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30-Minute Standing Cardio HIIT Workout With Raneir Pollard | POPSUGAR FITNESS




30-Minute Standing Cardio HIIT Workout With Raneir Pollard | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hello classmate sugar it is your boy Supernatural coach Ranier Pollard and I'm here with a 30 minute standing Cardio hit workout you only need your Body weight you don't need a mat I've Got Chelsea handling modifications and Leilani says she wants that cardio today So she's giving me a run for my money Let's get it baby All right now we're getting right into Things with this warm up I want four Knee drives and then four cross crunches We will be changing activities every 30 Seconds in this warm-up so be ready for That look to modifications because a lot Of what you're gonna see in this warm-up Will be what you see in this workout but To a higher intensity so even right now If you're feeling this Spirit you can Start to speed up you don't need to hold Back for me we're marching together next Up we are going to get into some Hamstring curls take those heels up to Your booty that's the first thing you're Gonna think of then the heel that kicks Your butt is the hand that reaches Overhead reach it away reach it away I'm Getting a lot nice and stretched we want To really focus on Dynamic stretching Here and we will slowly get this heart Rate up keep it up kick the butt kick The butt powers of the hamstring Curl now we're gonna add on a squat Right here

Squat and then a kick of the butt now I'm going to tell you this right now We're here to focus on getting this Heart rate up I'm gonna just do that by Moving consistently trusting and knowing That the heart rate will rise with that I'm here for it you know but we got There looking for more you can pressure The system and try to move with a little Bit more quickness I want you to do what Feels right for your body three seconds And we got a squat to kick boom inhale Exhale High inhale exhale high when I Sit down you'll notice I get my hands to Come up it counterbalances my hips Pushes my booty back and actually it can Make it easier for me to speed up and Love every moment of it you can think to Yourself right now you're kicking me in The face if that's the inspiration you Need because you're like already a Little annoyed and what's about to Happen to you today you're throwing us In now we're bringing it getting into a Skip now this could be a March if you Wanted to you here we're on that beat a Bit can you get off that beat pressure It start to get out of the warm up and Into the workout it's less than 30 Seconds on each of these warm-up moves Driving the knees High Let it feel good We got it Going from attacking those hip flexors To attacking those hamstrings again

Let's get those hamstring curls if you Can run it with the jumping jack arm do It if you need to modify giving me a Little step that's all good too do what You need to do now you know that when You make the blood flow full body that's When the heart rate really gets up so Everything happens you have the Opportunity to reach those answers I do It get it up make this one run all the Way from your fingers to your toes we're Getting into a hinge next I want to keep It continuous lifting the butt and Squeeze if you're ready for a light job Give it to me Right when you land you push your booty Back lift it so the hamstring stretches Stretch it squeeze it stretch it squeeze It but what Leilani is doing such a good Job of is she's locking those legs in The air it's like if she had a belt on The belt buckle is coming straight Forward Push it in four seconds we're going to Skaters side to side get those lateral Warmed up now this is still warm up so I'm not going aggressive being being Aggressive right away I want to feel Comfortable I want to make it so that When I do feel like being aggressive my Body is good and ready for it if that's You right now let's meet it up 10 Seconds left let's get it plan it and Place it yeah I'm already feeling this

Booty it's five seconds we go right into A jumping jack easy and go and again you Can tap it out tap it out tap it out if You're modifying it doesn't mean you're Not challenging that body as much as you Can we're still working hello moving With the quickness giving that body what It needs this is the body's love Language give it that love baby love That you just wants to love yeah Your body's not your body's not sweating It's crying happy to you squat jumps Even though it's glittering feel good You just get onto the toes if that's What you need squat to calf raise but if You can give me these 30 seconds of Squad jokes do it I'm not gonna lie to you We are going after this cardio today by Attacking these legs this big old muscle Group so I'm gonna Focus most of this Time on just moving consistently I don't Have to move aggressively for this heart Rate together yeah okay Beat It Out we're about to get to our Ferry first work interval now we're Doing some footballers today normally You're accustomed to fast feet and if You're on modifications you can stick to That but football is like bass feet but Both feet are on the same tempo it feels Like I'm trying to teach you a twerk Okay hey you're welcome okay the club Will thank you leave a thank you in the

