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30-Minute Sweat Strong Booty and Abs




30-Minute Sweat Strong Booty and Abs

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Hey everyone welcome to classfit Sugar I'm your trainer Ashley joy and today we Have a 30 minute abs and booty workout Are you ready let's Go all right let's get started with a Warmup we're going to do some leg swings You're going to balance on one leg or You can use maybe a chair the wall Something like that so I want you to Know that over here the lovely Tiffany yeah she's going to do your Modifications so you can watch her if You need any options and then back here In the back back back go ahead and Switch legs is my girl Nikita she is um I kind of call her a Road Runner I don't even know if it's Appropriate but hey she's getting it so This workout is a little different not Different it's amazing we have four Blocks 30 seconds of work 30 seconds of Rest and 45 seconds of rest in between Each block repeating block two and four Out into wide squats down here push it Up we're going to get warming up down And up now I want you to pulse pulse and Stand Tall pulse and stand tall and We're going to go into our first workout Was mountain climbers head down to the Ground we have 30 seconds now you're Going to watch Tiffany for the modification and she is Just literally tapping away and the is Back there Road Runner moving nice and

Quick push Road Runner that's what they Call me I know all right we have just Five more seconds drive your knee in yes I know we're doing a little bit of Cardio and we're resting but planking Mountain climers is a great way grab Some water towel off if you need To to engage the core and the glutes at The same time more like a functional Training of core we will get down to Some crunches and all that later on next Up forearm we are doing forearm planks We're just holding for 30 seconds go Ahead up into forearm plank I like to Clasp my hands together you can have Your hands nice and flat the biggest Thing is Flex those Quads tighten the booty cheeks together And kind of Tuck under so it's a nice Flat back five more seconds ladies how Are you guys doing I know I'm having you Talk while we're planking and knees down To the ground and Rest woo next up are going to be Crossbody mountain climbers so who's Ready for a nice twist I love a Twist love a plot twist plot Twist right all right So up into high Plank and the biggest Thing what I want you to do is really Think about driving your knee to the Outside of that elbow here we go high Plank and

Drive as you see Nikita over there she Is Road Runner I'm over here just doing Nice and I don't know what you want to Call this I'm being just like consistent And here we Go last 10 seconds drive and breathe Push your hands through the ground five More seconds keep going Two and one yes woo I feel it already in My upper body we're going right back Down into forearms if you guys don't Know already I love a plank a plank is Amazing it activates the Deep Core triceps glutes Quads it's a little full body action but Also gives us the ability To get stronger and that's what I'm all About forearm Plank but we're adding in a knee tap Just like so tap that knee and back up You can go at your own pace if you want Want to be quick like this that's fine If you want to take the time tap back up Tiffany started with her knees down and She's lifting one at a Time look 30 seconds already Done all Right we have one more exercise it's Kind of one of my favorites it's a Little combination we're going to get Into the bare position Hands are right underneath your Shoulders or if you need them a little Bit further out for your wrists or

Shoulders that's totally fine we're Going to have knees hip width apart go Ahead and Elevate those knees and Jack Those feet Out your biggest concern is to not let Your butt hop up stay nice and Flat activating the core as well as Getting these glutes ready who feels it Oh Yeah girl guess what we have 5 seconds Left breathe Exhale as you push out and One talk about a plank yeah right all Right 45 seconds rest so grab Water grab a towel and I'm going to get You ready for block number Two So we literally Have a one leg sit Up I know you're like what's one leg Well go ahead and lay nice and flat on Your back nice and safe you're going to Use one leg Planted one leg is going to be extended Tiffany has one leg on the her heel on The ground Nikita and I are gonna Elevate that heel and come up all the Way and sit up we're going to switch Halfway through push up and back down There it is Reach and switch legs right into it Let's Go now we have the core Three two all oh good job now we have

