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30-Minute Superset HIIT Workout With Natalie White | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Superset HIIT Workout With Natalie White | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey class fit sugar I'm your host Natalie white today I'm going to guide You through a 30 minute superset hit Workout it's going to be a real burner I've got AJ hey and Jake what's up are You ready to sweat so ready Okay we're gonna start straight away Jumping jacks I'm gonna take it out make sure you land Toe wall heel Jay is going to be doing Modifications today so look to Jade for Those AJ I'm sorry you're stuck with me Don't be sorry are you ready go yes all Right I'm glad someone's ready let's go You've got 10 more seconds right here Just your warm up take it nice and easy Just seeing how that heart's doing how That breath is doing you got three more Seconds And relax we're going to take one foot Forward you're going to reach down and Up and then change legs so this is a Hamstring stretch you're going to feel a Pull down the back of your leg Good nice feels good oh yeah I know this Is actually a rocket warm-up which I've Talked about before my dream job love That but I'm five foot two so never Going to happen but that's okay you've Got four more seconds right here just Enjoying the stretch good we're gonna Stop there take the legs out we're gonna Do three pulses in a side Bend And then other way take a reach reach

Reach and over good try and keep the Shoulders and hips nice and square going Straight to that side keep the shoulders Relaxed good fish are still quite lovely One of my favorite stretches I love that pull in the side Good just me anyone else Good we're going to bring it back to Center we're going to roll down through The spine Walk It Out find that plank Soften the knees walk it back in and Roll all the way up chin to chest good And then flip your hair back Don't forget the haircut Good nice and slow just warming up the Spine warming up the core we've got time For one more Beautiful Good roll it up Last thing in the warm-up we're going to Take the toes out we're going to take it Nice and low into our goddess pose we're Gonna take four pulses And then we're going to take a nice Stretch rotate the toes forward find That stretch good let's take that again Turn the toe slightly out And pulse you like that one oh yeah Take a stretch good let's do one more Four pulses Good take that lovely stretch hold that Stretch soften your knees okay we're Gonna roll all the way up nice soft Knees chin to chest ready to start our

Workout I'm going to quickly explain What it's going to be it's a superset Hit workout but it's complementary Superset so we're going to be burning Out the same muscle group yes I forgot My word for a second it's a group I was Like the same muscle there's the word on That first exercise we're gonna do Take one leg back we're gonna Bend we're Gonna pulse it right here here we go Ready pulse it down so this is going to Be 20 seconds right here just staying as Low as we can After this we are going to add a hop yes You've got 20 seconds and then 20 Seconds adding a hop all right yes in Five four three two one at that hop so a Great way to add that power on that Underneath foot that should lift up nice And high oh I am already feeling oh yeah And then yes feeling it over here too as We know keep taking my classes on here Before lower body is my least favorite Thing to do because it's so hard we got One more yes gorgeous Shake It Out You've got a lovely 20 second breather Right here so relax Shake It Out Yes I listened to you at home I gave you Longer breaks you're welcome We're going to take the other leg back Relax relax the shoulders bring it down Here we go pulse it out yes let's go They're ready How are we doing at home I hope we're

Already feeling that burn because I Definitely am yes yes good can we get Lower if you don't feel it get that knee Lower right to that floor you've got Four seconds good breathing AJ in two in One we're gonna add that hop and squeeze It down yes Nice and high off that floor Good yes and again you can modify look To Jay she's adding a lovely knee lift Instead of that hop We got four seconds three Two One yeah good job shake it out all right The next thing we're gonna do is a Lovely plank hold so we're gonna come All the way down to the floor your plank Hold here's a high plank it's going to Be hands under shoulders legs about hip Distance that is all it's going to be You can rest you've got three seconds Two one let's go 20 seconds of plank hold all right and Then after this we've got Mountain Climates press the shoulders down soften The elbows Make sure your bottom isn't too high get It down Four Three two One mountain climate straight in fast or Slow We're trying to get that cardio Up So The faster you can do it

The more you're gonna get out of it yeah Yeah let's go you've only got five Seconds In four Three Two one amazing walk it in bring it up You've got that lovely 20 second break We're gonna do squat Taps next So legs nice and wide toes can be Slightly out Squat down bring it up Nice and calm getting that breath back From that cardio right in three two one Let's go Good Trying to keep the chest higher Than the knees thighs but bottom is Lower I always say to my clients Imagine you need the bathroom you have To squash yeah right listen you got two Seconds one second I'm gonna tap Jump half a ten Jump half a tap Or as Jay is doing you can rise onto Your toes for a calf raise yes oh my Goodness and I'm fine hello Four good morning Two One Good job all right we've got one more One more time through from the top right On the top from the top of that section Back to those reverse lunges pulses and