Comments if you enjoyed that Footballers hands up chest being slight Bend your knees let's go let's go attack That club attack that fly okay my toes Are the ones that are really striking The ball of my foot my heels are high And I'm actually trying to move very Aggressively letting these quads burn And not forgetting to keep my abs on That's how I feel very supported through The center you know what I'm saying The low back is normally going to be one Of the weakest parts of the body give it Support by bracing the center we have Four seconds my Booty's burning three Two one it's a great sign that we're on Activity one and I'm already feeling a Little dead can we go are you ready to Go I'm ready let's do it we got more to Do we're on those footballers when I Stay down I want you to drop into a Squat chest is up you can reach between The legs or reach right down to the side Drop the booty footballers go nice long Interval here you can drop it drop it Right back into it pop right back up Coaches command this is what I want you To do it okay down You got to be worried how that's am I Going to abuse my power today okay be Nice to me but you have to wonder what's Nice make you do a lot of these or very Few down I like the reprieve my calves are

Already burning down oh we're building a Booty today hello let's have booty word Down I'm trying to stay on brand let me Give you a little jiggle from the side Again Yes down oh my gosh I'm burning oh my Gosh let's get it we've got it we're Right there five seconds down give me a Few more runs a few more a few more rest Now as our intervals get longer so does Our rest period but only by a little bit Okay so you can have moments of drinks Of water take your deep breath or just Stay out there I'll take it it's a movie You know what I mean next up footballers We drop when I say down squeeze that Bite and land before getting onto him Again one full minute let me see what You got Let's Do It Go yes I like that Attitude I get it down Huh Now if you're not jumping still stand And sit back in that squat before you Get back to these footballers down Huh Whether you drink footballers a quick Beat we're gonna feel it today yes oh oh My goodness now can we get the attitude Like every jump is our last jump down Let's see Okay I like it we're bringing that Jailbreak contest back do you need one You need me once today down Oh

It burned why not do that to me get it Girl let's see yeah oh my goodness they Both wanted to be in this spot working Hard they had to fight over it down Last moment yeah [Applause] Rest okay Now you understand how today is gonna go You're Gonna Hurt go feel some pain they Call that high intensity interval Training you get a little break and we Go after it again Same deal With these fast feet or football players When I say down you get low Jump to the side land it Stand tall Back to the fast feet If you are not jumping it could be a Little skip to the side land and back Let's go come on let's get it come on [Applause] Come on down a little lateral jump Remember did those skaters I told you Warming up that lateral movement down Oh hi flying fun baby oh my God down They keep reminding me as as the main Instructor I'm allowed to stop and just Watch people if I walk down but you know That is not the veneer pollen brand I'm In here with you I'm burning with you Down Huh I appreciate you Come on lady Audi there oh hyping me yes

Y'all let's go oh my goodness we're in That last 15 seconds right here down You can only tell when I'm getting tired Because the joke starts the jokes like Slow down drastically getting real get Real it's like I got a poke I got a Falcon Russ I know I'm making ugly faces Don't judge me on how I look when my Body's crying happy tears don't judge me It's littering okay now what are we Gonna do you can shake it out as you Jump both ways now you squat it you over You come back separate the legs if you Want to make it into a little bit of a More gentle exercise Make both of them work together with High flying fun if you're ready to Really take it let's get it football Let's go come on well our first step Gonna be this side Downer land it come Back And I'm sure you know our next one is Going to go to the other side show me Down Land it Nice now you notice now my hands are Helping my momentum down they go down to My hips up with my hips down my hips up With my hips lay them soft let's go we Just passed a halfway point we're gonna Have a good rest after this down come on Miss the last exercise in this first Section here okay be aggressive be be