Some amazing toe touches so we're going To be on our backs so you're either Going to have straight legs or a slight Bend and how we're going to do this is Straight Up out to the side back to Center out to The side all right we're going to get Started in three two one start straight To the center out to your right back to Center out to your left back to Center Exhale as you come up and Reach now your range of motion is your Own maybe you're going to your shins Maybe your knees are bent and that is Fine all I want you to do is stay on Course Center outside Center outside and Reach you got two and one woo W how's That core feels good fire it up we are Working now if you need a good stretch Go ahead and stretch those legs out Stretch those arms Above give your core a nice good Stretch we Have reverse crunches up so we're stting On our back and I'm going to show you How we're going to do these hands are Either behind your head knees are in Line with your hips or you're going to Follow Tiffany Nikita and I are going to Extend our legs out and back to start Extend out you go at your own pace but I Want you to think of exhaling so your Core is engaged inhaling as you bring Your knees back you want to take it to

Another level go ahead and Elevate those Shoulders off the ground we have seven More Seconds and back to Center last one and Rest we have one more exercise kind of Um a fun fact I was introduced to this Particular exercise before I went to College they were so hard when I first Did them I could not actually come up And do a butterfly crunch so follow Tiff And you're going to bring your heels Together you're going to come up oh see I can't even do it Mommy I a mom now I Got to get my core there it is I'm just Joking those moms are strong AF we can Do whatever we want exhale and come back Down try to keep those knees out as much As you can exhale come up or how Tiff is Doing it she's just bringing those Shoulders off the ground we have five More seconds Two and reach oh good job how's your Guys' core do you think we worked it Yeah yeah let's go ahead and stand up And now 45 seconds water and Mentally we're going to exactly exactly Prepare for the glutes because right now We're going to get into it but I had you Guys stand up just because I wanted you To have a little change of pace but we Are going to get back onto the ground And we're going to go into a high Plank oh we got to get down to the Ground let's go ahead and do it up in

The high Plank and we're going to Alternate our Taps on the outside follow Tiff for the options Nikita and I are Going to come out to the side as far as Possible you're going to tap we're Flexing that toe and back to Center Hello glutes hello core Right Yeah tap to the side now now your Ranger Motion is your own you can work On getting a little Bit I cannot this is getting me oh and Knees down woo okay where did you feel That more core or glutes I felt that all Over yeah yeah all right next one we are Going to be doing Bridge on your back so sorry come up Into your Bridge tuck your glutes and Your uh your hips hands flat on the Ground and push those knees out what I Want you to try to do is work on is Keeping your feet as flat as possible so Then it's going to Create that friction and that resistance Like as if we had a band On exhale give me one More and now we're standing tall one of My favorite exercises I love love to Move in different planes it's really Important for our bodies right yeah we Kind of always are in the sagittal plane Walking forward walking backwards but Hey now as like a mom you're like a Little football player like wait wait

Wait come over here come over here so We're going to go out into a lateral Lunge let's go this way First going to come out and you're going To give me a four count of high knees Ready one 2 3 four and back right into It good ready one two 3 Four beautiful one 2 3 four push out so Fun yeah one two I'm loving the Modication and four last one and rest Now same concept on the other side we're Going to push out into our lunge now This time we can add a little flare if You want to we can push out and maybe Add a pulse come up and then do the four Count you ready ready let's go good We're going to get started in three two And one push out pulse it thought I Forgot huh come on I forgot pulse two Honestly three and four push It and go one Two three four it's kind of like adding A little super set right we're add we're Acting activating our glutes and now We're activating the glutes again push Out one puls it last count one two three And Four all right 45 seconds that was block Three oh my goodness we have one last Block then we're done and then we're Going to go back and repeat block two And then block four which you haven't Even been introduced yet to uhoh who's Ready we're ready though yeah let's go