Then that hop oh In four Three two one let's post it out And out of breath that's good right yeah We want we want to get our cardio up Today as well When I wrote this I was like oh it's not It's not for me it's not so hard now I'm Doing it I'm like okay It's a challenge but we got it we got Three seconds two one at that hop Good Nice use the exhale as you lift It's gonna help hopefully well it helps Me at least We've got 10 more seconds right here we Got this yes let's go we have four three Two One oh hello all right shake it out your 20 second break are we okay yeah great Yes All right we've got two legs so the Other side is coming up yeah you have Five more seconds of rest So nice today all right in three two one Let's go nice and low so you're trying To make two 90 degree angles With your legs if you're bad at math It looks like this Or maths with an S we say in England We've got three Two one at that hot good job beautiful It's coming Oh

The real challenge Is talking at the same time yeah it is You're doing you've got 10 more seconds I know I should be on Broadway You've got four three two one yes Shake It Out we've got that lovely plank hold Coming up Enjoy your rest So Especially when we're tired really Engage that core squeeze it tight tight Tight pink belly buttons are spine hips Ever so tightly tugged under all right Hands under shoulders in three two one We're gonna hold Yes think about something more exciting Than a plank Think about your next holiday yes yes or Your favorite food oh even better lunch You got five seconds before the mountain Climbings in four three two one let's go All right again the faster you do it Then we're gonna get out of it But to make sure your bottom doesn't Come up like this and we get excited and Start going way too fast okay Seven seconds in five four three two one Roll it up We're gonna finish this section with the Squat Taps and the squat half a turn All right my legs need to shake out Oh Okay In five four three two one squats out

Good You can sew these down if you need to Or keep them quick Keep that heart rate up Good job chest open pull the shoulders Back You got 10 more seconds Before we add that half turn Or the calf raise in four three two one Let's go yes Nice AJ good job Yes Jay yes let's get those beautiful Calves yeah let's go you got 10 more Seconds Good In five Four Three Two How are we doing good yeah so the good News is section one is done the not so Good news section two and three are Coming up so we're gonna start section Two in a plank position doing shoulder Tap so you tap the opposite shoulder Taking your legs hip distance are you Ready let's go opposite shoulder tap Trying to keep the hips as still as you Can Which is a lot easier said than done but Try not to make it look like this Yeah try and keep them nice and still We're going to move into push-ups in Four three

Two One nice white arms Good trying to hold that plank position In your body Taking the elbows about 45 degrees Option to modify to the knees like Jay Is doing you have seven seconds here in Five four Three two one amazing We're gonna stand up So we're gonna take sumo squats for the Next one so toes are going to go Slightly out You're gonna take it down and up that's 20 seconds right there followed by 20 Seconds of Froggers you start in a plank You jump into a frog that's a plank frog Back to plank sumo squats let's go here We go 20 seconds here oh my hair is Sticking to my sweaty face means you're Working hard right working hard Good job we have five more seconds sumo Squats in three Two one let's go Froggers boom so your Hands come off As your feet hit that floor boom yes I think you can guess why they're called Froggers Because you look like a frog You got four seconds three Two one Second rest my favorite part so next Part we're gonna do a side lunge And we're going to do a knee lift

Keeping They're supporting leg straight The working leg is the one that's Bending the bottom is going back all Right in three Two one let's go I always say in class Think Instagram bottom stick it back Stick it out I'm gonna call it the Gen Z move You've got eight seconds Oh we have five guess what we're gonna Add a hop in three oh yeah two one let's Go At that hop So we're going to add that power as best You can And don't skimp on the lunge get nice And low Good job How are we doing doing good yes calf Raise three two One Yes nice work all right 20 second break all right I'm like Spring sweat love it over you're safe at Home luckily these two are not so safe All right other leg in five Four Three two one let's go Squeeze it up yeah it's nicely left so As you lift that knee don't fall over Like me Think about belly button to spine

Everything comes from the core When we're working out So tight tight tight it's going to help You balance Hopefully here we go add that hop I have the worst balance for some reason I am a professional dancer you'd think It would be better All right as long as you do it with Pizzazz exactly four seconds three two One amazing shake that out we're going Back to the top of section two Starting with those shoulder tabs just One more time through From the top of this section oh it feels So nice down here oh yeah all right five More seconds in four three two one let's Go tap it out Again how are those hips doing are they Still are they still can they be even More still yes they can you've got 10 More seconds right here yes beautiful Modification Jay we've got four Three Two one let's add those push-ups Now it doesn't matter how low you go It's about keeping the correct form Belly button to spine So it's a plank essentially just Lowering down and lowering up Use the exhale to lift in four Three Two one amazing Standing up

