wide leg Deadlift as you hinge butt goes back Squeeze up weights come to hip Hinge and squeeze Go into it hinge and squeeze So note if your lower back starts to Irritate you listen to me very carefully Grab a lighter set of Weights don't be a Superhero don't throw out your back Trying to lift heavy weights breathe Into that space Press into the heel of your hand press Your butt back as you lower Your weight should not come below the Mid shin Who's your favorite superhero huh Nubia But I bet you guys don't know who she is Five more seconds Poor Three Two I'll tell you she is the second Let It Go Sumo squats you can do one heavyweight Or two up to you Hills in toes out right Into it knees press squeeze it up so Nubia fun fact is Diana Wonder Woman's Twin sister a lot of people don't know About her but When Diana's mom was molding the clay That created her she also Moldy clay that created Nubia Google it

If you want more look at that fun fact You only have two more seconds squeeze It in last five Four Three one more And one Let It Go also fun fact Snoopy was black It's kind of why I like her not gonna Lie I resonate with her a little more Breathe into that space we're going to Lateral lunges with a pulse step your Right foot out first Pulse three two one squeeze it in switch Sides close to the back three two one Join us if you haven't already We have 25 more seconds here Make sure you're breathing Core is engaged butt is back pushing to The heel of your foot Legs are burning yeah they are Breathe through that space so we are Working every aspect of your leg with This circuit You got it but you got it only five more Seconds Oh last three Two And one so I get to the bag even not the Body don't cheat yourself I know So easy all right guys again water if You need we're going into solo Jacks so Again Hills in toes Out start low Hop up Low

And up So you can also squat down step in Squat And step find what works for you Bianca's gonna step in and out Phillip's gonna speed it up just a Little bit for these last five seconds I'm gonna be in the middle keep Breathing through it she's gonna be Ready for the club yeah when it's hot Drop it like it's hot it's gonna help Your torque skills guys you got five Four three Two And that is time Step it out again keep your head above Your heart if you feel like you're bent Over gasping for air open up let your Diaphragm expand Meaning It's your diaphragm expanding Everything's expanded Inhale hands reach up exhale hold Forward Walk It Out Down dog Take a deep breath here And sigh it out One more time And Let It Go Inhale lift the hands step to the top of Your mat halfway lift and fold Inhale chair pose guys forward legs Exhale drinking bird yeah get it Together one leg is awesome nose you can All always kickstand that one like a

Tadasana exhale low flying step it back Inhale Warrior Two Exhale extend it Inhale reverse Long lines takes you to the back of your Mat Inhale chair Exhale drinking One like it brings you up Exhale low flying takes it back Inhale Warrior Two Exhale extend it Inhale reverse Low lunge Halfway left High to low plank blow it out inhale up Dog let it feel good down dog Let It Go One more sunbee inhale look exhale step Heather am I doing halfway Hold that did not sound like a good Grape Bianca in Hell chair Excel drinking bird I'm having fun oh Good one leg at the house and it brings You up Little flying takes it back In Hell Warrior Two Exhale extended Inhale reverse low lines back of your Mat Inhale chair Exhale drinking bird One legged to us and it brings you up A little flying Crescent In Hell Warrior Two

Exhale extended In however Low lunge Half lift Flow through your hide hello In hell up dog And nail dog Ah Let It Go side out come to your knees All right So good news this last this next segment Not last it's on your back so that's Exciting right I know Come to lie on your back you can grab One heavyweight or both Bring your weights to your hips and Slowly roll down Soles of your feet touch the mat the Knife edge of your foot and big toe Touch each other we are starting in Three two just follow me hips lift And lower push and lower knees go out Hips go up Breathe into that space As you come down make sure your lower Back connects to your mat strengthening Your core strengthening your glutes fun Fact your glutes are actually a part of Your core in case you were wondering Just breathing through that space 10 More seconds Body by Crystal last five There you go four three Two And one plant your foot closest to the Camera down on your mat cross your ankle

Away from us on that ankle there we go Got it and controlled we're all good Lift your butt up and down so I'll be honest it doesn't matter what Foot you live first because we're doing Both sides and that's the beauty of a Full well-rounded full body workout you Gotta love it Just focus on moving through that bottom Heel so as you lift up you want to push Into your heel that's down Drive the Knee that's crossed away from your body So you're opening your hip as you're Strengthening your glutes you got three Two one switch sides Right into it you got it butt up Know that your hips might not lift super High here and that's okay because you're Still strengthening them and engaging Through your hip flexor on one side and Your glute on the other again Find what works for you no need to be a Superhero because we all have our space That we are starting from keep going Guys you only got like 10 more seconds There you go Phillip last five flex your Foot in four yay three nice Bianca two And one Let It Go Find a quick happy baby stretch out your Glutes yay All right back down and into it Feet firmly plant on your mat toes point Forward Weights are on both hips going in the