I'm ready yeah I'm Feeling Good Feeling Heated so this exercise is a little bit Of a Uh how would you say it it seems like It's easy but it's not we are doing one Leg at a time we're going to stand nice And tall you're going to send one leg Back flex your quad slight hinge in the Back and we're going to extend our leg Up and back down you can stand tall if You want to and be Here or add a little bit more stability Up tap back down Good now I need you to hold it hold Three two one and down how did that feel Good right love love a glute moment yeah Both glutes both glutes right so Taking one leg at a time and adding some Balance in it allows you to also Incorporate smaller stabilizing muscles As well right which we need to help us Prevent injuries so now we're going to Switch over to the other foot cuz you Can do one side without the other now Right here go ahead and get into your Position exhale at the top now you may Feel like one leg is more stable than The other which're just totally normal Whoop or you may find you need some more Balance I want you to challenge yourself This time around we have eight more Seconds so what I'm going to ask you in Three two one is hold it up hold hold Hold and drop it there you go next up

We're going to do squat Jacks I'm kind Of a little bit excited because we're Going to get moving so feet are going to Start together you're going to push out And touch the ground if you can and hop Back up Tiff is going to show you the Options that you can do we're going to Show options too because hey it's real Life and sometimes you get a little bit Tired you ready yeah Road Runner over There in three two one start your feet Together push out touch the ground hop That back up and back down hop up come On Like a little bunny I know my son's Always like hop hop that's what he says When he sees when he sees a bunny so Mommy right now is doing hop hop right 15 more seconds halfway through exhale I'm Down you can do this go quick last 5 Seconds go as quick as you Can and then up next I love it and pause And rest heart rate is fire it's up Right yeah okay last Almost it's called The pin ultimate and my coach used to Always say pin ultimate the last one Before the last One it's what gets me through stuff so I Hope that you guys embrace it as well It's like the last turn the last stop Sign the last cookie before the last Cookie you know you kind of like make Sure right you're like oh should I eat

This now all right we're going to go Into curtsy lunge back here And down we are Alternating so with it with the curtsy Lunge you want to just take your foot Back doesn't have to be Wide just a slight Behind and down hands could be on your Waist could be out here could be in the Center just bring your knees straight Give me just one More oh all right one move left we have A lateral bound it's not going to be Like your skaters where we're moving Back and forth it's very intentional Movements you're going to be jumping off Of one Leg and landing on the other one just Like this I'm going give you an example We are pushing off here the in outside Foot Landing with the foot that extends You can put your foot down if you need To or if not I just want you to land Perfectly Safely let's go 30 Seconds woo find that Balance oh good Job remember Tiff what I had to go to The other side m is giving you your Options and Nikita's over there blasting She's probably moving to one room to the Next right she like leaves and then Comes back last one one and rest you Guys got through those four rounds now

We have two more left we're going to Repeating One Core block and then one Glute block we're going to get started With block two is on the ground so go Ahead and grab water towel off mentally Prepare yourself that you are about to Finish an ACD Joy workout here class fit Sugar Right all right let's go ahead and lay Down single leg situps we are going to Be alternating halfway through now last Time maybe if you had your heel down Elevate it halfway maybe just two sets Ready Elevate or keep that heel down on The ground exhale as you come up I want You to reach and I want you to control On the desent pushup control now now Last one and we're going to switch Legs and right back into it let's Go control down and H explode up Exhale beautiful give me one More and we are resting next one we're Going to do toe touches we are still Laying on our back feet are going to be Nice and extended having That knee Bend is totally fine we have Some time so let's go ahead and rest and Maybe close our eyes and envision Ourselves on the you know the beach or Maybe snugged up by a fireplace and 3 Two 1 back to reality go ahead in Center How daring uhhuh out to the side back to Center and out to the side do not bypass The center okay Center Out Center and

Out I want you to reach Reach there we go take your ordinary toe Touches add a little flare to it right Extend come on three two and one oh I Feel it I feel it I feel It sometimes I like doing Like true core cuz you just lay on your Back We're going to go into reverse crunch go Ahead and Elevate those feet knees bent Knees and hips align hands behind your Head elbows out or hands Underneath your lower back all right Hands up and Extend and back to Center Extend and back to your starting point Extend your core should be engaged at All times because your starting point Should not be over over your hips which Means that your core is always engaged At all times okay that's a little bit of The trick last Two give me one more Extend and back to CER wo okay butterfly Crunches let's get It knees out feet together as much as You possibly can and remember the goal Is just to extend those hands as far as They can touch your heel touch your toes Or maybe just getting your shoulders off The ground you ready 30 seconds let's Go yeah I love It the biggest thing is try to keep Those knees out the whole time work on