Sumo squats yeah we can calm it down a Little bit toes can go out make sure You're not here we're not doing a second Position plie Still a squat about 45 degrees In five Four Three Two one let's go So trying to get the thighs parallel to That floor And you're trying to think about again Sticking the bottom a little bit back And out It sounds so weird when I say booty I Love it sounds much better in your Accent all right we're gonna add that Frogger here we go boom jump it up boom Yes at your own pace You don't have to stay with me You can slow it down If you're feeling really really crazy Today you can take it faster You got four more seconds three two one Yes bring it up 20 second rest before Our final part in this section Side lunges with a knee lift side lunges With a hop or a calf raise I was going To say releve these are the dance In three two one let's go Yes refuse this to get your breath back So it's kind of low intensity into high Intensity as well If you didn't notice that good

But we're still burning out the same Muscle so it's a superset Three two one we're gonna have that hop Boom yes beautiful Now sometimes in supersets we do Opposing muscle groups But today doing the same Just to be mean You got five more seconds Four three two one amazing shake it out All right last thing all right in this Section Most of section three is on the floor as Well okay just so you know yes all right 10 more seconds Try not to stand completely still have a Little dance You've got four three two one let's go With that knee lift can you keep the Supporting leg straight So it is also a bit of an inner thigh Workout At the same time Which you might not feel today but Tomorrow You might feel five seconds before we Add that hop in four three two one at That hop Squeeze yes Good job how are you doing back there Great yes good licking sweat yes me too Filling soup spitting sweat you've got Five seconds Four three two one

Breathe oh all right yeah we're gonna Come down to the floor I'm gonna face Forward for this so you can see the legs We're gonna do A fire hydrant leg it looks like this Tabletop you lift you bring it down Probably can figure out why it's called Fire hydrant yes here we go single leg Let's go bring it up and squeeze So this is all about adding resistance To the movement So think about squeezing the bottom Cheek that's working Otherwise you're not going to get much Out of it yet you really have to add That squeeze The next 20 seconds we're going to Extend it out and in Doesn't matter how far forward it comes That depends on your flexibility good Try not to lean into the opposite hip You want to work those obliques keep Yourself nice and square Five seconds in four three two one good Job lowing now oh I know little 20 Second rest and then we're gonna do the Other side yes as I'm sure we figured That one out already Oh my gosh this is my gosh I did not say That in English it's gonna feel so good All right in three two one other leg Let's go Now again try not to lean into the Opposite hip you're going to be working

The obliques to keep yourself stable I See this in class All the time That just means your core is not Engaging enough To keep you lifted so that's why we stay Up to engage the whole body We're going to extend it straight out And it straight and in yes Good job Nice work you too thanks for hanging out With me today You've got eight more seconds here In five four three two one ring that Down we're gonna be on our backs yay so It's gonna look like this we're going to Take a table top with the legs We're gonna reach up and bring it down So we're trying to hover almost tap the Ankles and bring it down in three Two one let's go good 20 seconds here The second part of this exercise is Going to be bicycles And if you don't know what that is I'll Show you When we get to it Good and you can support the head and Neck like I believe Jay is doing behind You can't see her yes yes we've got Three Two one into bicycles elbow to the Opposite knee and then change good now You can speed it up You can slow it down obviously if you

Speed it up it's a little bit more Cardio so if you want that take it Quickly Good job You've got five more seconds yeah yeah Three Two one amazing hug oh yeah Stay completely fat on our backs right Because the next two exercises we're Going to do leg lowers Like this you don't touch the floor you Bring it up that's the first part for 20 Seconds the second part we're gonna lift The tailbone bring it down reverse curls All right let's go with those leg lowers Here we go Bring it down Squeeze it up Now what I see a lot of in this exercise Is that lower back lifting off that Floor What you want to do is try and push it Down to that mat think about someone's About to jump on you and you tense your Abs as hard as you can we're going to Hold the legs up And lift the tailbone Good job now try not to rock the legs Forward before You do this exercise try not to give Yourself too much momentum you've got Five seconds here In four I got very quiet in here three Little breathing