Aggressive down yes there it is oh I'm Glad there's no one in front of me Literally my sweat is spraying as I jump Up it's a beautiful thing Oh no oh no a rain shower back here Y'all take it a little Spritz never hurt Nobody rest oh my goodness okay okay We are done with those footballers what I do need from you is to give me another Set of these jumps all right now I can Do this I want you to focus more on Power Having confidence that the heart rate Will escalate with you just moving Trying to give it to me good so you're Either squatting low Pushing And standing up or squatting low big Jump land it stand tall huh you ready I'm ready Again again Oh my God ah Ready go Land it you stand tall sit right back Down So you got a nice recovery set low power Our ninja sounds required you know Honestly if you want to Unleash Your Inner superhero how are you gonna do it If you don't have like a superhero noise To go with it goodness this is me trying To audition for the Marvel Cinematic Universe okay ah let me tell you I'm Gonna use it where are the people I

Remember someone edited a video of me on Pop sugar a couple years ago it was so Funny they sent me something I said and They remix it as a Seroquel I'm waiting For someone to edit a video of me just Flying off like I just jumped one day And I just I was like I'm free Less than 20 seconds I know it's burning I told you I'm attacking these legs That's how we're getting at this heart Rate let's go I'm still over here trying To tell you some jokes we're getting Through it with the jokes I'm trying to give you something okay Last bit make it hot I want to end even I want to uneven To us that was mean that was rude and Considerate Look I'll take it I don't want you to Rest too much we are about to get into Some high knees okay if you're not ready For that you can March it really drive It give me Spirit you can drive the arms Everyone else knees up With the quickness let's do these toes Show me what you got 40 seconds let's Run hey so my knees are I'm fighting Here's something I can think about how About I try to focus I'm going just a Little faster or just a lot just a Little faster or just a little harder Okay all right you can do it you can do It we've passed that halfway point on This last section can you give me 10

Seconds as fast you can yes you all get It Yes motivation rest I love that cheering Each other on if you're working out with Somebody give them a high five push them Now just like those footballers went Into a drop squat we're gonna go from High knees into a drop hinge we're going To lift that button from here explode Right back to the high knees or into Driving into an aggressive March the set Is a little bit longer than just the High knees but I know you can handle it Let's bring It Go Heidi's hot huh drive It up drive it up you're warmed up give Them to me good and drop lift that butt Explode right back up now we want to Make sure that lower back is feeling Good abs are in tight slight Bend in the Knees drop scoop right back I'm starting from the side again drop Load explode body is long and strong abs Are tight ribs are wide knees are high Drop oh come on 20 seconds you can make It drop can we speed up after this one Come on come on come on Down I like all this motivation yeah Rest my abs are burning just as much as My heart rate is going up now from that Hinge we're going to squeeze out flat You either get on the toes get back down To absorb it or bow and drop down Squeeze land explode into the heinies we

Got eight seconds I think I'm just gonna Chill here I'm gonna soak it in cue the Cricketers good work we're doing yes yes Go highness come on give it to me give It to me down Squeeze it lands off come on It's a race to get this heart rate up Down yes yeah Just right trying to breathe Consistently make your breath your Friend down we're not holding the breath Going for that Marvel contest Down Notice when I jump my hands don't go Higher than my shoulders I want you to Try to keep that same aesthetic down High power I can even snap my arms down To drive my hips high knees up knees up 15 seconds down oh my goodness We're fighting today we said 30 minutes Standing high intensity In high intensity get it y'all let's Work out right now rest okay that is as Long as our intervals are going to get And this is as long as our wrestler's Gonna get now I want us to hinge squeeze that butt lay Inside I come up to the high knees when I stay down again Jump back so with the modification if You'd like to hinge and then give a Little hop to the side and get right Back to those knees you know that I Support you we ready I'm ready do it