That then all of a sudden we are working Our adductors oh see this how I couldn't Get all the way here This is real right Here kind of have to focus and not talk Ready sh Quiet one More all right you guys have earned a 45 Second rest before we enter block four I Will take all 45 seconds and I'm going To stand up and I'm going to talk to my Amazing class fit sugar crew how are you Guys enjoying this workout not you guys You guys oh I hear you you're having fun Woo all right so this time around when We Do our standing single leg Kickbacks we Are going to add a pulse and really work On timing we got five more seconds so Find your stable Point foot back and ready we're going to Come up and Hold and come halfway down and back up Halfway down and back up all the way Down and come back up hold hold hold now Let's go right back into our regular Practice here we go push it up five more Seconds Two and One 30 seconds of rest now we're going To add a little bit of active rest go Ahead and Bounce from side to Side CU we are asking our legs to do Some some um happy time right

Yeah all right so we're going to set up For the other leg add your stability Think of like your big toe pushing into The ground knee bent push up hold and Then I'm going to ask you to come Halfway Down and back up make sure your core is Is nice and engaged halfway down back up All the way down and all the way back up All the way back down and up halfway ah Gotcha back up and hold it hold squeeze Squeeze and Rest how' you guys like that one that Was a little fun right look kind of cute That she was like um I'm just already Going to go into my active rest I don't Know about you All right we're going to go into squat Jacks one of my favorites because I Don't know I like to get my heart rate All the way up this is kind of like a Really nice little super set since in Order to jump like a plyo we have to Engage our entire posterior change which Includes come on our glute muscles here We go touch the ground if you Can there we go push now can you go Faster than me if you can go slower than Me doesn't matter cuz you're doing your Workout I'm just here guiding you so is Nikita and Tiffany come on we got 10 More seconds push it you're almost done You can do this I feel my Glutes three there it is two and

One woo oh that was real I thought she Was going to be like this active rest my Natural state active rest all right we Have curtsy lunges up next we're Alternating So Focus and remember it's all about having That stability great base pushing out to The side a little bit dropping that back Knee Standing Tall and alternating let's Go think about dropping that back knee Down and back to Center I don't want you To move too quick so you're off balance I want you you to find your stable and Stabilize core engage shoulders back and Get in tune with your body tune with Yourself making sure your glutes are Activated that they're engaged and we're Not just working focusing on our quads There we go last One and rest 30 seconds is the last One one more exercise we're going into Lateral bals and I may or may not have Something Spicy for the end now remember this Lateral bound is the same thing as that Curtsy lunge we are setting up we are Intentional with our movement Bounding land stabilize and then explode Let's go 30 Seconds here it is push off and Land There it is always going to have that Slight hinge and bend in your knees so

You can land nice and Soft good engaging those arms as well ah Last one last one last One did good job all right I do have a Fun fun Finisher it is only going to be a minute Long we move the entire time this is What it's going to look like we're going To go down two counts of mountain Climbers one two cross body one two Plane Jack one two jump up half Burpee And repeat you guys ready yeah High Plank mountain climbers ready one two Cross body one two now Jacks one two now Hop those feet up hold it now back down Let's go go at your own Pace Jacket and jump up push it back mountain Climbers two cross body two Jack two and Hop up if you didn't know I absolutely Love a burpee so this is a deconstructed Burpy cross body Jack and hop up 18 more seconds drive Cross body jack and jump hold it back Down let's go drive cross body jacket And jump up hold give me one more this Is going overtime but it's okay come on This how we do it cross body jack last Jump Hold oh Yeah you Deserve that sweat low five yeah high Five good job good job to you make sure You're cooling down you could be on the

Ground breathing hard that's fine bring Those knees up or maybe go ahead and Click the next video for your cool down I want to thank you guys so much thank You Nikita thank you Tiffany see you Guys next time bye toles

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