Yeah so good you're gonna bring yourself All the way up We're gonna repeat this whole section Just one more time from the top and then We're done All right so back to that table top my Eyes are burning here hands on the Shoulders knees under hips let's go lift It up squeeze it in I feel like I have a Curtain here like hello squeeze I love that yeah just peeping through Good So this is more about execution than it Is about speed we're going to add that Straight leg extension take it out keep It in so see how my leg is parallel the Top of the shoelaces are facing forward That's what I want yes You got 10 more seconds good job now you Notice how AJ's is going a little bit Back it's absolutely perfect that just Depends on hip mobility and flexibility Good relax relax you have a 20 second Break Wonderful Are we so happy we're on the last round So happy yeah but also but also sad Because you're having so much fun right Now right I know you got 10 more seconds Of break before we take that other side In five four three two one let's go good Can everybody relax their shoulders pull Them back and down Keep the chin off the chest nice long

Necks here Good and again belly button to spine we Never let that core relax You want to hold it it's really going to Help with every movement you do now add That leg extension extend bring it in Yes keep it going extend bring it in Good yes nice you guys are great good Try not to lean I'm gonna keep going my Favorite thing to do yeah yeah there it Is there it is you've got four seconds Three two one so good on our backs to Finish off with this AB section let's do It yes let's do it so we're on our backs We're gonna find that tabletop position Now if you can see your feet in your Table top it means they're too high so Get the feet in line with the knees Lower back down here we go bring it up Squeeze it down good hey AJ can you see Your feet yes yeah Good job And after this we're going into bicycles In three Two One elbow to opposite knee Again the trick is to try and press that Lower back down I'm just gonna wink at You at home because I got sweat in my Eye You got eight seconds right here and Then we've got our final two moves Coming up yes in four three two one give Yourself a squeeze and a hug because

You're almost there so we've got our leg Lowers coming up you can use the hands In the floor to help you and then I'll Reverse curls so lifting up and down try Not to put your hands under your bottom It's really not going to help it's going To like make you lift your back even More so Hands by the sides here we go Let's lower lower and lift good Yes this is where we really have to Breathe breathe and focus [Music] Good job You should be so so proud of yourselves At home you've almost done a 30 minute Workout and not an easy one we're gonna Hold it up lift that tailbone All right Good like I said when I wrote it I was Worried it wasn't going to be Challenging enough and now doing it I'm Like okay okay that was challenging yeah Yeah it's good you've got four seconds In three Two One yes yes hug your knees in Give yourself a squeeze You did it you made it It is the best part of class it's time To cool down how are we feeling good Oh good I'm glad sweaty right oh yeah Good all right we're gonna hold on to Our back leg and extend the front leg Forward and then we're going to stretch

The back leg straight up to the sky for A lovely hamstring stretch getting that Pull down the back of the legs now it's Okay if that knee is slightly bent here As long as you feel that stretch Trying to keep both hips nice and square And breathe Beautiful we're going to lower that leg Down to the floor we're going to hug the Front knee in give it a nice squeeze a Nice hug and then stretch that leg Straight up to the sky Again it can be slightly bent if it does Help you you can also bend the Underneath the leg just make sure you Don't end up lifting that tailbone off The floor keep it pressing down Foreign [Laughter] Good you're gonna bring that leg down I'm going to take a figure four stretch So taking the back ankle on top of the Front thigh we're going to hold on Behind that thigh pull your legs in Towards you oh yes yes now think about Opening the knee on that back leg you Can always use the elbow to prop it open As well give it a little push And again think about pressing that Tailbone down to the floor nice flat Back This is one of my favorite stretches for The hip So good good we're going to change your

Legs I'm going to take the front ankle On the back thigh hold on behind that Thigh pull the legs toward you Opening up that front knee you can use Your elbow if you can reach My elbows don't reach okay my legs are So long compared to the rest of my body Good nice I want you to hug your knees into your Chest Give yourself a rock and roll forward And back along your spine until you come All the way up to sitting good we're Going to flip on over into a tabletop Hands under Shoulders Knees under hips Tuck your toes send the hips to the sky Downward facing dog just press out the Heels right and left like a little Cha-Cha step just stretching out the Calves Good And then press both heels toward that Floor Bend your knees walk the feet towards The hands keeping the knees nice and Soft roll up Chin to chest Making sure the head is the last thing To come up Good I'm going to take both arms behind Our backs interface the fingers and then Pull the arms back yes putting the Shoulders down and then I want you to Open the chest to the sky

Try not to take your head too far back Okay shake it out we are done how are You feeling Like AJ you're welcome thank you so much Jay thank you thank you and thank you so Much you're at home and I hope to see You next time on class fit sugar

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