Come on we're running we're running and We are right after you gotta show me Something down Land it and then go up Off to the Races Maybe down huh squeeze it landed we're Gonna affect these hamstrings today down Lift the booty squeeze it lift up come On push it through and asking yourself How much more can I get this body to do Down Now if you're paying attention to the Rhythms of all this it's your second to Last set of Heidi's act like it down Let's get it Sometimes the motivator needs to be Motivated you ever think about that down We got another we got another one down We're resting okay Now you already know we're gonna get These hen chops side to side so it's High knees lift the hips squeeze the Butt Squeeze the butt High knees once again okay so with that In mind last set of high knees right Here make it a celebration and show me What you got high knees go drop it up Drop It Up drop it in move the butt down Huh Yes now we have to go the other way make Adjustments hot down Huh I love that little rebound effect Rocking your hands unlocking the powers

Of air down you can do it put your hips Into it huh You gotta squeeze your booty too down That's the back getting into it Yeah well they're halfway there how do We have this auntie even though we're Hooked up down Come on come on Down only competing with yourself make It hot make it hot run it harder running Home we got it right at home this is it Right out Bring It Hey one all right very good job okay Next up we're going to start off staying Standing we hinge we squeeze we hinge we Squeeze Stand Tall the other direction And squeeze and squeeze Stand Tall the Other direction you're putting us Through it today I mean the thing is you Can keep it as light or as aggressive as You want you can make it more continuous Or higher jumps more work effort ready Go we squeeze it we come back we stand Tall Come back Santa oh let's go in there come back Stand Tall why do I feel like this is The song Say it's all if I can freestyle this Will be the moment now when we get to The halfway point I'm gonna offer the option of that stand Tall being a whole other hand job okay So when I come back I'm gonna start it

Here Right in the center ah Over Back inside here Oh Back in centers 20 seconds don't get Dizzy you're right there oh nice they're Continuous Yeah I see all you guys got this this is As close as I'll ever get to being in Like a synchronized dance where Everybody's on the same beat because as Close I can get it I love you Landing Right at the same beat as me last one in Place rest very good job all right all Right now we're entering a little Finisher face Now if skaters is enough for you Focusing on a good side to side action Feel free to go at it I said last time You didn't have to attack this time do Your best to attack if you're with me You're trying to use as much of your Space going forward and back with all Those small skaters side to side let's Get that forward movement with the Lateral let's go first set 40 seconds I Don't need a big jump side to side I do Like that twist happening that Twist of The upper body let the abdominals really Get in there Slide down in the knee I'm not trying to Get too low because I know it's coming Up next okay that was a hair that was me

Trying to help you okay We look like an Olympics commercial Right now Olympic skating Olympic speed skating oh Yeah you told me I look like a Marvel Superhero and an Olympic you're welcome Please it's a hard workout like are we Dating maybe we just don't know rest the Answer is yes it is okay you had me at Hello So next up we're doing lunge jumps so Again it is about that cardio but if you Just move consistently I know that heart Rate will be just fine so you can skip It if you don't want to jump or high Flying fun let's get it 30 seconds oh oh Yeah now so many of you met me with Tabata so I know you associate me with Those 20 second intervals I want you to Invoke the spirit of that 20 second Interval when you're like I only have to Do 20 seconds it's just like that but There's 10 more you know what I mean and A longer rest after seven more seconds Full 30 second rest after this earn it Earn it earn it we got it earn it rest It Now remember that time I lied and said That you had 30 seconds rest right here Don't lie to people my fault and that's Called growth another set of lunch just It doesn't challenge you it doesn't Change you hello go oh I like that Exciting inspiration okay guys come on

