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30-Minute Twerk and Abs Dance Workout




30-Minute Twerk and Abs Dance Workout

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What's up dance fish sugar it's your Girl khalila Jordan and today we are Doing a twerking abs workout that is Going to get you so sweating I got my Girls here with me and they are ready to Give it to y'all right we ready let's go All right guys sway those hips out But so you can get that band Okay we ready now roll it up big circles Stretch out those hamstrings There you go bring it around town Again [Music] We're gonna roll it to the right girls You know what to do roll with it big one Faster together roll with it Let's warm it up y'all [Music] Hey now get lower Oh Come on Yes hey [Music] Now let's Circle those arms Circle it Three tweak it up guys [Music] [Music] Now forward roll it nice and slow Bring it up again down and Five down And again [Music] Really hard step back

Yes [Music] Other way [Music] Again Hey Martin Get those knees up y'all hey Connect the ABS to the knees Hey [Music] There we go now we're gonna go to the Right Kicking it out all right these girls got You kick it out roll it [Music] Lift those heels [Music] Hey [Music] Now roll it out Come on [Music] One more [Music] Time [Music] Let me spin my one more Baby can't you see Now ass hands on the head crunch it out Twist Connect the knee to the Elbow Stretch it out [Music] One more

[Music] Come on Jordan We got two Jordans here [Music] Hi Hi Now speed this up one two three four Five [Music] Hey Last one Yes [Music] Roll it out [Music] Let your booty hit the ground [Music] Let that boy [Music] [Music] Again All right guys lock it up Hey Now let's bounce those hats Bounce it make it kill Booty down switch it hey [Music] [Music] [Music] Give me lines 70s [Music] One more [Music]

Reach it up again touch that floor if You can You can't just reach for it Smack a booty again [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] We don't stop [Music] All right now sway it out You know what time it is get low with it Um it is [Music] You know what you know what time it is Sexy okay [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey [Music] [Music] Boys [Music] Defeat [Music] Ers [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] It's amazing I know it's burning but then you come to Work out

Keep pushing [Music] Now speed it up [Music] Give me that booty pop with it do you See it To the end have fun with it Hey It's final showdown All right guys down for Apocalypse [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Line it up bring it down Up on the head whine it Get on those toes Bro Pull it down right legs [Music] When it hit line it up There you go get on those toes Bring It Low Whoa come on guys Line up You got this Pull it down Baby [Music] [Music] [Applause] There you go dig it low [Music] Keep it going

Everything [Music] [Applause] [Music] I know you're getting tired but keep Pushing [Music] Hey [Music] Yes Back to Willie bounce Everybody [Music] You got this guys close it out Put in work roll it out Give me that chest roll hey We're gonna punch it out to the size Hey rock it out Now touch the floor [Music] Guys again [Music] Practice Yes [Music] That's so many things [Music] [Music] One more time Could it work S Always ladies [Music] [Music]

Let's get it watch it out guys Switch it out It's worth Now we're gonna pump it right hand get Low for me Yeah [Music] [Music] Now get into it You let a party Hey Lift it up All right guys this is balance here It can be low Okay [Music] James [Music] [Applause] [Music] Not bringing right back [Music] Shake It Off show it off like you got Fans [Music] Oh Hey [Music] That's one [Music] Now bring it around one time Me looking at the crack fall line part Big discreet I'll be looking so she Dropped to the floor bring it back up

Touch your toes Turn around [Music] [Music] No no No no get crazy with it [Music] Come on y'all it can be low Or high Now tickle it out Side to side [Music] Now pump it out y'all we got this Questions Other way Slow it down [Music] All right guys let's get into the next Routine wind those hips Hey now we're gonna step in touch step Touch and whine step Down touch Keep that Circle motion Now speed it up [Music] Keep saying They don't want to see me [Music] Now slow it down Please [Music] There we go [Music] There you go

[Music] Again [Music] Who likes me Sit around and play games [Music] [Music] My dog All right Give me a little tap Now we're gonna drop [Music] Things [Music] Now step and throw Kick it forward Five seconds y'all come on [Music] Now knees up to the side You got this keep breathing Now give me two then back it up back it Up Hey [Music] Back it up Hey [Music] Now [Music] Now throw it There you go [Music] Knees up Breathe and pull it down guys use that

Core to bring your knees up Now two then back it up one two Hello Hey [Music] [Music] How's it out guys All right ladies roll it out We almost there Okay To the right Can be Happy [Applause] [Music] [Music] That's it Okay [Music] [Music] Hey [Music] All my friends [Music] [Music] All right guys Let's rock it out push those hips back [Music] There you go half circle Push and front Yeah Arms up one one double You're using that core though Pull those knees up and roll it yes

Now step it out four Three Two One small steps swim it through Or swimming [Music] Now give me a big slow passe open up Other way Yes And open four more Four Three [Music] Two One flat back to the right Twist those legs Straight legs hold try to give your head A line Give me Center adjust those feet Other side Twist those feet if you need to Great work guys now all the way down If you need to bend the knee that's fine Too Give me that good stretch oh you guys Feeling it Run or stretch all the way down If you don't have this range of motion You can be up here too Okay Twist forward flex that foot Yeah Walk it over to the other side Huh

Yes feel that stretch over to the other Side Deep breaths guys [Music] Straighten those legs out Center Walk it together feet in Soft knees bended now roll up nice and Slow through the spine your head is last Yep almost up Head is up Shoulders [Music] Breathe It Out Roll that head out Work [Music] Other way [Music] Pull that head to the side Arms Flex it out you feel that in the Shoulder and the neck goes oh Other way [Music] Center it out Give yourself a bow guys You're done All right thank you guys for joining us At dance fish sugar and make sure you Subscribe to pop sugar Fitness and we See you again Check it out

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