Half Bridge full Bridge so inhale lift Up halfway tap your glutes down inhale Lift up all the way and down breathe Through it inhale lower exhale halfway And hello all the way again push into The heel of your feet find that control The space in between your belly button And pelvic floor is pressing into your Lower back find that abdominal lock Lower lift lower lift breathing into it She can't wear it I can't wait to wear My Apple Bottom Jeans I know nice plump Booty like who doesn't want that yam Season breathe into it you only got five More seconds And one more time all the way down Exactly no need for a bazillion Butt Lift we got it here come to standing Here is our cardio burst Come on guys we can do it So We're gonna start in a frog squad meet Me in your frog then lift your heels and Lower lift your hands up and lower let's Go So you can always lift one heel at a Time just lift and lower Scoring gauge your lower back should not Be hurting here if it is lift up Slightly higher nice one Hill at a time Both heels breathing into it 15 more seconds Yes you can Finding that control

Breathing study the burn is where the Magic happens it is you got five four Come on three Two One Yeah move them side to side a little bit Stretch out those glutes good news we Only have our sun be flow one time this Time meet me at the back of your mat I know you love it you love it Pose catch your breath exhale forward Fold and walk it out tear down dog Deep breath Side out Inhale a cord exhale step top of your Mat Halfway lift hold into it inhale chair Pose Exhale drinking bird One legged tadasana Hello flying Crossing breathe into it Inhale Warrior Two Exhale extended ah inhale reverse deep Breaths here exhale low lunge Inhale chair sit low reach high Exhale drinking Inhale one legged come up Exhale low flying Inhale Warrior Two Exhale extend it inhale reverse Well lunch Half lift And I too love fake yay Inhale up dog and down who doesn't like

A good hide a little Plank and now look Forward and come to your knees All right guys last circuit right here Come the lie on your back Grab one lightweight Or no weight at all If you have your lightweight Palm your weight with your hands roll it Back Feet plant Wrists are stacked over your elbows and Shoulders of straight up serratus Crunches Inhale lower exhale lift so here Avoid reaching your weight forward Towards your knees you want to act like You're trying to touch the ceiling as You lift up Draw your belly button and that space in Between your belly button and your Pelvic floor Into your lower back I'm pretty sure you only got like 10 More seconds here so we're just gonna go With that because that sounds right Read through it last five Three two and one Let It Go good news You don't have to use your weights ever Again in this class but you do still Have to work plant your feet Fingertips reach towards your heels Shoulders lift up opposite heel touch Now this is too much for your neck stay A little lower

Don't reach as far Still engage your core you're pressing Your lower back into the mat protect Your spine here Breathing through it finding that Control Exhale on the reach If you focus on the exhale you are Automatically inhale you have 10 more Seconds yes you can keep breathing Through it we can all do hard things you Only have to do it one time last five Four three Two and release Let It Go ah stretch it Out Bianca loves core yeah we do all Right guys pull your knees into your Chest roll it up Spin yourself around we're gonna even Out our core here so you don't just want To work Belly Up core you want to Strengthen your spine and back as well Even in out the body Going into Superman's coming lying on Your belly hands reach out in front of You take a deep breath Sigh it out Inhale lift And lower So I actually exhale on that lift inhale Yourself down And lower As you lift the heels extend the toes Back Keep your spine long as you Flex it up

Remember to modify you can keep your Toes down and just lift the chest or you Can lower that range of motion Completely Breathing through it You have 15 more seconds Nice and steady Pace it's not a race the Time is going to go whether you do 15 or 30. breathing through it you have five Four One more and Let It Go Breathe through it now we are going into Down dog child's pose find something That makes you happy my goatee is Sweating Because it was worth it Deep breath here Side out [Applause] I'll come down to your knees Step your front foot to the top of your Mat Inhale reach your hands overhead we're Going to cool it on down Relax your shoulders breathe steady Bring your arm closest to your camera Video wherever you are in front of your Chest cross it over grab it with the Opposite hand Breathe Push into that front heel Elongate through your back hip flexor if You can inhale reach the arms long Camera arm reaches up touches the middle

Of your back Opposite hand grabs that tricep and Pulls it down How you guys feeling So good still catching my breath take a Deep breath here 's your hands back overhead finding that Space of self-love is very important Cross your back arm forward reach your Forearm to grab it Inhale reach that arm long cross it up And over Yep but the one thing about Finding that space of self-love and Really feeling like you look good it all Starts from the inside out guys no Matter how fit and small you are you Don't have that internal self-love it Will never matter take a deep breath That's the word that's the truth Exhale one last final stretch friends Inhale reach your hands overhead exhale Fold over the legs let your neck go and Breathe into that space Thank you Sigh it out you still feel like you're Overheating a little bit continue to Sigh out through your mouth to release That heat One more round of breath here friends Inhale slowly roll up And that is all thank you so much for Joining us today for this 30 minute hit Flow we cannot wait to see you again on

Class fit sugar and I hope you're Feeling empowered and finding that space Of gratitude within yourself as you go Along with the rest of your day see you Next time friends

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