Yes through oh you know yeah I Wasn't trying to lie to you okay that's How we're dropping it's just like Sometimes you tell a little white lie to Get people motivated and then you admit It When it's too late for them to turn back Tell me I can't leave yeah I'm ready to Be a real housewife because I own it I Own it Russ okay lead on them quads if You need to we have one more set of Those skaters forward and back it's the Last time and if I don't slip in my Sweat and die I'm gonna call this a Success three two go you guys know I Mean you know this way if you're moving You're winning And if you're competing with sweat in The ground well I'm sure that that gets Into more stability that's all it was More stability work But safety first I want you back working Out with me again in the next day or two Okay so Safety First oh it's all about Getting that body strong pushing it to a Responsible Limit Oh yeah we got it got That talent but you said but we got it You mean the heart rate and those at the Adverb oh yeah because that's what I'm Feeling Good oh my goodness and rest look We have two more Cecil's lunches oh we Do okay we do I'm not gonna lie my heart Rate is up

I'm gonna earn it by burning these legs Out burn this heart rate out okay okay Let's get it hello only 20 seconds gone Remember I told you You're right there Is this the real 20 seconds real it's a Real 20 seconds this is how a lot of People know me I think it's 20 seconds I Didn't know we were doing this again I Gotta give you the surprise see how Thick you know me I'm keeping you Surprised rest only 10 seconds only 10 Seconds there had to be a price to pay Oh my goodness okay we're right there Three seconds two finishing hey come on This workout may have been difficult I mean that's why I love working out Because oh it's one more hard thing in The day that lets you proven yourself That you can do hard things yeah you've Got to know that trusting yourself Believe believe Rest oh wow Oh my goodness ow we did that oh my Goodness the heart rate is on the body's Feeling it the legs is like what you Were there we're there but don't worry I'll talk to him later I'll calm him Down I do love you you know that Okay we're gonna start with a little Stretch let's go Your right leg out in front Left arm crosses over hug it tight feel That rear delt stretch and now slight

Bend in that left knee push it back and High so what I'm doing here is getting a Nice stretch throughout my diagonal Sling all the way from my left shoulder All the way through my right hamstring Trying to lift the hips high as you take In a nice deep breath try to see how Long you can get your back take the top Of your head towards me inhale Foreign exhale relax the upper body down Hmm Push through that left leg go stand tall And put that right leg backwards in Space now this time We take this right head overhead and We're going for a nice side body stretch You can Flex the glute to help you get Nice and Tall open up these hip flexors A bit and then push those hips towards That open side And as I inhale I'm reaching this right Hand to the left trying to get that side Body even longer inhale Exhale back to Center good job and let's Switch out the sides left leg is out in Front right arm is across slight Bend in The knee lift the hips high and push That booty back back back back as you Take your head forward it's got a couple Deep soothing breaths Cool down is Our Moment to connect to Our body even more so see how it's Feeling and just saying thank you for All the work it did one more deep breath

Here Let the upper body just hang for a Moment I'm gonna push to that right leg stand Up tall Left leg goes back in space left hand Overhead and again that side body Stretch I'm pushing towards the side as I reach that arm over and towards my Opposite side good deep breath here Nice filling breath nice filling breath Exhale to stand up tall we're gonna Hinge together one more time this time Bilateral legs are together I'm going to Smoothly take my hands down the thighs Feel free to feel sexy what's the Problem we're all grown now La same bit Here I want you to take your head Forward away from your hips inhale Exhale relax let the head hang heavy the Majority of your weight is on the heels Now we proud of ourselves and all the Love that we just put into this body Shake your head yes Shake It Out Shake it out and are we Gonna let any negative talk from others Or even negative self-talk get in the Way of us putting out love in this world Like it so desperately needs shake your Head no [Music] Like those are words of rebelliousness Spread love baby slight Bend in the Knees deep breath

Hug your upper body Exhale push that ground away One more inhale a deep gratitude Exhale Shake It Out Shake it I'll shake It out congratulations fam you made it Through this 30 minutes I barely made it so you know I'm proud Of you okay Chelsea over here motivated Me the whole way through I'm so sorry I Have so much sweat I feel inappropriate High-fiving people but Leilani I can't Leave you right now baby boom give it to Me we had to make up for all the high Fives we missed earlier but this has Been your Supernatural coach right near Falling you know I love you and you know I can't wait to see you on the next Class but it's so good come on baby

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